Hardy County Queries 2000

Alice Ours Tower Sun Dec 31 2000

I would like to find any wills or estates of the following two men:

1. Johann Auer aka John Our in Hampshire Co., Va. WV today. He rented/owned land in the Norhtern Neck of Va. starting on 3 Aug 1773. I know he was dead by 1790 as his son John Godfrey sold some land then and the deed stated John Our was deceased, and John was his heir.

2. John Godfrey Our/Ours He owned land in Hampshire, and Monagalia Co., Va. I have been told that he died after 1802.

Any help is appreciated. You can e-mail me at: syrex@coslink.net
Thank You, Alice Ours Tower

Kim Myers Wed Dec 20 2000

Seeking any information on the ancestors/siblings or descendants of John HERRINGTON (HARRINGTON) found in the 1820 Hardy County Census on page 87. I'd appreciate even information from the census if anyone can do a lookup. E-mail:kimmyers@wt.net

Leatha A. Betts Tue Dec 19 2000

Seeking information on Stephen and Milly ROBINSON, brother and sister. Milly ROBINSON married Jacob RABB 6 May 1806 in Augusta Co. Virginia, son of John RABB there on 1810 Census. Stephen ROBINSON was born 1769 in Hardy Co. West Virginia married c. 1789, Sarah OLDACRE/OLDAKER b. 1773 Loudoun Co. West Virginia. Stephen ROBINSON and his family and Jacob RABB and Milly ROBINSON RABB, migrated to Licking Co. Ohio where they lived and are found on 1820-1840 Census . . . Stephen ROBINSON died 6 May 1840 Licking Ohio, left son Stephen O. ROBINSON who is neighbor to Bowman RABB, son of Jacob RABB and Milly ROBINSON RABB, (My line) . . .

Seeking which ROBINSON, Stephen is son of, John, Benjamin or McKinney? E-mail: jlabetts@burgoyne.com

Cecelia Inboden Fri Dec 15 2000

I am seeking the parentage of Catherine SEE. Date of birth is unknown. SEE married William CROOK in Hardy County in 1801. Wm's father was Ephraim CROOK. Wm and Catherine moved to Fairfield Co. Ohio in 1805. Their oldest son was John, Born 1802. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Cecelia Inboden, E-mail: ceceliai@ohiohills.com

Bob Lawson Mon Dec 11 2000

Looking for ties with NAEDELE family...Ernest NAEDELE was born in Hardy County 1852. Parents were Gustav and Mary NAEDELE, German immigrants who came to U.S. about 1848. Ernest NAEDELE was married 1875, perhaps in a neighboring county such as Grant or Hampshire to Sarah Catherine FRY (or FRYE) b. 1858, daughter of William N. FRY. Interested in finding more info on Sarah FRY, and the FRY/FRYE family which may be related to FRYs who date to the 1600s in America. E-mail: lawsonbob@hotmail.com

Brad Behrens Sun Dec 10 2000

Looking for information on and others researching the family of Aaron TUCKER & his wife Elizabeth who are in Hardy Co in the 1820 census. Aaron died about 1825 and between several documents dealing with guardianships for minor children and later land deeds when the heirs sold their interest in his land in 1842, I think Aaron & Elizabeth's children are:

(yes, there are five marriages in these families to first cousins...) It appears that Aaron's widow remarried, but, the last name is rather illegible.. could be Breamer? and most of these families moved to Athens Co OH.

Joseph TUCKER's estate in 1892 in Athens Co OH, helps to prove his siblings as he died without children and many of his nieces & nephews were listed in his estate. E-mail:BHBsID@aol.com

Charles Thomas Sat Dec 9 2000

I'm looking for the name of my ggggggrandmother HUFFMAN. She was married to Christopher HUFFMAN probably in Hampshire County but also lived in Hardy County after it was created from Hampshire County. Christopher and his wife had sons Jacob, Peter and Daniel. Christopher was listed as a "patriot" during the Revolutionary War for his donations of flour and beef to the army in Virginia. Jacob was born around 1764, Peter was born July 4, 1776, and Daniel was born in 1778.Charlie Thomas, Xenia, Ohio, E-mail:charli36@hotmail.com

Joyce Thomas Sat Dec 9 2000

I am seeking any information on Solomon MICHAEL who married Emorella DAYTON........when he (Solomon) died she married a SHEARS........ I know She and Solomon had at least one daughter born abt 1845 named Sarah V. MICHAEL....... and I found a record of his pension from when he served in the Civil War........... jet E-mail:pthomas1@mindspring.com

Shelley Fri Dec 8 2000

Searching for information on Lawson GOENS family. He was born in 1807, somewhere in Virginia. He married Sarah HART around 1830. They lived in Jefferson County, West Va, in the Kabletown area. (formally Virginia) They had 11 children:

The last census that this family was listed in was 1870. I believe they might have relocated to Hardy or Berkeley County. Any help would be appreciated.

Visit my homepage: http://hometown.aol.com/keli1/myhomepage/index.html My Family Surnames: Murphy, Cureton, Davis, Marsh, Goens, Roper, Ross, Hart, Lucas, Fox, Boyer, Newman, Worden & Misseles. E-mail:Keli1@aol.com

Lee Bean Johnson Wed Nov 29 2000

My BEAN Ancesters were originally from PA, but migrated south to WVA.VA. and MD.

I am interested in knowing if anyone has any info on a Jesse BEAN, He was born in Montgomery Co. PA. But I have reason to believe he ended up in WVA., possibly around Welch, McDowell Co. E-mail:w7574@altell.net

Rodney A. Livings Wed Nov 29 2000

John BAILEY b. 1796 served in the Virgina Militia during the war of 1812. Information from a Bounty Land Claim dated the 8th day of November 1850, listed the place where John volunteered as Moorefield, Hardy County,Virginia (now West Virginia). The Bounty Land Claim lists John's service as a mounted rifleman in a company commanded by Captain John Cunningham. In The Soldiery of West Virginia by Virgil A. Lewis. there appeared a Muster Roll of Captain John Cunningham's Cavalry Company, Hardy County, VA, Third Regiment -- 1814 and John Bailey was among those listed. Are there other sources where I might find more information that will give the place of residence and perhaps the parents names?

After the War of 1812, John BAILEY married Jane STUFFLEBEAM February 20th, 1817 by Thomas White, JP. They migrated to Ohio.

I would appreciate your contacting me if you haveany knowledge in regard to the surname of BAILEY in the approximate area of Moorefield, Hardy County, Virginia. E-mail:rlivi1926@aol.com

Bev Crowe Sat Nov 25 2000

Looking for parents and family of George Washington COOK b Dec. 8, 1821 in Hardy Co. He married Ann Jane PARKER b Feb 26, 1826 in Hardy Co, d/o Joseph and Mary (JENKINS) PARKER. Mary JENKINS was the d/o Benjamin and Dorcus (RUSH) JENKINS. Children of George & Ann Jane were: Lyona B, Maggie, Amzella (died in childhood), Jenna, George, and William. Believe all children were born in Hardy Co except for William who was born in IL. Previous info possibly identifies G. W. COOK's parents as John & Emily Coby COOK. Would appreciate any information. E-mail:bcrowe@net66.com

Howard Hall Sun Nov 19 2000

David HALL is my great, great, great, great grandfather. According to information, I have, he married in Virginia about 1795. He had one daughter, Sena, sometime between 1795-1800 probably about 1796. He also had a son, Isaac, about 1803. I think he had another son in about 1806 in Kentucky.

According to data, I have he drowned in the Licking River sometime after 1806, probably before 1810. According to informaton, I have his wife died before he drowned. This meant that three children, Sena, Isaac and Jacob were raised by someone around the area where he drowned. (Bath or Fleming County, Kentucky).

Isaac HALL married an Anne MARTIN, who was the daughter of George MARTIN and Jane ELY. George MARTIN married in Virginia on March 18, 1788, His first son was named Benjamin, born January 26, 1789.

There was a Benjamin ELY who died in Bath County, Kentucky about 1796, this Benjamin was born in Hampshire County, Virginia in about 1757. There was a Benjamin ELY who lived in Clark County, Kentucky who purchased a large tract of land in Montgomery County and Fleming in 1805. Benjamin purchased this tract from a Richard RIKEY or RICEY. I belive that Jane ELY who married George MARTIN is related to this Benjamin and that they came to this land to live. George MARTIN received a deed from Benjamin ELY in 1818 for part of this land.

I have searched for David HALL far and wide, I have written letters, made calls, and gone to several courthouses. I have only found two records with a David HALL in this area of Kentucky. Two tax bills in Fleming County, Kentucky. One is for 1800, and the other for 1801 (both are deliquent) and bills list reason for non payment as whereabouts unknown. I am not even sure this is the same David HALL, but I think it probably is.

I am hoping that I can tie this whole thing together with land purchased by Benjamin ELY. I know ELY was from Hampshire County, since George MARTIN married and ELY, I think there is a connection. Since Isacc HALL married Anne MARTIN, George and Jane's daughter, I know Isacc was raised in same area as MARTIN' s lived. I also think ELY's or MARTINs may have had a hand in raising HALL children.

The only thing I have to go on with David HALL is the children and I am hoping ELY and MARTIN tie in. George MARTIN and Jane ELY are my grandparents and so is David. I am hoping that David HALL married in Hampshire County and this is where George MARTIN and Jane ELY married. If this is the case, I have them located and I have something to go with.
Sincerely, Howard Hall, Winchester, Kentucky, E-mail:HCank@aol.com

Coby Dodd Sun Nov 12 2000

Hi, I need some help please. I am a descendent of Isaac GROVES, son of Solomon GROVES and I just recieved an email that he was a justice of the peace in the 1800, or that Solomon GROVES put money up for him to be one. I cant seem to find this information in your web site. If at all possible please let me know where I can find it. Thank you very much, Coby, E-mail:magic@futura.net
Note: Could this information be in E. L. Judy's History of Grant and Hardy Counties? MCLew.

