Hardy County Family Album

Add a page to the Hardy County Family Album. The format? It is open to your creativity: send me -- a family story, memoir, letters, or family group sheets, descriptions of places in Hardy County, bits of County history or geography, photographs or illustrations -- old or new. As the pages fill we will learn more about the County our ancestors lived in.
Write to me with your page ideas: Margaret C. Lew


County Families

A Long Query concerning the AMICK - KELLER - LUDWICK - LUDWIG - RUDY families
Submitted by Barbara Jenkins Gavin
Beans in Hardy County Cemeteries
Readings from ten Hardy County cemeteries.
Submitted by Sue Wilson
Additions and changes in Olivet Cemetery by Mary L. Bean
Benjamin Bean Summary
A summary of the life of Benjamin Bean, 1758-1828 and his family.
Compiled by Maureen Veatch Gobel
Letters of Helen Yoakum Black, 1872 - 1873
These two letters are among the earliest known written family records for the Harness, Stump, Yoakum, and See families.
Transcribed and annotated by Sara Stevens Patton
Johann Jakob Brechtel Immigration Record
The record of John Brake's entry to America in 1737.
Submitted by Perry Brake
L. Brake et al vs. N. See et al., Moorefield, 1868
Legal action brought by Leonard Brake and Elizabeth Brake Simon against Nimrod See and the heirs of his late wife Magdalene Brake See, regarding the properties of Michael See, deceased 21 January 1861, intestate.
Transcribed by Perry Brake
Christian Crose 1725-1814 and his Descendents
An excerpt from the book of the same name and the will of Christian Crose and documents filed in connection with its settlement.
Submitted by Henry A. Hamann
An Ermentraudt Family History
The Ermentraudt - Armentrout Family and related families of Hardy County
Submitted by Barbara Elaine Hays Clayton
Fisher and Lawrence and Petty
Connections between three Hardy County Families from Ohio records. REVISED March 2009
by Jean McClure
Four Generations of Descendants of John Groves
John Groves was born in and lived in Winchester, VA in the mid to late 1700's, here are the descendants of his son Solomon born 1778, many Hardy County connections.
Submitted by Darrell W. Groves, dgroves107@oh.rr.com
Johann Michael Ernst Hörner; His Birth Family, Marriage and Life Span
Published in 2013, this research will replace a fair amount, but not all, of the Michael Harness section in Tevebaugh's more extensive 2001 study of part of that family. It should serve as the final basic identification of Johan Michael Ernst Hörner;
Submitted by John L. Tevebaugh
Johann Michael Ernst Hoerner and his Harness Children; What the Documents Say
Study of Johann Michael and Maria Elisabetha (Dieffenbach) Ernst Hoerner and their five sons in original records reveals answers to some Harness family questions.
Submitted by John L. Tevebaugh
The Parents, Siblings and Birth of Johann Michael Ernst Hörner (aka Michael Harness, Sr.)
Information from the town resident/family lineage book for the village of Unteröwisheim. Addenda on use of German Ortssippenbücher
Submitted by John L. Tevebaugh
Harness Family Research Supporting Data
Watch for the pitfalls of unsupported, or contradictory statements. The truth is almost always as exciting as the legend and finding the truth is its own reward.
Submitted by John L. Tevebaugh
Known Descendants of Leonard Hire / Hyre
The Hire / Hyre family settled near Petersburg at a very early date likely the late 1740's.
Submitted by Kenneth W. Colby
John Hopewell Family Bible Records
Entries transcribed and submitted by Mike Benson
A Family History - Idleman, Cosner, Lyon, Stingley
Containing the precedents in the family of Simon P. and Sarah (Lyon) Idleman whose precedents embrace the family names of IDLEMAN, COSNER, LYON, STINGLEY Collected and Compiled by Ollie F. Idleman of Scherr, W. Va. 1962
Submitted by Gary Tucker
The German Ancestors of the Idleman Family
Information about Conrad Idleman and his family from the original German records. Photographs, photocopies of original churchbook records and more.
Submitted by Sigrun Börkel of Viernheim, Germany
Kidner Family in Hardy County Records
Entries from the Hardy County Minute Book, Land Tax, Marriage and Probate records
Transcribed and submitted by C. J. Andes
Children of John Lowrance
Dated 25 Jan 1883 this letter from J.O. Hoffhine to Hiram Lawrence translates the entries found in old family books giving birth dates for 12 Lawrence children.
Submitted by Jean McClure
MacDonald Family Records
Records from Hampshire County wills and the Maysville Cemetery in Grant County may offer clues to researchers of the MacDonald family in Hardy County.
Submitted by Barbara Sheehan
Neff Family
Three generations of Descendants of Hans Leonard Neff and Elizabeth Magdalena Feg,
Submitted by J. W. Neff
A Mathias Family Mystery
Who was James William Mathias's father?
Submitted by Debbie Ripple
Oats Family
Research including the Civil War Records of Robert Oats and Robert W. Oats, Jr.,
Submitted by Glenn Smith
Burch and Oats Family
Research including obituaries of Lavina McGill Burch Oats and her husband Robert Oats,
Submitted by Glenn Smith.
Letters of Valentine Simmons (1790-1867)
Three letters written 1857, 1858 and 1859 to his children: Eliza C. (Simmons) Lindsey (1830-1905) and Thomas Adams Simmons (ca 1836-1863).
Submitted by Joyce Reiss
The Sniders From Hardy County to Winchester Virginia, A Family History
The family of George Washington Snider (c.1819-1884), Postmaster and Mayor of Wardensville, Hardy County.
Submitted by George Snider
Snider Ancestry Outline
Three generations of the Snider Family. Who were the parents of George Washington Snider, born c.1819 in Ohio?
Submitted by George Snider
Bible Record of the Marriage of George Stump and Elizabeth Wilson
Using the resources of the Library of Virginia's collections online.
Margaret Lew
Michael Stump Sr. of Virginia 1709-1768 by Thurman Stump.
A treatise on the origin and ancestry with surname armorials, originally published in 1975, this edition includes supplementary material and corrections made by the author in 1979.
Submitted by Emma Campbell
Michael Stump and The Phoenix 1743
New evidence to establish the identity of the emigrant Michael Stump, who arrived at Philadelphia in 1743 on the Phoenix
Submitted by J. W. Neff
Stump Pioneers
By Evelyn Blake based on information from Ofa E. Stump.
Henry Teets and the Teets Family in West Virginia
Review of Monongalia and Preston County Tax and Land Records reveals evidence that Henry and Mary Teets are the documented pioneers for most, if not all, individuals with the surname Teets in West Virginia.
John Teets
Dating Daniel Tevebaugh's Death and Will
Although there is no specific date recorded for Daniel Tevebaugh's will or date of death we can use contemporary documents to narrow the probable date for both events.
Submitted by John L. Tevebaugh
The Hanson Veatch - Elizabeth Bean Family
The family of Hanson Veatch, 1764-1835/6 and his wife Elizabeth Bean, 1762-1842.
Compiled by Maureen Veatch Gobel
The Hanson Veatch Estate Account
The Estate account of Hanson Veatch, photocopies of the original records of the estate settlement.
Submitted by Maureen Veatch Gobel
Wilkins, Smith, Brock, Shoemaker and Hedges Families
Records from the 1880 Census, Hardy County,
Submitted by Charlene Smith.
The Wilson Family in Hardy County Records
Birth, Marriage, Probate, Death and Cemetery records
Submitted by Sue Wilson

