Hardy County Families
Four Generations of Descendants of
John Groves

Submitted by Darrell W. Groves

John1 GROVES was born in Winchester, VA. Lived in Winchester, VA in the mid to late 1700's possibly.

Child of John GROVES is:

  1. 2. Solomon H. GROVES , b. 1778.

Generation No. 2

1. Solomon H. 2 GROVES (John1) was born 1778. He married Francis "Fannie" MARQUIS Bet. May 9 - 10, 1798 in Winchester, Fredrick Co., VA, daughter of William MARQUIS and Sarah SUNDERLAND . She was born 1780, and died 1850.

Solomon was living in Hardy Co, VA, 1810 & 1820. Fanny, 70, was in the home of son Alexander in 1850, Hardy Co., VA Census

I believe Solomon's middle name was Hiram and that he is the grandfather instead of the brother of Harness, as family legend goes. DWG

Children of Solomon GROVES and Francis MARQUIS are:

  1. 2. Isaac Marian3 GROVES , b. 1800.
  2. 3. Margret "Peggy" GROVES , b. September 30, 1806, Hardy Co., VA; d. September 30, 1858, Christian Co, IL.
  3. 4. Rebecca A. GROVES , b. 1810.
  4. 5. John GROVES , b. 1813.
  5. Marquis "Marcus" GROVES , b. 1814; m. (1) Arminta CRAWFORD , September 23, 1830, Hardy Co., VA; m. (2) Effeana COLBERT , July 20, 1834, Hardy Co., VA.
    Marriage Notes: Groves, Marcus Crawford, Minty 9/23/1830 W. N. Scott
    Groves, Marcus Colbert, Effeana 7/20/1834 William Welch, Performed and recorded by William Welch.
  6. 6. General George Washington GROVES , b. January 1818, Hardy Co., VA.
  7. 7. Alexander GROVES , b. 1820.

Generation No. 3

2. Isaac Marian3GROVES (Solomon H.2, John1) was born 1800. He married Susan ROBY .

Children of Isaac GROVES and Susan ROBY are:

  1. 8. Solomon Hiram4 GROVES , b. April 25, 1827; d. August 22, 1903, Buried in family cem., Maysville, Grant Co., WV.
  2. Alexander GROVES , b. 1829.
  3. George S. GROVES , b. 1831.
  4. 9. Zebulon GROVES , b. 1835.
  5. Chenowith GROVES , b. 1839.
  6. Dewitt C. GROVES , b. 1841.
  7. Samantha GROVES , b. 1843; m. SHELL .
  8. Sarena (Louverina ?) GROVES, b. 1845; m. POWELL.
    Notes: Don Norman's Families at Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants was the source of the birth dates of this family and the name of Louverina in the birth order where I have Serena. DWGroves
  9. Amarantha (Emerinde ?) GROVES, b. 1847; m. LEWIS.
    Notes: 1850 Census her name appears to be Emeranda and in Don Norman's book it appears Emerinde.
  10. 10. Otha Wallace GROVES, b. November 01, 1837; d. March 05, 1910.

3. Margret "Peggy"3 GROVES (Solomon H.2, John1) was born September 30, 1806 in Hardy Co., VA, and died September 30, 1858 in Christian Co, IL. She married John HAWK, JR. June 05, 1823 in Hardy Co., VA, son of John HAWK and Catherine SWITZER. He was born March 07, 1788 in Hardy Co., VA, and died May 22, 1880 in Christian Co, IL.

Children of Margret Groves and John Hawk are:

  1. George Washington4 HAWK.
  2. Solomon HAWK.
  3. Jesse James HAWK , d. Parnell, MO.
  4. Peter HAWK , d. Parnell, MO.
  5. Fanny G. HAWK.
  6. Jacob HAWK.
  7. Rachael HAWK.
  8. Catherine HAWK.
  9. John J. HAWK.
  10. Henry HAWK.
  11. Sarah HAWK.
  12. Dollie HAWK.

4. Rebecca A.3 GROVES (Solomon H.2, John1) was born 1810. She married Jacob GOODNIGHT June 23, 1825 in Hardy Co., VA, son of Christopher GOODNIGHT and Dianah WATSON . He was born 1802.
Marriage Notes: Goodnight, Jacob Groves, Rebecca 6/23/1825 W. N. Scott
Bernard Goodnight Jr. has listed as wife's names: Rachel, Rebecca and Mary.

