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Justin Peterson
3 January 2015

My name is Justin Peterson and I am from Ross County Ohio, and the descendent of Petersons who first settled Hardy County in the 1700's/1800's. I am the last male Peterson from my family and want to collect as much information about the family as I can to pass down to my baby son, who'll carry on the name after me. I have found many records that I would love to have copies of to help me when preparing my application for the Sons of the American Revolution, and also to just have for my boy. Documents I have found of interest with family connection are: - http://www.wvgenweb.org/hardy/1800taxl.htm 1800 Tax List - Old North Mill Creek Lutheran Church Records, or anything from Mill Creek on Petersons

My question is, how could I go about getting original copies of the documents, which is what I believe the SAR wants. I am looking for anything about Martin Peterson (have seen it spelled Petterson) or his father Jacob Peterson, Sr.
Thank you!
Justin Peterson

Jerry Carroll
21 December 2014

Hi, would anyone know the identity of a "Thomas Wilson"? He is 9 years old in the 1860 census. He is living with the Hopewell family. Also 2 possible relatives. Judy Wilson and Pamelina Wilson. Thanks for any help and suggestions.

Bea Stephenson
21 December 2014

My lineage in Virginia (West Virginia) is POWERS.

In Pioneer Families of the South Branch Potomac At The Fairfax Line by: Mark Hale, Volume II......page 24....it says: Valentine Powers 2nd....."married to Jane Chidester, etc. she filed for a divorce.......and his estate settlement was recorded in Hardy County".

I am looking for this estate information to prove (or disprove) that:
1) Valentine Powers II is son of Valentine Power 1st & Susannah Lancisco
2) That Valentine Powers, III.(husband of Sarah Exline is the son of Valentine Powers II. I cannot find who III's mother is and I'm concerned that there's "one too many Valentine's in my lineage".....
Bea Stephenson, Waterford, MI

Danette Emberlin Fuhrer
14 November 2014

In the US Mounted Ranger Battalion Records for 1832-1833 George Washington Emerling (Emberlin)is shown as being born in Hardy County, VA and enlisting in Danville,VA. He is a brother to my 2nd great-grandfather and I am trying to find records for his father, John Coonrod Emberlin/Emerling/Emberling. The 1800 Personal Property Tax List for Hardy County, VA shows an Armrod Emberling on page 9. I also think there may be a connection with the Coonrod family also listed on that record due to Coonrod being a part of his name. Any information on the Emberlin/Emerling/Emberling family in Hardy, VA will be much appreciated.

Laura Phillips Nygaard
14 November 2014

Don't know if you can help me. I am trying to find information about the marriage of Barbara See to John Pancake. Supossedly to have taken place around 1796-1797. Barbara was dead by 1806. Trying to open this line up for DAR. Barbara's grandfather Michael Harness is an already proven patriot, but her husbands father Joseph has not been proven yet. I know it is hard to find information on women especially after they marry. Since she died first there is not mention of her later down the line. I have found on her father's probate record, Adam Michael See, that John Pancake is listed as a legatee? in 1797. So I think that they would have been married before then. Do you know if there would be documents explaining why he is a legatee?

Sorry to pester you with so many questions, this can be so frustrating trying to find father/daughter links.
Thanks for your time.
Laura Phillips Nygaard

Carolyn Sue Youngblood
31 October 2014

I am trying to find info on my ggggg? Grandfather James Mc Arthur, born 1764 in New jersey.   He married Rachel Brown (daughter of Thomas Brown) who was born near Moorefield in 1762. They married 25 nov 1782  near Moorefield.  His name has been listed as Mcarthur and Arthur.  They are the parents of Joseph Arthur, born 1791 in Hampshire county.  I can't find any record of his (Joseph's)  birth which I need to use for my DAR application,  as James was a Revolutionary War soldier.  I need to prove they are father and son.  Any help or information you can give or lead me to is greatly appreciated!
Carolyn Sue Youngblood

Sue Dietz
19 October 2014

I am attempting to determine parentage of Isaac Wilson of Mill Gap b 1812/13 d pre 1870 census m Eliza Tharp possibly of Wardensville b 1826 d after 1900 census. Currently I am leaning towards father being John Wilson of Mill Mtn. He died 1847 and left second wife, Leah Keller? WHO WAS FIRST WIFE? Would like contact with John Wilson's descendants: John, Jr., Joseph, Isaac, David, Hayden, Mary Wilkins, Scotta Wilkins, Margaret Orme, Rebecca, Ellen Chilcott, Anna Baker, Lydia Roakes, Catharine Vannuse, Amanda Pingley, Sarah Ann Hulver, Susan Hulver.
All responses will be appreciated.

