Hardy County Wills

Will of David Wilson dated 12 June 1804, proved September 6, 1805

Hardy County Will Book 1, 1801-1828, p. 18 Punctuation and modern spelling added by Sue Wilson

(Pg. 18)  I, David Wilson, of Hardy County and State of Virginia do hereby make my last Will
and Testament in manner and form following that it to say,

1st,  I desire that all the perishable part of my Estate be immediately appraised and so much
thereof sold as my Executors hereafter named shall think fit so as to leave unsold what will be
necessary for the ?
[bottom of the photocopied page missing].

(Pg. 19) of Fairfield and State of Ohio and out of the money arising therefrom all my just Debts of
funeral expenses be paid should the perishable part of my estate prove insufficient for the above
purposes, then I desire my executors to sell all my lands in the County of Hardy and State of
Virginia and apply as much of the monies arising from the sale of the lands as will be sufficient to
pay and satisfy all my just debt, as shll remain unpaid out of the sales of the perishable part of my

2nd, after the payment of my debts and funeral expenses, I give to my wife, Mary Wilson, all that
reserved part of my personal Estate that will be necessary for the removal of my family to my
lands in Fairfield county and State of Ohio during her widowhood.  Also one forth part of my
lands in Ohio State, after said Lands is divided in 4 equal parts, she shall have second choice
during the term of time that she shall remain my Widow and no longer said lands being (first?)
dividied in 4 equal parts as to its soil, water, Timber.  

3rd and lastly, I do hereby constitute my sons, JOHN WILSON, JACOB WILSON AND
GEORGE WILSON, my executors of this my last Will and Testament and do strictly enjoin on
each of them to take special care of their other during her Widowhood that she don?t come to
suffer or want.  Also to see that each of their Brothers, Sisters get a necessary portion of
Education, to wit, reading, writing and arithmatic and as I conceive there will be a considerable
sum of money arising from the sale of my lands in Hardy County after all my just Debts are paid,
in that case, I desire my Executors to make the following  uses of it to wit; as I have mentioned
that my land in Fairfield County be divided into 4 parts, my son, JACOB, is to have the first
Choice of said 4th Part; the other parts shall be divided by lot between my 3 sons, JOHN,
GEORGE AND [JOB probably ? the bottom of the page is also missing but Job fits here in line of

(pg. 20) part of the above sum alluded to in Lands so that my sons ISAAC, ABEL, JESSE AND
ENOCH shall each have an equal lot of land provided one third part of said sum be reserved and
equally divided between my daughters, BARBARA, SARAH AND MARGARET WILSON, each
and every of the above specified legacies as desired for my Several children, Shall be their sole
property, them, their heirs and assigns forever.

In Witness thereof, I have hereunto let my hand and affixed my seal this 12th day of June 1804.                              David Wilson    (Seal)

Signed, Sealed, Published and declared
as & for the last Will and Testament of
the above named David Wilson in presents of us:
Jacob Wilkin
Godfrey Wilkin
James Alswall
Jacob Millar

At a Superior Court continue and held for the District composed of the Counties of Hampshire,
Hardy, Pendleton and Randolph at the Courthouse in the said County of Hardy, the 6th day of
September 1805.  This last Will and Testament of David Wilson deceased was offered for proof
by JOHN WILSON, one of the Executors therein named and was proved by the oaths of Jacob
Wilkin and Jacob Millar, two of the witnesses thereto and is ordered to be Recorded and on the
motion of the said Executor certificate, is granted him for obtaining a Probat(e) thereof in due
form, he having taken theoath of an Executor and together with Jacob Miller, Anthony Miller, and
Solomon Wilson, his Securities, entered into and acknowledged a Bond in the penalty of eight
thousand dollars conditioned as the Law directs.     

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