Scott Cemetery
Durgon, Hardy County, West Virginia

Located 5 to 7 miles south of Moorefield on the hill to the left of the old Scott place in Durgon, Hardy County, West Virginia. Before the old Scott Farm, turn left onto Lem Cleaver Road and immediately turn left up a steep gravel road, go up the hill about 1 mile. The cemetery is on top of the hill inside a well-kept fenced area with a large white gate. This cemetery was read in July 1979 and a copy is in the genealogy room at the Hardy County Public Library in Moorefield. It was read in July 2004 by Barbara, Amanda and Vallie Weese and compared to the 1979 listing. Updated December 2008, transcribed and submitted by Barbara Weese. (I also have pictures of most of the tombstones - if interested, email me at

* indicates listing is on 1979 reading but not in evidence in 2004-2008
ossw means on the same stone with

Contributed by:
Barbara Weese



Date of Birth

Date of Death


2 Infants (believed 1 is Weese)   
Clayton, Rebecca?17 Aug 1920nee Mowery, has birth date listed as 17 Aug 1842
Coby, Infant Bonnie Sue18 Aug 1946 one date only - WV records show stillborn daughter of James Coby and Lena Shobe
Crites, Alice 1881 1960 funeral marker only - listed 1979 as buried under oak to right rear of Jasper C Heavner -- wife of Clint, has middle name Almira, nee Grogg
*Crites, Clint??no evidence 2004-husb of Alice, has Clinton David “Clint” b. 26 Aug 1870; d. 12 Nov 1945
Crites, Daniel?1930Co B 11th Va Cav, has Daniel Jr, b 9 Oct 1838, d. 7 Apr 1930
Crites, Elizabeth Mae194219421979 listing has remark that there are several graves in this area, unmarked and the area around this marker has always been left clear with no new graves dug
Crites, Evelyn Mae10 May 191427 Jan 1986ossw Robert S-nee Weese also has a funeral marker Evelyn Mae Crites 1914-1986
Crites, Robert S17 Oct 191011 Jan 1998ossw Evelyn
Delawder, Alice V 17 Jul 1938?ossw Daniel E -- nee Hefner
Delawder, Daniel Earl16 Aug 19392 Apr 2000ossw Alice V
Hardy, Barbara??Barbara Ann--nee Crites, has b. 1837
Hardy, Joann C18741960ossw John D-nee Clayton, has Joanna Gertrude, b.17 Jan 1874; d. 20 Nov 1960
Hardy, John D18631955ossw Joann
Heavner, Edgar B 19121981‘Nephew’
Heavner, Homer L 19291929footstone,
not listed with
Heavner, Isaac18731962funeral marker,
not listed with
Heavner, Jasper C 18841965husband of Pearlie; Husband, has Jasper Calvin, b. 13 Apr 1884, d. 6 Nov 1965
Heavner, Mamie E 4 Apr 19067 Jan 1998 
Heavner, Pearlie18851960wife of Jasper C, has Pearlie Alice “Pearl”, nee Berg, b 5 May 1895, d. 28 Dec 1969
*Hedrick, Infant Arthur one date, 1950 or 1960 listed on 1979 reading, no marker found 2004
Hedrick, Jo Ann19501950 
Hefner, Anna C18791954Wife of Jas B(aker) Hefner, nee Branson, has Anna Catherine “Annie”, b.29 Aug 1879,
Hefner, Blanche19051949Wife of Jas B(ranson) Hefner, nee Crites, has Angela Blanche “Angie:, b.1905 d. 30 Jan 1949
Hefner, Clark J18651944ossw Martha E-(Clark Joseph)
*Hefner, Dasherca 19101962listed on 1979 listing as ‘no marker but son Isaac thinks he is buried here’; ‘son of Isaac Heavner/Hefner’
Hefner, Daughter Jan 1937Dau of Jesse & Eva; Footstone - w/one date only
Hefner, David M18801938ossw Mary; Father
Hefner, Edgar??ssw John W W, Lester, Eston, Paul, Walter, Luther; child of C.J. & M.E., has b.5 Feb 1904, d. 5 Feb 1904
Hefner, Eston Wm19011907ossw John WW, Lester, Edgar, Paul, Walter, Luther; Age 5yr 9m 3d?; child of C.J. & M.E.
Hefner, Eva G31 Dec 1915ossw Jesse R--nee Barr, has b. 14 Sep 1915, d. 15 Jun 1985
Hefner, Felix D19181965(Felix David)
Hefner, Frank18601925ossw John D, Sarah J, has b. 1865, d. 14 Mar 1925
Hefner, Hattie M11 Jan 19049 May has nee Crites
*Hefner, Homer L19291929 
*Hefner, Isaac18 Sep 18734 Aug 1962 
Hefner, Jesse R14 Sep 191513 Jun 1985ossw Eva G-- Also footmarker- Jesse Robert Hefner, 1915-1985
Hefner, John D18341894ossw Sarah J, Frank; husband of Sarah J, has John D W
Hefner, John W W .190_ ossw Lester, Edgar, Eston, Paul, Walter, Luther, John WW; child of C.J. & M.E., has John W, b Unknown d. Unknown
Hefner, Johnnie D 19231925Son of J.B. & Annie C Hefner, ossw John WW, Edgar, Eston, Paul; child of C.J. & M.E., has John Day “Johnnie”, b 1 Aug 2923 d. 30 Jul 1925
*Hefner, Lester?? has b. 28 Dec 1903 d. 28 Dec 1903, 1979 list has ossw John WW, Edgar, Eston, Paul, Walter, Luther
