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Christian Crose 1725-1814 and his Descendents

Submitted by
Henry A. Hamann
The following is taken from Henry Hamann's book Christian Crose (1725-1814) and His Descendents, 776 p., 1995. In addition the will of Christian Crose and documents involved in its settlement are available:

The Will of Christian Crose written 1803, proved 1814.

The 14 Heirs of Michael Crose claim their share of the estate of Christian Croose, 1830.

Christian (Croose) Crose left a Will and Last Testament dated September 9, 1803, witnessed by James Machin, George Harness, Jr., and Adam Harness. It is recorded in Will Book 2, pages 63 to 70, Hardy County Courthouse, Moorefield, West Virginia. It was presented to the Court held for Hardy County the 8th dayof February 1814. This last will and testament of Christian Croose decd., was presented in Court by Jacob Tevebough and Adam Crose the Executors therein named.

A copy of documents where Christian Crose's fourteen grandchildren came in for their share is recorded in Deed Book 11, Hardy County, West Virginia, page 495.

Christian Crose at the time of his demise had seven children.

In Deed Book 11 (1828-31) Hardy County, West Virginia, page 13 is a transaction dated January 27, 1816 between Stephen Ross of the State of Ohio of the first part and Adam Crose of the State of Virginia of the second part assigns forever all the rights title that fell to him by Will to lands owned by Christian Croose, deceased, laying on Patterson Creek. The sum of two hundred dollars was accepted as Elizabeth Crose's share of her fathers estate. The transaction was signed by Stephen Ross, Jr., and his wife Barbary Ross.

Deed Book 7, page 319, Hardy County, Moorefield, West Virginia. This Indenture made the 17th day of July in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifteen between Philip Crose of the state of Ohio of the one part and Adam Crose of Hardy County & state of Virginia on the other part witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred dollars in hand paid by said Adam Crose unto the said Philip Crose. The receipt hereof he doth hereby acknowledge the said Philip Crose hath hereby conveyed unto the said Adam Crose the one seventh part of two certain tracts of land situated in the said county of Hardy containing one tract of two hundred and fifty acres and the other tract of forty five being land that my father Christian Crose possessed in his lifetime and which by the last Will and Testament of the said Christian Crose the one seventh part of said tracts of land was willed to the said Philip Crose and I then have or may have to the said tracts or parcels of land unto the said Adam Crose. His heirs or assigns forever and the said Philip Crose doth further for himself his heirs. Exo is or Admi to hereby warrant and deferred the said seventh part of said tracts or parcels of land unto the said Adam Crose his heirs or assigns against the claims titles or demands of any person or persons whatsoever. In testimony whereof--I the said Philip Crose have here unto set my hand and seal the day and year first above written. Philip Crose signed with an X Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of James Ryan, Jr, Solomon Crose, and Joshua Hanks (signed with an X).

Deed book 11 (1828-31) Hardy County, West Virginia, page 14 made the 7th day of June 1825. Henry Crose and Jane his wife came in for his one seventh share of his father's estate.

Deed Book D (1811-13) Hardy County, West Virginia, page 178, made this 29th day of July 1814, Solomon Crose and Catharine his wife came in for his one seventh share of his father's Estate.

Deed Book 11, Hardy County, West Virginia, page 495 the fourteen children of Michael Crose, (who his father disinherited in his Will) came in for Michael Crose's one seventh share of his fathers estate. They got $1,000 but I cannot find out how it was distributed.

So the seven children are:
  1. Elizabeth who married Stephen Ross;
  2. Solomon who married Catherine;
  3. Henry who married Jane Hornback;
  4. Michael who married his niece Mary Ross;
  5. Adam who married Mary Ryan;
  6. Philip who was married four times; and
  7. Mary Crose who remained a spinster.
Christian Crose's 295 acres were on Patterson Creek at Thorn Run. Christian Crose got his 250 acres from John Johnson. I assume John Ryan, Vincent Williams, and Stephen Ross got their land from the same land grant from Lord Fairfax. On one side of his land was John Ryan on the other side was Vincent Williams and across Patterson Creek at thorn run was Stephen Ross, who married Christian Crose's daughter Elizabeth.

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