Alice Our Sun Nov 12 2000

I would like to find any wills or estates of the following two men:

1. Johann AUER aka John OUR in Hampshire Co., Va. WV today. He rented/owned land in the Northern Neck of Va. starting on 3 Aug

2. John Godfrey OUR/OURS He owned land in Hampshire, and Monongalia Co., Va. I have been told that he died after 1802.
Thank you, E-mail:syrex@coslink.net

Linda Crockett York Sun Nov 5 2000

I am looking for information on Anna COSNER 4-27-1807 to 1-18-1874 Miami Co., Ind married in Hardy Co., W.Va. 3-28-1828 to Daniel Joseph KENNEDY. Anns was supposedly the dau of Christian and Magdaline (IDLEMAN) COSNER. I do not know anything of Daniel KENNEDY or his family. If you know of these people in your family research I would love to correspond with you. E-mail:day@fwi.com

Carol Harris Sat Oct 21 2000

Hello I am searching for information on the WILKINS family who lived in Hardy County WV in the 1700s. Mathias WILKINS c 1738 and son George b. c. 1773 Mathias married Margaret KELLER and George married Mary BRADIGUM.

Thank you. Carol Harris, E-mail:CHarris528@aol.com

Eda L. Rumer Bobo Thu Oct 19 2000

I am looking for the parents and sibs of Jesse RUMER b. 5-31-1825 and his wife Carolyn Elizabeth JACOBS b. 3-14-1826. Both were born in Hardy Co. VA (now W. Va) They married abt. 1846 and had their first child in Hardy Co. David Franklin Rumer and then moved to Fayette Co., Jeffersonville, Ohio in 1848. They lived there till they died. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Eda L. Rumer Bobo, E-mail:svpi@bright.net

Mary Nelson Tue Oct 17 2000

I am looking for directions to the following cemeteries located in Hardy County near Mathias:
Lower Cove
E-mail: manelson@mail2.nai.net

Linda Pfau Sun Oct 15 2000

Please HELP! I'm stuck on my genealogy search for Aubrey MERRITT, b. 1700-1740, with sons John, Adam, maybe Andrew, and other siblings. John and Adam moved to Coshocton OH sometime after 1800, then to Clinton Co., IN. Aubrey lived and died in Hardy County and is supposed to be buried there. He was a Rev. War Patriot, but we have had problems trying to locate any records on him. We don't have a spouse or siblings for him either. HELP! Linda pfau@networksplus.net

Dan Huddleston Mon Oct 9 2000

Mary Jane THORN married David "Kennerson" SEE in 1858, Hardy County. Despite not being in the Confederate Army, David is taken prisioner for some reason by the Union Army and put into Camp Chase prisoner of war camp. He dies there in 1864 of small pox.

My first question is what happens to Mary Jane THORN/SEE does she remarry and have any descendants? Secondly, I am curious about the details of how and why David was arrested. On the camp books he is listed as a citizen, no rank, which is unusal.

Has anyone heard any stories or know of any accounts of why or how etc David "Kennerson" SEE was arrested ? Would appreciate any help. Dan Huddleston, E-mail: dlhudd@doubled.com

Dana Reel Sun Oct 8 2000

Josephus (Joseph) B. REEL, born 1817 in the Moorefield area of Hardy County, VA (now WV) and died 1863 in Miami County, Indiana; he married Prudance MUNGOLD before 1840 in Bluefield, VA (WV). Prudance MUNGOLD was born 1815 in the Shenandoah Valley, VA (WV), and died in 1876 in Pickaway County, Ohio

Joseph B. and Prudance REEL had at least six children who can be identified subsequent to the 1850 Census:

  1. Rebecca REEL and
  2. Eliza REEL, b 1842 in VA;
  3. Harvey REEL b 1848 in IN or IA;
  4. Martha A. REEL b 1851 in Ohio,
  5. Aaron S. (Joseph Stuckey) REEL b 1854 in Ohio, and
  6. Mary J. REEL b 1856 in Ohio.

Joseph Stuckey REEL was born November 14, 1854 in Ross County, Ohio and died June 6, 1936 in Fairfax or Liberty, MO.

Josephus Reel is listed in the 1840 Census for Hardy County, VA apparently already married. The 1850 Census and the 1860 Census each have Josephus (Joseph) REEL and his family in Ross County, Ohio. It appears that they left Hardy County, VA between 1842 and 1848, and arrived in Ross County, Ohio prior to 1850. Josephus was a tailor by trade.

I am particularly researching the history of Joseph B. REEL and Prudance MUNGOLD (and their ancestors) as well as Harvey, Rebecca, Martha and Mary REEL. It appears that Eliza Reel died young, sometime between 1842 and 1850. I am a descedant of Joseph Stuckey REEL, and have good family history beyond this point. Thanks, My e-mail is reeldv@worldnet.att.net and more information at website: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/r/e/e/Dana-V-Reel/index.html

Sue Dolan Wed Oct 4 2000

Am looking for Bertha LANDDAKER (LANDAKER) born around 1886 in West Virginia. She Married a Jonathan DOLAN in Cumberland, Md. in 1916. She died in 1928 or 1929 in Cumberland, Md. leaving 4 young children orphaned. Her siblings were possibly Rebecca, Mary, Minnie, Elizabeth. Who were her parents, could she have come from Hardy county? E-mail:smdolan@mail2.gcnet.net

Richard Sherman Thu Sep 30 2000

My grandmother did our genealogy years ago. My problem lies in I can't prove that the parents of Jacob Samuel SHIREMAN (b.15 Oct 1847 in Hardy Co., West Virginia) are Conrad SHIREMAN (AE 1850 1808, Hardy Co., West Virginia [d. 4 Oct 1881, Hardy Co., West Virginia]) and Frances Margaret HALL (AE 1850 1808, Hardy Co., West Virginia [d. 10 Oct 1882, Hardy Co., West Virginia]). They were married 15 Oct 1827, Shenandoah, Virginia. E-mail: richard.sherman@dm.af.mil

Nancy Lamberger Thu Sep 30 2000

My great-great-great grandfather, Elijah ROBY, was born in Hardy County in October, 1805. When he was 18 his family moved to Ohio. I do not know his parent's or sibling's names, or any other information about the family. When he was 23 he married Eliza KELLEY, presumably in Ohio. In the 1850's they moved to Wisconsin. I would appreciate any information pertaining to Elijah and his family. email=Lamby6@aol.com

Stephen Hinks Wed Sep 20 2000

I am conducting intensive research into the REED and GARRETT families of eastern Hardy County (near Baker), West Virginia. William (ca. 1775 - 1848) and Hannah (ca. 1778 - ca. 1856) REED had six children: Sarah (m. Daniel Link), William, Thomas, David, Elizabeth, and Isaac. Andrew (ca. 1800 - 1857) and Francis (ca. 1798 - 1882) GARRETT also had six children: John, Simon, Benjamin, Abraham, Julia Ann, and Catherine. These two families lived consecutively on a farm at which recent intensive archaeological excavations were conducted. I would love to communicate with descendants of these REEDS and GARRETTS to share information about these families. Some of the history of these two families can be found at the project website: www.reedfarmstead.com

Paul Lee Stickley Mon Sep 18 2000

Mary Ann RACEY, 1803-1866, born in Hardy County, was the first wife of Tobias STICKLEY, who remarried to Mary Ann CUMMINS. Was Mary Ann RACEY the name she was born with and was known by when she married Tobias STICKLEY of Abraham & Leah? Her first child, Rebecca, was born in 1834. The last of nine children, Job STICKLEY, was born in 1852. Date of marriage is unknown to me. She was in her 30s when her first child was born. Is it possible that she was Widow Racey when she married Tobias? E-mail:pstick@wycol.com

Jane Heston Sun Sep 17 2000

My name is Jane Heston my gggrandfather's name was Henderson HESTON b.1822 he was married to a Rebecca KELLER b.1819 d.Wheeling W.V. 1902. They lived in Hardy Co. Virg and W.Va in 1860, 1870 - their name was misspelled HEASTON in Census index. They had 7 children:

The 1860 census has the post office as Tuneys Creek or Luneys creek hard to read 1870 census has them living in Moorefield Township. I am looking for any information on Henderson and Rebecca. I would like to know if I could find parents name and the date of Henderson Death after 1870. E-mail: heston99@gte.net

Mary DeMeyer Thu Sep 14 2000

Looking for information on Peter ALLENBAUGH, whose son Samuel Forrest ALLENBAUGH lived in Hardy Co. between 1835 and 1842. Samuel was a minister. He was married to Anna Maria GOPPARD. They had 13 children. His mother's name was Mary E. (HAUPT) ALLENBAUGH. Any info will be greatly appreciated. E-mail: sweetpea@peak.org

Elizabeth Andersen Thu Sep 14 2000

Looking for the will of Thomas SPERRY wife is Sarah CHRISMAN. The will is said to be filed in Hardy County, W. Vir, on April 25, 1765 or Sept. 25, 1765. Do not know which is correct date as I have reference to both dates. I know the will exists, or there would not be a date to go by. E-mail: dj@dailypost.com

Cheryl Singhal Sat Sep 9 2000
Old Fields Cemetery

Is there a "reading" from the Old Fields cemetery anywhere? Are there photos of the graves there?