Children of Rebecca GROVES and Jacob GOODNIGHT are:

  1. Isaac4 GOODNIGHT.
  2. Samuel GOODNIGHT.
  3. 11. William GOODNIGHT.
  4. Mary GOODNIGHT.
  5. Susan GOODNIGHT.
  6. Sarah GOODNIGHT .

5. John3 GROVES (Solomon H.2, John1) was born 1813. He married (1) Sarah (RIFFLE??). She was born 1812. He married (2) Mary SHROUT August 16, 1831 in Hardy Co., VA. She was born Bet. 1814 - 1824, and died Bet. 1848 - 1850 in Hardy Co., VA.
Notes: I found John Groves living in the 1850 census living in Hardy County, Va. His children at that time were Mary E. 16, Fanny 14, Hershell 12, Ann R. 9, Sanford 7, Selden H. 4, and Estheline 2. At this time John and Sarah were 38.
In the 1870 census they were living in Lewis county and John was 57 and Sarah was 58. They had a Frances 30, Esteline 21, and a Virginia 18 living with them.
In the 1870 census Selden H. Groves was 24 married to Amanda 22, with a Daughter Marcia C. living in Lewis County. Evidently Selden Horace died between 1870 and 1880.
The 1880 census lists Amanda a widow at 34 years of age. M. Columbia 11, George I. 9, Francis M. 7, Lura M. 6, and John P. 4. Strange enough John is now only 60 and Sarah 61. Frances is still 30 and Estaline 26 and still living with their parents.
1870 Census, page 308, Battelle Twp., Lewis Co., WV the following people were listed: Estiline, Frances, John, John H. and Selden H.
His children or part of his children may have been by his first wife, Mary Shrout and since I do not know which children belong to which wife, I have assigned them to the wives that I believe were the children of Mary Shrout and Sarah due to the gap in ages of the birth dates of 1851 and 1857. All of the other children were born close together.
Marriage Notes: Groves, John Shrout, Mary 8/16/1831 W. N. Scott, Performed by W. N. Scott Index to book: Hardy Co., (W) VA Marriages 1795-1842, at the Hardy Co.,Courthouse: Mary Shrout (1831) John Graves- P. 113
In the Hardy Co., (W) VA Marriages On-line, It has "John Groves and Mary shrout, married on Aug. 16, 1831, by W. N. Scott.
Notes for Mary SHROUT: *Research Note: is she the "unknown" daughter (b. ABT. 1783) of Samuel & Mary Shrout, or possibly a daughter of George Conrad Shrout, Sr.?
I do not believe she is the daughter of Samuel since John Groves was born in 1813 and the birth cycle of the children is such that it suggests that they are the children of the same mother until about 1850. DWG

Children of John GROVES and Sarah (RIFFLE??) are:

  1. Margaret Virginia4 GROVES , b. December 1851; m. Francis M. DENNISON , December 30, 1877, Lewis Co., WV.
  2. Nancy GROVES , b. May 1858.
    Notes: 1860 census 2yrs old

    Children of John GROVES and Mary SHROUT are:

  3. Mary Elizabeth4 GROVES , b. 1834.
    Notes: 1850 census, 1860 census May E. 25
  4. Fanny Francis GROVES , b. 1837; m. De Witt Clinton WELLEN ; b. May 20, 1844; d. May 02, 1930.
    Notes: 1850 Census In other census F. Francis Groves.
    I have connected her as De Witt Wellen's first wife. This has to be rechecked since she is seven years older and I have found no marriage records for them. I do not know where I got the information that connected them at this time. I would be skeptical of this entry.
    Notes for De Witt Clinton WELLEN:

    Confederate- Battle of Gettysburg - May have carried Stonewall from battlefield when shot. Married Lu and Fanny Groves daughters of George Washington Groves. According to Vaden Grove, my uncle.
    I have a photograph of him and another gentelman.
    Confederate in some files, Union in others - Battle of Gettysburg - May have carried Stonewall from battlefield when shot. Married Lu and Fanny Groves (Fanny is the daughter of John Groves) daughters of George Washington Groves. According to Vaden Groves.
    Listed as Dewitt C. Wellen in the 1870 census. He was recorded in Willey Twp, Lewis Co., WV, page 408.
    Fought for the South during the Civil War.

