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Enver Mullin
21 November 2017

I am looking for any information pertaining to Evaline Hogbin. She was the daughter of Joseph Hayman Hobgin and Martha Ann Taylor. She was born about 1827 in Hardy County, and served as a cook in the Union Army during the Civil War. She is located in Petersburg in the 1850 census, Hardy County in the 1860 census, and Moorefield in the 1870 census. She had two sons, John William Hogbin and George Morgan Hogbin. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Mark Cooper
31 October 2017

I'm researching the Reel family in Hardy County (my 4x great grandmother and her ancestors) and understand that Mark Hale has done a lot of work on that family, published in Volume 1 of Return to Greenland Family Histories.  I cannot find the book anywhere and it looks like the publisher is no longer in business.  Do you have any information about where I can find the book?  A point in the right direction would be very much appreciated. 
Thanks, Mark Cooper.Cordova, TN

Carla Than
13 October 2017

Hi, We are trying to find any information that you have on Abijah Willard Shell or Berg. He was born in Hardy, County, West Virginia. He was born in 1854 and died in 1919 in Kansas. Any information that you can give us would be very helpful.
Thank you. Carla Than

Duane Barb
24 August 2017

I'm looking for any record of a lady named Eliza Bell Sager born 22 March 1883. Her death certificate lists her parents as William and Fannie Sager. She married Harry Houston Hockman in 1898 and moved to Winchester, VA. Her marriage record said she was from Hardy. Any help you can provide would be fantastic. My Grandfathers birth certificate was signed by this lady stating she was his Aunt. We can't positively identity his mother, hoping to get some clues by finding out more on Eliza.
Duane Barb

Kevin Hathaway
17 July 2017

Looking for confirmation that Ann Jemima McCulty b. 1824 and d. 1904 was a Cooper from Hardy County, VA/WV. She married William McCulty in Hardy County and moved to Roane County, VA/WV. Mother to Clora McCulty born in Hardy County, VA/WV in 1824.

Rachel Allee
12 May 2017

WHO: William and Hannah(Musgrove) Reed
WHAT: Looking for parents names for William. Also maybe confirmation of whether he was born in the US or Ireland
WHEN: 1807
WHERE: Hardy County - They have the Farmstead on Corridor H
WHY: The website that had been set up for the archeological dig has been taken down so I am struggling to find any information. My Great Grandfather was adopted so this portion of our family line is relatively unknown!

William Thompson
3 May 2017

I am desperately trying to find out who the parents of my 5th great grandfather were. His name was Cornelius Thompson, and he was most likely born in the mid to late 1700s I am thinking around 1774. He married Rebecca Baker in Hardy county in 1806. However I am pretty sure he may have also been born in or lived in Hardy or a surrounding county.

Around 1809 they both moved to Ohio, so I need to find records before their marriage if possible. Please help me. Even if I can just get something, it might let me know it's worth my while to make a trip to WV.

Mandi Miller
4 February 2017

My name is Mandi Miller formerly Kizer. I am looking for my 3rd great grand father Sebastian Kizer b.1822 who I believe was born in Hardy County West Virginia. He and his brother John Kizer b. 1820 were both born there and maybe a 3rd brother Michael Kizer b. 1828. I think they came from Germany but I am not certain. I am looking for any information on them or the Kizer name. I have combed through the Hardy Co genealogy page but have not found any surnames closely related to Kizer. If you could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. My research stops at Sebastian and his siblings and am unable to find anything further. Thanks again for you time.

Bea Stephenson
11 January 2017

Looking for more proof of Valentine Powers, Jr married to Jane Chidester. Any children born to her with him and date of divorce.

Dolores Kelley
7 December 2016

Need proof: Was the wife of Christian Simons named Elizabeth Podley or a different maiden name? Or that they married 1808 Hardy County?
Did any of the Neff family marry into the families of Simon, Brake, Stump, Swisher, or any family living in Hardy Co. WV ca.1700 to 1830?
Having problems, I can not find data regarding Simon and Neff families, 1795 to 1830 Hardy Co. WV.