And -- (g) -- exactly where is this cemetery, anyway? Thanks! Cheryl, E-mail: singhals@erols.com

Sharon A. Williams Fri Sep 8 2000

I am looking for information on Thomas BURGESS born 5-15-1765. He married Anna BOSLEY. They had 13 children:

This is all the information I have on these people. E-mail: sharwill47@yahoo.com

Amy Connell Mon Sep 4 2000

I am looking for information on Lucretia CONNELL, she married Nimrod STOVER Jr. They were living with her father Timothy CONNELL in the 1850 census. They had two children John, b. around 1845 and Emily B. around 1849. Lucretia died in 1860 in Hardy County. If any one has any information on what happened to John or Emily I would appreciate your help. Also looking for William who married Sarah HOTT, Peter who married Mary HOTT, Joseph CONNELL and Zachariah who may have married Mahala Anne STUMP. E-mail: amymnq@qn.net

Karen Lynn Mon Sep 4 2000

Am looking for any help in locating a Smith Family Burial Ground somewhere near Moorefield WV. I can only say, as usual, it is up on a hill, deserted area and has the burial site of Ada STEVENS (SMITH) or Ada BALDWIN there (died either 1973, 1975, 1978 or 1979). Should be other SMITHs in the burial ground. Any help appreciated as am searching for my long lost grandmother's gravesite and if by chance any living relatives. Thanks in advance. email:2doors@prodigy.net

Tracy Keller Sun Sep 3 2000

Searching for any information regarding John KELLER/KELLAR and Ann Jemima LEWIS KELLER - both b. 1829, supposedly Hardy Co., m. 1851, Hardy Co. They have migrated to Fayette Co., Ohio by 1860.

I have Ann Jemima in Hardy Co., 1850, but cannot locate John. I suspect that John's parents may be George KELLAR and Sarah NIPPER KELLER; Ann Jemima's parents were Margaret and Johnston LEWIS. Margaret died in the mid 1850s, she appears as head of household in 1840; I don't know what happened to Johnston.

Ann Jemima had siblings - Commodore Perry, Decatur, Malinda & Minerva. John had siblings - Wm. J. (James), George, Isaac, & Samuel, 2 sisters (don't know names).

Any info on any of these individuals would be greatly appreciated. E-mail: tkmadison@yahoo.com

Glenn Thu Aug 31 2000

There is listed in CW records the following: 14th Virginia Militia - Hardy Co. HARNESS, William Henry: Colonel 1861. Does anybody have any info on this unit; rosters, dates, etc., anything at all? E-mail: gc1@mindspring.com

Betty Tartas Sat Sept 2 2000

Looking for info on the parents of greatgrandmother Saloma or Silome K. WHITECOTTON born 1852. She is said to have been born in TN, but I haven't found her there. Some researchers have suggested that her mother was Sarah THOMPSON, but I haven't found her either! Saloma married Benjamin B. BRUTON 1875 in Sparta Christian Co MO. Any help appreciated. She's a mystery. E-mail:tartas@fidalgo.net

Reba Humbert Wed Aug 30 2000

I am looking for any info on a Mary Ann Magdalene WISE/WEIS who married Martin HAWK c 1788. Does any know who her parents or siblings were?? Thanks RHumbert, E-mail:rhumbert@mn.mediaone.net

Pat Robison Fri Aug 25 2000

I am trying to locate information on William Azareal COX one of the first citizens of Barbour County per the book "The History of West Virginia Old and New".

It appears that his parents were William Purnel and Sara Jane (MYERS) COX (my great great grandparents) born in Fairmont, WV in 1837 and Pennsylvania in August 1839, respectively. His brothers and sister were Mary Haught, John M. (my great grandfather), Annie COX FLEMING, Minnie COX MORRIS, Lloyd, and Ella DILS.

It appears that William A. COX moved around a lot between Ohio & WV with brief stays in Md. He was born in Monongalia County, WV 4-30-1859, don't know a death date. Moved to Ohio and returned to WV in 1867 to Palatine, now a First Ward of Fairmont. I don't know what this means, maybe you do. If this John M. is my great father he was born in Washington County, Ohio in 1865, don't know what town.

The article says that he came to Rowtown in 1894 and helped incorporate Junior as a town and was chosen the first mayor. Do you have information as to where I may obtain information relating to his COX family? John Milton COX drowned in the Ohio River 3-9-1924 and I am also trying to locate information on the drowning and inquest that was held regarding some manslaughter charges. If you can provide any lead to this information it would be appreciated and provide some much needs breaks for my genealogy.
Thanks for your help. Pat Robison, E-mail: patrobison@aol.com

Priscilla Boswell Mon Aug 21 2000

Temperance AULT was listed as the head of household on the 1850 Hardy Co. census. I cannot tie her into any of the ALT/AULT families of Hardy/Grant or Pendleton Co.s. AULT children listed on the census were: Elmira age 14, Isaac age 12, Rebecca age 9, Nimrod age 7, William age 5, John age 2. Who was the husband of Temperance and the father of these children?

Gordon K. Lacy Sat Aug 19 2000

Looking for my mother Pansy Virginia CANTERBURY who was born in Intermont to Clyde C. CANTERBURY and Iva FRENCH. Willing to exchange info. Live in Puerto Rico so hard to get to States Thanks for your support and help. GKL E-mail: gklacy@prtc.net

Sharyn L. Marang Dana Tue Aug 15 2000

Looking for info re Alexander PEARSON who died Hardy Co. 1810. TIA Sharyn, Riverside, CA E-mail: sharyndana@bigfoot.com

Ann Goodnight Sun Aug 13 2000

Seeking GOODNIGHT family information in Hardy County. Jacob and Rebecca GROVES GOODNIGHT living in county at the time of son William's birth in Aug of 1828. Is there information available during that time? Where would it be located? Thank you for any help you can give us. We have a long trip to get there and would like to be prepared if we come there. Ann Goodnight E-mail:flgoodnite@aol.com

Richard Springer Sat Aug 12 2000

My ancestry is John STINGLEY and Elizabeth BUSSARD. I do have some information on them. Their son Jacob is of my line. He married Elizabeth (?). Moved to Ross and Pickaway county, Ohio during the late 1790s. Would like to know more about them and who this Elizabeth was? If possible would like to know who is also interested in Jacob's family.
Thank you for this service! Richard Springer E-mail: richardspringer@huntel.net

Kelley Sassano Sat Aug 12 2000

I am looking for James MALCOLM's parents. He was born in 1753 Baltimore and moved to Hampshire County in 1782 and settled in Baker's run. They also had property they called Malcolm's Island. Anyway, I grew up in Mineral county along with my father and his mother. I would really like to find out who his parents were. Is there any listing for him in the census, or in historical records? any help would be appreciated. He married Catherine TAYLOR 1778, but I think that would have been before he moved to the area. Thanks in advance for your wonderful services. With kindest regards, Kelley Sassano E-mail: krsassan@unity.ncsu.edu

Diane Kleinke Tue Aug 8 2000

Looking for any info on Purgett families in Hardy Co. Thank you. E-mail kleinke@thesurf.com

Dan Harris Mon Aug 7 2000

Does anybody have information on the ancestors and descendants of Morgan LAMBERT and Martha SIMMONS? They would have been born circa 1830 in WV/VA.

All I have:

  1. Morgan LAMBERT + Martha SIMMONS
    1. Emmanuel A. LAMBERT + Sarah CASSELL
      1. Frank A. LAMBERT (1881)
        1. James Mason LAMBERT
      2. Julia Ann LAMBERT (1874)
      3. Cora Belle LAMBERT (1877)
      4. Virginia May LAMBERT (1884)
      5. Robert Veach LAMBERT (1886)
      6. Fred LAMBERT (1889)
      7. Dora LAMBERT (1889)
    2. John Wesley A. LAMBERT + Phoebe Jane CASSELL
      1. Laura V LAMBERT (1874)
      2. John E. Wilson LAMBERT (1876)
      3. William A. LAMBERT (1878)
      4. Robert Decatur LAMBERT (1880)
      5. Christena Alice LAMBERT (1883)
      6. Anna Elizabeth LAMBERT (1886)
      7. Eva LAMBERT (1889)
      8. Pearlie Jane LAMBERT (1891)
      9. Roy Welton LAMBERT (1897)
Info? Leads?
E-mail: DanlHarris@cox.rr.com

Rosalie Dyer Ferry Fri Aug 4 2000

I am seeking information on my ggrandfather. Elijah Dyer b. 1796-1840. He was born in Hardy Co. VA which I understand is now WVA. Thanks, Rosalie Dyer Ferry E-mail: idarose@ior.com

Carl Shiber Tue Aug 1 2000

Hi, I have been searching for my GGrandfather and GGrandmother. Have information that he was born in Hardy County. Leroy CRAWFORD born May26, 1829, his wife Mary Ann BOWERS born July 31, 1844. Both were born in Hardy County. They were married July 1, 1865. There were twelve children. I have accounted for nine,

The family left West Virginia in 1890 and arrived in Iowa after a 1 year stop in Ohio in 1891. I have gotten much information from Iowa and searching in WVA for more.

Leroy Sr. served with the West Virginia Militia as a Captain of Company 2, 14th Regiment from 1860-1864 which I believe was with the Confederate Army. Would appreciate any information that would be available or info where I can look for the appropriate information.

All of the children listed were born in West Virginia. I have info that Leroy Jr. was born in Wardensville, WVA on 31 July 1880. Have no information about the other children. Carl, E-mail: CJSHIBER@aol.com

Richard L. Krouskop Wed Jul 26 2000

I am looking for information on the parents of my gt.gt. grandfather Jeremiah MOORE, who was married to Hannah ORAHOOD in Hardy Co. on June 1, 1815. Jeremiah was born Aug. 7, 1791. His father was John MOORE who married 1st a CLARK and had Jeremiah. Married 2nd a widow BOLIN, who already had a son Enoch. By the 2nd marrage there were born Elijah, William, John, Anna, and possibly others as the old paper was torn. John MOORE had a sister Anna, who married a John JACKSON, who was supposedly related to Stonewall JACKSON. An old Union Co. Ohio Hist. book, where my grandfather lived, stated that the family was related. my grandfather died when I was young and no one else knew any more about it. Richard L. Krouskop, E-mail: richardk@fidnet.com

Sue Wed Jul 26 2000

Hello, I would like to add my ancestor to your surname list. Morris THOMAS, son of Rev. Owen and Eleanor THOMAS of Chester Co., PA. Morris was born in PA about 1727, died January 13, 1796 in Hardy County. Morris will was dated September 9, 1795. He married Mary CANTRELL date unknown.