    Obit: (Hand written 1930 then:) " D. C. Wellen Dead- D. C. Wellen, Confederate veteran died in he soldier's home at Richmond, Virginia, May (the date is written over). He was 86 years of age, and had been failing in health for two or three years. Mr. Wellen formerly resided in Burnsville, and was at one time justice of the peace of Salt Lick district. "Daddy," as he was affectionately called, was widely known and highly regarded by the people of the Burnsville section, in which he spent many yeaars of his life. He was a brother of John Wellen, of Roanoke, Lewis county, and the stepfather of Mrs. W. A. Sleeth, of Burnsville. His body was laid to rest Monday in the soldiers' cemetery at Richmond." this clipping was found in the Bible of Thomas Martin Wellen.
  5. James Heiskell GROVES , b. October 1838.
    Notes: There was no listing on the 1850 census.
  6. Ann Rebecca GROVES , b. 1842; m. Francis M. DENNISON , August 19, 1860, Lewis Co., WV.
    Notes: 1850 census
  7. John Sanford GROVES , b. October 1844.
    Notes: 1850 census 7 yrs old, John S. 16 in 1860 census?
  8. 12. Selden Harness GROVES , b. 1846; d. October 07, 1877, Lewis Co., W V.
  9. 13. Estiline GROVES , b. June 1848; d. January 13, 1913.

6. General George Washington3 GROVES (Solomon H.2, John1) was born January 1818 in Hardy Co., VA. He married (1) Rachael L. COSNER December 19, 1838 in Hardy Co., VA, daughter of Henry COSNER and Susanna HAWK . She was born September 19, 1818 in Hardy Co., VA, and died September 16, 1886 in Lewis Co. VA. He married (2) Mary E. PIERCY September 07, 1887 in Randolph Co., VA, daughter of Jesse PIERCY and Margaret. She was born 1832.
Notes: In the 1859 Census of Hardy Co. Va., he is listed as Gen. Washington Groves. I do not know which of his children are by his first wife. DW. Groves
Census states he could not read or write.

Notes for Rachael L. COSNER: Tombstone states 67 y 11 m 27 d. w/o G. W. Groves Census states she could not read or write. Burial: Cosner Cem. , Jacksonville, Lewis Co. , WV Cause of Death: Fever
Marriage Notes: Groves, Washington Cosner, Rachel 12/19/1838 Hardy Co., VA Jacob Backter

Children of General GROVES and Rachael COSNER are:

  1. America4 GROVES , b. 1841; m. (1) Marshall LORENTZ , February 04, 1874, Lewis Co., WV; b. March 14, 1814, Harrison Co., VA; d. May 07, 1880, Upshur Co., WV; m . (2) Osborn William Wellen , 1883, Lewis Co., WV; b. 1815, Washington, DC.- VA listed on a marriage index; d. November 11, 1884, Braxton Co., WV ???.
    America was the first school teacher at the first Roanoke school.
    Marshall died 23 November 1881. Burial: Leonard Cemetery, Upshur County
    Marriage Notes: Marriages Lewis County 1881-1937. Page 10, "1883 Wellen, Osburn, 64 (w) D.C.; Lewis (m) Lorentz, America, 45 (w) Hardy, Lewis (1) Thomas d/o Washington and Rachael Groves" . General Index to Marriage Records (of Lewis Co., WV), vol. 5, Page 106. "1883 Wellen, Osburn, America Lorentz"

    Notes for Osborn William WELLEN: The William in his given name bothers me, I cannot remember the source for this name. The William O. listed in the 1870 census should be rechecked to make sure that it is not his grandchild. Darrell Wiley Groves.
    Came from England according to family legend but marriage records state D. C. as origin of birth. My father told me that he lived In Staunton, VA. I find him listed in the family Bible with Lemual Peterson b. 1815 d.1879. and Mary Ellen Peterson bn. 1833 - d.1906. and the statement " Oldest son born in Staunton." It appears that all of his sons were born in Augusta County, VA since they appeared there in the 1850 Augusta County, VA Census where some indexes have him listed as Robern Wellen.
    Went by the name of Osborn Wellen 1880 census. Marriage records of Lewis county have named Osburn Welling.
    Listed as Ausbin Welling in the 1870 Census of Battelle TWP, Lewis Co., WV . Page 310. Apparently living with John D. at this time.
    Nancy Brake, 58 Sister-in-law living in his household in 1880. ( I believe this to be Nancy Norris w/o William Brake)
    Listed as Rosborn Wellen, Trade Shoemaker, 1850 Augusta Co., Va. census. Value of property 350.
    His children were of his first wife, Betty Harry. It appears that all of his children were. She died between May of 1848 and July of 1850.
    Hartzel Strader has John D. as the son of Osborn and Sarah Norris. Since he was born in 1848 and his obituary states that his mother was Betty Harry, I believe this to be correct.
    Listed as William O., Clay Twp, Braxton Co., WV in 1870 census, page 394. There is another William Wellen listed in Liberty Twp, Marshall Co., WV, page 317. This person should be investigated as a possible relative, since there were so few Wellens in the US at this time. [April 2000.GED..FTW]

