Hardy County Land Documents

John Claypole, Land Survey, 7 September 1812
This document was transcribed by Barbara Johnsonfrom the original records.
Surveyed September 7th 1812 for John Claypool a tract of land lying on
Saw mill run & Coal hill run drains of Lost river adjoining his own land
and the land of George See and his heirs. Agreeable to an entry made
December 23rd 1811 by virtue of part of a land office Treasury warrant of
6611 acres No 615 issued to William Heath September 17th 1774. Bounded as
follows to wit Begining at two Hickeries & a Chesnut oak on a hill side
thence S77 E40 poles to a white oak and white pine by the run on a line
of said See heirs and with thur(?) line N25 E42 poles to a pine said
Heirs corner and corner to his own land thence with his own lines N6 W148
poles to a white oak then N23 W53 poles to two white oaks thence leaving
his own line and runing N70 W34 poles to a black oak and Chesnut oak on a
ridge then S3 E240 poles to the Begining Containing Seventy five acres
Scale 80 poles per inch Variation 1 East                                 

Johnathan Branson apt to
                                    William Heth

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