Morris and Mary had the following children. Elizabeth, Hannah, Owen, Sarah, Susannah, John, died March 2, 1814 in KY., Rachel born 1758 in PA, married May 14, 1778 Frederick Co., VA died November 12, 1808 in Mercer Co. KY, Elisha, born September 22, 1762, died October 5, 1856, Mercer Co., KY, David, born May 23, 1767, died January 28, 1852 in Clay County, IN, Oswald born September 10, 1769, died August 12, 1835 in Shelby County, KY. Rachel married Robert Denny they moved to Lincoln Co, now Mercer, Kentucky about 1790 something.

All of Morris and Mary children were born in PA. Rev. Owen THOMAS was born Gwrogodlly, Cilmanllwyd, Pembroke, Wales in 1692 he died in Chester Co, PA November 12, 1760. Sue, E-mail: Sdkron@aol.com

Betty Jane Kimble Wed Jul 26 2000

Please include my name under Kimble Researchers. I research Kimble family starting from Adam KIMBLE back to John KIMBLE / Johannes KIMMEL his father, as well Adam's siblings in Ohio, Kentucky. I am currently working on finding the first KIMBLE/KIMMEL descendant. Betty, E-mail: mountroyal@erols.com

Lee Iman Wed Jul 26 2000

Looking for information on Christopher IMAN, listed as a Va. taxpayer in Hardy co. in 1782-87. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Lee Iman, E-mail: Leeanorm @ aol

Robert A. Ferrebee Sun Jul 23 2000

I'm looking for information on BOBO, FERRIBEE, or HIGH families who may have resided in Hardy County. Thanks. rferrebe@erols.com

Ann Armentrout Rogers Thu Jul 20 2000

Looking for ancestors of Martin, Amos, Solomon and Henry ARMENTROUT. Martin ARMENTROUT was born c. 1836-37 in West Virginia. Family history says he moved to Ky then to Ks. His brother Solomon moved from Elkins, WV to Keyser, WV and had several children. Amos was killed during the Civil War and Henry was married to Estelle STINGLEY and had no children. Supposedly they are descendants of a William ERMENTROUT who had brothers Chris and John. All of this is oral history and this is all I know. Ann, E-mail: dandar@kans.com

Kevin Keplinger Wed Jul 19 2000

I am trying to find a few lost links. I know that my great grandfather was named Sylvanus CARR, and he was married to a Katherine Hulda STOVER. They lived in the Fisher area. Sylvanus died in Hardy county in 1954 and was buried at the Newhouse or Newhope Cemetary in Fisher. Any help in identifing his parents would be helpful. His father was possibly named Sylvester, and he may have been born in Tucker Co. WV.

Also looking for a possible link on Jacob KEPLINGER, living in the Peru area of Hardy county. He shows in the Hardy Co 1850 Census, age 30, born in VA. I am interested in finding out if anyone has any info on this person, and a possible link between him and Jonathan KEPLINGER / Rebecca SEIVER, from Rockingham Co VA. Thanks again for your help. E-mail: klkcak@meer.net

Steve Hunt Sat Jul 15 2000

Philip H. VAN METER was born abt. 1825, in Petersburg West Virginia. He married Susan PORTER. I am trying to find his father. I have one source that states it is Jesse VAN METER who married Eliza SHREVE. Trying to confirm it. Philip's older brother was George S. VAN METER. He supposedly wrote a letter at the turn of the century to someone in Philadelphia stating these facts. A copy of the letter is with the Louis Dubois Family Association. I have not been able to contact them. Would like a copy of this letter and find out if the info is true. Thanks so much for any help. Steve Hunt, E-mail: SHunt6@aol.com

Jean McClure Fri Jul 14 2000

we have wondered whether John LORANCE / LORRENTZ's wife Mary could have been the child of Catherine INSKEEP whose will is recorded in NJ. She placed her child in the custody (did not name or give gender) of her sister Sarah who m. John McCULLOUGH.

John and Mary LORANCE named their oldest child Ann Catherine, who m. John PANCAKE.

John LORANCE was German as proved by the old books my Gr.grandfather sent to Ohio for translation of the birthdates of John's and Mary's children. The translator, a Mr. Hoffhine stated in his letter of translation that he would take care of the books for my Gr.grandfather-- do not know what happened to them or if they could still be extant so I keep sending queries about them. The letter from Mr. Hoffhine states the Pancakes there in Ohio (1870's) remember there being some old English histories in the family and that Mary Lorance was English, they thought. It is interesting that John and Mary Lorence had a lot close to the McCulloughs and Inskeeps. Jean McClure E-mail: rayjeana@hotmail.com

John Dodd Wed Jul 12 2000

I am attempting to locate George Himes/Hymes who may have married Huldah Harris in Hardy County around 1800. George's father believed to be John and Huldah's Job. John Dodd

Lynda Starbird Wed Jul 12 2000

I know that my GGGrandmother Priscilla (CLAYPOOL / CHILCOTT) COMBS married to Charles COMBS, died 18 September 1856 nr Mathias in Hardy County, W.Va. These facts are on record in Moorefield. She is buried at a cemetery at Ramsey's Run somewhere near Mathias in Hardy County.

No one has every heard of Ramsey's Run. They keep telling me that it must be "Kippsies Run" but my information is definitely Ramsey's Run.

Can any one tell me where Ramsey's Run is? Where is the cemetery located? Or if indeed where Priscilla (CLAYPOOL / CHILCOTT) COMBS is buried (she was raised under both names interchangeably)?

I have found a Ramsey, W.Va on mapquest, however, it is no where near where this family or any of their relatives were living. With preservation of the body after death being nil back then, I am sure that she must be buried in or around the Mathias, Lost River (where she was born) or even Bergton, Va. area. Thank you for any help. Lynda Starbird, E-mail: CHAT111@aol.com

Mabry Benson Thu Jul 6 2000

Does anyone have information about the children of John CLAYPOOLE b 1733, d 1823 Hardy Co. Did he leave a will? Mabry Benson, 62 Eureka Ave, Kensington, California 94707

Pamela Haught Stanley Thu Jul 6 2000

We know that Peter HAUGHT 1 lived somewhere close to Moorefield and is supposedly buried in what then was the Richard Tennant Cemetary. According to Revolutionary War records, the cemetary is located about 3 miles out side of Moorefield on rt 24. I cannot find this route on any map. Do you know of this location? Peter came from Rotterdam in 1751. He was my gggggg-grandfather. Any information you might have or can obtain would be greatly appreciated. Pamela Haught Stanley, E-mail: pstanley@hiperline.net

Paul Schillig Mon Jul 3 2000

I am searching for Elizabeth EXLINE HARNESS who was b. 22 Mar 1792 in Moorefield, Hardy Co. VA (now WV) She was married to William WOODS 5 Nov 1815 in Moorefield. She was born Elizabeth EXLINE, however for some reason, she ended up residing with the John & Unice HARNESS family and later assumed their last name. She is listed in John's will along with his other children, Jemimah CUNNINGHAM, Adam, Rebecca CUNNINGHAM, George, Solomon, Joseph, John, and Elizabeth WELTON. I am hoping that there is some family connection explaining why she moved in with this family (possibly orphaned?) E-mail: schillig@alliancelink.com

J. Jones Mon Jul 3 2000

We are trying to find information about The Christopher EYMAN family. We have found that he was in Hardy County in1781-1782 there is a record of a land sale of some 30 acres on the east fork of Turning Mill Run. We also think he may have been a Mennonite Minister or a Church of The Brethern Elder. There are records of several of his children (we think) - being married according to your Hardy County marriage records. We would appreciate any assistance. J.Jones, E-mail: jrj@sunline.net

Sara J. Greer Thu Jun 29 2000

I am researching my WELTON Surname and have found my trail to Hardy Co. Job WELTON was born in 1744 in Hampshire Co. Virginia (now West Virginia) and died sometime after 1820 in Hardy Co. WV. He was a Lt. in the Hampshire Co. Militia during the American Revolution. He married a woman named Mary MCGUIRE (b. 1742) and had at least 2 children: Job WELTON Jr. and Jemima WELTON. Jemima married Uriah BLUE of Hampshire Co. on 22 Feb 1834 in Hampshire Co. and moved to DeWitt Co. IL. Would like to correspond with any on this family. Thanks Sara Greer, E-mail: clarkohgenweb@aol.com
Note: May, 2003, I have found out that I am actually related to Job Welton's brother David who had a son named Job. I am interested in hearing from anybody researching the Blue and Welton families.

Crista Kizer Wed Jun 28 2000

I am having a hard time finding my great great grandfather and his Civil War records state that he was born in Page County, but his second enlistment states Hardy County. I wasn't able to find him in Page so maybe Hardy is the right one!! Abraham KIZER (KISER, KEYSER, KAISER, etc..) was born about 1826 and married in the late 1840's, maybe even 1850, and we know he had a son born around 1848-1849, Frederick KIZER. We don't know his wife's name, but then we don't know a whole lot anyway! I just need what information that is on there and what household that they are in. Thank you so much!! Crista Kizer ckiz2@juno.com
Note: I did look for Kizer in the 1850 Census for Hardy County and found one Keyser household. Robert Keyser, age 25, born VA, farmer living with Sarah Ann S. age 22, born VA, Ann Maria age 4 and Frederick Alexander age 2 both born in Va. M.Lew

Jemima Gee Morse Sat Jun 24 2000

I recently ordered a copy of the 1776 will of John ELSWICK, my 6th g-grandfather, from Hampshire Co., WV, Romney, WV. I had also asked for a copy of any estate settlements, and the clerk wrote that these had been sent to Charleston for filming and would be available to order after July 1, 2000 from: WV Division of Culture and History, Archives & History Section, The Cultural Center, 1900 Kanawha Blvd, East, Charleston, WV 25305-0300.

