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Tammy Jackson Mon Nov 25 2002

I am needing information on the Albert Galington WATSON family. I just discovered that he was in Hardy Co. in 1830-1850. He moved to Jasper Co. Mo. by 1854 but must have returned to the area around 1859, since he sold some land there.The family includes: Albert G. 1805-1872, Angeline-1809-1873, Hiram S.1828, Laurence -1845, Benjamin R 1848, Nancy E. 1850, Howard Scott & Wellington B 1851 twins, Marcellus Hayden 1853 (my gg-grandfather) and Charles A.-1867. I am at a dead end, so if anyone can help me, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you, Tammy, E-mail:jajed@4state.com

Judy C. Stickley Tue Nov 19 2002

I understand there was a book on Hampshire County (?) by Connie Jean Casilear which she sold at Handley Library in Winchester in 1996.Can anyone tell me if it's still available and address, cost etc. Thanks Judy

Penny Stowe Sun Nov 24 2002

I'm trying to find where Adam NEFF and his wife Harriet BRAMELL or BREMBLE came from before arriving in Des Moines Co., IA. Adam and his family are said to have lived in Hardy Co., VA 1826 to 1837. Adam NEFF d. Oct 1877 in his 76 yr; Harriet NEFF, wife of Adam, d. 10 Sep 1846, age 48 yr 6 m. Both are buried in the Walker Cemetery, Des Moines Co., IA.

Adam and Harriet's children are;

There may be 3 more children who are unknown. After 1837 Adam and his family moved to Pickaway Co., OH, then to Wood Co., VA(WV) before moving to Des Moines Co., IA. I descend from Adam NEFF through his son James Albert NEFF. I would like to correspond with anyone who has information on this NEFF family. Penny Stowe, 18003 Vintage Dr., Grass Valley CA 95949 - cstowe@oro.net

Shirley Edillon Fri Nov 22 2002

Seeking information on these family connections in Hardy Co., WV.
Henry Clay LIGGETT b abt 1850. SNYDER, George W. JR. b. abt 1847 who married Elizabeth Catherine LIGGETT b. abt 1846-17

John and Catherine B. LIGGETT. John died 1870-1880 Buried_____?

Nancy Walker Mon Nov 18 2002

I am attempting to trace my family lineage and have worked my way back to Hardy County. My g-g-g grandparents immigrated from there to Carroll County Indiana in 1829. Their names were Isaac and Rachel WILSON. I don't have a maiden name for her. Isaac was born 11/30/1791 and died 9/30/1846. Rachel was born 7/9/1795 and died 6/25/1868. They had several children; the oldest of whom may have been born in Hardy County. He was known as C.M.D. WILSON and was born 3/8/1821 and died 8/9/1957.

If it is possible for you to shed any light on this part of my family, I would be very grateful. Or if you could direct me to sources that would be potentially helpful, I will follow up even though it will have to be at a distance of some 3000 miles! If there is any cost attendant to your research, please let me know.
Thank you for any help you can give me. Nancy Walker nanwalkeris@attbi.com

Robert "John" Miller Sun Nov 10 2002

My father was Robert "Bobby" MILLER. He died when I was quite young. His ashes are interred at Baker UMC at the foot of his grandfather Robert's grave. Ray MILLER (also at Baker UMC) would have been my great uncle. Do you have any info. on who the rest of my kin might be and/or if there are any relatives extent in the area. My father's grave is unmarked at this time, but he died in 1976 and was about 42 years old. My great grandfather's grave is marked but I can't recall the date of his death, probably in the 1960's. I'd really appreciate any information you could provide. Thanks, R. J. Miller

Ken Dyche Wed Nov 6 2002

I am looking for the Green Hill Cemetery. I have traveled west on the JC Markwood Road, but cannot find it. I would great appreciate directions.

My greatgrandfather is buried at the Old Fields Church Cemetery. The road to the church appears gated. Is the cemetery/church open to the public?
Thanks for your help. Ken

Ed English Wed Nov 6 2002

I am looking for any information regarding an Elizabeth CRITES born circa 1810. The information I have says she was born in Rockingham County, Virginia but she married Phellip DETRICK, who was supposedly born in 1804 in Hardy County, WV, in 1830.

Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Ed English, Mt. Sterling, KY

Robert Phillips Weds Oct 30 2002

Is there a history or listing of the WHETZELs who settled in Hardy County?
Robert Phillips, E-mail: RPhil66672@aol.com

Evette Hill Mon Oct 28 2002

Lefenton HUFFMAN, born about 1803-1806 in VA, married Matilda J. BURCH (born about 1821 in VA) on June 11, 1840. Looking for birth info, parents and siblings for both. They appear together in the Benton County, MO census in 1850 so must have moved away from VA by 1844 when they had a child born in MO. E-mail: HILLEV.ZEUS4X.STANCO_1@mail.co.stanislaus.ca.us

Daniel J Geyer Mon Oct 28 2002

Looking for any info on the William BUFFINGTON mentions in the 1747-1749 Deeds and Leases on Wappacomo or Great South Branch, Below the Trough (from Old Fields to the Potomac). Thanks Dan, E-mail: aprildan@geyer.com

Penni Luntsford Tue Oct 22 2002

I am seeking information regarding a George REID (b. about 1750-1770), whom I have been told migrated from Hardy County (near Morefield??) to (Bath or Bourbon County) Kentucky. He married Margaret ALKYRE/ALKIRE and had two daughters, Maude and Margaret that married brothers, John and Thomas BARBER.

I have recently begun searching in this area and am looking for any direction. Thanks, E-mail: penni@pladesigns.com

Bonnie Wilson Tue Oct 22 2002

If anyone has the 1870 census for Hardy Co., would you please look up the following for me? I've lost Lydia BEAN after the 1860 census of Monongalia Co. WV.

L.E. Bean, page 019, Capon Twp.
Lydia M. Bean, page 020, Capon Twp. E-mail: barn@westco.net

Joyce Meadows Sun Oct 13 2002

This is my question: Can someone tell me the "official" name of the cemetery that is in the middle of the town of Wardensville? Does anyone know of a nice, Lutheran??? Church up on a hill with a beautiful cemetery at a place called Arkansas/Arkansaw (do you know how to spell the name of this place?) located between Wardensville and Rio? I don't know if it is Hardy Co. or Hampshire Co. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Joyce, E-mail: joyceeme@hotmail.com

Ethel Moreland Hoenicke Thu Oct 10 2002

I am looking for information on my ggggrandfather Elisha MORELAND b.1775 and his wife Hanna b.1787. They had 6 children born in Hardy County. Elisha died in 1824. My question has to do with where Elisha and Hanna (maiden name unknown) were born. Were either of them possibly immigrants? Also I would like to find the maiden name of Hanna. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks! E-mail: ejeanie@chartermi.net

Martha Hunnicutt Weds Oct 9 2002

My name is Martha (Marny) Hunnicutt; like many Americans, am interested family and heritage. Currently, have decided to start with my late mother's family. My mother was Margaret P. WATSON, father Robert Joshua WATSON, his father was Joshua William WATSON and his mother Jessie Electral WOODS, his father was William WATSON and his mother was Delilah WILLIAMS (my great-great grandparents). I have no information to Delilah. The only information is passed from word of mouth. William was buried in Moorefield, Hardy County, West Virginia (formerly Virginia). Joshua was born 1853. The Woods' supposedly were in this area around the same time or a little earlier to mid to late 1700s. Could you help me with where to look etc? Sincerely, Martha (Marny) Hunnicutt, E-mail: history@primary.net

Hank Anderson Wed Oct 9 2002

My Grandfather, Lee Addison DOUGLAS, was born in Overfield, WV in approx. 1880. I am looking for any information about him or his parents, or other ancestors. E-mail: bander8088@aol.com

Dick Schack Tue Oct 8 2002

Searching for information on Harman PATRICK. Records in Union County, Ohio, show Harman and brother John as being from Hardy County, Virginia, prior to it becoming part of W.V.

