Hardy County Land Documents

Sale of land from Samuel Duke to James Wilson August 7, 1811
This document was abstracted by Chuck Swanson from the original records. Material illegible or difficult to read is shown in brackets [ ]. Also mentioned in the document are: Cunningham, John Bishop of Berks Co., PA , Denny Fairfax.
This Indenture made the 7th of August In the year 1811. Between Samuel Duke of the one part and James Wilson of the other part. all of the county of Hardy and state of Virginia Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of sixty five dollars to the said Samuel Duke in hand paid by the said James Wilson the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained sold assined (sic) released and confirmed & by these presents do grant bargained sell assin (sic) release and confirm unto the said James Wilson a certain Tract or parcel of Land in the said County of Hardy lying in the South branch manor and Bounded as followeth to wit, Beginning at a pine and chesnut oak corner to Cunningham running with his line N76-E100 poles to a spanish oak and hickory thence N5-E30 poles to three hiccories (sic) in Cunninghams line thence leaving said line S48-E70 poles to two spanish oaks by a gully then S25-E40 poles to three chesnut oaks thence S20-W52 poles to a spanish oak and hiccory (sic) on a ridge thence N80-E230 poles to the Beginning containing Ninety Acres more or less being the same that was granted by Deed of Lease to John Bishop County of Berks State of Pennsylvania by Denny Fairfax the 24th of April 1793 & recorded in the District Court holdin (sic) at Winchester and conveyed by Deed of Lease to the said Samuel Duke by the said Bishop which last mentioned Deed is of record in the court of the said county of Hardy reference to the said records being held [had?] the same will more fully appien [??assign??] To have and to hold the lands hereby conveyed to the same James Wilson & his heirs & assigns forever in manner and form as is expressed in the said Deed of lease from the said Fairfax to the said Bishop the said James Wilson yielding and complying with all the requisites therein mentioned in manner & form as the said Duke is bound by this said Deed from the said Bishop to the said Duke(.) It is understood & agreed by & between the said parties to these presents that the said James Wilson shall pay the rents now due which have accrued since the first day of October 1810. & that may become due by virtue of the Deed of Lease first herein before mentioned - And the said Samuel Duke doth hereby convey to the said James Wilson all & singular his right title interest claim & Estate of in and to the said Lands and premises & no other(.) In Witness thereof the said Samuel Duke hath hereunto set his hand & seal the day and year first before written
Samuel Duke (seal)
Signed sealed & Ackd &
Delivered in presence of us
Chas Lobb Nathan Parrell
Walter [Misleom?] V Simmons
David Carson John Wigh
Adam Bishop

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