Early Hardy County Wills

Names found on Lists of Wills and Appraisements for the County

A list of the wills on record for Hardy County in the early years of its history. The county was formed in 1785 and the list extends through the first decade of the 19th Century.
Will Collection
We began with eight wills written from 1783 through 1830, copied from the originals in the Hardy County Courthouse by Leonard Hire. Many Hardy County families are connected to the people who wrote these. The index of the names includes witnesses, neighbors and others mentioned in the wills.

New additions -- January, 2014: Will of James Sears and the Will of Harmon Shook were submitted by Melissa Teague.

Do you have a will from Hardy County? Please add it to this collection.
Margaret C. Lew

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Hardy County Wills

BRWill of Robert Bean
BTWill of Thomas Bean
BDWill of Daniel M. Buckley
BMWill of Mary Burch
CAWill of Ann Cahon
CCWill of Christian Croose (Crose)
CJWill of James Claypool, Sr.
CFIWill of Francis Ignatius Coomes.
CVWill of Valentine Cooper
HAMWill of Anna Maria Hire
HLWill of Leonard Hire
ICWill of Conrad Idleman
LHWill of Henry Lancisco
MCWill of Conrad Moore
RAWill of Adam Radabaugh
JSWill of James Sears
SJWill of Jacob Shobe
SMWill of Martin Shobe
SRWill of Rudolph Shobe
SHWill of Harmon Shook
TDWill of Daniel Tevebough
TEWill of Elizabeth Tharp
VHWill of Hanson Veatch
WDWill of David Wilson
WCWill of Christian Wise
WHWill of Henry Wilson
WJWill of John Wollard

Names Mentioned in Wills

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