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Charlie Vance 31 December 2010
Hardy County Milling Company

I would like any information concerning Hardy County Milling Co. If possible the information concerning ice plants they may have built.

Dawn 31 December 2010

I am trying to find information on the Strawderman family from Hardy County. Any information would be helpful. I think I have traced this family back to John Anton Strawderman, a Hessian solder sent here during the American Revolution. I will give you some of the names I have found; Adam Strawderman 1865-1963, Jacob Strawderman 1829-unknown, Adam Strawderman 1785-unknown, and I'm not sure about John Strawderman 1778-unknown. Any help I can get will be appreciated! Thanks

Carol Cochran 31 December 2010

I have been looking for a book about my Mathias family history. I know it exists; my uncle has a copy, but I am unable to contact him. I was wondering if you knew anything about the book and where I might obtain a copy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You
Carol Cochran

David Butler 31 December 2010

I am looking for information about my great grandmother, Margaret Link. Her parents were from Lost River, Hardy County. Possibly from the Baker's Run area. Her Parents were William Link 01 Nov 1847 - 21 Jul 1932 and Lydia Margaret Bean 1845 - 1926. I am looking for birth information for Margaret Link, b. abt 1882. I know she lived in Baltimore, MD and married Thomas Michael Butler in 1899. She should have a brother Lemuel and a sister Eliza Ellen.
Any help will be much appreciated.
Dave Butler

William Thompson 28 December 2010

My name is William Thompson. I am currently researching my lineage and my studies have brought me to Hardy co. WV. I am trying to find some information on my 5th great grandfather Cornelius Thompson. So far all I have found was his marriage to Rebecca Baker in 1806. I believe he was born about 1774 plus or minus some. I am trying to find a birth date or even better the names of his parents, any information on Rebecca would be a great help to. Thanks so much.

Gloria Bushong 23 December 2010

I'm looking for a possible divorce between Jane Coverstone Feagans and Francis Marion "Frank" Feagans around the time frame of 1901-1905.

Richard Davey 26 October 2010

I am looking for the location of the Davey or Davy graveyard in Hardy county or any graveyards that have older Davey graves in the area. I would like any info on Washington or William Davy. I just started doing this so I don't have much but think I have this right. Starting with my dad Richard Davey, Luther, 1895 Russell, 1846 Jacob, 1814 Washington, 1781 William. Any info for any of them would be great. Thanks.

Sid Heston Brown 17 October 2010

My ancestors, John Heston and Margaret Brown were married in Hardy County April 4, 1819. The only Brown I could find on the 1800 tax rolls was a John Brown. No Hestons were listed on the tax rolls. Any help would be appreciated, especially the Brown family.

Jeanne Stump 14 October 2010

Is John Wise really Jacob Wise's father? John was born about 1715 and died in 1788, Hardy County, VA. He was married to Barbara. Please help solve the mystery!

Jim Ketterman 4 October 2010

I am looking for information about Daniel Ketterman's land, that is now the Big Bend National Park. There was an old abandoned cemetery within the park when it was purchased by the government. I have more information about this if needed. I would like to locate any old map or maps and records that might have more information on this.

Part of the Parks land record:
EXCEPTION NO. 4, being an old abandoned cemetery located in the big bend of the South Branch of the Potomac River at the east end of Arm Ridge where it flattens out into a grazing field area.

I have reason to believe that my grandfather, Daniel Ketterman, a Revolutionary War Soldier is buried there. His great grandson is buried within Exception No. 3, W.L. Ketterman, in a lone grave on the other side of the river. All of this land may have been Daniel's home (ca 1782-1834).
Thanks for any help at all.
Jim Ketterman, jketterman@cox.net

Blythe Belenky 29 September 2010

Looking for a death certificate for Lucy Ann Richmond (Richman) who married Frederick Souder.

She was born in Cove Run on 13 December 1863. Died in Hardy County, (Mathias probably) on 11 March 1896

Judy Greenan 19 August 2010

Looking for information regarding John Davis, born 24 Jul 1784 in Hardy County, VA. A query dated 7 Feb 2002 by Chester Davis indicated John Davis had a sister named Mary Ann Davis, born 01 May 1785. Mary Ann Davis may be my great, great grandmother. E-Mail address for Chester Davis is no longer valid. Do you have a current E-Mail address for Chester Davis? Thank You, greenan.j@frontier.com

Boyce Thompson 16 August 2010

I'm related to the Boyce's of Hardy, West Virginia.

My great great grandfather, J.R. Boyce, left behind a letter saying his father, Richard (b. 1780 in Hardy County, d 1853 in Logan Kentucky) traded in cattle and slaves out of Hardy. He eventually moved on to Kentucky.

But Richard's father was Aaron Boyce, who was also from Hardy, according to the letter. He would have been born in about 1735, and supposedly he fought in the Revolutionary War. Aaron had 10 children-and presumably a wife! Two of the children were Robert and Nicholas.

That's all I have. The letter says the Boyce's were in Hardy County for years and probably came from Wales.

