David & Lydia Knee House
near Wardensville

Knee Home

Can you help identify the present location of the house in this 1949 photograph?

Submitted by Jack Knee kneejack@aug.com

My great-grandfather, David Hartzel Knee (1832-1896) came from Bedford County, PA sometime before his marriage in 1853 to Wardensville native Lydia Frye McKeever (1827-1908).

Sometime around 1900, the home of David and Lydia was moved from town to a location supposedly within 5 miles of Wardensville on a road generally leading to Capon Springs as opposed to Moorefield. This photo was taken in 1949.

Three of their sons were carpenters who ended up in Strasburg and Winchester. I live in Florida. Can anyone give me an address, rural box number or some directions on how to find this home? Thanks, Jack Knee

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