Harmon believed born about 1790, and married Mary ? in about 1819. Their fist son William born in Virginia in about 1820. John and Harman moved west into Ross County Ohio after 1820, then north into Union County, Ohio. Harman moved again into Marion County, Ohio, and appears to have died there around 1865. E-mail: rfschack@wa-net.com

Lucille M. Baker Sat Oct 5 2002

Looking for information on Andrew RACE, Hugh A. RACE, Job Lewis RACE. I know that Job Lewis RACE had lived in Calhoun County, WV, Maybe Hugh A. RACE lived there at some time, too. I believe Andrew RACE was a father to Hugh, and (maybe?) Hugh may be the father of Job Lewis RACE. They may have lived in Gilmer County at some time, Ritchie Co., or possibly a connection to Hardy County. Here is what I know about dates:
Job Lewis RACE, b. 1850, Calhoun Co., Wv, d. ?
Hugh A. RACE, b. abt. 1810, d. ?, Ritchie, Calhoun
Andrew RACE, b. abt. 1780 ?, d.? born in Scotland

Job was my grandfather's father. My grandfather's name was Ellis Cleveland RACE, born in Calhoun Co., 4/26/1885, died in Wood Co., 2/6/1945. My grandfather had a brother "Charlie" who lived around the Pittsburgh area; a sister Ida Blanche; a sister May (or Mary) Frances; and a sister Melinda Jane. They seem to have been separated at an early age, and lived in different households (maybe orphaned), in Calhoun County. Thank you so much. Lucille, E-mail: lmbaker@casinternet.net

Eugene C. Stump, Jr Wed Sep 25 2002

When and where was Michael Stump II born? He was my 5x great grandfather and is listed as a participant in the Battle of Point Pleasant. E-mail: estump@bellsouth.net

J. Denis Glover Sat Sep 21 2002

Looking for info about the GLOVER (sometimes GLOVIER) family, who lived in Hardy County about 1820 or so. They were probably born in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Richard would be the older. His son was Benjamin (born 1792), who returned to Linville, Rockingham County, Virginia, for some reason. Benjamins brothers, if he had them, may have moved to Licking County, Ohio. Benjamin's wife was Dorcas ALEXANDER from the Pine Forge district of Shenandoah County, just above New Market, Virginia. Benjamin and Dorcas Glover married 1815 in Shenandoah County, Virginia. jd-glover@attbi.com

Vikki McBride Fri Sep 20 2002

My name is Vikki McBride and I'm doing my family tree. I am looking for information on my 5th, 6th and 7th generation grandfather's. Starting with the oldest one, here are their names: James, Stephen and Stephen MCBRIDE Jr.

James served in the French-Indian War and Stephen served in the Revolutionary War there. Also, they were Quaker's and I didn't know if that could bring you some information, too. Would you have any records on any of them or their families? I would be so happy if you did. Please, contact me at vikkicomputer@aol.com at any time.Thank-you, Vikki

Dolly Miranda Fri Sep 20 2002

My great grandfather James (Harvey) Harrison HARTER was born in Moorefield, WV on 21 Oct 1856. I am searching for information re: his father, possibly a John H. HARTER b. 13 Jan 1823, but I have no clue on his mother. I would appreciate your help. Thank you. Dolly Miranda E-mail: dollymiranda@columbus.rr.com

Tina Louise (Armentrout) Balison Thu Sep 12 2002

Just love to heard any good news about my family tree! Thank you for any information. I've heard the name came from Germany E-mail: tbalison@yahoo.com

Kris See Tue Sep 10 2002

I am looking for any information about my grandfather, great grandfather etc... I have a boy of my own about to be born and really would like to let him know where he came from. My grandfather is Vincent Orlando? SEE, his father was Otto SEE. My grandmother (92yrs old) is Eunice Donovan after re-marrying. She used to be a CANE. When she became a SEE she had 3 children Blaine, Betty and Richard (My Dad) My grandfather got killed in 1948 I think. My grandfather is buried in Moorefield and so is my GGfather. If anyone can help me I would be greatful. Thanks! E-mail: kcredrover@msn.com

Connie Gregory Mon Sep 9 2002

I don't have much success with a computer but I'll try again. I am seeking info re ancestry of Abraham Byers SMITH, spouse Mary Ann LYON. He was born Hardy county in 1796, died Tyler county 1845. His parents were John and Mary (?) Smith but I do not know which family as there were several John and Mary Smiths. He had brothers John and Henry and probably also James, Thomas, Michael and George. Family lived at old Kittlelick place until l845.

