The Immigration Record of Johann Jakob Brechtel

Submitted by Perry Brake

I continue to do research on the Brake's of the South Fork (and further west in Upshur County). Very rarely do I come across something not already discovered by Linda Brake Meyers, Harriet Piper, or some other "talented" researcher. I managed to stumble across something new the other day. . . the record of Johann Brechtel (later changed to John Brake) arriving in America. From Philadelphia, the family moved to Frederick County, and later ended up in what is now Hardy County.
Name: Johann Jakob Brechtel
Year: 1737
Age: 47
Place: Pennsylvania
Family Members: Wife
Source Publication Code: 8667.12
Primary Immigrant: Brechtel, Johann Jakob

Annotation: Date and port of arrival or date of emigration with intended destination. One is time span between the approximate date of emigration and year of death. Most claimed Durlach as place of origin.

This same article also appeared in Genealogical Journal, vol. Source Bibliography: SMITH, CLIFFORD NEAL. "Some Eighteenth-Century Emigrants to America from Durlach, Wuerttemberg-Baden, Germany." In The Palatine Immigrant, vol. 8:3 (Winter 1983), pp. 98-104. Page: 99.

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