Hardy County Wills

Will of Valentine Cooper dated 2nd day of April, 1835 proved 19th of May 1835
This document was transcribed by Raymond Cooper from the original records of Hardy Co., WV. Illegible words are indicated by [?].
In the name of God amen!  Valentine Cooper of the County of Hardy in the state 
of Virginia being old and weak in body, but sound in mind and memory for which
I thank God; and calling to mind the [?] estate as it has pleased God to bless one
with, I hereby make this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows. 
That is to say, In the first place it is my desire that all my just debts and funeral 
expenses to be paid by my executors herein after named.  

Secondly it is my desire that all my land wherein I now live to be sold to the highest 
bidder by my executors immediate after my decease and as soon as convenient by 
giving public notice of the same place.  

3rdly I will to my son John Cooper all that part and tract of land which me and him 
have articles made between ourselves, that if the said John Cooper will pay his money 
for which he is bound for in the land, and if not, the said land is to be sold to the
highest bidder and out of the money the said John Cooper is to have fifty dollars and 
no more for all his problems and no more.

4ly And William Bargarhauf is to have one hundred dollars and no more by my 
Executors in full for all the legals intended for them.  

5ly, it is  also my desire that my personal estate be sold immediately after my 
decease, and out of the money arising therefrom, to pay my grandson Eli Cooper 
[?]; and all his [?] property the said Eli Cooper is to [?].  

6ly It is also my desire and will that all the remainder of my estate herein above 
disposed to be equally divided among my children herein after named [?], that is to 
say, Samuel Cooper, Jonas Cooper, Ely Cooper, Elizabeth Strader, Catherine 
Hinkle, Claira McConkey, the balance of all my children [?] by me. [?] I do hereby
instate and appoint Jacob Barkdale and Jacob [?] Executors of this my last will and 
testament hereby makeing all and every other will and testament heretofore 
made by me [?] whereof [?] Executors  [?] and seal this 2nd day of April, 1835. 

Jacob Ketterman Jr.
Valentine Cooper
John Snyder
Elizabeth Snyder

At a court held for Hardy County the 19th of May 1835.  This last will
and testament of Valentine Cooper dec? was proved by the oaths of Jacob
Ketterman Jr. and John Snyder two of the [?] thereto and ordered to be
recorded.  And at a court held for the said County the 16 day of June in
the year aforesaid on the motion of Jonas Hinkle who made [?] according
to [?] a certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of [?] on
the Estate of the said Valentine Cooper dea. with the said last will and
testament [?] having entered into and acknowledged kind conditions as
the law directs.


[?] Gamble, Clerk

Transcribed and submitted by Raymond Cooper

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