I'd really appreciate any help you can give me. I don't live too far away, Washington DC. If I can figure out where to look maybe I'll make a visit.
Boyce Thompson

Anita Simonsen 25 July 2010

I am looking for information on William Moore and Fannie Fry who were married 4 December 1834. William Moore was born 13 February 1804. I believe his father was Benjamin, but I am not sure. William moved from Hardy County on horseback to Fountain Co, IN in 1835.

Fannie Fry was born Aug 4, 1817.
Thanks, Anita Simonsen

Phillip Baker 21 July 2010

Seeking death information on Judith Riggleman married to Jacob Yankey.

Linda Bristow 19 July 2010

Who are the parents of Henry G.W. Hardy (GW is for George Washington)born 2 July 1777, died 7 October 1851, Lakeville IN. Farmed around St Joseph IN. Married Elizabeth Eaker born 1785 Pennsylvania.

Their 10 children were:
William 1807 - 1878
Henry born 1810
John W. 1812 - 1882
Josiah (Joseph) 1814 - 1856
George W. 1816 - 1893
Hiram 1819 - 1899
Cyrus 1821 - 1892
Allen 1827 - 1901
Jackson 1831 - 1892 in Lakeville IN
Lavinia born 1818 married William Henderson 23 July 1846
Eliza C. married Joseph P. Piatt 22 March 1849, St Joseph Co., IN
Mary Jane married Joseph C. Gandy 3 October 1852 St Joseph Co., IN

Jon Wenzel 16 July 2010

I am looking for a Luke Van Ausdeln, (Van Arsdalen, or spelling variations) born in 1793 or 1795 in Hardy County. Also looking for the parents of Luke.
Thank you for your help.

Linda Nicholas Hutchins 28 June 2010

My mom told me a few years ago that we have Native American Blood in my family. One of my ancestors, Henry Sturm born in 1795, was listed as a "mulatto" His parents were Nicholas Sturm born 1763 in Maryland and Elizabeth Gainer born 1770 in Maryland. Was she the native american and if so what tribe was she part of?
Thank you for your help. Linda Nicholas Hutchins

Milly Armao 17 June 2010

I am trying to determine an approximate location of land owned by Francis McBride (abt 1720-1799). It was surveyed by George Washington in November 1749 along with that of his father, William McBride, and sister, Anne McBride Dunbar. Another immediate neighbor was John Ellswick. The location is given as on the Lost River of the Cacapon, on Big Cow Run. I cannot find Big Cow Run on any USGS map and am hoping someone may know where this is. Francis' estate was inventoried 11 September 1800. Thanks for any help!

Marta Brace 20 May 2010

Would you be so kind to check records regarding Mariah A. Cornell, born 16 February 1829 Hardy County VA. She is suppose to be full blooded Shawnee and adopted by David Cornell and Elsa Spencer. My 98 yr old aunt said her native parents were killed in battle.

This has been a 20 year project for me and I though I should check with Hardy County records finally! Please advise and if you could forward this to another person if you cannot assist I would greatly appreciate it.

Eric Talla 15 May 2010

Researching these Hardy County families: Fink, Mongold, Judy/Tschudi, Washington and Wright.

Chuck Herbert 27 April 2010
Fort Pleasant

Recently, we found that my wife's ancestor Isaac Van Meteren owned the land that Fort Pleasant was built on. Would you know the location of the fort built about 1740. Thanks so much. Chuck Herbert

Lorry Wendland 20 April 2010

I am seeking any information and source documentation on Joseph ARNOLD, Jr born 2 Feb 1801 in Hardy County, Virginia (now West Virginia).

He married Sarah Sallie Smith 18 Dec 1823 in Hardy Co. I have reason to believe his parents are Joseph Arnold, SR b. abt 1773 and Sarah Brown b. abt 1780 who were married in Hardy Co. 17 Apr 1803, and that his brother is Isaac Hiram Arnold b. 1804.

I would like to verify the parents of Joseph, Jr. Also would like to know if Isaac is a brother. Information on any other siblings appreciated.

Thank you. Lorry Wendland

Chuck Wolfe 19 April 2010

I am looking for information on Mahalath Hawk daughter of George W. Hawk.

George was born abt 1814 in Hardy and I think his father may have Henry Hawk but not sure. George is in the 1840 census of Hardy County. His wife is a Mary Elizabeth. Mahalath was born abt 1838. Her older brothers were William, Adam, and Vanson who was supposed to have been born abt 1843 in Hardy. In 1850 they were in Randolph and 1860 in Jackson. I think Mahalath married my 2nd great father Jeremeiah Gorrell in Jackson County VA.
Thanks, Chuck

Faye Rees 12 April 2010

Supposedly Thomas Reed Wallace, born March of 1836 in Phippsberg, Maine, died in Lost City on March 12 1869. He married my great great grandmother in Beverly, Massachusetts only a couple of months before! Would there be any record of this? And if so, how he might have died - possibly where he might be buried? I had thought he might have been a war casualty but it seems too late for what I can find of war activity in West Virginia.
Thanks, Faye

Kevin Morris 8 April 2010

John Casper Wilkins
parents: Absalom A. & Catherine A. Halterman Wilkins
b. 1878 in Hardy County, WV
d. 1956 in Hardy County, WV
m. Lillian "Lilla" "Lillie" Bell Miller
I would like to know the exact death date of John Casper Wilkins.

