Petition To Add
A Portion of Hardy County
to Hampshire County

To the Honourable the Representatives of the House of Assembly for the State of Virginia sitting in the City of Richmond.

The Humble petition of the freeholders and Housekeepers of the County of Hampshire and part of the County of Hardy - Humbly Sheweth  - That your petitioners is under Great Grievances Concurning the Division of the County on the account of the prospect of the proposed Line which Line if Continued will Render the inhabitants of Hamshire County on the North Branch of the Potomack very unhappy concurning there Attendance to Muster for there is upwards of ten Miles in Lenth that is but three Miles in Breath and there is not as many inhabitants as can make much more than half a Company of Militia, and these inhabitants in Each County, that is to Say the County of Hampshire and the County of Hardy, on the account of the proposed Line will have Between twenty and five miles to gow to all private Musters - and further it adds to their disadvantage on account of the proposed Line the many inconveniencys of all publick Meetings and if Said Line would be Continued it would be a Great Confusion to our publick officers with Many other things that Causes your humble petitioners to Look up to that Honourable House for Redress.  And Wee, your Humble petitioners,  Humbly prays that the Honourable House for Conveniencys of Each County will fix the Line Between Said County from the Mouth of Stony River to the High Nobb and Wee your Humble petitioners Submits to your Superior Wisdoms and Wee your petitioners prays the Honourable House that our prayer may be heard and, that our Grievances may be Removed Which Wee have a Confidence in your Honourable protection and Care.  And Wee as in Duty Both Shall Ever Pray.

September 26th, 1787
New Creek, Hampshire County

Wm Johnson Nicholas Slale Peter New
Jacob Bogard Caleb Hysr Jacob New
Wm [Jr.?] Johnson Nicholas Hyser Peter, Jr. New
Thomas Holaback James White Joseph Logsdon
Abraham Thompson Edward McCarty William Logsdon
Lewis Day John Paugh Thomas Logdson
Isaac [?] Thompson Edward Amory [Emory] John Miler [Miller]
John Thompson Frank [Francis] Myers [Miers] Micle Miler [Miller]
John Jr. Jones Richard Slater George Miler [Miller]
John Turvey Jesse Sharplles John Ravencrost
David Jones William McChesney Wilm. Ravencraft
William Rogers John Rush Francis Ravencraft
John Dowden Joseph Powel Charls Sinks
Ezekiel Whitman Richard Morron [?] Jacob Sinks
Ign, Wheler Henrey Miller John Linx [?]
Saml. Kennedy William Odle Thomas Bond
Peter New John Odle Jacob Purget
John Baker Richard Odle Edward Amry [Emory]
Phillip Putnam Henry Martch John Boman
Saml. Ravenscroft John Champ Henery Kit [Kitts]
Nicholas Savours John Paker [Packer?] John Kiet [Kite]
John Daton Iz. Elley [?] Samul Kiet [Kite]
Thomas Davis Benjamin Pinter Jery Ashbe
Gabriel Wright John Rawles [?] Bingeman Ashbe
Sanuel Dayly John Kyger Henery New [?]
George Yocom Daniel Kiger And. Wodrow
Richard Acton John, Jr. Kyger  
John Action John Smith  

[Law passed changing the boundary, as prayed, on December 4, 1787]

All mistakes including spelling and usage were part of the original document. Researched and transcribed by Charlene Smith.

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