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Amelia Fisher Miller Packard
7 October 2015

I am doing research for my elders who are all in their 90s and were born in Dunbar WVa. Because of health they are no longer able to travel and before I started this research they had no clue of their ancestry. They have largely been undocumented. I have traced them to Hardy Co. John Crites 1783-1847 and Glory Pfost/Post. There is a lot of confusing information on who John Crites parents were. Some say Jacob Crites and Elizabeth Henkle. I know the Henkles have been thoroughly researched. Yet, I can not find my John as a child. My son who lives in Philadelphia could not find him either in the Henkle genealogy. I had hoped to use the old records for the North Mill Creek Church. Is there anyone who could help me? I would happily pay for any copies of documentation. Thank you, Amelia Fisher Miller Packard

Jan Teinert
5 October 2015

Trying to find Noah Abraham Rumer son of John Rumer. Noah was born 29 September 1880. Thank you for your help, Jan Teinert

Tom Clark
23 June 2015

I am interested in my family roots that include both Leonard Hyre (Hire) b. 1727 and his son Peter Hyre (Hire) b. 1763 and need to know with whom to inquire for vital records, deed, wills and marriages.
Many Thanks

Blythe Belenky
26 June 2015

I am looking for information on Henry Richman or Richmond. I  am trying to find his parents.

He was born in 1833 and died around 1900. He was on the 1900  Census but not the 1910.

His daughter was Lucy Ann Richmond who married Frederick  Souder.

His wife was named as Mary Ann Strawderman but I am not sure  if this is correct as a maiden name or a first marriage name.

Blythe Belenky
23 June 2015
Genealogist in Hardy/Hampshire Counties

I am looking for someone to do look-up of birth, death, and marriage records or court if needed.  I have all dates, but just need certain records. 
If you know of anyone, please let me know. Blythe Belenky

Gordon "Ray" Nave
17 June 2015

I encountered the page for Leonard Neff, posted by J. W. "Bill" Neff on the Hardy County Genealogy web page. I am descended from Michael Neff, who was aboard the James Goodwill that arrived in Pennsylvania on 11 September 1728. Both my great great grandfather, and great grandfather were named Michael Neff, but the son early-on changed his name to Nave He came to TX with cousin A. J. Nave in 1852. Michael (Mike) was from OH, and A. J. from KY. I have extensive research on these families. I am not a trained genealogist but got very lucky knowing next to nothing to start with, my father having died when I was 7. I would love to contact more Neff/Nave kin, especially any living that are receptive to contact. I am part of the "C" line. I have exchanged a good bit of emails with a Bill Neff connected with the Neff News, and do not know if this one is the same as J.W. Neff.

By the way, I found a quite interesting narrative, imagined no doubt, of the voyage of the James Goodwill in the year prior to our voyage. I have been unable to contact the author.
Best to you,
Gordon "Ray" Nave, formally of south TX, but longtime resident of southern CA.

Ray Harlow
5 June 2015

In 1816 Rockingham county John Holliday married Anne Warren
In 1819 John died but not before they had one child, Julia A Holliday.
1824 Anne Holliday married John Long in Pendleton County. A few years later they moved to Hardy County. John Long and Anne Warren Holliday Long had 2 children.
Mary b ca 1828 and Amos born ca 1832
1839 Julia Holliday married Eli Dolly

1850 census both Amos and Mary lived with their parents in Hardy County.
1855 Amos died in an accident in Hardy the information was given by his brother in law Eli Dolly.
1860 John Long died
1870 Anne was living with Eli and Julia.

My problem is I can find nothing about Mary, anywhere except one family tree that says she married Isaac Clark and moved to Indiana and then Illinois. But even with that lead I can still find nothing that puts Mary Long with Isaac Clark. I would really appreciate any help or ideas about Mary.
Thank you very much! Ray Harlow Elida, Ohio

Oh, PS my connection with this family is that John Long and my great grandfather Reuben Long were brothers. I am also connected with the Shopemaker family.

