Hardy County in 1800
Names found on Property Tax Lists for the County

Was your family in the county in 1800 or before? Tax lists are one resource to begin with. They are especially important as the census records for the earliest US census were lost.
The source for these names is Virginians in 1800: Counties of West Virginia by Steven A. Bridges. He extracted them from the Property Tax Lists for 1800. This book is excellent for locating your names across the counties of WV and you will want to see it to check on the additional information it contains on the listings. I have added some variant spellings of the names and given the number of individual entries under each surname. If no number is shown, there was but one entry.

ALKIER/ALKIRE (4)        ARMENTROUT (4)           AULT (2)
ANDREWS                  ARMSWORTHY

BAKER (12)               BLIZARD                  BRANYOU
BALL                     BLUNY                    BRILL
BARB                     BOGART                   BRINK
BARKDOLL                 BOLENER (3)              BROWN
BARKIZER                 BOLES                    BRUMALL (2)
BARLER                   BOOTS (4)                BRYANT (2)
BEAN (4)                 BORAH (2)                BULLET/BULLITT(3)
BIRCH (2)                BOUGHMAN                 BURK
BISHOP                   BOWMAN                   BRURNALL
BIXLER (2)               BRAKE (2)

CAHOON                   CLAGETT                  COONROD
CAMPBELL                 CLAREBOUGH (2)           COOPER
CANE (3)                 CLAYPOOL (4)             CORNELL (2)
CARPENTER                CLIFFORD                 CRAIGE    
CARR                     COFFEL (2)               CRITES (3)
CARSON                   COFFMAN                  CROOK
CATHERY                  COHENOUR                 CUNNINGHAM (3)
CHILCOTT (2)             COLF                     CUSTER
CHRISMAN (2)             COLLINS                  CUTTON
CHURCH                   COOMES (3)

DANAVAN                  DEVORE                   DRAU
DASHER (2)               DIEL                     DROM
DAVIS (6)                DIER                     DUGAN
DEAN                     DOVER (2)                DUKRON
DEHART                   DOWD                     DUNNAN

EDSON                    EMMONS                   EYMAN (2)
ELSWICK                  EMMORY (2)               
EMERLING                 EVANS (2)

FINLY                    FOLEY                    FRAVELL (2)
FISHER (3)               FOWLER                   FRY (2)

GIBONY                   GORDON                   GREEN
GOINGS                   GRAVISTAFF               GUNN

HAGER                    HAYLER                   HOGAN
HAGGINS                  HAYS                     HOPPER
HAGLER                   HETCHERON                HOURE
HALTERMAN (6)            HIGGINS                  HOWEY
HAMILTON (2)             HILL (2)                 HUFFMAN
HANNISS                  HIMES                    HUGHS
HARNESS/HARNISS (4)      HIRE/HYRE (4)            HUTTON (2)
HARRIS (7)               HIRHMAN (2)              HYDON
HAY                      HITHERINGSON


JACOBUS                  JEFFERSON                JEWEL
JAMISON                  JEFFRIES                 JOHNSON (2)
JARBO                    JENKINS                  JUDY (2)

KELLY                    KERKINDOLL               
KEPLY                    KETNER (3)

LAIRS                    LIGGET                   LONDERMAN
LAMB                     LIKENS                   LONG
LANCE                    LILLER                   LORENS/LORENTZ
LANDERS                  LINCH                    LOVE
LEEK                     LIVER                    LUMMOS
LEONARD                  LONDERBARK

MACE                     MC CORD                  MORRIS (2)
MACHIR (2)               MC NUNAR (2)             MORROW
MAGELL                   MELONE                   MULFORD (2)
MANGOLD                  MILBOURN                 MURFEY
MARSHEL (2)              MILLER (3)               MURGROVE
MARTIN                   MINGO               
MATHIAS (2)              MOORE

NABARGER                 NEVILL (5)               NORTON
NEFF (6)                 NEWELL

OGDAN                    ONUS
OLDAIRE (2)              OWEN (2)

PAIN                     PEARSON                  PORTER
PANCAKE                  PETERSON (4)             POWERS
PARRVILS                 PITSENBARGER             PRINGLER
PARSONS (2)              PHILIPS                  PUGH (3)
PEARCE                   PORT (2)                 PUK (3)
RADEBOUGH (2)            RENNICK (6)              ROGERS
RAINS                    REYHINAN                 RORABOUGH (4)
RALLIFF                  RICHESON                 RULES
RANDALL                  REGER                    RUNNELS (2)
RAY (2)                  ROBERTS (3)              RYLEY
REED (2)                 ROBINSON (3)

SAGGERS                  SHOEMAKER (4)            STENBOURGHIRE
SALTERS                  SHOOK (2)                STEWART (4)
SALTS (2)                SHORE (2)                STITTS
SAYGER (2)               SIGN                     STONE (3)
SCHOU                    SIKES                    STRADER (2)
SCOTT                    SIMERMON                 STRAMBOUGH
SEE (5)                  SIMMONS (2)              STRANDERMAN
SELLER                   SIMON (2)                STUKY
SEYMOUR                  SINNET                   STUMP (4)
SHANER (2)               SITES                    SUNFRON
SHEPLEY                  SLATER                   SUNOUS
SHERRY                   SMITH (3)                SWINY
SHIRK                    SNIDER                   SWISHER (4)
SHOBE (8)                SOUSANRAN

TAYLOR (2)               TEVABOUGH (3)            THORPE
TERRY                    TEVAULT (4)              TROUTWINE


WALDEN                   WETZEL                   WILSON (9)
WALLACE                  WHEELER (2)              WILTON (3)
WALLAN (2)               WHITE                    WIRE (6)
WARD                     WHITECOTTON              WOOLF
WATECOOK                 WIDNER (2)               WURE (2)
WATERS                   WILKIN (4)               
WAULER                   WILLET
WEBB                     WILLLIAMS (2)

YOKE                     YOUNG

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