Hardy County Cemeteries

A list of Hardy County Cemeteries
Obtained by a search at the Geographic Names Information System a feature of the U.S. Geological Survey web site.
Hardy County Cemetery Collection
Readings from over 50 cemeteries and graveyards
Deaths in United Bretheran Church Records, Hardy Charge, 1879-1896
Submitted by James Funkhouser

People and Places

Hardy County Minute Book 1 - 1786
A partial transcription beginning on page 1.
Submitted by George Machir Williams
1787 Petition To Add A Portion of Hardy County to Hampshire County
Is your ancestor among the 82 signers?
Submitted by Charlene Smith
The Barr Band
For about 50 years the Barr Band played for every occasion of note throughout the area; Fourth of July picnics, political rallies, tournament riding meets, and fairs.
Submitted by Bettie Myers Wehland
Free Negroes and Mulattoes, Hardy County Taxpayers Lists 1810
Extracted from: A Supplement to the 1810 Census of Virginia: Tax Lists of the Counties for which the Census is Missing by Netti Schreiner-Yantis.
Submitted by Rose McDaniel
Black and Mulatto Individuals in the 1850 Census of Hardy County, Virginia
Extracted from: Hardy County (West) Virginia 1850 Census Wes Cochran publication.
Submitted by Margaret Lew
Hardy County One Room Schools -- Two Stories
As told by Marcellus Alexander Evans (1875-1954), Teacher in Hardy County for 40 years.
Submitted by Michael M. Foreman
Hardy County Schools in 1904
A report from History of Education in West Virginia Prepared under the direction of the State Superintendent of Free Schools.
Submitted by Valerie Crook
Hardy County Post Offices, January 1, 1851
From the United States Postal Department publication of 1859, includes postmasters.
Submitted by Perry Brake
The David and Lydia Knee House
Can you identify the location of this house, photographed in 1949?
Submitted by Jack Knee
Photographs of Mathias Local Families
Randy L. See presents several sets of photos by Lorenzo Lantz taken 1930 - 1945. Most people and places in them are not identified.
McNeill Baseball Team Photograph c. 1914 - 1917
Can you help identify the unknown members of this team in the photograph?
Submitted by Deborah Shepherd
Ministers in Hardy County
Research of Martha Richards
Old North Mill Creek Lutheran and Reformed Church Records, 1791 - 1889
Records of birth, baptism, confirmation, death and registers of membership from the two congregations that shared the Old North Mill Creek Church.
Submitted by Margaret Lew
Old North Mill Creek Lutheran Church
Birth and death records
Submitted by Margaret Lew
Reed Farmstead Archaeological Excavations
Reprint from Ancestry's Online Genealogy Newsletter, read about this current project. Anyone with information about the Reed family or farm is invited to contact the archaeologists at their web site.
Photographs of The Trough
Three views of the Trough in Hampshire and Hardy Counties taken from the train.
Submitted by Pat Davis

