Hardy County Estate Appraisals and Sales

Estate appraisals and sale records are interesting and informative documents. They contain lists of personal property which help us understand the daily lives and work of our ancestors. The sale documents record the names of relatives, friends and neighbors who purchased items from the estate. In addition there are sometimes records of debts owed and other bits of information that can add to the picture of an ancestor and his life. These documents are to be found in the county records in the Will Books.

Look at the two documents submitted by Arcella T. Moore for her ancestor John Shell (1790-1859); maybe you will find a relative in the purchasers at the 1860 sale of his estate.

The appraisal of the estate of Ann Cahon 1810, submitted by Arleen C. Ellis, follows the transcription of her will.

New: Appraisal of the Estate of Hermanous Shook provided by Melissa Teague.

Do you have an appraisal or sale bill to add? Please contact me Margaret C. Lew.

Will and Appraisement of the Estate of Ann Cahon Dec'd
Appraisement of the Estate of John Shell Sen. Dec'd
Shell Estate Sale
Hermanous Shook Estate Appraisal, 1790
Sale of Property of John Wilson 1847

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