Beverly Perrie
22 September 2016

My 2nd great grandfather, James Keister, served with the McNeil Rangers. He participated in the raid on the wagon train in Burlington in November of 1863. He was wounded there and died on January 1, 1864. I have been unable to find what happened to him and where he died. I know the Presbyterian Church in Moorefield served as a hospital during the war. Are there any records of soldiers treated in the area or burial records? Any information would be appreciated.Thank you

William L. Thompson
8 August 2016

I am trying to find out more information on a Cornelius Thompson, I have found that he was married to a Rebecca Baker in Hardy County in 1806 via the marriage records. But that is all I can find. I feel like there may be more there in the historical society or libraries. It seems to me his in-laws may have been pretty influential, as there is a place called Baker, and Baker's Run there in Hardy County. Would you be willing to assist me in any way? Thank you.
William L. Thompson

Will Sherman
6 July 2016

My name is Wilbur (Will) Sherman, a descendant of Jacob Samuel Sherman whose father was Conrad Sherman or Shireman, the son of George Sherman or Shireman, all of whom lived in Hardy county. We would like to find:

A birth date and place for Conrad. and any information on the family of his wife, Frances Margaret Hall.

Birth information for George, a Revolutionary War Vet. He was born in Virginia, and left for the war in 1780. Sometime before 1808 he had moved to Hardy County, and spent the rest of his life there.

Any hints you could offer to make our search more profitable would be appreciated.

William C. Claypool
27 April 2016

"Along in the early part of 1800 Lionel Branson and Jeremiah Inskeep each built brick houses the latter of which is still being used as a residence. In 1808 Squire Jacob Miller built a brick house which is still in a good state of preservation and is now owned and used as a residence by Chas. A. Garrett. The oldest log house, a part of which is still standing is the old Claypoole house on the lands now owned by John Moyers. This farm was settled by John Claypoole, a son of James Claypoole, an English Quaker who was born February 14th, 1701, and settled in what is now Rockingham County, Virginia. John Claypoole was born in 1732, was married twice, and was the father of twenty-two children."

I want to see the farm where John Claypool (Claypole), son of James Claypole (Claypool b.1701 DE) lived. It's written up in history but only states the following. How can I find the location and other documents for the Claypool’s?
John Claypole, Land Survey, 7 September 1812
This document was transcribed by Barbara Johnson from the original records.

Surveyed September 7th 1812 for John Claypool a tract of land lying on Saw mill run & Coal hill run drains of Lost river adjoining his own land and the land of George See and his heirs. Agreeable to an entry made December 23rd 1811 by virtue of part of a land office Treasury warrant of 6611 acres No 615 issued to William Heath September 17th 1774. Bounded as follows to wit Begining at two Hickeries & a Chesnut oak on a hill side thence S77 E40 poles to a white oak and white pine by the run on a line of said See heirs and with thur(?) line N25 E42 poles to a pine said Heirs corner and corner to his own land thence with his own lines N6 W148 poles to a white oak then N23 W53 poles to two white oaks thence leaving his own line and runing N70 W34 poles to a black oak and Chesnut oak on a ridge then S3 E240 poles to the Begining Containing Seventy five acres Scale 80 poles per inch Variation 1 East Johnathan Branson apt to William Heth

Valerie Gray
17 January 2016

I am working of a DAR application and they will not accept a Will of David Parsons (b.12 May 1775 Hampshire County d.18 Jul 1857 Shelby Missouri) to prove Elizabeth Parsons is his daughter -- she married Abraham Van Meter (b.14 Jun 1785 Moorefield Hardy Co d.25 Aug 1866, Marshall, Saline Co Missouri) abt. 1820 in West Virginia.  I suspect in either Hardy or Hampshire Counties.

They are also requesting verification of David C. Parsons marriage to Catherine Millar (b.19 Feb 1780 Hampshire Co. d.4 Dec 1844 Shelby Co., Missouri) on 4 Apr 1796 in Hampshire Co.  Also her linkage to the patriot Isaac Millar (b.17 Jan 1752 Hampshire Co. d.25 Aug 1796 Hampshire Co.)

The DAR will not accept:
1.  The will of David Parsons which clearly states the name of Elizabeth Van Meter (but does not call out 'daughter')
2. Multiple facts are clearly written in the Miller-Dubois Family History and Genealogy book by Eva Miller Nourse published in 1928.
3.  Catherine Millar's gravestone which clearly states on the old stone she is the wife of David Parsons and daughter of Isaac Miller is still not acceptable.  It is unusual for the daughter and wife relationship to be on a grave stone but it is. (Find A Grave)

They want a bible records or a wedding document primary for the links from Elizabeth Parsons Van Meter to Catherine Millar to Isaac Millar the patriot.

Anything proving  these links like a newspaper article from the time or literature written prior to 1910 might help.
Thank you for your help and advice, Valerie Gray 7th generation to Isaac Millar

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