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Woodrow Simmons 16 December 2012

Was Jacob Smith br. ca 1813 that lived in Howards Lick area of Hardy Co. WV in 1860 the man who served as substitute in Confederate army for Pharoah Wilkens and died in Harrisonburg, VA?

What happened to his wife and children?

Seeking his & her parents, wedding info, etc.

Woodrow Simmons fortrun@hardynet.com

Patricia Schmitt 16 December 2012

Looking for the death date of Maria Catharine Kraus Exline b.1736 PA who married George Exline. George was murdered 1801 in Moorefield, Hardy Co, VA. Name also used "Jurg Oxlein".

Trying to discover if Maria was his spouse at his time of death or if he had remarried and had other children.

My direct line has Elizabeth Exline b. 1792 in Hardy Co. who was raised by John Harness and used the Harness name. She went to live with the Harness family about the time of George's death. Have also heard that she had a sister Alida (but not verified).

Not sure if George is her father (or grandfather) or possibly Barkley Exline of whom there seems no information but who lived in Hardy Co.

Harold Starr 10 December 2012

Trying to establish parents of a Daniel Starr b.1770 married Rachael Badgley about 1799 traveled to Illinois with the Rev. Badgley group of about 154 individuals.

Shane Wolfe 27 November 2012

I'd like to know more about my grandfather's parents. Records seem to stop at my grandfather.

My grandfather's name was James Thomas Wolfe. He was born in Moorefield on August 11, 1922. His parents I believe are James Wolfe (born around 1887 and died 1961) and Carrie O. Wolfe, who may be listed as Carrie Otis Wolfe, or Carrie Otis Cook Wolfe. Shw was born around 1887, but I do not have any more detail on her or her family. I believe our family name is Irish, and I'd love to find out which generation came from Ireland, though I'm unable to get past James and Carrie's generations. Any help you could provide would be wonderful.
Thank you! br />
Leslie A Bond 4 Oct 2012
WARDEN Family Reunion

I am writing on behalf of a friend, Guy Warden, who is a great-grandson of James McCoy Warden of Hardy County, born in 1839. Guy's grandfather came to New Mexico between 1900 and 1910 with two brothers and a sister.

We have heard that there is a Warden family reunion, perhaps in Wardensville. We would like to know who to contact about the next reunion.

I will appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you,
Leslie A Bond
LA Bond Associates

Lawrence Corob 8 Oct 2012

Do you have any information on Isabelah Sivelo, who was my ggggg grandmother? She supposedly lived and died in Hardy County, Va. Thank you.

Note: I believe Isabelah Sivelo was the wife of Jacob Crites who emigrated to America from the port of Rotterdam in 1747. She is also an ancestor in my line. I know little about her and would also be interested in information. Margaret Lew.

Carrie Payne 27 September 2012

I'm looking for information (specifically parents) on Evan Pain died 1808 in Newark, Licking Ohio; Born between 1755 and 1763 in Hampshire County, VA, USA. Married Margaret Baker (b 1734-1835) He's referenced in Ohio documentation 1802. There's a reference of a christening 1803?....maybe? he had a Son named William born 1784. Any additional information would be helpful as well.

William Kuehn 14 September 2012

I am interested in information about the parents and ancestors of Rhoda Valentine Badgley. I am also interested in burial location and tombstones of the Badgley and Valentine families in Hardy County.
Thank you.

Sue Lupton 9 September 2012
LEAR Cemetery

I am trying to find the location and listing of the Lear Cemetery which I believe is in Hardy Co. Lacy Saville 1867 - before 1892) married Jefferson Davis Lear (1861 - 1930) and he is supposedly buried in the Lear Cemetery and I don't know where Lacy is buried. Do you have any info that could help me.
Sue Lupton

Kathy L. Arrowsmith 7 September 2012

Looking for any information on Edward and Mary Shobe. They are the parents of my Grandfather. His name was Roy Edward Shobe, and I have his birth date as 05/20/1890 --- born in Moorefield, West Virginia. He married Lillian "Grace" Warnick on March 4, 1924. They moved to Illinois. I have hit a stone wall on any info on Edward and Mary. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

H. Stanley Jones 28 August 2012

Aloha From a long way west of Hardy County.