The land willed by John I, who died bef 1759, was surveyed by George Washington, and was one of the first fifteen deeds in the area of Hampshire Co., which I've been told is now Hardy Co., WV. My 5th g-grandfather, John ELSWICK II, died abt 1748, and his estate settlement was in Augusta Co., VA, in 1749. His widow, Lydia Unknown ELSWICK (m. second Jacob LORTON) was in Montgomery Co., VA abt 1749.

I am interested in reaching anyone who may have ancestors who lived in these areas of Virginia and West Virginia pre 1800. I would especially like to learn the maiden surnmes of my grandmothers, Rachel and Lydia. Thanks, Jemima Gee Morse, E-mail: morse@shentel.net

Carol Randall Mon Jun 19 2000

Researching the RAMSBURG families of Hardy Co. and other counties in West VA 1700's to present. The spelling of the name varied from place to place and from one line of the tree to another. Surname variations include: RAMSBERG, RAMSBERG, RAMSBURG, RAMSBURGH, RAMSPERGER, REMSBERG, REMSBURG, RAINSBERG, RAINSBARGER, RIEMENSPERGER, ROMESBERG, ROMESBURG, ROMESPERGER, ROOMSBURG, Etc.
All correspondence answered, Carol Randall cjbj@bigfoot.com

Jack Purcell Mon Jun 19 2000

Trying to find information about my ancestors, Jonathan PURCELL b. 1754 of Irish descent. He is my 5 great grandfather. He had brothers Edward b. 1759, and William b. 1761. Have some information that Jonathan lived in Hampshire W Va. They came to Knox County, Indiana territory in 1790. Jonathans wife was Catharine. In 1804 Jonathan sold his land on So. Branch to a James CUNNINGHAM. Would like to find more about Jonathan and his brothers. They fought in the Revolutionary War. Would like to find the names of the father and mother, and when the fanily came to America. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Jack Purcell, E-mail: bonnie1@frsb.net

Sharon Smith Sun Jun 18 2000

My name is Sharon Smith and I am researching the ORRIHUD family. I know that Alexander and Ethalen settled there and I believe died there. I know they had many children one of which is Thomas born in 1760. He married Sarah NORMAN in 1785 in Hampshire, Hardy Co. Virginia. I am trying to find the origins of Alexander and Ethalen. If you have any information or resourses I would greatly appericate them. E-mail: Jimnshae@aol.com

Kay Groves Tue Jun 13 2000

Do you have any additional information on Hamp SHROUT? He bought two items at the following sale. I have been trying to identify the ancestors and siblings of Mary SHROUT the wife of John GROVES the son of Fannie MARQUIS and Solomon H. GROVES.

Transcribed by Arcella T. Moore who writes: Many of the people who purchased items at the sale were relatives of John Shell. William K., John S., Daniel of John, Ady, Martha, Mary and George of John Shell were children. George, Daniel C. M. And G. (George) W. Shell were his nephews. Daniel Sr. and George Shell were his brothers. Basil Moreland was a son in law and Frederick Berg was the husband of John Shell's niece Rebecca, daughter of Philip Shell. Abijan Dolly was instrumental in the inclusion of Hardy County in the new state of West Virginia and cosigned the note with which Mary Shell paid for her purchases. The list of buyers is virtually a catalog of the Federal sympathizers in the area at the time. The Grant County Library now has the eight-day clock mentioned in the sale bill. It is on display in the Browne local history and genealogy room. Mary Shell bought the clock from her father's estate and many years later, gave it to her grandson, Henry Trenton, who was my father. It has remained in the family all those years. Kay Groves, E-mail: kdwgroves@centurytel.net

Sharon Green Fri Jun 9 2000

Seeking information on James Allen and Magdeline KUYKENDALL, who were married in Hardy County on Sept. 20, 1796. They would be my gggggrandparents. Will be happy to share information. Sharon Green, E-mail: SGreen9103@aol.com

Jan Hoy Mon Jun 5 2000

I would like to hear from someone researching the Michael YOAKUM Drucilla STUMP line. I have no dates or children for them. Also, Michael's parents Philip Powell YOAKUM and Elizabeth HARNESS, I only have a birth date for Eliz. Harness YOAKUM as 1727. I have their children listed as:

If anyone can help with dates, spouses, etc., I would appreciate the information. Jan, E-mail: jhoy1@ix.netcom.com

Jen Pidgeon Sun Jun 4 2000

Seek friends and schoolmates of my grandmother Juanita KUYKENDALL. She was born in Hardy County in 1936 and grew up there. Moorefield High School class of 1954 (I have her yearbook). She married Lawrence SNOOTS in 1955 and lived in the Baltimore, MD area until her death May 3, 1999. I'd love to hear from anyone who knew her from Hardy County. Please email me! Thanks, Jen in Vermont

Rose Pfost Sun Jun 4 2000

Trying to find the name of a spouse for Isaac PFOST/POST Sr. (born ? Feb.1, 1791 Hardy Co. Va) son of Valentine PFOST/POST & Barbara DEVLIN. Any information would be so greatly appreciated. Thank-you, Rose, E-mail: Rose@sydcom.net

Carla Garner Mon May 31 2000

I'm looking for info on my many times Great-grandfather Jesse (Jessie) WHETSEL (WHETZEL).

Jesse WHETZEL b. 17-Nov-1808, Hardy Co., VA (WV after 1863), m. 24-Apr-1831, in Hardy Co., VA, Polly (Mary) CULLERS, b. 10-Apr-1807, Virginia, d. 2-Jun-1875, Greene Co., TN. Jesse died 6-May-1890, Sullivan Co., TN. Note: Polly - in all of the Hardy County, VA Census reports, she is listed as Mary.

Willing to share info with other family members! Carla Garner 307 Lisa Way, Mena, AR 71953, E-mail: horse@ipa.net

Joyce Meadows Tue May 30 2000

I am looking for Abraham WILKIN(S) parents and siblings. If he is in 1850 census he will be about 8 maybe 9 years old. Can you help me? Any info. appreciated. Thanx. E-mail: joyceeme@hotmail.com

Alice Our Tue May 30 2000

I am looking for Johan Elias AUER/OUR born in the 1700's in Germany, Died? in Va./WV. I was also told that a record of a marriage of Johan Elias AUER to Catharina Barbara MATTHIAS in 1738 was found in Karlsruhe, Germany.

It is reported that his wife Catherine OURS born 1716 Germany, Died 2 Feb 1802 in Hardy Co., Va - Now WV. I was told her death record was found in North Mill Creek Luthern Church. Can you tell if this church exists today in Hardy Co.? If it does can you please tell me where it is located?

I was told all of the above info came from the Moorfield Public Library-Genealogy Room in Hardy, WV, from a history book entitled "Hardy Co. Family History To 1990."

Any help you can offer on proving the above info would be greatly appreciated. You can e-mail me at: syrex@coslink.net. Thank You, Alice
Note: Alice, I have a list of the Old N. Mill Creek Lutheran Church records and have put them into the "Hardy Family Album" for you and others. This area is now in Grant County WV. In addition, we have a volunteer to look up information in the Hardy County Family History to 1990. Margaret Lew

Richard Kendall Sun May 28 2000

Isaac W. KUYKENDALL is my 3rd great grandfather. He was born 21 Mar 1823 in Hardy County. Since this was before W. Virginia became a state, should I be doing my research on him in Virginia records? Any suggestions or information will be appreciated. E-mail: :hilandhome@excelonline.com

Annette Ambler Thu May 25 2000

I am still trying to research my mothers' family. Warren BAKER Hampshire Co. married Eliza BAKER Hardy Co. Dec 29,1866

Warrens' parents were William and Mary Ann? (Maiden Name) Hampshire County Eliza's parents were Jesse and Rachel ?(Maiden Name) Farmers Hardy County

Are these BAKERS on your list? Hope someone can help me fill in the blanks. Thank you, annette ambler, E-mail: aambler769@aol.com

Cameron La Follette Mon May 22 2000

I am seeking the names and birthplaces of the parents and ancestors of Elizabeth MURPHY. Also her birthplace. She was born 1790/2/6 in either Virginia or Maryland. Married John TAYLOR December, 1813 in Hardy County. They crossed the plains to Oregon in 1847. She died in Marion Co., Oregon in 1874. They had nine children. E-mail: thehomecountry@onemain.com

Evelyn Smith Mon May 22 2000

I am searching for records of a THOMAS family or FRASEUR family that may have lived in Hardy County, VA at least in 1790. In the book, Records of Abstracts of Soldiers of the Revolutionary, 1812, and Indian Wars Who Resided in Fleming County, KY, John THOMAS testifies about the marriage of his friends, John and Phebe FRASEUR.

"John THOMAS, aged 72 years made oath that he was present at the marriage of John and Phebe FRASEUR. That they were married at least 2 or 3 years before this deponent was married and that he (John Thomas) was married on the 7th of July 1794. That John and Phebe FRASEUR were married in Hardy County, Virginia by a Methodist minister named John JOHNSON."

"James C. CAMBLE, clerk of Hardy County Court made certification on November 15, 1845 that the following is a true extract from the list of persons married by John JOHNSON in Hardy County Virginia, recorded in said county on the 19th of September, 1795: "John FRAZEUR and Phebe FENEN, September 19, 1790."

