Hardy County Wills

Will of Anna Maria Hire 1790
This document was transcribed by Margaret Lew from Leonard Hire's xeroxed copy of the original records. Illegible words are indicated by [...]
In the Name of God Amen, I Anna Maria Hire
Sick of body but sound in memmory this sixteenth 
November 1790.  I Bequeath One Stoned Horse to Vallentine
Cooper also One Gelding, and Mare, Also 3 Sheep, the
half of the Hogs, Also 2 casks Also One Bed, the pewter
ware one Kettle & two Iron potts & One Dutch Oven &
all my clothes also two Bees Also a Shot Gun Also the
Money which I Owe to Vallentine Cooper.  My part of 
the money from Robert Cunningham the One half to 
Vallentine  Cooper, Also the one half of all that I have 
Husbanded to Vallentine Cooper, Also 4 parts of the Old 
Wagon. One Heifer & Calf I Anna Maria Hire Be-
queath all the above mention'd to Coopers ---------------

Also I Anna Maria Hire Bequeath to my son Rudolph
Hire One Gelding And One Mare, Two Cows 4 Calves 
One Rifle One Chest, One Bed, One Iron pott, and 
the [Tran...] One plough & Harrow, One Hoe,
and [D....] & Hook, Two Bees and one Hogshead 
3 Sheep [...] One half of the Hogs, Also the One half of
the money Due me from Robert Cunningham
Also two waggon loads of indian Corn to Vallentine Cooper and the
remainder Below to Rudolph Hire

Novr 16th 1790. Hardy County State of Virginia
I Maria Hire Bequeath all the above mentioned to 
my son Rudolph Hire, for his part of Heirship
This is my hand & seal
John Smith                         Anna Maria  X    Hire
      his                                     mark   (SEAL)
Jacob  W  Werns                                   

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