Betty W. Van Fossen 7 April 2010

Seeking information about George Ketterman. Believe his father was Daniel or Jacob. If you have will or any proof would you be so kind as to share with me. Are George F. and George the same person? He is one of my GGGG's

Lynn Stetler Allison 7 April 2010

Jacob & Maria Louisa COOTES: These ancestors were listed in the 1850 census with their daughters & sons. Jacob died in 1855 and Maria Louisa died in 1887 and is buried in the Asbury UM Church Cemetery. I am trying to find a proof of birth for a granddaughter who was born in Lost River in 1847. Her name was Harriet Virginia Stettler, d/o Emma E Cootes & John Miller Stetler.

Fred Wilson 27 February 2010

John Cook moved to Baker's Run near Needmore in 1809. Does anyone have any information prior to that date? I know he came from Frederick County but have a "brick wall". Also, does anyone know anything about a log cabin on Caldwell Rd. known as the "Cook Place"? I have lots of info on his descendants from 1809 on. Would love to hear from any other researchers of this family.

Cindi Stine 25 February 2010

Hi, I recently saw a post on your page from a Bob Peck, living in Ohio, who had information on the Lancisco family and the Peck family. I tried to reach him by email, but the email was sent back to me. Do you by chance have any other way of contacting Bob Peck? Do you have information on the Lancisco or Peck families?
Thank you, Cindi

Will Sherman 22 February 2010

I am trying to find death or probate records for two brothers in my line. They are Jacob and George Sherman or Shireman. George was a Revolutionary War veteran, enlisting in Shenandoah, VA in 1780. Sometime after his return from the war, the two brothers moved to Upper Cove in or near Lost River. Jacob died on or about 1835 and George 3 June 1839. George married Magdalene Delauter. Do you have any idea where I might start? Since WV didn't become a state until the Civil war, I was wondering if the records would be in WV or VA.

Shirley Sherman 26 January 2010

Seeking info on an Anna Rebecca Reed b. 1861, married a John W. Weese, b. 1856, in 1880. G.Co. marriage records list her mother's name as Susan but nothing else is known by me. In the 1870 census Anna is living with a Daniel Ault family of the Milroy District of G. Co. Who was her mother and her father?

Seeking info on the maiden name of a Christina Weese b. abt. 1820 and died around 1900. Married to Elijah Weese, b. 1810 and d. 1896. Have been told it was Stonebaugh or Steinbock but can't find any leads on either name. Any info would be appreciated.

Margaret McPhaul 26 January 2010

I am still trying to locate records (any record) of James Boley & family from 1750-1820 Hardy County, Virginia.

Jo Telarski 25 January 2010

Looking for information on the family of John William Southerly married to Henrietta Koontz and their ancestors. Also for Jefferson Scott Crites and Molly Crites.

Seeking information on: James Curry "Bud" Southerly db 11-7-1896 and Grace Violet Crites db 6-16-1899. Grace was daughter of Jefferson Scott Crites db 1872 and Mary Ann Hannah "Molly" Jenkins db 9 Sep 1872. I believe Jefferson was the son of Archibold and Secela Weese db 1848....not sure about ths. I cannot find if Solomon Crites db 1807 is the correct father of Archibold. Mary Ann Jenkins I believe is the daughter of George Washington Jenkins db 1845 and Anna Funk db 1851. If Archibold is correct then his father would likely be Jacob Crites, Sr. db 1755. Would Philip Crites be from Germany?

The Southerly side is stumping me. I recall Bud mentioned his father as John and his Mother as a Koontz, but the John W. I find was married to Etta Belle which I think is not right. This is where I need help. Also I need some information on Ashby,Pauline and Hazel Crites who were also children of Jefferson and Molly Crites. Not sure if there were others.
All these people lived in Hardy and Grant Counties in WV most of their lives I think. All relatives that I knew are gone so I have no contacts for any info.
Thank you so much.
Jo Telarski, Sun City AZ

Cheryl Wilson Griffin 20 January 2010

I'm researching my Wilson family roots and I'm stuck because I cannot locate records any further back. Specifically, I'm looking for information regarding the parents of Jesse Henckle Wilson. Any help is much appreciated!! Here's what I have:

Jesse Henckle Wilson
Birth: 11/13/1821 in Virginia
Death: 06/05/1886 in Vermillion, Illinois
Married: Elizabeth J. Stump (1819 - 1913)
6/11/1843 in Allegany County, Maryland

Dorothy Catherine Wilson , B: 1844
Adaline Wilson, B: 1847
Sarah DRJ Wilson, B:1850 D: 1913
Perren Wilson, B: 1851 D: 1933
James Wilson, B:1856 D: 1936
Clarina Wilson, B: 1859
Hester Wilson, B: 1863

Cheryl Wilson Griffin
Highland, Indiana

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