  2. Fanny GROVES , b. 1842.
    Notes: Fanny is listed as being eight years old in 1850. She is also listed in Ada Groves Watson Kelly's Bible. This is probably the Fanny, child of John Groves, but she was born in 1837. This Fanny is not listed in Don Norman's book. I do not know the source of Fanny's relationship to George Washington at this time. DWGroves
  3. 14. John Haney GROVES , b. April 03, 1842; d. June 08, 1891.
  4. Paulina GROVES , b. 1845; m. Edward J. GODFREY , September 21, 1865, Lewis Co., WV.
  5. Louvernah GROVES , b. December 22, 1868; m. De Witt Clinton WELLEN , December 22, 1886, Lewis Co., WV; b. May 20, 1844; d. May 02, 1930.
    Notes: In family records she was Lovie or Lovenia. The 1850 Census has her Luvina.
    In Wes Cochran's marriage index of Lewis Co., 1817-80 she was listed as Lorena. In the Bible of the Thomas Martin Wellen family here name is "Louvernah Groves-Dec. 22, 1868."
  6. 15. General Taylor GROVES , b. February 17, 1849, Hardy Co., VA; d. 1895.
  7. Clara L. GROVES , b. 1851; m. Fernando HELMICK , December 31, 1872, Lewis Co., WV; d. b. Bet. 1847 - 1848.
    Notes: Clara is listed as Clara C. in Marriages of Lewis Co., 1817-80 by Wes Cochran.
  8. Marg GROVES , b. 1851.
    Notes: The name is difficult to read in the 1850 Census. I entered the name Marg because it appears to be Marguife or Mearguife in the Census. I have not seen another source for this person unless she is Margaret Virginia Groves wife of Edmund Christian Dennison.
  9. 16. Allen Simpson GROVES , b. 1852.
  10. Orlena GROVES , b. 1855; m. Lewis G. SIMS , February 22, 1879, Lewis Co., WV.
    Note: Listed as Orlenda in Wes Cochrans index of Lewis Co. Marriages, 1817-80
  11. 17. Samuel Brooks GROVES , b. March 04, 1858; d. January 12, 1895.

7. Alexander3 GROVES (Solomon H.2, John1) was born 1820. He married Susan.
Notes: 1850 census his mother Fanny, 70 was living with him and his children. 1870 Census, Grant Co., Grant Twp. Page 244.
This is the right area, the right time but the wrong ancestor. Noah would have been Solomon H. if the information I have is correct and Alex would have been born in 1820.

#1 BIO: HARMAN FRANK GROVES, Grant Co (Valerie & Tommy Crook)
To: WV-FOOTSTEPS-L@rootsweb.com
The History of West Virginia, Old and New Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc., Chicago and New York, Volume III, pg. 346-347
HARMAN FRANK GROVES. The superintendent of schools of Grant County, Harman Frank Groves, represents one of the old and honored families of this region of West Virginia, his remote ancestor and the family founder here being his great-grandfather, Noah Groves. Noah Groves traced his genealogy back to the Saxons, where the name seems to have started with the Groffs, then was corrupted or changed to Graves, again changed to Grove, and finally to its present spelling, Groves. They have been strictly farmers and rural people through the generations to the present, and have invariably followed rural pursuits until the present generation of John Groves, some of whose children have departed from family traditions and customs and allied themselves with professional vocations.

Harman Frank Groves of this review was born in the "Ridge country," six miles northwest of Petersburg, Grant County, His grandfather, Alex Groves, was born in 1814, in Grant County, West Virginia, Ellen; Ashford; George; Joseph; Abel; John, the father of Harman F. Groves, and Annie.