Military Records

Revolutionary War Pensioners in Hardy County

Confederate Monument
The names on the Confederate Monument in Moorefield Cemetery are soldiers of the Hardy Grays, 33rd Va Infantry, Stonewall Brigade. Glenn Smith's research in the census and other records identifies many of them. Is your ancestor among them?
Hardy County Blues
Company B of the Sixty-Second Regiment, Virginia Volunteer Infantry, Army of the Confederate States of America. The muster roll of Captain John J. Chipley's Company, submitted by Faith Horan.
Union soldiers from Hardy County
Most of these soldiers were in Company I of the 7th WV Regiment, known as the Bloody 7th. Was your ancestor among them?

From Hardy County

Reverend David Badgley and Hardy Countians to New Design, Illinois
In 1797 Reverend Badgley, a Baptist minister from Hardy County, departed with 154 people for Illinois.
Submitted by Nora Tocus
Two Schooners from Hardy County, Virginia to Vermilion County, Illinois
The Families of Daniel Bedinger and Henry Carrier
The narrative of the Bedinger-Carrier trek to Illinois from oral traditions and history
By: Dorothea Bedinger Clymer
John the "Bear Hunter" Cutright
Born about 1747 on the South Branch near Moorefield, John pioneered Westward to Kentucky and Ohio with his wife Elizabeth and large family.
Submitted by John O. Cutright
Daniel Huffman Family
Daniel Huffman born 1778 in Hardy County and his wife Rosanna Peterson purchased 499 acres of wooded land in Clinton County Ohio and settled there in the 1820's with their three sons. This family history covers the first four generations of the Huffmans in Ohio and is accompanied by a reading of the Peterson Cemetery, Clinton Co, OH and photographs of the grave stones of the earliest Huffmans in Clinton Co.
Submitted by Charles Thomas
Hardy County Emigrants
Help us add to this list of Hardy County folks found in other counties or states. Krismarie Fetter submitted the first couple from stones found in an Ohio Cemetery.
Neff Family in Ohio
Buried in The Alkire-Tanner Cemetery, Darby Township, Pickaway County Ohio are several Neff family members from Hardy County.
submitted by Joyce Althoff jalthoff@qn.net
Dr. Nathaniel D. Parren/Parron Fugitive Slave Case, 1851
About January 12 or 13th, 1851, a slave known as "Harrison" about 19 years old escaped from a Dr. Nathaniel D. Parren (or Parron) of Hardy County, possibly with a group of other slaves. This query is part of a study of fugitive slave cases in Western New York, can you help with information?
Christopher Densmore densmore@acsu.buffalo.edu
George Washington Reynolds
George Reynolds and his family left Hardy County in the 1860's to move west. They settled in Lafayette County, Missouri. Connections to Swisher, Wise and other county families in this research submitted by J. Reynolds JReyno6299@aol.com
David Roberts
Born about 1719, David sold his land in Hardy County in 1803 and went west to settle in Fairfield County, Ohio.
Submitted by Fred Roberts
John Roberts
Born 1811 in Hardy (now Grant) County John went west in 1834.
Submitted by James A. Green.
Obituary of Isaac Rumer
From the Fairfield Daily Journal, Monday, Dec. 11, 1911, (Fairfield, Iowa), with notes
Submitted by Andy Rumer.
Jesse Rumer Family
Jesse and Caroline Elizabeth (Jacobs) Rumer with their first child, Franklin David Rumer, left Hardy County c. 1847 for Fayette County, Ohio.
By Eda L. Rumer Bobo
Death notice or Adam Seymour of Newark Ohio, 1871
Adam came with his father to Ohio in 1803.
Submitted by Dee Gentry
Alfred Slusher of Hardy County, Virginia (1807-1875)
Alfred and his wife Nancy Ann Skidmore and six of their children moved from Hardy County to Vermilion County IL sometime between 1856 and 1860.
Submitted by Otis Slusher
The Vanmeter Family Cemetery, Saline County, Missouri
Abraham and Elizabeth Vanmeter and their children moved from Hardy County , Virginia to Saline County, Missouri in 1834.
Submitted by Ed Richards
Obituary of Elizabeth J. Stump Wilson
In 1852 four families, including the Stumps and Wilsons left their homes in Hardy County to settle in Vermilion County, Illinois.
Submitted by Diana M. Nelson.
Morris Thomas (1727 - 1796)
Four children of Morris and Mary Cantrell Thomas left Hardy County to settle in Indiana and Kentucky
Submitted by Sue Kron

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