Brother Henry and wife Sarah were parents of Abraham W. Smith who had store at Greenland. His wife was Caroline or Catherine, daughter of Solomon and Eliz. STINGLEY MICHAEL. Their children were Clay, Milford, Carrie, Sallie, Aaron and Kate.

Abraham Byers SMITH -- I do not know source of Byers name and would appreciate help-- and Ann LYON had 11 children. I have some record of LYON-DENT family and record of SMITH family to l923.

Any help or referral would be appreciated. Thanks. Connie Gregory, E-mail: myvillage9@mpinet.net

Norma Clark Fri Sep 6 2002

My husband's great great great greatgrandfather was David REEL who originally came from Hampshire County, VA (later Grant county, WV) he fought in the Revolutionary War and according to Mark Hale's book he was granted a pension in 1835. He died in 1840. How can I obtain a copy of his pension record? I have no idea what company he served in, company commander or anything about his war experience. Thank you, Norma Metcalfe Clark, E-mail:

Linda Pfau Mon Aug 26 2002

Looking for Aubrey MERRITT, b. 1725-1750. Had two sons, John b. 1785 and Adam b. 1795 who migrated to Wheeling WV possibly, then Coshocton co., OH. Bio of great grandson, Lawson MERRITT living in Clinton Co., IN, b. 1854, son of Adam E-mail: pfau@networksplus.net

Bob Lawson Mon Aug 26 2002

Sarah Catherine FRYE, my great-grandmother, was the daughter of Ann PARKS married to William Baker FRYE. They lived in Hardy County mid 1800s. E-mail: lawsonbob@hotmail.com

Joedda Rosskamp Mon Aug 26 2002

Could the parents of my great grandfather -- George Washington STUMP (1858-1919) be Henry STUMP (b. 1830) and Eliz. (Betty) (Feather?) STUMP (b. 1830) who married in 1856? Henry and Eliz. were from Terra Alta.

Parents of Henry may be Jacob STUMP and Catharine JACKSON; Eliz.'s parents may be Adam FEATHER and Catherine METHENY.

Thanks for any info. JoEdda Rosskamp, E-mail: JRR@tewlaw.com

Otis Slusher Mon Aug 26 2002

According to old famly research done in the 1920's & 1930's, my GGGGFather, Alfred SLUSHER (1807-1875) married his second wife, Mary Jane GILLEN on 10 Feb1870 but the place of marriage was not noted in these old records.

As Alfred and Mary Jane are found in the 1870 Hardy County, West Virginia a Mary GILLEN is shown. It is not known if GILLEN would have been Mary's maiden name or a name from a prev marriage as she was 49 y/o when she and Alfred were married in 1870. Thank you!! E-mail: ojfwb@webtv.net
Note: Mary is listed in the prior Censuses of Hardy County in the household of James and Matilda Brooks. In 1850 the Brooks childrens' ages ranged 26 through 13. Mary Jane Gilliam was shown, age 28. In addition there was a child Ann Rebecca Gilliam, age 5, living in the household.

The same household in 1860 was composed of: James Brooks, age 75, Mail Carrier, Matilda, 65, Susan R. Brooks, 37, Mary J. Gillam, 39, and Ann R. Gillam, 15, all born in VA. Could the Brooks have been Mary Jane's parents? It was not uncommon for a woman to return to her parents' household after losing a husband. Margaret Lew

Perry Brake Wed Aug 21 2002

This is more an offer than a query. While exploring Lot #1 from the original survey of the South Fork valley south of Moorefield, owned in the 1700/1800s by the Brake family, I discovered the remote and solitary grave of Angus SEE, b. 1870, d. 1925. If anyone is interested in the precise location and/or a high resolution photo of his stone, please send me an e-mail. E-mail: pudljumper1@attbi.com

Chris Catalfamo Wed Aug 21 2002

We are about to dedicate a Pennsylvania State Historical Marker to commemorate our town's rescue of a young fugitive slave, Anthony HOLLINGSWORTH, from slavecatchers.(actually his master, Garrett VAN METER (Senior's) brother-in-law William Streit CUNNINGHAM and Robert TILDEN who would be Hardy's Clerk of Court in the 1850's.) The Hollingsworth family still lives in Keyser.

