Dating Daniel Tevebaugh's Death and Will

John L. Tevebaugh

Daniel Tevegaugh's Will, as copied and recorded in Hardy County, VA, Will Book 3, pp. 245-246, was not a dated will. Furthermore, there is no reliable date of his death. We can deduce some more closely appropriate dates for each, however, from examining other closely related documents.

We do know that his will was proved first on 11 February 1801 in the Hardy County court by two of the witnesses, and second on 09 Feb 1803 at the time the third signer testified and it then was recorded. Thus, his death occurred before 11 Feb 1801, and the will written before that date as well.

Other documents help us get closer to the possible time of his death. We have to assume that he was alive on 09 April 1800 when he testified in the Hardy court that he had witnessed the will of Conrad Moore the previous December (21 December 1799, Hardy County, VA, Will Book 1, pp. 177, 185-187.) We must also conclude that he was alive on 23 April 1800 when his son Jacob, bought two tracts of land fro Christian Crose and his wife, because a statement in Daniel's will required that Jacob sell his "Croose" land. Jacob had purchased no other from Crose than that on 23 April 1800 (Hardy County, VA, Deeds, A, 1797-1802, pp. 281-285.) This is further supported by Jacob's actual resale of the land to Crose on 15 April 1801 (Hardy County, VA, Deeds, 5, 1800-1806, pp.38-39).

Although we still have no specific date for the writing of his will or Daniel's death, we can safely say that both events occurred in the short ten months between 23 April 1800 and 11 February 1801.

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