Letter of J. O. Hoffhine
To: Hiram Lawrance

Submitted by Jean McClure

 Frankfort, OhioJanry 25th 1883
Mr. Hiram Lawrance  
Dr Sir:  
        In regard to those records: I have had considerable trouble in getting them Translated The writing is so old and not Like the German writing of the present day and after I had them read that could be read I find that they are all John Lawrence's Children's age's and there is nothing in regard to his age in it.
 Ann Catherine LawrenceBorn Nov 25 1762
 Ann Elizabeth"        Oct 30 1764
 Nana Maria"        Oct 12 1766
 John Jacob "        Nov 30 1768
 John"        Apr 18 1771
 Phillip"        July 15 1773
Or the Record look more like Phillip than any other name There was a child Born Oct 15 1775 This one name we can not Make it out. The next is Abraham Lawrence Born March 14 1777 The Next is a son Born Nov 25th 1780 name blotted out Daniel Lawrence Born January 12 or 13 1783 Then in another Place in the Book are the Births of Solomon Lawrence Born Apr 16' 1785 Sarah Lawrence Born June 1st 1791 The Book that contains these Records was bought in 1740 I think if you will send to Virginia where Ann Catherine was Born you might get some off the Records there The Pancake's here say they can Remember hearing their Grand Parents speak of this estate in the Old Country. They think their Grand father Lawrence was of German descent and their Grand-Mother of English There are some of the Old English Histories in the Pancakes possessions here that was Brought to this Country when they came here I will Look after those Books and write you again I don't expect this is of much benefit to you But it is all I can get now write and let us know how things are progressing and We Will see if we can find anything else
 Yours Respecy 
 J O Hoffhine 
Notes of explanation: Ann Catherine Lawrence married John Pancake, son of Andrew Pancake. Research has shown that Andrew was the son born Oct 15th 1775; Isaac was the son born Nov 25th 1780.

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