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Jerry Carroll
9 December 2013

Hi, would anyone know the identity of a "Thomas Wilson"? He is 9 years old in the 1860 census. He is living with the Hopewell family. Also 2 possible relatives: Judy Wilson and Pamelina Wilson. Thanks for any help and suggestions.

Mike Stevenson
12 November 2013

I believe there are two Brown cemeteries in Hardy County, Virginia. I am looking at the Brown Family Cemetery in Bean Settlement Hardy County, West Virginia. I have a relative buried there Thomas Marshall born in 1758 and died in 1850. According to findagave, it is fully photographed and there are only 10 graves there. Thay are mostly Marshalls and a few Browns which we think was a Marshall married to a Brown.

Could you tell me, is that accurate that there are only 10 gaves there? Do you know anyone who might know the history or any of the genealogy for the people buried there. Any help is appreciated.
Thanks, Mike Stevenson

Carroll Clabaugh
8 September 2013

My Clabaughs were in Hardy County from about 1782-1807. Specifically, Frederick, Nicholas, John and Henry. Can you provide me the names of researchers who might help me research and identify the relationship of these four men.
Thanks much, Carroll Clabaugh

Hugh A. Shanahan
31 July 2013

Do you have knowledge of published or available via re-print on line (Abe Books for instance) concerning the "South Valley" families or family histories of the early residents. My family main line is Jackson but also several other associated families as well. I am related to Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson but at a distance. Any local history records would be of great help to me should they exist. Thank you in advance for any advice or assistance. I greatly appreciate what you (all) are doing.

Robert Lindsey
30 July 2013

Looking for info on James Lindsey and wife Mildred Elizabeth Moody. . .around 1770's 1800's. . .thank you

Annette Ambler
26 July 2013

I am still trying researching †Mary Ann Wise and Abraham Baker who were maried 4 Feb 1819.† Abraham was born 1795, VA died 1830 Typhoid fever.†Mary Ann then married Abraham's cousin, William Baker 17 Jan 1833. †Who were Williams' parents????

I have spent years trying to figure out who William's parents were as Mary Ann and William had Sarah 16, Benjamin 14, Warren 12, Marcellus 9, Commodore Perry 8, †All members of this family were born in VA †This year was 1850 Notes #455 †#462 † Do not know what this means.

Warren is my Great Grandfather who married Eliza Baker 11 Apr 1826 the†daughter of Jessee and Rachel Marshall Baker. In the Hampshire, Hanging Rock District,1850 Census, Jesse and Rachel with the following children: Jacob, Eliza, Martha, Samuel, John, Caroline, Burzelus. †Living Eastern Dist Hanging Rock 1860.

Where is Hanging Rock Eastern District, as my cousin Doug knows Hampshire and Hardy by heart and I want to tell him where they lived. †Doug remembers his Grandmother pointing to a home and telling him about her grandmother's home??? †Maybe†one and the same. †Thank you so very very much for any help you can give me.

I know where Warren and Eliza home is located as my Mother and Aunts took me over there years ago and at the same time we visited a little family cemetery where Abraham, Mary Ann William †and many family members are buried. This William situation as been a real brick wall and I would love to figure this one out! †The father of my Great grandfather. †
My sincere thanks. Annette Ambler

Melissa Teague
21 July 2013

Do you know of a good source for researching old churches in Hardy County? My linage of Shooks and Sears departed Hardy County about 1786
Melissa Teague

Elizabeth Snider Conner 7 July 2013

I'm hoping you can suggest research avenues for me to learn more about my ancestor, Capt. Martin Bowman. I found a copy of his will in Hardy County in 1816, but I'm trying to learn more about what brought him to Virginia and his descendants. The previous last record I'd found of Martin was a tax record in 1781 in Pennsylvania. I'm specifically trying to find details about his daughter Elizabeth, who married Harmon Snider in Pennsylvania in 1781.
Thank you for your assistance!
Sincerely, Elizabeth Snider Conner

Dawn Keckley 23 June 2013

I noticed the Keckley surname is not listed. Our relatives are from Wardensville. Let me know if I can be of help.

Pat Davis 24 May 2013

Do you know how Moorefield got its name? Do you know of James Moore Davis?? And, is there or was there a place named Loudon in Hardy County? I know there is an early Loudoun County, VA, east of the Blue Ridge. The Rootsweb posting below has a story about the naming of Moorefield.
Thank you, Pat Davis in OH.