Do such marriage records still exist in Hardy County, WV? I am researching the THOMAS family, hoped that the FRAZEUR's might give me a lead. Evelyn Smith, E-mail: evelynk@bright.net

George Heskell Sun May 21 2000

I am looking for information on Walter BARR, born in 1903. His parents names were John and Susan (RABER) BARR. Any information on any of them would be appreciated. E-mail: buzz01@epix.net

Lynn Alan McGriff Sat May 20 2000

My great grandmother was Virginia KITZMILLER b: 1839 in Hardy Co, VA d: Feb 04, 1887. She was the daughter of Lewis & Mary Magdalin Paugh KITZMILLER. She married David "Jackson" BOSLEY/BOSELY Oct 12, 1861 in Allegany Co, Md.

Virginia KITZMILLER was possibly married prior to her marriage to D. J. BOSLEY. I have information that she had a daughter named Cora REESE SMITH. Cora would have been a sister or half sister to my grandfather. My grandfather nor his brother never mentioned it. None of the family knows who she is. That's our mystery, who was Cora Reese Smith?

Here's the story referring to Clara Reese Smith in From the Danube to the Susquehanna: 350 Years Of The KITZMILLER Family, page 124:

About the saddest story I (Cora Reese Smith) have heard concerning this family was told by my mother (Virginia KITZMILLER Bosley). It was her duty as eldest daughter to take milk each night and morning to Grandmother Hannah Bowman KITZMILLER who owned a special cow. A cold morning, early in November, my mother and her sister Naomi were milking. They looked towards Grandmother's house (She lived alone, not wishing the company of anyone). My mother said she saw heavy smoke rising from her chimney and remarked "Granny's early." When done milking, Virginia approached the door. She called "Granny, your cloth is frozen to the door," upon entering the room, there a horrible sight met her eyes, her grandmother lay with her head near the center of the fireplace -- her head burned so badly that no one could recognize her and already dead. This was several years after the death of her husband John KITZMILLER 1st. Both are buried on the hill overlooking the old millsite and original Bowman home.

Virginia KITZMILLER was 21 or 22 when she married my great grandfather in 1861. It is possible that she had a daughter named Cora before that marriage. I would like to learn more about Cora.
Thanks for any help on this, Lynn Alan McGriff, E-mail:MCGRILA@aol.com

Annette Ambler Sun May 14 2000

Can you help me with the BAKERS of Hardy county. I am not getting anywhere.

Debourney BAKER, my Grandfather married Alberta Virginia Smaltz HARRIS Dec, 25 1889 Capon Bridge, WVa.

Warren BAKER, Great Grandfather age 28 , from Hampshire Co., Dec. 29, 1866 married Eliza Ann BAKER Age 29 from Hardy Co, parents were Jesse and Rachel ? BAKER, farmers,.

Warrens parents were William and Mary Ann ? BAKER of Hampshire county. I would love to know about Warrens' brothers and sisters, dates and also about William BAKER's parents. I am sure they were in Hampshire in the 1700's. Warren and Eliza had a farm in front of the river in Hampshire. My mother said they would go ice skating on the river. I know the home and barn is still there, or it had been restored about 10 years ago.

Also, would love to know about Jesse BAKER and Rachel's maiden name etc.

Please can you send me in the right direction or can you help me. My sincere thanks, Annette, E-mail: AAmbler769@aol.com

Val Hamilton Tue May 9 2000

I would like to locate informtion on the William and Mary SMITH family of hardy CO, WVA. Mary SMITH is named as a daughter in the will of James CLAYPOOL (b.1701) who wrote his will in 1788. Did they move to another area with family members or stay in the same VA area? If they stayed, where are they buried? Val Hamilton, E-mail: VHamil1947@aol.com

Neva Mohle Sat May 6 2000

Hello, are there christening records for the 1815 timeframe? I'm looking for a record of Peter PAINTER b 1815, Hardy County. Thank you, Neva Mohle, E-mail:kt4me@msn.com

Pam Zeirott Thu May 4 2000

I am looking for ALKIRE names (I believe there will be 4) in the Hardy County 1800, 1810 and 1820 Census Records. I would be interested in the number of persons in the household and age ranges if shown. Any help you can provide me with will be greatly appreciated. Pam Zeirott, E-mail: pzeirott@aol.com

Floyd I. Buffenbarger Sat Apr 29 2000

I'm not sure where to begin, I have been trying to locate information on Peter and Mary BUFFENBARGER, who lived and owned land in Randolph and Hardy Co.'s about 1748. They had aprox. 12 children. My object is to find the originating country of my ancestors. I have built information from 1748, to the present any help would be greatly appreciated. E-mail: fbuffe@juno.com

Eileen D. Davis Fri Apr 28 2000

I am trying to find the William DAVIS in our family line before the turn of the 19th century (lived from 1770+ to past 1800+). We think he lived in Hardy Co., was married to an Elizabeth, and at least his youngest children, a set of twins, John and Sarah?/Nancy were born June 3, 1800 in Hardy Co. We have found a record of a William along New River which would match family stories of some family burials near Keyser. Family stories also say he was related to John DAVIS of Ablemarle Co., VA. Other names in the family stories are Lewis, Robert, Isaac, William, but I can't prove the connection yet without the confirmation of our William, father of the John DAVIS that came to Ross Co., Ohio by 1821, then Indiana in 1826. Thanks, Eileen Davis, E-mail: davisfam@in-motion.net

Ron Davis Tue Apr 25 2000

Seeking information on my Hardy County Ancestors: Henry Meggs DAVIS d. 1835 Hardy County
Cathrine ANSELL Hardy County 1810 - 1844
Henry Meggs DAVIS & Catherine ANSELL married in Loudoun County, VA 25 December 1806.

Annenias CONSTABLE m. 1808 Hardy County Cathern TEWALT d. 1825 Hardy County.

Jonathan Meigs DAVIS b. 1814 Hardy County
Elizabeth CONSTABLE b. 1815 Hardy County
Jonathan Meigs DAVIS married Elizabeth CONSTABLE in Hardy County 12 March 1835.

I am told that Henry Meggs DAVIS was born in Wales about 1770.
E-mail: idc@ccio.com

Thomas Goben Fri Apr 21 2000

Hi, Hugh GOBEN/GOBIN was in Hardy Co for the 1820 Cenus He had 1 boy under 10, 2 boys 10 to 16, 4 daughters under 10. I would like to find some one who can tell me the names of all the children and his spouse, but especially the son under 10. The two boys 10 to 16 were probably Charlie and Hugh. The daughters were probably Nancy, Katherine, Sallie and Betsey. I would appreciate your help. Thomas G.Goben, E-mail: TGEAGOB39COACH@webtv.net

Lorraine Sims Thu Apr 20 2000

I am looking for any info on James William WHETZEL who married Fanny SHIPE.

Their children: Lloyd Alton (b. 12/28/1922 Mathias, WV and d. 11/29/1969 Rockingham Co., VA), Wilda (married a JENKINS), Norman, and Garnett.

There is a John WHETZEL in the SSDI b. 1/12/1895, d. 11/1971 residence Mathias, WV. Is this him?

Any help in finding places and dates for this couple would be appreciated. Thanks. E-mail: rainsims@shentel.net

Geraldine A. Evans Thu Apr 20 2000

Hello, this is my first post to the list and I am new to WV genealogy. Searching for Louisa Christina (YENNE?), born 12 Jan 1811 poss. at Philadelphia. She married Henry HUTTER who died at Philadelphia 3 Mar 1842. She married Henry's brother, Gottleib HUTTER after 1842. She had children by both but I know only of their daughter Louisa.

**Louisa Christina (YENNE?) HUTTER died 12 Mar 1858 and is buried at Moorefield, WV.**

Louisa and Henry HUTTER's daughter, Louisa HUTTER married Weigand RUHL of Shenandoah Co.

A note in my file written by my mother-in-law about 1975; "Louisa HUTTER married Weigandt RUHL and he bro't her to New Market (VA). Louisa already had little Anna when they were married, but the family is sure she was Weigandt's child because he went back to W.VA. to get them. Her mother, Louisa Christina's maiden name, we think was YENE or JENNE (pronounced YANEY)."

My questions; Does anyone know of a HUTTER family at Hardy Co? Since I do not know where Louisa HUTTER died (most likely at Hardy Co.), I do not know where she is buried at Moorefield. Perhaps she was a widow and living with a son or daughter. Was Gottleib HUTTER a resident of Hardy Co., WV? Thank you, Gerry, Ohio, E-mail: gerrylima@wcoil.com

Jeanne Kleinschmidt Sun Apr 16 2000

Alexander WHITE was born in NJ in 1752, married Mary (BEAVER) CLIFFORD, had 7 children, moved to Hardy County about 1790 had 5 more, James, John, Joseph, Robert and Nancy. Where is he buried? Any information about his property and church would be appreciated.

I would appreciate information on these members of the Alexander WHITE family:

Thank you so much for your time and trouble. Jeanne in AR, E-mail: jmjkldt@ipa.net

Becci Haines Wed Apr 12 2000

I'm trying to find a death cert or SOMETHING on John William SISLER, b. 1/12/1815, possibly in Pa., but died in McCollough(?) Hardy Co., WV. on 11/19/1898 at his daughter's home, her name was Catherine Ann LANDACRE. What I'm trying to find is who his parents were. Thank you, Becci, E-mail: bhaines@tje1.com

C. L. Merritt Mon Apr 10 2000

I am looking for information on my family, my gggg grandfather, named Adam MERRITT, was born in Hardy abt 1798. His father was named Aubry and was thought to have been a plantation owner there and also a vet of the Revolutionary. War. Is there information about land owners in the late 1770's and any history of families of Hardy during this time period. Adam MERRITT married a Catherine HARRIS, also born in Hardy.

