Hardy County Schools

Submitted by: Valerie Crook
History of Education in West Virginia
Prepared under the direction of the
State Superintendent of Free Schools, 1904

Charleston: The Tribune Printing Company, 1904.
pg. 206

Hardy County
By L. S. Halterman, Superintendent

To begin with the year 1875 and compare educational statistics and history, we find an increasing public sentiment in favor of the public school system, and that there has been gradual progress along all educational lines.

Hardy county, like others, began with log houses and some of the rudest kind, furnished with inconvenient and uncomfortable desks, if any, maybe slabs or puncheon benches, without backs, and possibly a kind of shelf which extended round the walls and served the pupils in writing.

Gradually new buildings were erected and old ones were replaced by more modern structures of frame or brick, with more convenient and pleasant furnishings, and with a view of hygenic conditions.

In 1875 there were forty-five school houses, thirty of which were log ones. In 1903 there were about 90, six of which were log structures.

The enumeration of youth 1875 showed about 2000, and an average attendance of 712 pupils was made. In 1903 there was an average attendance of 2300 pupils out of an enumeration of about 2800 youths.

The school levy has increased from 18c. to 45c. per $100.

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