Kevin Kelly
7 October 2014

I now am sure my Boley family had some American Indian background. It appears likely that Zachariah Boley was some relation as he moves to Frostburg by 1870 census and I know some Boley relatives lived near mine there. My Gr Grandfather was born in Wardensville. My guess is that Zachariah Boley and Jacob Boley were brothers based on ages etc. Are there any family histories available on these two. Also, Do you know what tribal groups lived there after 1800. From my reading, the Tutelo-Saponi are gone north to join with the Cayuga and eventually move into Canada. Consequently, it is more likely a marriage occurred between Jacob Boley and Mary that was some mixture of German and Indian. It also appears that the Tutelo-Saponi occupied the area where Allegany Co MD is. This  would explain the move to Frostburg by Zachariah Boley. My Gr Grandfather also moves into the area and lives at Mt Savage and later Frostburg.
Thanks for any help you can be! Kevin

Marian Gross Brown
20 September 2014

Researching these family lines in Hardy County.

Barbara Weese
16 July 2014

I talked to someone quite some time ago who was researching Chipleys of Moorefield, WV. I recently ran across this item of interest in a Moorefield Examiner newspaper, dated Aug 10, 2005:

Glancing Back, 75 years ago, week of August 7, 1930-- "Chipley's Pharmacy had purchased a barrel of pure Parke-Davis vanilla extract and was selling it for $1.39 a pint."
Barbara Weese

Dave DeVault
20 July 2014

My name is David DeVault and my e-mail is ddevault@verizon.net. I am researching the following surnames; DeVault, Devolt, Tevault, Tewalt. It's all the same line! 

My line of DeVaults settled in Monongalia County WV around 1800 is related to the line of Devault/Tevault (and many other spellings of the same surname!) from Hardy and Hampshire County. The YDNA project I have is helping us break through the brick wall. If you have any information or would like to join the project please e-mail me.
  Thanks, Dave DeVault

Oscar M. Bean
14 July 2014
Hardy County Deed Books

You probably know this, but I didn't see it listed on your home web page. Here is the link:
Sincerely, Oscar M. Bean

Thank you very much! It is now on the home page for everyone to try out. M.Lew

Barbara Moon Bstista
13 July 2014

Jacob Pratt b. Sep 27 1810 in Virginia (now belived to be in Hardy County, WV) and died Oct 2 1854 in either Clinton, Franklin Co, Ohio or Delaware Co, Ohio. He is buried in Powell Cemetery. Jacob married Elizabeth Ann Unknown about 1832. There is DNA evidence that may connect him to Manlove Pratt but more research is being done. I need information on early documents for the Pratts, Rumors in this area or letters and bibles that may mention these people circa 1800 to 1850. Jacob Pratt was working a farm in the Clinton, Franklin Co, Ohio area in 1850 and there are other Rumor families in the town.
Thank you for any info. Barbara

Ron Moreland
8 June 2014

Hello, My name is Ron Moreland. I am very interested in finding out more about my family. My grandfather on my dad's side was named Leonard T Moreland and I believe he was born in Grant County. His father's name was Arthur Moreland. Arthur's father was Isaac J. Moreland. I have more information. I would like to find pictures of my family members. I am also interested in contacting relatives in West Virginia who can tell me more about my family.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Ron

Fred LeSage
30 May 2014

My great great grandfather, William A. Smith was born in Hardy County on 2/25/1831. I am trying to find his parents' names. I suspect his father's name may have been William as well, but I haven't been able to verify that.
Fred LeSage

Doris McDermott
25 May 2014

Several of my ancestors lived in what is now Hardy County, Va.  John Sibley, Sr. and Ann Markee married and had a son, John Sibley, Jr.  What I don't know is when Sr. was born or where. I don't know is when and where Ann Markee was born.