Children of Alexander GROVES and Susan are:

  1. Isaac4 GROVES .
  2. Maria GROVES .
    The writing in the 1850 Census was difficult to read Maria is my best guess.
  3. 18. John GROVES , b. 1865, Grant Co., WV; d. 1944.
  4. Isaac GROVES .

Generation No. 4

8. Solomon Hiram4 GROVES (Isaac Marian3, Solomon H.2, John1) was born April 25, 1827, and died August 22, 1903 in Buried in family cem., Maysville, Grant Co., WV. He married Caroline CASTEEL- COSTEIN- COSTEIN- COSTIN 1857. She was born March 20, 1830, and died April 04, 1910.
Marriage Notes: 1900 Census indicates that he had ben married for 43 years so the approximate wedding year was 1857. Per Gary Tucker. (April 2000.GED..FTW)
Solomon Hiram Groves 1900 Census per Gary Tucker
" Judy's History of Grant County" lists as follows: S. H. Groves - wife Caroline; sons A. W., Walter and Isaac N.; daughters Minnie, Sallie Siever and Laura Tucker; and grandchildren Harry, Emma and Mollie Painter, and Tommy Troves- A. W. Groves executor- W. P. Hollen, A. J. Berg and V. T. Secrist witnesses-
August 28, 1903- Book 1, Page 307[April 2000.GED..FTW]
Notes for Caroline CASTEEL:
"One of her great-grandaughters told me that Caroline was of Jewish ancestry and thought that her name was Costine but on the basis of some circumstantial evidence I think that it was probably Casteel. There were Casteels in Hampshire County. It seems to me that I remember Caroline Groves will was probated in Grant County, WV. The abstract is includen in Judy's History of Grant County." Per Gary Tucker- per Mary Katherine Leatherman. (April 2000.GED..FTW)

Children of Solomon GROVES and Caroline CASTEEL:

  1. A. W.5 GROVES .
  2. Walter GROVES .
  3. Isaac N. GROVES .
  4. Minnie GROVES .
  5. Sallie GROVES , m. SIEVER .
  6. Laura Virginia GROVES , b. March 06, 1859, Groves' Homeplace, Maysville, Grant Co., WV; d. January 02, 1935, Joseph Tucker Cemetary, Grant Co., WV; m. Marshall Baker TUCKER ; b. November 15, 1856, Hardy Co., VA; d. June 13, 1911, Grant Co., WV buried, Joseph Tucker Cemetary, Grant Co., WV.
  7. Isaac N. GROVES .

9. Zebulon4 GROVES (Isaac Marian3, Solomon H.2, John1) was born 1835. He married (1) Louisa J. SCHARTIGER . He married (2) Elizabeth KEPLINGER .
Notes for Elizabeth KEPLINGER:
(April 2000.GED..FTW)
I believe the Groves children I found in the 1850 Hardy Co., VA Census living with the Keplingers may have been her children.

Child of Zebulon GROVES and Louisa SCHARTIGER is:

  1. 19. Otto5 GROVES .

10. Otha Wallace4 GROVES (Isaac Marian3, Solomon H.2, John1) was born November 01, 1837, and died March 05, 1910. He married Rebecca Elizabeth HAWK . She was born March 08, 1841 in Hardy Co., VA, and died March 01, 1926.

Children of Otha GROVES and Rebecca HAWK are:

  1. 20. Lydia Ann5 GROVES , b. July 01, 1862; d. May 18, 1950.
  2. Edward Russell GROVES , b. May 22, 1864; d. February 24, 1935.
  3. Margarete GROVES , b. May 15, 1866; d. December 15, 1888.
  4. Jesse A. GROVES , b. 1869.
  5. 21. Enoch Merton "Murt" GROVES , b. March 25, 1870; d. July 05, 1940.
  6. 22. Zebulon Floyd GROVES , b. September 1873; d. 1902.
  7. Claudene GROVES , b. 1876.
  8. Charles Britton GROVES , b. June 16, 1879; d. June 13, 1945.

11. William4 GOODNIGHT (Rebecca A.3 GROVES, Solomon H.2, John 1)


  1. 23. John Thomas5 GOODNIGHT .

