The Kidner Family in Hardy County Records

Collected and submitted by
C. J. Andes

Hardy County Land Tax Records

Source: Film #250,002
Date: Name
1786 Kedner George
1787 Kedner George
1788 Kedner George
1789 Kiones George
1790 Kidnes George
1791 Didner George
1792 Kidnor George
1793 Kidner George
1794 Kedner
1795 No name in records
1796 No name in records
1797 No name in records
1798 Kidner George
Kidner Nicholas
1799 Kedner George
Kedner Nicholas
1800 Kedner George
Kedner John


Groom Bride Marriage Date
Kedner, Henry Wilkins, Mary 26 March 1805
Keiner, Jacob Simmons, Mary 2 November 1806
Baker, Jacob Keiner, Barbara 14 September 1810

Hardy County Minute Book #7 1785-1812

Page 138
At a court held for Hardy county the 15th day of April , 1807 Present: A. Seymour, Wm Cummingham, George Harnys, L.J. Martin, and C. Simon, Justices

Jacob Kitner & Barbara Kitner orphan of George Kitner decd. Made choice of Catherine Kitner for their guardian and also the said Catheirn is appointed guardian to Anna Kitner, Adam Kitner & Ellen Kitner orphan of said George ____ gave ____. (See original)

Page 234
Amt of the Estate of George Kidner is granted Wm Sager he having taken the oath prescribed by law & enter into bond and levy.

Page 289
John Sager is appt guardian to George Kidner orphan of Geo Kidner decd. An infant under the age of 14 years thereupon the Sager gave bond security according to law. (see original).

Page 329
Jeremiah Inskeep - Kidnors heirs ___ in Chy ___ filed - & on ___ of ____ - ordered that antho: Miller Jacob Miller & Jo Frawell & Jacob Claypool be commissioners & they go with the surveyor of this county lay of the Dower of Katharine Kidnor widow of Geo: Kitner the elder in the lands of her late husband lying in this county & make ____ to the ___.

Same = Same (in ____ ___) ordered that the above named com with the suveryor go lay off the 3 ____ of the lands belonging to the late Geo: Kitner decd. Lying in this county __ _____ for in the ______ _____ filed in this _____ & make ____ to the _____ __ the ___ ___.


Date Name   $ Amount Appraisers:
6/10/1806 Kedner George 732.61 Wm. Warden
Geo. Claypool
James Baker
5/10/1809 Kedner George Jr. 70 lbs
15 Shill
6 Pence
Jeremiah Inskeep
Jos. Fravel
Geo. Claypole

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