Lowery Cemetery
Near Mathias
Hardy County, West Virginia

Census taken in 1980. Contributed by Suzanne W. Whitson.

This census was taken by Clifton and Lila Funkhouser May 7, 1980. They recorded many Hardy County cemeteries and generously wanted their work made available to the public; therefore, they gave a copy to the Hardy County Public Library. It is reproduced here with permission from the Library.

Start at Mathias and go about 2 miles South on Rt. 259 and turn right at Sniders Tavern (in 1979) onto Crab Run-Cullers Run Road. Proceed about a mile to the fork in the road and on Cullers Run Road on the left side is the Hoy Dove, Jr. residence (in 1979). An area of pine can be seen on the right side of the road and a bit beyond on a knoll. A few hundred feet a road enters to the cemetery owned by Raymond Shipe in 1979.

                                 Born   Died
Lowery, Wm. D.                   1873   1957

Lowery, Manda F.                 1871   1953

Lowery, Grover F.                1897   1898
(Son of Wm. and Manda)

Lowery, Casper L.                1898   1900
(Son of Wm. and Manda)

Lowery, Frederick                1855   1945

Lowery, Emily                    1857   1925

Lowery, Casper                   1866   1929

Lowery, Barbara                  1869   1950

Lowery, George                   (no dates)
(Father of Casper)

Lowery, Mary                     (no dates)
(Mother of Casper)

Lowery, Lewis F.                 1859   1920

Lowery, Samantha C.              1859   1919

Lowery, Charlie                  1890   1913
(Son of Lewis and Samantha)

Lowery, Lester                   (no dates)
(Infant son of Lewis and Samantha)

Lowery, Perley                   1897   1898
(Child of Lewis and Samantha)

Lowery, Arthur                   1892   1894
(Son of Lewis and Samantha)

Lowery, Amanda                   1899   1899
(Daughter of Lewis and Samantha)

Dove, Florence Lowery            1888   1973
(Wife of Perry)

Dove, Charley                    1886   1939

Dove, Martha D.                  1889   1930

Shipe, Arthur A.                 1899   1931

Stultz, Jesse                    1867   1952

Stultz, Martha                   1868   1947

Stultz, Loy B.                   1895   1954

Stultz, Sadie L.                 1897   1966

Seven graves field stones with no data

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