Source: http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=:3320338&id=I8378&printer_friendly
Entries: 5944 Updated: 2007-11-06 20:46:19 UTC (Tue) Contact: John Whitaker, jswhitak@pacbell.net
Supposedly, he was asked to name the new Hardy County Courthouse. He named it Moorefield in deference to his deceased mother,Jane Moore DAVIS. I believe his 2nd wife, with whom he had 7 sons, was from Hardy County. He moved back to his native Charles County, MD when the AmRev heated up. When he returned to MD after the war (c1781), his wife was dead and his children were in Hardy County with their maternal grandparents. - mary_chapman@peoplesoft.com

Harry Poland 16 May 2013

I am trying to obtain a formal record, i.e., death information for my great grandfather, Sebastian Shockey. I believe he died abt 1900, but the 1900 Hardy County, census shows my grandmother, Nancy May (sp) Shockey living with her mother, Sarah Elizabeth, but no Sebastian. Sebastian would have been born abt 1849 in Virginia. His parents were, I believe, Samuel V. Shockey and Mary Jane Liller.
Thanks in advance for your help. Harry

Amelia Packard 30 April 2013

I am looking for proof of Barbara Teter (1734-1814 Hardy Co ) marriage to Jacob Henkle (1753). They have a daughter, Elizabeth who marries Jacob Crites (dies 25 August 1837 in Hardy Co). I am taking my 90 yo mother to Charleston in two weeks for the last time (I'm the one who is not well). She knows nothing of her past beyond her Grandfathers. I plan to share with those who are left over a pancake breakfast! We used to come to Canaan all the time. Now, I know what drew the Aunts and Mom there. They didn't even have a clue. Her Great Grandfather Leonard Fisher married Barbara Crites Oct 1858. Her parents were John Crites and Clora/Celia (Pfost) married in 1807 John Crites (1783-1847) was the son of Jacob Crites and Elizabeth Hinkle. Elizabeth was the daughter of Jacob Henckel/Hinkle and Barbara Teter. I am a novice at Genealogy. I've learned you need some kind of dated proof. Court records, marriage, birth, death. So, if you can direct me for any of these people, I would appreciate it. Amelia Packard

Steve Wilson 15 April 2013

Hello, has anyone done research on Henry Wilson, born ca. 1760, his sons John, Thomas, Cranmore and David, as well as their decendents? I believe that they came from Hardy Co.
Thank you, Steve

Sydney Shaw 6 April 2013

Looking for any information on William, Samuel or Sarah Shaw, who moved from Peru in Hardy County to Preston County around 1790.

Eric Allen Talla 4 April 2013

My grandmother was Edna Mongold, born in KS; her father was John Mongold and mother, Jane Stahl. John was born in OH (some say IN); his parents were Hiram and Katherine Fink Mongold, Hardy Co, WV (VA)

Oral history from my mother, who was a Hollowell, said her Mongold heritage was "Pennsylvania Dutch" which leads me to believe they may have followed so many other from PA. south and west.

I work with my wifeís tree. She is Judith Gossett Talla, and her heritage is primarily in Berkeley County, WV. Altogether, even though we donít have email contacts listed, we may have many other probable connections in Hardy County, including, on my side including Brooks, Moore, Switzer, Wolfe; and on my wifeís side would include Wright, Chaney, Craycraft, Dean, George, Littler, Starr.

I live in Tulsa, OK area, and am going with wife on genealogical trip to KY and WV in May (2013) for a month. Would like to land in the proximity of Hardy Co for research, but don't know if I would find much there. Do you have any thoughts or direction that you could share?
Thanks, Eric Allen Talla

Michael Cassady 28 March 2013

my GreatGreatGreatGrandfather was Benoni Cassaday born about 1776 in then Hardy County VA. He married Sarah Ravenscroft. I have run into a stone wall finding out any information as to his parents. There is a fair amount on his wife's ancestry but he just seems to appear. Any suggestion as to how to proceed would be appreciated. My father was Florian W. Cassady, his father Virgil Cassidy, both from Petersburg, WVA. I live in California so it is not feasible to visit places to try to track him down.
Take Care, Mike

Twyman Andes 6 February 2013

My 2nd cousin is descendant of Wilkins.† We are coming to Hardy this spring to courthouse and library and particularly are interested in the Wilkins cemetery at Lost river. We need a detailed county road map to help us plan and get around. I would be very happy to reimburse you for purchase cost and mailing.
† †† Twyman Andes, Fauquier County, VA

Woodrow Simmons 16 December 2012

Was Jacob Smith br. ca 1813 that lived in Howards Lick area of Hardy Co. WV in 1860 the man who served as substitute in Confederate army for Pharoah Wilkens and died in Harrisonburg, VA?

What happened to his wife and children?

Seeking his & her parents, wedding info, etc.

Woodrow Simmons fortrun@hardynet.com

Patricia Schmitt 16 December 2012

Looking for the death date of Maria Catharine Kraus Exline b.1736 PA who married George Exline. George was murdered 1801 in Moorefield, Hardy Co, VA. Name also used "Jurg Oxlein".

Trying to discover if Maria was his spouse at his time of death or if he had remarried and had other children.

My direct line has Elizabeth Exline b. 1792 in Hardy Co. who was raised by John Harness and used the Harness name. She went to live with the Harness family about the time of George's death. Have also heard that she had a sister Alida (but not verified).

Not sure if George is her father (or grandfather) or possibly Barkley Exline of whom there seems no information but who lived in Hardy Co.

Harold Starr 10 December 2012

Trying to establish parents of a Daniel Starr b.1770 married Rachael Badgley about 1799 traveled to Illinois with the Rev. Badgley group of about 154 individuals.

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