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Hardy County Researchers:
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Charlene -- genie@vvm.com
Virginia Grice -- vfg@centuryinter.net
Evette Hill -- hillev.zeus4x.stanco_1@mail.co.stanislaus.ca.us
Kevin Keplinger -- klkcak@meer.net
Monique -- Agoat4me@aol.com
Eunice Mellott -- eunicehm@earthlink.net
J.W. Neff -- neffjw@attbi.com
Erik Puffenberger -- erikp@ptd.net
Deborah Shepard -- isamber@hotmail.com
Cliford E. Simon -- cesimon@starband.net
Zelda Starr -- jimzelda@apci.net
Julia Sterrett -- jnsterrett@cescomputers.net
Les Stewart -- lrsnds@rica.net
Penelope A Thomas -- past6@juno.com
Edye Ours West -- edyegg@juno.com
Brenda Wimmer -- brwimer@hotmail.com
Donna Wolfe -- wolfdm@prodigy.net.

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