Also, I need the same information for John Sibley, Jr. Do not know if John, Jr. had any siblings.  I do not know who John, jr. married or when.  I do know that he had 7 or 8 children, and I have some of their names.
Issac Sibley, B:1779,
David Sibley, B:1780,
Enos or Enis Sibley, B:1784,
Anne Sibley, B:1790
Sarah Sibley, B:1792,
Rebecca Sibley, B: ?
John Sibley, B:?;
Tabitha Sibley, B:1800. 
Also, there is another by the name Elizabeth Sibley. 

John Sibley, Jr. left Virginia from time to time, going to what was Henderson County, KY, part became Union County.  He is in Henderson County as early as 1782-1784 as he sign a petition to create Union County from Henderson County.  He bought land in what is now Union County, 200 acres.  He is one the first to join with Fielding Jones settlement in Henderson County, Ky.  He died in 1802 in Henderson County, Ky. 

Also, I do know Anne Markee Sibley, remarried after John Sibley, Sr. died approximately 1756.  She remarried 1757 to Garrett Van Meter and they had a large family.  Garrett raised John Sibley, Jr. as he was just a toddler when his father died.  I have a lot of information, but I still miss some key information.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Some of the family surnames are Sibley, Lash, Wilson, Van Meter.  My gr-gr-grandfather was David Van Meter Lash and his mother was Sarah Sibley. 
Doris McDermott

Jessica Moralez
17 May 2014
Miscellaneous Births, Hardy County, WV

Hello, I am writing to you regarding the index of miscellaneous births listed on the USGenWeb page for Hardy County, WV: http://files.usgwarchives.net/wv/hardy/vitals/Births.txt. The information on this site is vital to my application to join the DAR. Can you tell me where I can find the source records for this information? I am traveling to West Virginia from Nevada in July and would like to know where to go to get the birth record I need. Thank you, Jessica Moralez

Sandra Maupin
14 May 2014

Looking for info on Jesse Maupin, son of Delius Maupin and Mary J. Parsons. Born 12 Nov. 1858.

Need his marriage records and date of death.

He was my great grandfather and we know very little about him.

Dianne Weaver
18 April 2014

Margaret B. JOHNSON b. abt 1810 married Albert G. WEAVER from TN abt 1833. Based on census data they lived in Hardy County from 1834-1840.
Four children were born in Hardy County:
Phobe Jane,
Charles Washington,
Robert Lamkin,
Hannah E.

Based on family lore Margaret and Albert married in Hardy County. I would greatly appreciate any information on the JOHNSON family. I have info to share on all the children except Phobe Jane.

Jamie Abel
22 March 2014

I'm looking for the maiden name of the wife of John H. Boone, Ruth Eleanor UNKNOWN, b. abt 1830 at Capon, Hardy County, Virginia, d. aft 1870. Married abt 1850.

John H. Boone b. abt 1826 Frederick, Frederick County, Maryland. d. Civil War.
Joseph Jasper,
James Daniel,
John "Robert",
Catherine Jane,
Bellzury Sarah Virginia.

Ruth Eleanor represents the last major missing piece of data in our seven-generation tree, and we'd be thrilled to have it completed!
Regards, Jamie

Ned Cunningham
2 February 2014

I have read a will produced by James Cunningham (died 1828 or 1829) in Hardy Co. I am looking for any further information on him. I believe that his son, also James, (born 1778 in what was Hampshire Co. at the time), had migrated to Ohio and I can trace my ancestry to the son James. Also, any general information about the Irish or Scottish settlers in Hardy Co. would be of interest. Are there genealogy records available for research in Hardy Co.? I still live in Ohio and my son lives in Virginia. We would be willing to come to Hardy Co. to search records if any are available.
Thanks so much, Ned A. Cunningham, DVM

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