Hardy County Colonial Notes

by Terry Gruber

Terry Gruber, a historian living in Hampshire County, who specializes in the colonial period offers us a series of short articles to appear from time-to-time. The range of topics will include passage quotes from primary sources (Washington's Papers, Bouquet's Papers, Frederick County Order Books, etc.) with a background to put the document fragment into its local and regional context; brief essays about specific research problems and how to circumvent them; highlights on some problems and errors in secondary sources commonly used by genealogical researchers and more.

Although focusing primarily on 18th Century research, Terry is well-versed in later and earlier time periods as well and provides genealogical or other research through Rock Oak Historical Services. Please visit his webpage http://web.hardynet.com/~gruber/ or send e-mail to comment or request information: Terry Gruber

Rock Oak Historical Services holds the copyright to these articles and the author grants permission to individuals to copy or reprint them for personal use only. Address requests for permission to use them for mass distribution or publication to the author.

  1. Indian raids on Virginia and Maryland Frontiers
    reported in the Gentlemen's Magazine, London, 1756.
  2. The Devastation of Pontiac's War, 1763-1764.
    Includes listings of persons killed or taken by Indians.
  3. Returned Captives
    Captives of the Indians returned in 1764/65, giving origins of the prisoners from Augusta and Hampshire Counties.
  4. The Virginia Regiment and Hampshire Enlistees
  5. The Journal of Capt.Charles Lewis, 1755
  6. Colonial Hampshire County Road Orders
  7. South Branch Plat, 1769
  8. Fry and Jefferson Map, 1755
  9. Indian Raids In Colonial Hampshire County: Pontiac's War
    No1Pennsylvania Gazette October 6, 1763 edition
    No2Pennsylvania Gazette December 8, 1763 edition
  10. Suggested Readings on Life in Virginia During the Colonial Period
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