Any help, info or direction would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, CL. Merritt, E-mail: CLCHELSEA@aol.com

Annette Ambler Sat Apr 8 2000

I have information on our family and would like to add more. Our dear Mother is now 94 and not much help.

Debourney BAKER, my Grandfather married Alberta Virginia Smaltz HARRIS 25 Dec 1889, Capon Bridge, Wva.

Warren BAKER, Great Grandfather age 28 , from Hampshire Co., 29 Dec 1866 married Eliza Ann BAKER Age 29. From Hardy Co.

Thank you for any help. Sincerely yours, Annette

Monique Sun Apr 2 2000

Can you tell me the history of Luneys Creek? It seems to be where my family is from and I know nothing about it. . . my gggrandmother Buena REEL was born there. monique E-mail: Agoat4me@aol.com

Barbara Jenkins Gavin Tue Mar 28 2000

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Hi. I am trying to locate others researching the families of KELLER, RUDY, AMICK, and LUDWICK / LUDWIG who have connections in Hardy County, WV (Wardensville area), Capon Springs, Hampshire County, WV and Shenandoah County, VA (around the area of Edinburg, Woodstock), and Frederick County, VA.

My great great grandmother, Bettie Catherine (unknown) born circa 1847 (German), married an unknown KELLER. They are the parents of my great grandmother, Minnie D. Catherine KELLER. According to my grandmother, Bettie Catherine (unknown) KELLER, married a second time to an unknown LUDWICK.

Trying to locate Daniel RUDY b. before 1875, possibly circa 1860 d. possibly circa 1910). Daniel RUDY of Hardy County, WV, married Minnie D. (Dora/Dorathea?) Catherine KELLER, born 1875 probably in Shenandoah County (possibly Mount Olive/ Hayfield, VA), she died 6 Jul 1934 in Washington, D.C.

Circa 1912, Minnie D. Catherine KELLER RUDY married James Wesley AMICK, born 8 Jun 1879 at Whitacre, Frederick County, VA, the son of Levi P. Franklin (Franklin) AMICK & Elizabeth CORK, he died 31 Jan 1957 at Martinsburg, Berkeley County, WV.

James's father, Levi P. Franklin (Franklin) AMICK, was born 15 Jun 1852 at Hampshire County, WV ( Possibly Town Of Capon Springs) and died 21 Mar 1923 at Hardy County, WV (Possibly Town Of Wardensville) is the son of John Jacob Amick & Virginia Jane Louisa MCKEE Amick of Frederick County, VA.

If anyone can help me locate my ancestors it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Barbara Jenkins Gavin, South Carolina, E-mail: YANKEE5658@aol.com

Judith Bisig Sun Mar 26 2000

My HUTTON family is from Virginia, maybe Hardy County in late 1700s and early 1800s. Moses H. HUTTON born in Virginia in 1813, married Mary (unknown) in Virginia. Moses H. HUTTON'S father was Thomas C. HUTTON, his mother Mary HILL both born in Virginia. Thomas C. HUTTON'S father's name may have been Moses. E-mail: jbisig@home.com

Monique Tue Mar 21 2000

I am trying to find out who Eliza Ann REEL b. abt 1830 was married to, or at least who fathered her children:
Kennison b. abt 1851
Thomas G. b. abt. 1854
Buena V. b. abt 1855
Harriet b. abt 1859
or any information on the above listed individuals would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. monique, E-mail: Agoat4me@aol.com

Diane Sullivan Tue Mar 14 2000

Hello, my name is Diane Sullivan and I am of the ORNDORFF / LEHIGH line of Wardensville, WV and the SAGER / MOYER / DISPANENOT lines of Mathias WV. I have run into a snag on the LEHIGH / LEHY line.

My last verifible person is John Franklin LEHIGH, b 20Apr 1839 in Wardensville and married to Lucie Ellen BOWERS.

A cousin indicates that Rachel and Robert BOWERS were Lucy's parents. Since the 1870 census (see note below) shows both children being the same age, it probably was her. Do we know if Mary Bowers was the Mother? Was Mary Bowers related to the Frye's?

Lucy married John Franklin LEHIGH. I think (but haven't definitely tied to) his parents were Cornelius LEHIGH b.1802 d.1888 and Rhoda CLARKE b.1818.

I have found John buying land from Rhoda CLARKE in 1899. The previous transaction was John "LEHY" buying land from B. F. COFFMAN 16 years earlier in 1883. So that is where I picked up the LEHY spelling. Since Cornelius died in 1888, it looks like the son was buying the home place. Cornelius was listed as being from Ireland (which matches family legend although it has it being the son, John). I have not be able to find which port he came through or what county in Ireland but would assume it was during the 1850 famine. Diane Sullivan, E-mail: dsullivan@cleanweb.net
Note: Found in Hardy County 1870 Census
(Capon Township)
H.W. FRYE 66 VA Farmer
Mercie 60 VA Keep house
William 32 VA Farmer
John W. 25 VA Miller
Abram 85 VA Farmer
W.O. ROSEBROCK 18 VA Farm Labor
Mary BOWERS 35 VA Housekeeper
Robert Lee BOWERS 3 WV
Robert 13 VA Farm Labor (Mul)
Jackson FRYE 40 VA Farm Labor (Mul)

Richard W. McKinley Fri Mar 10 2000

I am trying to find the family of a Michael Green McKINLEY and I have seen references to McKinleys in several WV counties (eg, Monongalia, Hardy). I'm getting desparate because Michael seems to have materialized from thin air in the 1790 Fayette County, PA, census. Richard, E-mail: rwmckinley@erols.com

Ellie Stites Swanger Sun Mar 5 2000

I am a descendant of Leonard STUMP and his wife, Mary MORROW who m. in Hardy Co. WV (VA) ca. 1823 and eventually moved to Gasconade Co. MO., location of my childhood home.

Would like to hear from other descendants of this family, as well as more information on the parents and siblings of both.
Ellie Stites Swanger, CO, E-mail: EllieSS@aol.com

Monte Buzzard Sun Mar 5 2000

If you have ancestors with the ALT, AULT or BUZZARD surnames, I hope that you will contact me. This is especially true if they lived in Virginia or what is now West Virginia. My email address is: mbuzzard@fix.net

LeVon Walker Sat Mar 4 2000

Hi, I am researching the WALKER family. Hannah LINTON m. Benjamin WALKER. She was born on 14 Apr 1795 in Hardy Co., W. Vir. Her father was William LINTON and Mother was Mary WILLIAMS. Hannah died of old age in Mower Co., MN.

I am wondering if her birth was recorded anywhere. Could use all the info. I can get on this matter. Also, am not sure if Benjamin F. WALKER was born in same county or not. I have him born 6 Nov 1795 in VA, but it could have been W. VA too. Thanks for all your help. LeVon, E-mail: LEWLRW@aol.com

Fred C. McCutcheon Fri Mar 3 2000

Rooters, Can anyone provide me with any information on the Reverend Calvin McCUTCHEON. I know he conducted a funeral service in Moorefield in 1979. Thank you in advance, Fred C McCutcheon, E-mail: fredcmcc@usaor.net

Betty Williamson Mon Feb 28 2000

I am researching FRYE Family of Guernsey County Ohio, decendants of the Hardy County/ Fry's Springs ( which became Capon Springs). There is a story about Native American ancestor "Jenny MAY" I am attempting to find her and document the family story, if possible. Also wonder what, if any connection to Joshua FRYE who died at Fort Necessity. Can you suggest resources or others researching this family? Thank you for any suggestions. Betty, (Greene County) PA 15310, E-mail: betwilli@greenepa.net

Craig Landis Fri Feb 25 2000

My name is Craig Landis and I've been researching my family roots for about three years. This search has now lead me to Hardy County, West Virginia and of course I'm looking for all the help I can get.

The information I already possess is as follows:

Thanks, Craig Landis E-mail: Craig_Landis@intuit.com (work) Dodocraig@aol.com (personal)

Irmadel Dun Thu Feb 24 2000

My grandfather Julius Marion CLARK was born 4/16/1850 and died 12/24/1943. His father John Henry CLARK (do not know birth & death date, but buried in "Big Ridge") was shot by renegades from or during the Civil War while cutting wood at his family wood pile while his son Julius Marion watched. We understand that Julius was 10, or 11 years of age. I would like to find something that verifies that information. The family lived in the Fabius, Needmore area of Hampshire County which later became Hardy County.

I would also like to hear from anyone who may be familiar with the COMBS, (may be spelled COOMES, CLARK, WILKINS AND WILSON from the same area. Sincerely, Irmadel Dun, E-mail: INDNEVADA@aol.com

Barbara E. Belote Sun Feb 13 2000

I'm looking for Balderman GOINGS from Hardy County, West Virginia born about 1798, married to Lucrita ____.Can you help? I have his family brought to 2000, but canot determine from where he came. Thank you, Barbara E. Belote, E-mail bebelote@juno.com

Eda L. Rumer Bobo Sat Feb 12 2000

I am researching Jesse RUMER b. 5-31-1825 and his wife Caroline E. JACOBS b. 3-14-1826 in Hardy Co., Va. (Now W.VA) I have most of the information on these two from 1847 to present plus photos. I am willing to share gladly with anyone interested. I am also interested in finding Jesse's parents. I would like to find out if Jacob RUMER and Bethia SUFFOLK married 12/21/1823 might possibly be his parents. That is the right time frame and right location. I can not find any documentation however. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated. Eda L. Rumer Bobo, E-mail: svpi@bright.net

Judy Corrin Sat Feb 12 2000

Seeking information on Jacob McCONKEY who lived in Hardy Co. c. 1802-1807. Trying to verify his wife's name. Possible surnames are GARRETT or COOPER and given names Hester or Clara. Believe he settled near Old Field before moving on to Harrison Co. Any clues appreciated! Judy Corrin, E-mail: ManxLass@aol.com

Carroll Clabaugh Sat Feb 12 2000

I am researchng my ancestors Henry CLAUBAUGH (CLABAUGH), Frederick CLABOUGH, and John CLABOUGH who, according to Hardy personal pproperty tax lists, were in Hardy County during the years 1798-1807. Henry married Rebecca MILLER, whose parents were Anthony and Elizabeth MILLER. Anthony's will (Hardy County 1831) bequeaths monies to sons Andrew, Abraham, Jacob, John, Michael and Rebecca (CLAYBAUGH). I can be reached at cclaba2544@home.com.