12. Selden HARNESS4 GROVES (John3, Solomon H.2, John1) was born 1846, and died October 07, 1877 in Lewis Co., W V. He married Amanda RIFFLE December 17, 1867 in Lewis Co., WV, daughter of Jefferson RIFFLE and Elizabeth HEATER . She was born 1847 in Virginia, and died 1919.
Hartzel Guy Strader has his name as" Seldon Harness Groves-ma. 1865??"
Harnace was the name written in the Bible of my Aunt Ada
Hornace was the name given to me oraly by my Uncle Vaden and Lee Blake's diary.
Sheldon per Evelyn Riffle Blake
Seldon Harrison/Horace Groves per Cindy Kostka
1870 Census 24yrs old.
Verified 1850 census.Lee Blake had it written Hornest.
Selden H. was recorded in the 1870 Census.
In Marsha Columbia Grove Foster's obituary his name is Hornest.
The 1870 Census has him as Selden H.
Selden Groves death records compiled by Hartzel Strader, 5/7/1877 30 yrs.
Born in Lewis Co.-per Doug Garmen-His family did not move to Lewis County until later.
Notes for Amanda RIFFLE:
Hartzel Strader has her name as Amanda Grant but Betty Graybill and others have Riffle. He also has her birthdate as 1848.
Obituary of Marsha Groves has her listed.
Clover Fork Cemetery tombstone "Wife of N. B. Foster 1846-1919. "A Tender Mother and a Faithful Friend.
Marriage: December 22, 1867, Per Flora Maynerd per Dorothy Riffle Wicbacher

Children of Selden GROVES and Amanda RIFFLE are:

  1. 24. Marsha Columbia5 GROVES , b. October 24, 1868; d. September 01, 1961, Homewood Addition, Weston, WV.
  2. 25. George I. GROVES , b. July 07, 1870, Lewis County, West Virginia; d. October 10, 1949, Lewis County, West Virginia.
  3. 26. Francis Marion GROVES , b. June 11, 1872; d. October 06, 1959.
  4. 27. Armminta Laura GROVES , b. 1874.
  5. 28. John Patrick GROVES , b. 1876.

13. Estiline4 GROVES (John3, Solomon H.2, John1) was born June 1848, and died January 13, 1913. She married John D. WELLEN , son of Osborn WELLEN and Catherine HARRY . He was born May 17, 1848 in Staunton, Augusta Co. , VA, and died August 17, 1933.
Notes: Conflict of death date. Family Bible says 7/14/1934 grave marker says as I have it entered.
Her name may have been Estaline.
Page 308, 1870 census living in Battelle Twp, Lewis Co., as are Frances, John, John H. Selden H.
Notes for John D. WELLEN:
Legend has it that he was kicked out of Southern Army - 14 years old. He may may have been the source of the signature of Stonewall Jackson I have. Supposedly, a note thanking one of the Wellen brothers for attempting to join Jackson's forces was written and signed by Jackson. My father cut off the signature, and mounted it under an etching of Jackson. My father is the source of this story.

"Dem. Fro.1 Sept. 1933. Wellen, John D. Age 85, died at home on Red Lick, Thursday, August 17. Son of Osburn and Betty (Harry) Wellen. Born in Staunton, Virginia, March 17, 1848. Parents came to Lewis County in early fifties. Survived by wife, Mrs. Estaline (Groves) Wellen, three daughters, Mrs. Lloyd Gay, Mrs. Ray Hersman, Mrs. George Groves, of Roanoke. Services Friday, Burial Jacksonville Cemetery."
Listed as John D. Welling in the 1870 census of Battelle TWP, Lewis Co., WV. Page 310.
Tombstone "Wellen, John D. 17 Mar. 1848-17 Aug. 1933. s/o Osburn & Betty (Harry] Wellen Age 85u Married Estaline Groves. Jacksonville Cem[April 2000.GED..FTW]

Children of Estiline GROVES and John WELLEN are:

  1. Julia Ann5 WELLEN , d. January 13, 1913.
  2. 29. Laura May WELLEN , b. April 24, 1891; d. May 05, 1986.
14. John Haney4 GROVES (General George Washington3, Solomon H.2, John1) was born April 03, 1842, and died June 08, 1891. He married Emily N. TRAYLOR October 24, 1871 in Lewis Co., WV. She was born March 05, 1845, and died July 30, 1927.
Notes for Emily N. TRAYLOR:
Listed in Marriages of Lewis Co., 1871-80 by Wes Cochran as Imily Traylor. I have also seen Taylor but I have seen more references to Traylor and will use this until I can find true surname. Don ald Groves has it as Emaline Nancy (April 2000.GED..FTW)
Burial: Cosner Cemetary, Row 1

