Hardy County Families
Rumer Family

By: Eda L. Rumer Bobo

This article is included in a book published by the Fayette County Genealogical Society, 2007, on the Families of Fayette Co. Ohio.

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Jesse Rumer, 5-31-1825 and Caroline Elizabeth Jacobs, 3-14-1826. (See Photo A) Born, married 1846, first child, Franklin David Rumer, born 1847- all in Hardy Co.,Va (now W.Va) and then they headed west.

They came to Fayette Co., Ohio where there were already nearly a dozen Rumers living. John, Isaac, Rebecca, Susan and many more Rumers. It is believed that Jesse and Caroline came to this locale to be close to family. (Unfortunately to date the author has not been able to connect these Rumers to Jesse Rumer.) Jesse hired out as a tenant farmer and they settled near Jeffersonville, Ohio. Eleven more children were born to the couple. Two died as infants, both buried in the Hagler Cemetery near Jeffersonville.

Franklin David Rumer, settled in Dayton, Ohio and had seven children. His eldest son, Ollie, and grandson, Arthur, worked for the then newly developing NCR company.

Emory Wilson Rumer, second son, was a Justice of the Peace for 42 years in Fayette Co. and had five children.

Fifth child, Densley Seymour Rumer was a blacksmith. Married at 32 but had 12 children of which 10 survived. He and his lovely wife, Plezza Rebecca Redding of Pike Co., retired to Washington C.H. and had a candy store on Fayette St.. They were married over 50 years. Members of his family are still residing in Washington C.H. to this date. (See Photo B)

Son, Jesse Clark Rumer, went south to Georgia and worked for Coca Cola in 1910. He had one daughter, Lucy.

Nothing is known about the youngest son, Andrew Jackson Rumer except he was born September 06, 1869 and died April 10, 1916. He is a mystery.

It appears that many of the Rumer daughters did not have children and were hard to track. Lucy Etta Rumer did marry a Robert Hanson and some of her descendants live in Texas.

Rumers and Related members still in the Fayette Co., Ohio Area.
Paul Rumer, youngest child of Densley Rumer, lived and worked in Fayette and Ross Co. most of his life. He married Mildred Mae Davis and had four children, the second died as an infant. Paul was a roofer and became a circuit minister, who often went to the Texas/Mexican Border during the winter months to help the poor and to preach. Rev. Paul Rumer died in 1970. Their children, all of Washington C. H. area: Edwin A. Rumer, has 8 surviving children (three in the Washington C.H. area). Shirley M. Weeter, has one son and Patricia A. Cox, has five children (three in the Washington C.H. area). (See Photo C )

Others still in Fayette County: Clark Rumer's family, Noble, Musteen, Coe, Springer, Kelso, Durbin, Hanson, Kilgore, Collins, Adams, and many more.

The Rumer family has always been hard working, industrious, close knit and family oriented. It is believed Rumers are of German descent and Rumers can be found in Germany and Austria as far back as 900 A.D.

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