Hardy County Marriages
A Collection

This marriage file was compiled from many sources. Many of the records were copied from the records in the Courthouse for E. L. Judy's History of Grant and Hardy Counties, West Virginia. The marriages have been sorted and edited into a single alphabetical list of brides and grooms. The marriages performed by Valentine Powers, 1792 and 1799 have been included here also. You are invited to contribute marriages from your research. They may come from family record such as Bible records, public records, newspaper vital statistics -- marriage and obituary notices, articles or family histories.

Thanks, Sue Dietz, for several marriages for the year 1859!

Can you add to our marriage list? We welcome additions and corrections to this data.

The purpose of this listing is to help you find information on Hardy County families. Remember that these are compiled records and that you should try to obtain original proof to document any that you add to your family research. This collection is presented for your personal use and is not to be used by anyone for commercial publication.

Note: The person reporting the marriage is assumed to be the minister or official who performed the marriage.

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