Children of John GROVES and Emily TRAYLOR are:

  1. George S.5 GROVE , b. June 10, 1875; d. August 01, 1892.
    Notes : Tombstone: Grove, George S. 6/10/1875-8/1/1892. ch/o John H. & E. N. Grove.[April 2000.GED..FTW] Cosner Cemetery.
  2. Anna L. GROVES , b. 1876; d. 1918.
    Tombstone: Groves, Anna L., 1876-1918 d/o J. H. & E. N. Groves. Cosner Cemetery
  3. Viola GROVE , b. July 11, 1883; d. July 11, 1883.
    Tombstone reads : Grove, Viola ch/o John H. & E. N. Grove B.&D. 7/11/1883. Cosner Cemetery.
  4. 30. John Edward GROVES , b. 1888.
15. General Taylor4 GROVES (General George Washington3, Solomon H.2, John1) was born February 17, 1849 in Hardy Co., VA, and died 1895. He married (1) Agnes G. HELMICK April 16, 1872 in Lewis Co., WV, daughter of Jacob HELMICK and Deliah HINCKLE . She was born 1849. He married (2) Lydia Ann GROVES 1882, daughter of Otha GROVES and Rebecca HAWK . She was born July 01, 1862, and died May 18, 1950.

Children of General GROVES and Lydia GROVES are:

  1. Ada5 GROVES , b. 1882.
  2. 31. George W. GROVES , b. 1883.
  3. Otis GROVES , b. 1884.
  4. Benjamin H. GROVES , b. 1885.
  5. Doshia Levina GROVES , b. 1886.

16. Allen Simpson4 GROVES (General George Washington3, Solomon H.2, John1) was born 1852. He married Ella Francis COSNER Abt. 1874, daughter of Henry COSNER and Nancy ROBY .

Children of Allen GROVES and Ella COSNER are:

  1. Lawrence C.5 GROVES , b. Abt. 1875.
  2. Mamie S. GROVES , b. 1876.
  3. Orva F. GROVES , b. 1877.
  4. Grace H. GROVES , b. 1878.
  5. Bertha GROVES , b. 1880; d. December 14, 1975; m. William David DILLION , February 21, 1919.
  6. 32. Nellie GROVES , b. February 05, 1894; d. December 14, 1975.
  7. Oley GROVES , b. 1896.
  8. Okie GROVES , b. 1896.
    Don Norman has his name spelled Okey, which is probably right.
17. Samuel Brooks4 GROVES (General George Washington3, Solomon H.2, John1) was born March 04, 1858, and died January 12, 1895. He married Clara COSNER July 04, 1880 in Lewis Co., WV, daughter of Henry COSNER and Nancy ROBY . She was born Abt. 1857, and died December 14, 1918.


  1. Zenable5 GROVES , b. 1878.
  2. Thomas GROVES , b. 1880.
  3. Brooks Washington GROVES , b. 1882.
  4. 33. Ada Lee GROVES , b. 1884; d. 1927.
  5. 34. Oda Lester GROVES , b. 1886; d. September 03, 1960, Glenville, Gilmer Co., WV.
  6. 35. Zyna Archibel GROVES , b. August 16, 1881, Dusk Camp, Gilmer Co., WV; d. November 04, 1952.
  7. 36. Brooks Washington GROVES , b. 1884; d. 1956.

18. John4 GROVES (Alexander3, Solomon H.2, John1) was born 1865 in Grant Co., WV, and died 1944. He married Mahala Jane PHARES , daughter of William PHARES and ... MALLOW . She was born 1866 Near Spruce Mountain, Pendleton Co., WV, and died 1940.

Children of John GROVES and Mahala PHARES are:

  1. Martha Alice5 GROVES , m. C.O. TURNER .
  2. 37. Nellie P. GROVES .
  3. Clarence B. GROVES .
  4. Gracie GROVES , d. Scherr, WV; m. Jesse IDLEMAN .
  5. Edith GROVES , d. Monticello, IN; m. Olin WEESE .
  6. Thomas GROVES .
  7. Myrtle GROVES , m. ...TURNER .
  8. Bertha Susan GROVES , b. November 21, 1886; m. Earl TRENTON .
  9. Harman Frank GROVES , b. August 04, 1888.

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