Union Soldiers from Hardy County

Submitted by Michael Foreman

The following enlisted in the Union Army at Greenland Gap, Hardy County West Virginia. Many were from Hardy County and most were placed in Company I of the 7th WV Regiment. I found this information in the Adjutant General Report for 1864.

The 7th WV Infantry was known as The Bloody 7th as they had highest causualty rate of all WV units. They were the only WV unit in The Army of the Potomac and fought in every major battle in the east including Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, The Wilderness, Cold Harbor, siege of Petersburg and Appomattox.


John Bille, Cornelius Blackburn, John Buckbee, Peter Buckbee, Jesse Buckbee,


Thomas Cherryhames, Adam Coffman, George Coffman, Simeon Coffman, Jacob Collars, George W. Cornell, James Cornell, Samuel Cosner,


Enoch Davis, Aaron Davis, James Dayton, Aaron Day, James Dolly,


Benjamin F. Evans, James Evans,
Benjamin F. Evans from Hardy County enlisted in December, 1861 in 7th WV Infantry at Greenawalt Gap. He was 16 years of age. He re-enlisted in 1863 and served until honorably discharged in July, 1865. Was promoted to sergeant. Benjamin attended the 50th Gettysburg Reunion in 1913. He is buried at Kessell Cemetery, Hardy County, West Virginia.


Adam Hinkle, George Hinkle, Cain Hoover,


Cornelius Imen,


Henry C. Jones, Moses Jones,


Alfred Kesner, Christopher Kesner, Jacob Kesner, Pendleton Kesner, Van Buren Kesner, Abraham Kiser,


Martin Landis, George L. Lenon, William Long, George Lough Jr., George Lough, Sr.,


Abraham Mallow, Daniel Mallow, Isaac Mallow, Jacob Mallow, Moses Mallow, David May, Israel May, Jesse May, John W. May, Philip May, George Miller, Isaac Miller, John H. Miller, Samuel E. Miller, Thomas Miller, Amos Moral, Philip Moral, Adam Mouse, Felix/Philip Moyers, Jesse Mumbert, Henry Mongold, James Murdoch,


Isaac Powers,


Martin Rittenour, Isaac Rohrbaugh,


Daniel Shell, Gilead Shell, James M. Shell, John C. Shell, John S. Shell, Job Shell, Robert Sherman, Henry Simmons, Jacob Sites, John W. Snider, Jonathan E. Stoffer, Harrison Stonebraker, Martin Stonestreet,


John S. Turner, Peter Turner,


John A. Vance, Levi Vance, Reuben Vance,


Henry Waldron


Adam Yokum

A complete list of the men of Company I of the 7th WV Regiment can be found at

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