This ancestor, Edward Harrison Jones, was born 3 Feb 1804. With the help of a co clerk in Sullivan IL in reviewing the handwritten death record we think he may have been born in Hardy County.

His parents were John Jones & Francis Morris I found their grave site in Pratt WV

He married Mary Vinsonhaler in Ross OH on 15 Nov 1832.

In addition to my Jones line, I have many Sirons from VA & WV

Any info/assistance you can provide will be most appreciated
Dr. H. Stanley Jones

Duane Landacre 9 August 2012

I have been researching the Landacre (Landaker) family but have hit a brick wall on my gggrandfather Joseph Landacre.  I can not seen to find any info about his offspring or his lineage.  Any information would be appreciated

My information is somewhat of a puzzle. What I know for certain is that my paternal grandfather was Russell Francis Landacre, born in Hardy Co. WV in 1886. His father (my great grandfather was Jacob S. Landacre. Jacob's birth date is disputable.

I found record in the 1850 census that Jacob was living with the Baughman Family at the Baughman Settlement and he was listed on the document as being nine years of age (and a pauper). I would presume that his parents were either dead or had abanded him. But, later in my search, I have found Jacob as being born in 1848.

Other information I have acquired shows a Joseph Landaker, born in PA in 1760. Another Joseph Landacre (AKA Landaker) born in PA in 1788 or 1787. Furthermore, another Joseph T. Landacre, born in VA in 1807. Also, I have found another Landacre named Jospeh W. Landacre. Apparently, there are more than one Joseph Landacre.

Other information I have seen shows a Maria Ann Landacre born in Feb 1825, in Hardy Co, VA to a Joseph Landacre, Jr. and Lydia Sager. My son found information that ties the Sager family back to Germany-namely, the Duchy of Hesse, Germany.

My great grandfather, Jacob was married to Catharine Anne Sisler. They were married in June 1866. According to the marriage certificate, Jacob's father was a Joseph Landaker and was born in Hamburg (certificate is difficult to read but I think it is Hamburg). He was married to a Barbary Landaker. Barbary was the daughter of John and Eliza Ann Sisler.

Also, I found military records showing a Joseph Landacre, Jacob S. Landacre, a Simon Landacre and a Moses Landacre having been members of the Confederate Army- the 14th Virginia Militia.

As for now, that is about all I have been able to find. I was told that some of the documents stored in the Hardy Co. Courthouse in Moorefield were destroyed in a fire many years ago. I hope to take a trip to Winchester to see if any record exist there, since Winchester was the county seat prior to WV becoming a state. Any information you can help me with will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Suzanne Cox 8 August 2012

Hampshire Co., VA Deed Book #11, page 546-548 1798 George Tarvin gives power of attorney to his son, Joseph to sell remainder of his land in Hampshire, VA. Romney, WV has no deed books this early. Thanks.

Courtney Wetterstrand 8 July 2012

I am not able to email directly to the page for some reason but saw a write up by a woman named Cheryl in 2008 that was inquiring about a Mary Ann Bowers. My Great great grandmother was Mary Ann Bowers born March 8th 1844 in Hardy County, West Virginia. That birthdate seems to match up with her query! Mary Ann Bowers married my Great great grandfather Leroy Crawford and to that union my great grandfather Branson Crawford (BR) was born. If you want to pass along my email to her, that would be fine and perhaps it is the same person.
Thanks again!
Courtney Wetterstrand

Patricia Mitchell 26 June 2012

I am researching the Malone family of Hardy County, Archibald Malone, Catherine, James, Nathan, Susan, Alice, Scott, and Israel.  Most or all of the family left at the time of the Civil War and moved to Baltimore.  Paper trail for Archibald disappeared just prior to Civil War.

Johnanna Clark 26 June 2012

I have been researching the Clark family from Hardy County, WA. My great grandfather was Julius Marion Clark born 1850, first child to John Henry and Catharine Ludwick Clark I am trying to pinpoint the location of their farm and having a difficult time. The 1860 Federal Census has John Henry and Julius in P. O. Township of Fabius. The 1880, 1890 census records have them in Lost River. Family accounts have them in Needmore, and sometimes Big Ridge. Looking on old and current maps, these locations aren't really all that close to each other. Thus the confusion.  