Steve Seim
21 May 2015
Hardy County Poor House Cemetery

I am trying to find information about the Hardy County Poor House Cemetery.  Specifically:  
1) its precise location and  
2) a list of those buried there  

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.  
Steve Seim
Beaver Dam, WI 

Ruth Scheuermann
1 May 2015

Hi, I am researching the McMachen family of Va and WVA.  In reading TK Cartmells book on the History of the Valley I find that a Samuel McMicken of Moorefield, West VA claimed his line of descent from my ancester Wm McMachen of Fred Co Va.  Would you have any information on Samuel -- he would have been there in the 1800-1850 years or thereabouts.  I haven't been able to find him on Google so thought I would give you a try.
Ruth Scheuermann

Darrell Arnold
18 April 2015

I believe my great great great grandfather, who eventually ended up in Linwood, Kansas, was born in Hardy County, WVA, sometime around 1801 to 1804. I wonder where he was born and who his parents might have been.

Can you help me?

I believe two of his sons, James Mason Arnold and my great great grandfather John Stewart Arnold are buried in the Monticello Cemetery in Shawnee, Kansas.
Thank you for any help you may provide.
Darrell Arnold
La Veta, Colorado

Joe Ellis South
11 April 2015

I am trying to find info on Joseph Sr, Joseph Jr., and John Hill in Hardy WV. Family history says that Joseph Jr. married Mary Ann Carlin in Hardy WV in 1829. They had one son: George W. Hill born 20 February 1830 in Hardy WV. Another son said to have been born in Hardy WV or in Ohio was John Owen Hill born 28 March 1834. There was also a Sarah E. Hill born about 1833???
The only connection I have found of these Hill's in Hardy, WV was that there were 2 Joseph Hills in the 1830 census. I know they lived in Licking Co., Ohio in 1840. Can anyone confirm that these people were in Hardy, WV for sure???

Andrea Fultz
8 April 2015

Hello, I am making a journey back to my family in Kessel. I am part of the Fultz family and want to visit the cemetry and try to find the original home of John Fultz. I know I can find Moorefield but going to the cemetry I have not been to in about 20 years. Also I know my Aunt Janie has passed but do not know who is in the house and if I need to contact them to get permisson to be at the cemetery.

Now one other question. I am trying to find a birth certificate for Marie Amy Mongold Fultz. This has been a problem as all the records show her living with her Grandfather Mongold and her Mom Lucy Mongold became a Bobo. I also can not find Eston and Marie's marriage record. I was always told both would be in Hardy Co. Can you give me any pointers to look for these items?
Thank you, Andrea Fultz

Perry Wise
7 April 2015

Looking for a Jacob Wise with his brothers, John, Martain, Sabastian, Henry, and sisters, Eve, Elizabeth, and Magdaline. Father was John Wise. I believe settled in upper Mill Creek area around the late 1700s. Also trying to find out if they were of German, Swiss or English ancestory. Jacob Wise being a g.g.grandfather.

Valerie Gray
20 March 2015

I am looking for documentation, for a DAR application, on Catherine Millar
Born 19 Feb 1780, Hardy County, West Virginia
Parents: Lieut. Isaac Millar, b. 1751 d. 1816
and Elizabeth See, b. 1756 d. 1794

Married: 4 APR 1796 Hardy County, West Virginia
Married David C. Parsons, b. 12 May 1775 d. 1857 in Missouri
Documents on Catherine's birth and marriage and David's birth records would be fantastic.
Thank You, Valerie

Justin Peterson
3 January 2015

My name is Justin Peterson and I am from Ross County Ohio, and the descendent of Petersons who first settled Hardy County in the 1700's/1800's. I am the last male Peterson from my family and want to collect as much information about the family as I can to pass down to my baby son, who'll carry on the name after me. I have found many records that I would love to have copies of to help me when preparing my application for the Sons of the American Revolution, and also to just have for my boy. Documents I have found of interest with family connection are: - http://www.wvgenweb.org/hardy/1800taxl.htm 1800 Tax List - Old North Mill Creek Lutheran Church Records, or anything from Mill Creek on Petersons

My question is, how could I go about getting original copies of the documents, which is what I believe the SAR wants. I am looking for anything about Martin Peterson (have seen it spelled Petterson) or his father Jacob Peterson, Sr.
Thank you!
Justin Peterson

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