We have never been able to locate the farm of Garrett Van Meter Senior but one will suggests that he owned some land along Patterson's Creek. I've seen Garrett Jr's house, but he was a cousin--a son of Jacob Van Meter. Garrett Jr. became Garrett Sr after Garrett Sr died--then Garrett's son Garrett became Garrett Jr. (Ha ha--sort that out.) Garrett Jr II, son of Garrett Sr. was Sally Cunningham's son. I believe that Sally must have died in childbirth because she died in 1836, the year Garrett Jr. was born. He was 14 in the 1850 census. Garrett Sr. married a woman named Ann D. for whom he erected a very nice flat top grave memorial with a Biblical verse. However, he is buried down the hill next to Sally and an infant. I am told that this Garrett was called One Eyed Garrett Van Meter. His father was Isaac Van Meter whose 1832 mansion still stands at Old Fields. There is a good chance that Anthony Hollingsworth was born in the quarters in back of that house that was razed or fell down in the 30's. There is a rernaining photograph. We would like to know the location of Garrett Van Meter, Sr.'s house, can you help? E-mail: chriscat@ptdprolog.net

Bell Tue Aug 20 2002

Looking for information on Levi Alexander MALCOLM born 1872 in Hardy Co. He married Mary Virginia ARONHOLT in 1900 in Mineral Co. Levi's father was (we think) David MALCOLM, reports have his mother as Annie V. KUYENDALL, have just found this out from another source. E-mail: BellofCharleston@aol.com

Greg Coffman Mon Aug 19 2002

Would like information pertaining to Jacob COFFMAN, dead before 1791. Had a son named Abraham born June 1, 1763 in Virginia. thanks! E-mail:gregcoffman@msn.com

Clara Burns Sun Aug 11 2002

Any information on the above surnames especially ancestors of George Harrison KETTERMAN and Amanda Ellen VAN METER. George and Amanda married in Grant County, WV in 1910. E-mail:cjbrcb51@igiles.net

Tim Richards Tue July 30 2002

I am looking for the parents of Gershom (G. W. ) RICHARDS who was listed in 1830 Moorefield census. The family later moved west to Indiana, then Illinois, then Arkansas. Gershom married a woman named "Harriet". While in Virginia, they had one child, John, born in the 1830's. The rest were born in Indiana and Illinois. E-mail: tlrich@pdq.net

Joseph K Sherman Mon July 29 2002

Looking for any information on my grandfather Abraham Joseph SHERMAN who married Emma WOERNER in 1906 in Fisher, WV. My father Ray K was born in Moorefield in 1916. E-mail: joe_sherman@va.prestige.net

Hugh A. Shanahan Tue July 23 2002

Peter JACKSON was born in Horsham Township, PA in 1757. He is well documented as having served in the RW. He married Mary WALKER in PA, est. 1780-90. After the RW they moved to Hardy County Virginia, now West Virginia, to the "South Branch of the Potomac River". In 1799 they moved to Deer Creek, Ross County, Ohio and lived their lives out there. Seven children were born to Peter and Mary JACKSON: Elizabeth, Hanna, Sarah, Martha "Ma" also called "Patty", Margaret, John and William.

These children of Peter and Mary JACKSON married into several well documented families from Hardy County, Virginia, and various members of the connected families moved to Ohio with the JACKSON Family.

This JACKSON family is well documented in Ohio. I am searching for the parents of Peter JACKSON and his wife, Mary JACKSON, nee WALKER, who are my 5-g-grandparents. Peter and Mary are buried side by side in the Ater Family Baptist Cemetery in Ross County, Ohio in graves appropriately marked for RW Veterans.

I have a great deal of information about this Jackson family from Hardy County, and will be happy to share if you contact me. Please contact me directly at: hshanaha@darientel.net as I do not review the genealogy pages with any regularity.

