James Haycock Grave
Wardensville, Hardy County, West Virginia

Census completed November 4, 2006 by Suzanne W. Whitson

To locate this grave go down Trout Run Road from Wardensville, go past Thorn Bottom Road about ½ mile, turn left into the National Forest Parking Lot, (stay right in the lot) go up the hill to the Bucktail Trailhead pipe gate on the right, go up the Bucktail Trail which is an old Forest Service Road for ¼ mile and look for an open field on the right, go through the field on the lower half, on the far side of the field is a large pile of rocks, go to the right of the rock pile and walk up the hill to the top of the ridge, there you will see a National Forest boundary marker and the grave is about 30 yards past this marker on private land on top of the ridge.

James Haycock
Apr 17, 1848
May 8, 1904
Age 56 yrs  21 d

J.H. (footstone)

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