Hardy County Blues
Company B of the Sixty-Second Regiment
Virginia Volunteer Infantry
Army of the Confederate States of America

Faith Horan
San Francisco, California

These men were mostly from Hardy County West Virginia and gave their regiment the nickname of "The Hardy County Blues " during the Civil War. My grandfather Isaac N. Grapes was born in 1839 in Powder-spring Holler out by Fort Run, Hardy County, (W)Virginia. He is buried in a cemetery there and has a civil war tombstone. I recognized the names of several men buried in this same cemetery as being listed on the muster roll

Just a note. My source for the Muster Roll is the book called by H. M. Calhoun, a former Judge, Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia.

Muster Roll

Muster Roll of Captain John J. Chipley's company B of the Sixty-second Regiment of Virginia Volunteer Infantry, Army of the Confederate States of America.

(Colonel George H. Smith), from 28th day of February, 1863, when last mustered, to the 30th day of April, 1863.

John J. Chipley, Capt.W. R. Boseley, 4th Sergt.
C. W. Pattie, 1st Lieut.Byron P. Fisher, 1st Corp.
Jno. W. Basore, 2nd Lieut.Jno. H. Pauley, 2nd Corp.
P. W. Pugh, Jr. 2nd Lieut.J. Seymour Harsher, 3rd Corp.
Jno. G. Kuhn, 1st Sergt.Lewis Baldwin, 4th Corp.
Jno. W. Hadley, 2nd Sergt. 
Henry Hutter, 3rd Sergt. 
Anderson, P. W.Everly, George
Baldwin, Wm.Fry, W. B.
Bales, EnoochFunk, Henry
Bean, Jas. E.Grapes, Isaac N.
Bob, Harrison (Bohn)Hawkins, J. H.
Bolenger, TheodoreHutton, M. W.
Brown, Jno. T., MusicianHussey, Malcolm
Cain, JoshuaHuttinger, Benj.
Cross, T. H.Kerbey, Jas. D.
Cleek, John (Clerk, Clark?)Kildow, Faran D.
Dayton, Jno. W.Long, Daniel W.
Dean, BenjaminMoyers, Adam
Dean, JerryMoyers, Michael
Dispaneth, Jas. W.Mongold, Israel
Dotson, JacobMaupin, D. O.
Dohm, ReubenNihiser, Jas. H., Musician
Dove, NimrodPauley, W. A. L.
Dove, JonasPennington, J. W.
Dove, JoshuaPoland, Amos
Dove, Wm.Rader, Philip Y.
Dove, J. C.Ritchie, Philip
Dove, JosephSaville, Jerry
Shaw, J. W.Smith, George
Sulser, Ambrose T., MusicianWilliam, E. M., 1st Sergt.
Todd, Jno. H.Gamble, H. R., 5th Sergt.
Taylor, Isaac E.Bobs, A J.
Vanmeter, SolomonClark, Jos. H.
Wilson, J. W.Guin, Charles
Wilson, JosephJordin, Robert (Jardin?)
Winters, J. H.Miller, Henry
Hose, PeterSensibaugh, Thomas
Lakin, SingletonSulser, Adam
Sutlington, Jno. W.Sulser, John
Garrett, WestfallWilliam, Jno. F.
Houseworth, IsaacGamble, J. N.

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