1791 - 1889

Submitted by: Margaret Lew
This is an alphabetical abstract of names found in North Mill Creek Lutheran and Reformed Church Records. The Church records were transcribed from the orginals by the WPA workers during the Great Depression and retyped by the Fort Wayne and Allen County Library, 1966.

Organized prior to 1791 by German settlers in the valley, services were held in an old log church at the junction of North and South Mill Creeks. This building was owned jointly by the German Reformed and Lutheran Congregations. All services were held in German and it is probable that the passing of this language from the descendants of the founders of the church was largely responsible for the church becoming defunct. A Rev. Mr. Wille who is said to have served the church in 1791 and again in 1795-1805 is traditionally known to have been the first resident minister but it is not known whether he served the Lutheran or German Reformed congregation or both.

The Fort Wayne transcribers note that "much of the material in the old record was not copied as the pages were badly mutilated and the references were fragmentary and mostly about affairs that the WPA workers thought had no Statistical value..."

Please use the following listing of individuals as a starting point and continue the search in the microfilmed records or the originals if they are available. There are undoubtedly errors, though careful transcription and proofreading have been done on the material.

I feel that what I have used could be an incomplete set of the records and would appreciate any additional information that you could give me to add to it.

Special thanks to the following for sharing data they have collected:
Priscilla A. Boswell
Diana M. Nelson
Lynda Smith

Sources: North Mill Creek Lutheran and Reformed Chuch Records (1791 - 1889), Located near Petersburg, Grant Co., West Virginia, Copied by WPA, Retyped by Fort Wayne and Allen County Library, 1966, in English, "List of Deaths" p.1; "List of Births" p.2; "Church Membership Roll" pp. 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10; "First Intact Page: recto" in German, 15 records of births and baptisms.

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