Hefner, Luther19171919ossw Rea Alice, Walter; child of C.J. & M.E., 1979 list has Luther ossw Lester, Edgar, Eston, Paul, John WW;
Hefner, Martha E18791957ossw Clark J
Hefner, Mary V.D.C.18771952ossw David; Mother, has Mary
Hefner, Paul??ossw John WW, Edgar, Eston, Lester; child of C.J. & M.E., has b. Unknown d. Unknown
Hefner, Rea Alice19061908ossw Luther, Walter; child of C.J. & M.E.
Hefner, Sarah J18401904ossw John D, Frank; wife of John D -- (Sarah Jane)-nee Harness, has Sarah Jane “Sallie”, nee Harness
Hefner, Shirley Mae19451950Dau of W.G. & H.M. Hefner
Hefner, Walter.1909ossw Rea Alice, Luther; child of C.J. & M.E. -1979 listing has Walter ossw John WW, Edgar, Eston, Paul, Lester, Luther
Hefner, William G1906 1965(William Gordan), has William Gordan “Fisher”, b 6 Nov 1906 d. 26 Jan 1965
Helmick, Alice P1902?ossw James W, has nee Whetzel, b. 3 May 1901 d. 30 Apr 1991
Helmick, Brenda S28 Mar 19588 Oct 1997 
Helmick, Clarence D18881952Father, has Clarence Daniel, b. 15 Feb 1889 d. 27 Sep 1952
*Helmick, Infant19581958Infant David - Eloise
Helmick, James W18941969ossw Alice
Helmick, Junior W 29 Jun 193020 Jun 1991 
Helmick, Luvonne11 Feb 195611 Feb 19561979 has listed as Infant Luvonne
Jenkins, A. Ross25 Jan 187114 Aug has Albert Ross
Jenkins, Martha R.J.26 Jan 18701920nee Hefner, daughter of John and Sarah, has nee Hefner
Ketterman, Bessie L7 Sep 190721 Mar 1994Mother
Ketterman, Luddie V 3 Nov 192317 Jul 1993Grandmother & Mother, has Luddie Viola “Ludy”, nee Parker
Koontz, Bessie L25 Sep 1907 ossw Lester-nee George, has d. 7 Oct 2006
Koontz, Carter W 30 May 195126 Jun 1981Son
Koontz, Lester W15 Mar 191720 Jan 1988ossw Bessie
Kuykendall, Lee 19001982funeral marker has Lillian Lee; Mother, nee Weese
Leatherman, Frank L19401985funeral marker
*Leatherman Infant19721972Ervin Lee, b&d 2 Jul 1972
Lofton, Audrey Rea19041977w/o Philip, nee Crites
Lofton, Bessie Lee17 Mar 19083 Aug 1949Wife of Clifton Lofton
Lofton, Jane has nee Heavener, b. 27 Apr 1920, d. 23 Jun 1998
Lofton, Paul C24 Aug 19386 Jan 1999"Son"
Lofton, Phillip19041960h/o Audrey
Lofton, PH John19311991 
*Mowery, Claude18671959per 1979 listing: w/Sallie & Hattie in far North left corner of cemetery--husband of Sallie
*Mowery, Hattie B19261975per 1979 listing: w/Sallie & Claude in far North left corner of cemetery--daughter of Claude & Sallie
Mowery, Llona Lynn21 Jun 195320 Nov 1981nee Nickleson
*Mowery, Sallie18851939per 1979 listing: w/Claude & Hattie in far North left corner of cemetery—wife of Claude & sister of Clint Crites, nee Crites, has Sally
Parker, Hattie A16 Apr 18853 Jul has Hattie Alice, nee Ours
Raines, Anna R9 Sep 19261 Nov 1982"Chubby"-nee Hefner
Raines, Elwood Sr9 Aug 192330 Mar 1986"Bauldy"; Also Military marker: C. Elwood Raines, Pfc US Army, World War II, has Elwood C. “Bauldy” Sr
Raines, William W19491981"Duke" Husband
Rohrbaugh, Florence18621914 nee Hardy
Scott, Elizabeth1803186057y 1m 7d; Wife of Homan Scott
Scott, Homan181410 Jun 1888husb of Elizabeth,74y 4m 26d
Turner, Brenda19581997funeral marker, has Brenda Sue, nee Leatherman, b. 28 Mar 1958, d. 8 Oct 1997
Vetters, Randolph M Jr19381938per 1979 list--Mother was d/o Luther? Heavner, has Vetter, Milton Randolph Jr, b. 23 Jan 1938, d. 12 Oct 1938 and also has Vetters, Ralph M Jr, 1938-1938
Weese, Alice Jean Kile 5 Dec 1943ossw Paul-she is living
Weese, Ethel H17 Oct 191210 Aug 1995w/o George Sr, nee Hardy
Weese, Jas. E.15 Aug 190417 Jul 1969 has James Edward
Weese, George A 19551977son of George Jr & Betty
Weese, George Benjamin3 Jun 18683 Aug 1950ossw Margaret-hand written, has “Ben”, b. 3 Jun 1866
Weese, George W Sr16 Nov 19016 Jan 1995ossw spouse, Ethel
(Weese), Margaret18 Jun 187020 Aug 1919hand written on flat stone; Wife of Benjamin Weese, beside larger flat stone of Margaret & Benjamin, has nee George, b 18 Jun 1870, d. 20 Aug 1919
Weese, Margaret18 Jun 187620 Aug 1919ossw Benjamin-hand written; Wife of Benjman Weese
Weese, Paul E "Popeye"7 Jan 193813 Nov 2005ossw Alice (wife-still living); Wed Dec 9 1961, has b. 13 Jan 1938
Whetzel, Carrie L19101992Mom, has Carrie Lee, nee Parker, b. 22 Aug 1910, d. Apr 1992
*Wolfe, Christopher18791943Wolfe, Christopher Columbus; listing of 1979 has that this is an unmarked grave also has listed:

Crites, Miranda A “Ali9 Jul 184916 Dec 1929nee Mongold
Divinal, May Shirley19361942 
Heavner, Robert S17 Oct 19101998 
Hefner, Etta May21 Mar 188226 Mar 1935nee Jenkins
Hefner, James Branson2 Apr 1910Nov 1985husband of Blanche
Helmick, Pinkey F14 Mar 1892? nee Crites
Jenkins, Albert R27 Oct 1930? 
Jenkins, Alice Lee24 Oct 1925? 
Jenkins, Anna Virginia11 Oct 1923? 
Jenkins, Letha Virginia1901?nee Sager
Jenkins, Mary Catherine18 Apr 1927? 
Lofton, Phillip19041960 
Lofton, Ralph John19311999 
Mowery, Audrey6 Oct 190913 Aug 1917 
Raines, Sarah E2 Jun 187512 Jan 1937nee McDonald
Raines, Squire H187029 Feb 1936 
Southerly, Daisy V18 Mar 19022 Nov 1924nee Mongold
Weese, George WilliamJan 1843? 
Weese, James Sr1873? 
Weese, Phoebe1841?nee Rice
Weese, Samuel18771879 
Wolfe, Laura MMay 188415 Jan 1917nee Helmick

Note: Family stories state that there are several graves of African Americans on the outside of the fence, probably slaves of the Scott Family. There are also some field stones in one area which could be older graves.

Ethel (Hardy) Weese did the upkeep on this cemetery until her death. Her son, George Weese Jr took care of the cemetery for about 20 years and still helps out with upkeep of the road to it. His sister, JoAnn Shook takes care of mowing the grass, etc now.

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