I am hopeful that I may have found a reference to John Henry's father, who's name I do not know. However, according to the Sims Index, Ezra Clark acquired 38 acres in Big Ridge in 1839. It seems a valid and potential connection.  

Any information to help me locate this farm would be greatly appreciated.  
Thank you,
Johnanna Clark

Tania Araya 10 June 2012

Researching mostly African Americans, some of whom may have been free people of color.  Any leads or bits of information, however big or small, are welcomed!

Brenda Cox Stetson 4 June 2012

John Smith married Annie/Unis UNKNOWN...I am researching my Smith ancestors and have run into a block.  My g-g-g-g-grandfather was Nimrod C. Smith who died in Hardy County about 1866.  His death record lists his parents as John and Unis. Since John is such a common name, I have been unable to find him for sure among the John Smith's living in this general area of WV.  And although I came across one post that lists his wife as Annie/Unis, I have been unable to make contact with the person who posted the info OR find anything linking John Smith to Unis ? in WV.  If anyone out there has anything on these Smiths I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.  Thanks.

Carroll Clabaugh 30 May 2012

My Frederick Clabough resided in Hardy County from 1800 through 1807 at which time I believe he died in Hardy County. He would have been around 67. Any tombstone record information or family records would be appreciated.

Rebecca Revercomb 10 May 2012

Looking for info on Tilman Simmons born 1794 Hardy, Virgina.  He moved to Licking Co. Ohio approx 1810 or 1811.  Can not find any solid ties to his father Van Simmons born 1750 Prince George`s, Maryland.

Joe South 7 April 2012

Looking for info about a Joseph Hill b. wv 1809, m. Mary Ann Carlin in 1829 (said in Hardy Co.) Sons George W. Hill b. 20 Feb. 1830 and John Owen Hill b. 28 March 1834 both in Hardy WV.

Stephen Schimpff 25 March 2012

I am quasi-retired, have a summer place in Canaan Valley and am researching the inter-related Harness and Yoakum families. Together they obtained over 40,000 acres in Canaan Valley, now Tucker County. The largest tract was 28,702 acres granted by the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1796 to George Harness, son of Capt John Harness who had multiple tracts containing about 2000 acres. John's brother in law Peter Powell Yoakum obtained a 575 acre tract, son John Yoakum had 148 acres. George also had 575 acres that he obtained in 1785. Eventually George Harness sold a 50% interest in the 28,702 acres via this brother  to John Marshall chief justice of the Supreme Court.

I have seen a portion of John Harness' will. But it was incomplete. I think I read that you transcribed it but am not certain. so my question is whether you indeed do have it (although it is not listed on the web site) Capt John Harness lived at Fort Harness in what is today Waterside Farm in Fisher, born 1735 and died 1810.

The second question relates to his son George (1759-1816) who married Ann Rebecca Casey. I am trying to learn what his occupation was. It probably was farming along the south branch but that is not clear. and I would love to get a look at his will as well.

Any assistance or directions that you might be able to afford me would be very much appreciated.

Robert Colbert 27 January 2012

I am researching Robert J. Colbert (about 1824-1884) and (Mary) Catherine (Peer) Colbert (about 1827-1904) who moved to Johnstown, Pa in the middle 1800's. I show a marriage record in Shenandoah Co Va. for Robert Colbert and Catherine Peer November 19, 1846, Martin Sherman was the bondsman. There is a possibility that Robert J. Colbert came from Hardy Co. Can anyone connect him to a Colbert family in Hardy Co.? I would really like to get more information on Jonathan Colbert and Mary Roberts who married in Hardy Co. 2/24/1823.

Joe Coberly 6 December 2011

My name is Joe H Coberly currently of Early, Texas, since my retirement I have been searching my family history and discovered that I can trace my family back to James Stell Coberly of Hardy County, West Virginia. My G.G, Great-grandfather was Martin H Coberly son of James Stell. I would most like to find James Stell Coberly's grave and the cemetery where he is buried -- not sure if records would be kept back to 1805-6. Any information would be of help and or who may be best to assist me.
Regards, Joe Coberly

Ann Sedlacek 14 November 2011

I would like to contact Jim Reynolds (JReyno6299@aol.com is no longer active) who posted a query on Dec 6 1998 regarding REYNOLDS history. Thank you. Ann, ann@jeffnet.org

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