Records from the Family Bible
of John Hopewell (1784-1862)

These records were transcribed from a photocopy of the Bible by Mike Benson

John Hopewell was a Justice of the Peace in Hardy County in the early 1800s and a prominent citizen.

In the 1850 Census of Hardy County the Hopewell household is shown:
John Hopewell age 66 born VA occupation Comm Chancery
Hanna Hopewell age 55 born VA
Sarah E. Newman age 24 born VA
Eliza Himes age 21 born VA
James Hunter age 27 born VA occupation Clergyman

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Was Married on April the 30th 1807 John Hopewell to Sarah C. Williams in Hardy County Virginia
Was Married July 18th 1811 John Hopewell to Sally Machir Hardy County Virginia
Married October 24th 1824 John Hopewell to Hannah Vanmeter both of Hardy County
Married September 17th 1828 Leonard Bowers to Athaliah R. Hopewell oldest daughter of John Hopewell by his second wife
November 30th 1841 John M. Hopewell to Ann Mariah Cloud daughter of Mordeca and Rebecca Cloud of Front Royal Warren County
Nov. 2nd 1852 Charles Stotler of Allegany County MD. To Mary Susan 2nd Daughter of Leonard & Athaliah Bowers of Hardy County Virginia
March 5th 1861 Jesse Cunningham to Sarah Jane Bowers 1st daughter of Leon'd & Ath'a Bowers
May 28th 1868 Frances W. Lehew To Sally M. Hopewell 1st daughter of J.M. & A.M. Hopewell
Oct 1871 Branson P. Wood To Mary Elizabeth Hopewell 3rd daughter of J.M. and A.M. Hopewell
Dec 27th 1871 Mordecai Cloud Hopewell to Allice V. Seymour
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John Hopewell was born April 29th 1784
Sarah C. Williams was born May 15th, 1785
Sarah E. W. Hopewell daughter of John Hopewell and Sarah C. Hopewell was born February 11, 1808
Sally Machir was born June 11th 1791
Athaliah Rebecca Hopewell was born March 27th 1812
Susan Vause Hopewell was born Oct'r 13th 1813
John Machir Hopewell was Born Oct'r 14th 1815
James Hopewell was born April 1st 1817
The last four above are the children of John Hopewell & Sally Hopewell Second Wife
Hannah Vanmeter was born Nov'r 8th 1791
Sarah Jane Bowers was born June 17th 1829
Mary Susan Bowers was born March 27 1831
Sarah Elizabeth and Orphan Child of Cap't C(unreadable) N(unreadable) was born 11th day of November 1825 And was taken unto my family to raise the 25th October 1832
John Hopewell Bowers was born May 16th 1833
William Howard Bowers was born September 24th 1835
Charles Inskeep Bowers was born Nov'r 4th 1837
Hannah Hopewell Bowers was born September 12th 1840
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Mordica Cloud Hopewell 1st Son of Jno M. & Ann M. Hopewell Oct'r 15th 1842
Ann Elizabeth Bowers January 1st 1843 being the first day of the week as well as the first day of the month and year
Rebecca Machir Bowers Nov'r 4th 1844 the day on which Jas. K. Polk was Elected President of the U.S.
Sally Machir Hopewell 1st daughter & 2nd child of Jno M & Ann M Hopewell February 13th 1845
John Hopewell 2d Son and 3d Child of Jno M. & Ann M. Hopewell August 31st 1846
John Kennedy Bowers Sept'r 14th 1847
Rebecca Hickman 2nd daughter & 4th child of Jno M. & Ann M. Hopewell Nov'r 11th /47
Christoph Gustavus Bowers March 20th 1849 in the middle of a Tremendous Storm of Wind Rain & Thunder
Mary Elizabeth Hopewell 3d daughter & 5th Child of Jno M. & Ann M. Hopewell Jan'y 30th 1851
Daniel Cloud Hopewell 3d Son & 6th Child of Jno M. & Ann M. Hopewell March 2d 1853
Alonza Hopewell Stotler 1st Son of Charles & Mary Susan Stotler November 16th 1853
Virginia Cloud 4th daughter &7th Child of Jno M. & Ann M. Hopewell, Aug't 13th 1854
Edward Scott Stotler 2d Son of Charles & Mary Susan Stotler Sept'r 7th 1855
Eugene Angelo Bowers 6th Son Nov'r 15th 1856
Mary Elizabeth Stotler 1st daughter of M.S. & C. Stotler July 9th 1858
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Died on February 12th 1808 Sarah C. Hopewell wife of John Hopewell
Died Aug't 9th 1808 Sarah E. W. Hopewell daughter of Sarah C. Hopewell and Jno Hopewell
Died Aug't 23rd 1819 Sally Hopewell wife of John Hopewell
Died Aug't 22nd 1820 James Hopewell youngest son of Sally Hopewell and John Hopewell
Died July 21st 1824 Susan Vause Hopewell youngest daughter of Sally Hopewell and John Hopewell
Died Dec'r 3rd 1837 John Hopewell Bowers oldest son of Leonard & Athaliah Bowers
Died Sept'r 3d 1854 Daniel Cloud 3d son & 6th child of Jno M & Ann M Hopewell
Died Aug't 12th 1856 Virginia Cloud 4th daughter of J M & Ann M Hopewell
Died July 5th 1862 at his residence in Moorefield John Hopewell aged 75 years 2 M 9 days
Died May 30th 1869 Athaliah Rebecca Bowers
Eugene Angelo (unreadable) Died in Royalton, (unreadable) Friday morning 4:56 1917
Mrs. Sallie Jane Cunningham Died Friday
Mrs Rebecca M. Brown Died in Baltimore M.D. Dec 19, 1928

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