Hardy County Families
Fisher and Lawrence and Petty

Revised March 26, 2009
By Jean McClure

The following is proof that Isaac Lawrence (son of Johannes Lorrentz/Lorence/Lawrence and wife Mary _____) married Elizabeth Harness, daughter of Jacob and Eunice Harness, late Eunice Petty. John Lawrence became the Anglicized name of Johannes Lorrentz, which is how he signed his will in Hardy County. Johannes Lorrentz held Lot 15, west side of the South Branch, in Lord Fairfax's South Branch Manor.
From THE SCIOTO GAZETTE, Chillicothe, OH (abstracted from 2 Vol. Early Ohio Newspapers ) New series, No 49, Vol I; Thurs. 11 July 1816; whole No. 824. "Andrew Huston and Thomas Scott, regarding a suit, in Pickaway County Court of Common Pleas, of Duncan McArthur vs. Asahel Heath; Ebenezer Petty and Susanna his wife, late Susanna Slagel; John Fisher and Elizabeth his wife, late Elizabeth Petty, Isaac Lawrence and Elizabeth his wife, late Elizabeth Harness, daughter of Jacob and Eunice Harness, late Eunice Petty, dec'd; George Fisher and Mary Ann his wife, late Mary Ann Harness daughter of Jacob and Eunice Harness, late Eunice Petty, dec'd; Sarah Harness daughter of the said Jacob and Eunice Harness; Michael Fisher and Sarah his wife, late Sarah Petty; Joseph Petty; George Petty; Solomon Fisher and Mary Ann his wife, late Mary Ann Petty; Ezekiel Petty; Solomon McCulloch and Jemima McCulloch, his wife, late Jemima Petty; William H. Fite and Maximillas, his wife, late Maximillas Petty; heirs at law of (? illegible) Petty. It further states that Isaac Lawrence, George Fisher, Sarah Harness, and Solomon Fisher are not inhabitants of Ohio."
This lawsuit shows that Isaac Lawrence was still living in Hardy County, WV. in 1816. I have no verified proof of children. It is possible that a Harness Lawrence, listed in the 1850 census of Peoria County, IL, could have been Isaac and Elizabeth Harness Lawrence’s son. Harness Lawrence is also listed in a History of Sangamon County, Il, where several former Hardy County residents lived.

Isaac Lawrence served in Capt. John Cunningham's Regiment of the 17 Reg. of Virginia, commanded by Col. Aylett Waller, Spotsylvania Co., in the War of l812. The old letter, listing the birth dates of Johannes Lorrentz’s children, states Isaac Lawrence was born Nov. 25, 1780.

Isaac Lawrence moved, sometime after 1816, to Pike County, Ohio, where others of the Johannes Lorrentz/Lawrence family had moved. He was just older than Daniel, the youngest, and possibly did not move to Ohio until after his mother died and her estate was settled. Johannes Lorrentz willed his land and possessions to his wife Mary. It is possible that both sons, Daniel and Isaac, remained in Hardy county to help manage the land and Mary’s business affairs until the land was sold, as willed. Mary Lawrence’s inventory entered court records in Hardy County, WV, on 12 Sept. 1820. The land was sold to Isaac Inskeep, one third to be paid at time of sale and two equal payments to follow. Mary willed that sale proceeds be divided equally among the nine children.

Guardianship proceedings and estate inventory in Pike County, OH, were filed by a second wife, who was Maria Carson Lawrence, widow of Isaac Lawrence. Isaac Lawrence died intestate. Robert Carson signed with Maria. (brother or father?) The children listed, (all born in Pike County) were: Uriah Lawrence (b. ca. 1828); Albert Lawrence (b. ca 1830); Louise Lawrence; Margaret Lawrence (married 14 March 1851 to Andrew J. Foster in Pike Co, OH.) Isaac’s (next older) brother Phillip was at the inventory sale. (Case1288, 15 April 1835; settled in1836).

The following information is based on an extensive genealogy of Sebastian Fisher, who was with the Palatines in N.Y. (see Hank Z Jones Jr.'s 2 Volumes). This Fisher genealogy was compiled by Geneveve Obetz. Genevieve was a descendant of Sebastian Fisher, as well as a descendant of Johannes Lorrentz's daughter Elizabeth who married Henry Bonett. Genevieve Obetz was employed by the Ohio State Archives.

Sebastian Fisher had a son John Adam Fisher b. ca 1724; d. 1782 (See Augusta Co., VA. District court records: Fisher vs. Fisher O.S. 360; N.S. 130; Bill 1806 by Solomon Fisher. This case lists the children of Adam Fisher, will recorded 11 March 1783 in Hampshire County, then VA. Adam Fisher was a blacksmith and had a lease and land in Lord Fairfax's South Branch Manor, close to Johannes Lorrentz and Old Michael Harness.

Adam Fisher's children who married Pettys help show the connection to the Pickaway Co., OH, Court Case in 1816.

Mary Elizabeth Fisher born 29 Aug. 1757; m. Ebenezer Petty; died in Ohio
John Fisher b. 29 Sept 1761 m.(1) Mary Taylor m.(2) Elizabeth Petty
Michael Fisher b. 6 Feb 1767; d. 15 Jan 1824; m. Sarah Petty (Sarah Ann Petty b. 25 1776; d. 2 Jan 1843; daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann Petty)
Solomon Fisher b. 6 Feb 1773; d. 28 May 1841; m. 1792 Mary Ann Petty, (daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann Petty)

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