Sally Madigan Fri Feb 11 2000

Hi, my name is Sally Madigan and I have been doing genealogy the old fashion way, and now have a computer and Family Tree Maker and I am sooo confused but I do have alot of information concerning the Michael Stump line, I am a decendant of John and Sarah Neff Stump, 8th generation. I have tons if dates etc and what I need now is any information on where I can connect with other Stump lines etc. If you can send me some internet sites thank you. Also I have the HENKLE in my line from your area and was wondering if this name is spelled corretly an E or an I. Thank you again, Sally Madigan

Mary K Fri Feb 11 2000

My father, Roger M. PRATT, was born in Hardy County, West Virginia, March 9 (19), 1912. I am looking for information regarding his ancestors. His Father was Elmer G. PRATT. Please respond to ronmarykep@yahoo.com. Thank you very much.

Amy Love Thu Feb 10 2000

I am looking for information regarding the HAMMON/HAMMOND family of Hardy County. Hattie Branson HAMMOND (1872-1923) married J. Frank CALDWELL (1866-1942) about 1892. According to the 1900 census, mother Elizabeth HAMMON (b. Feb. 1846, widowed) and brother Joseph W. (b. Jan. 1881) were living with Hattie and J. Frank. Thanks, Amy, E-mail: RALove2@aol.com

G.W. Zimmerman Fri Feb 4 2000

The 1800 tax list shows a SIMERMON and CARPENTER. Can anybody check this out to see if it is John ZIMMERMAN Sr. or Jr. Thanks, GW Zimmerman, E-mail: GZimme2903@aol.com

Jarrett Chandler Wed Feb 2 2000

CHANDLER, Thompson Does anyone have any reference to a Thompson CHANDLER who may have lived in Hardy (Grant) county betweeen 1850 and 1860. He was born 20 February, 1811 in VA and died 28 December, 1877 in Kanawha County. He was married to Margaret SMITH on July 25, 1831 in Giles Co. VA. She was born 31 March, 1809 and died 9 December, 1882 in Monroe County. They had eleven children, the youngest of which was Preston Snidow CHANDLER. Does anyone have access to the Hardy CO. personal property records between 1850 and 1860? Thanks. Jarrett Chandler, E-mail: jchandler@salisbury.net

Cheryl Massey Fri Jan 28 2000

I am looking for information regarding the parents of Ruth DAVISSON, wife of Hardy Co Rev War pensioner John Enoch BILLS. Ruth has been said to have been born about 1763 in Hampshire Co, but without knowing specifics, I cannot rule out Hardy Co. Ruth died before 1818. Appreciate any help or leads. Cheryl Massey, E-mail:CHERDO@aol.com

Irmadel Combs Dun Tue Jan 25 2000

I was very interested in your genweb today and I am looking for "COMBS, (may be COOMES), CLARK, WILKINS and WILSON, from Hardy County. They are lived in "Fabius" . I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Irmadel Combs Dun, E-mail: INDNEVADA@aol.com

Ann Goodnite Tue Jan 18 2000

My husbands great grandfather, William GOODNIGHT, was born in Hardy Co. in 1828 to Jacob and unknown. Are there birth records from that time available? William's grandparents also lived in the area according to the census form 1820-1850. They are Christopher and Diana WATSON GOODNIGHT. I understand that during some of the years the family was in Hardy Co. it was part of Va. Where do I look for records in WV or Va? Any information that might help me will be greatly appreciated as I start the search. Ann E-mail: FLGOODNITE@aol.com

Vicky Shears Tue Jan 18 2000

I'm looking for information on a geneaologist by the name of Clara Mae (ALT) ROSS. She completed an index of the 1850 Hardy County, Virginia Census. The index indicates that, "This census was copyrighted, indexed, transcribed and typed by the author, Clara Mae (ALT) ROSS in 1982 and 1983." At that time her address was P.O. Box 203; Colfax, NC 27235. I've written to this address, but I have not received a response. She indicates in the index that she has SHEARS ancestors. I'm interested in locating her or a decendent that would know what became of the information she had compiled. Thanks. Vicky L. Shears e-mail vshear@westco.net

Esther Huggins Sat Jan 15 2000

Hello, My name is Esther Huggins. I am looking for information on my great grandfather and I hope you can help me. The information I am inquiring about is on
John Will Bowers ----BORN ? ----WHERE Kessel, Hardy Co WV -----DIED 1906 maybe?
I would also like to find information on my great grandmother. Her name was Jenny Kesner. that's all I know about her so far. I would really appreciate your help in my search. THANK YOUEsther, E-mail is sassy_26034@yahoo.com
My address is 301 Sunrise DR Lot #14 Georgetown PA 15043

Linda Simpson Fri Jan 14 2000

Searching for information on any of the following children of Phillip and Mary FUNK: Henry FUNK who married Rebecca BROWN in 1876 WV and Henry died in Lost River, WV; Lewis FUNK who married Mariah MOYERS 1869 WV; Obed FUNK who married Elizabeth FUNKHOUSER in 1866 WV; Samuel FUNK who married Sarah HAUN in 1885 WV or Jacob FUNK who married Saphina MILLER in 1880 WV; and Michael FUNK who married Virginia HAUN in 1888 in WV. Most are believed to have been residing in the area in or near Lost River. This family was from Shenandoah County, VA and then Hardy County, WV. Other children are Maria, Ann, Rebecca, Levina, Phillip and Andrew. Information on any of the above greatly appreciated. E-mail: DnLSimpson@aol.com

C. L. Merritt Wed Jan 12 2000

I am looking for information on my gggggrandfather, Aubrey MERRITT of Hardy, VA. He was supposed to have fought in the war and owned a plantation in Hardy in the late 1700's. His son Adam MERRITT was born in Hardy, VA, about 1797 and later married Catherine HARRIS of Hardy and they eventually moved thru Ohio to settle in Clinton County, Indiana. C.L. Merritt, E-mail: clchelsea@aol.com

J. White Mon Jan 3 2000

Alexander WHITE (1840-1884) was born in Hampshire Co (VA/WV), died in 1884 in Hardy Co WV. His wife was Susan/Sudie Louisa WILLIAMS. His parents were John Baker WHITE & Frances Ann STREIT. Alexander was a Confederate soldier. Would like to find info on his children & grandchildren. E-mail: johnjudywhite@gci.net

Robert Shipe Wed Dec 22 1999

My grandfather was Soly SHIPE b. April 20,1889, Hardy Co. WV d. Feb 18, 1956 Montgomery Co. Md. , married Etta Catherine RIGGLEMAN b. November 13, 1891 d. Jan 27, 1973, Montgomery Co., Md.

I am searching for info on Soly SHIPE. His father's name was Lorenzo SHIPE, he may have been married to a Matilda CULLERS. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Robert Shipe, Jr., E-mail: RShipe1046@aol.com

Sue Beach Thu Dec 16 1999

I am seeking information on my husband's great-grandparents Joseph Markwood RHEUBLE and Louisa Virginia SHERMAN. I know little about Joseph except that he was born in Hardy Co., but I know that Louisa was born in Jan 1867 in Hardy Co. & that her parents were Phillip SHERMAN and Rebecca HULVER. Thank you for your help. Sue Beach, Muncie, IN E-mail: sbeach@bsu.edu

Joan Connick Tue Dec 14 1999

I'm looking for information on Abraham WARD b.1770 Moorefield, Hardy Co., Va. m.1790 ? JOHNSON d.1837 Allen Co., Ohio. All I have is ? JOHNSON b.1774 Moorefield, Hardy Co.,Va. Appreciate any help locating information on my direct lines. Joan, E-mail: jconnick@toledotel.com Greetings from Mt.St.Helen's

Daniel Woods Tue Dec 14 1999

I am trying to find information on an early 20th century religious publisher named D. W. GRIFFIN. In 1907 he published one of the first pentecostal periodicals. It was titled A Call to Faith. He published it in Martinsburg at first, but at some point between then and 1910, GRIFFIN moved his operation to Wardensville in Hardy County. No copies of A Call to Faith have survived in any archive that I can find, but I have recently found several of GRIFFIN's articles reprinted in an Atlanta paper called The Bridegrooms Messenger in 1910-1911. GRIFFIN also published religious tracts/booklets in Wardensville. One of these has survived in an archive in Missouri. Due to a debilitating illness, GRIFFIN ceased publications in December 1910. He died on 1/19/11. I have not been able to find an obituary.

I am trying to find any information on D. W. GRIFFIN. Of course, I would also like to uncover some of his publications. Thank you for your consideration of this query, Daniel Woods, E-mail: dwoods@neocomm.net

Michael R. Swigart Sat Dec 11 1999

Seeking information on ancestry and origins of Jacob YOUNG, born Hardy County, VA (W.VA) in 1773. Married Mary MASON, daughter of Martin MASON, in Fayette Co, Penn in 1795. Relocated to Columbiana County OH abt 1800. Settled in Ashland County OH in 1816. Need information on his parents and heritage. E-mail: swigart@intelligencia.com

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