Monte Buzzard Mon July 22 2002

Several years ago, I compiled a book about the desc. of Henry Buzzard and his wife Elizabeth Alt and I still have about 60 unsold copies. Henry and Elizabeth Buzzard lived in Virginia and what is now West Virginia. Many of their desc. moved to other areas and now can be found in many states. My book also contains info. on people bearing the Buzzard surname that are not related to my branch of the Buzzard family tree. There is even a special section related to the parents of Capt. Jonathan Buzzard. If you have not been able to track down your Buzzard ancestors, my book would be a great place to start your search. My email address is mbuzzard@fix.net

Kim Streets-Sesson Mon July 22 2002

I have been searching for info. on the surname STREETS for some time and keep coming up empty on Newton STREETS. Since my dad passed away 1-1/2 yrs ago, I have a need to keep trying so I can have some closure. Any help will be greatly appreciated. E-mail:kim.street-sesson@us.thalesgroup.com

Larry Koehler Sat July 20 2002

Julianna/Julia Anna/Juliann HICKS / HIX / HEIX, my 3x greatgrandmother, according to family notes, was born 23 November 1814 at Moorefield, Hardy County. Her family moved to Fayette County, PA about 1823. Searching for positive links and documentation of Julianna HICKS. Any help appreciated. E-mail:llkoehler@tir.com

Pat Rumsey Mon July 1 2002

I am looking for information on my ancestors -- Joseph PARKER and Mary JENKINS.

Joseph PARKER born about 1798 in Virginia (not sure of location. On March 20, 1820 he married Mary Jane JENKINS in Hardy County, Va.They made their home on Cove Run, Hardy County. I am told they had 11 children and then apparently separated during the Civil War. Mary was Union, Joseph was Confederate, to the point of actually joining the Confederate Army.He died in the Hardy County poor farm. I do not know where he was born, nor the month and day, don't know the date of death. My great great grandfather was child #6 John PARKER. This is about as much as I know. If you have any questions, just ask and I will do my best to answer. Thank you, Pat, E-mail: pansy.rumsey@verizon.net

Kelly Williams Mon July 1 2002

Any information on the CHILDS family in Hardy county would be greatly appreciated. I have been working with Barbara Kratz over the past 5 years trying to update our family tree. E-mail: sbranchn@hardynet.com

William C. Hanlon Thu June 27 2002

I am William C Hanlon Born in Rig WV 1921.I am researching family genealogy. I am decendant from HENLINE, KETTERMAN, PRATT, LAMBERT all of Petersburg and Moorefield area. Samuel HENLINE was born Jane Lew 1830 and came to Rig 1865. E-mail: whanlon@skipjack.bluecrab.org

Thomas Mullins Thu June 20 2002

Need Parents of James Albert STRAWDERMAN, b. ca 1863 Hardy Co., WV. Listed as STRAWDERMAN on his marriage record, which lists Mother as Harriet STRAWDERMAN. But James Albert wife's obituary states he may have been born Albert SEAMAN, then adopted by Israel COOK and took his name. Listed in 1900, 1910, & 1920 Census as COOK. Married Louisa B. COOK, 21 Aug 1887, Hardy Co., WV, daughter of James & Ellen DETRICK COOK. James Albert COOK died 31 Mar 1929, Moorefield, WV. Any help would be greatly appreciated. E-mail: thomas.mullins2@verizon.net

Jeanne Sun June 16 2002

I am seeking information on Joseph Henson MARTIN. Joseph was listed as a Civil War soldier who died on his way from the war and I am told he is buried in Moorefield, Hardy County, WV.

Also John Adam MARTIN married to Hannah Elizabeth BARGER.

Would appreciate any help on this, Thanks, Jeanne. E-mail: MammawJeanne@aol.com

Kathy Stump Fri June 14 2002

I am trying to find information about my husband's grandfather, Abraham Benjamin STUMP. we believe he was born in Virginia some time in the 1850s. he was orphaned during (we think) the Civil War and was about twelve years old (at the beginning, middle or end I don't know) He thought he had a brother and sister. He moved to Texas some time before 1890 where he died in the early 1930s. If you could give me some idea of how or where to start I would appreciate it. Thank you Kathy Stump, E-mail: starrbennett@earthlink.net

Terrell Elaine Cook Tue June 4 2002

Seeking information on Ethel Rae (SIMMONS) COOK and Joesph Fred COOK my grandparents and other family from West Virginia, thank you. E-mail: nettie@gls3c.co

Hallie Rae Stover Shelt Wed May 15 2002

Grandfather was James Wm Thomas STOVER, born 1854, died in 1943. Married to Sarah SCHELL, had 10 children, Sam, Bessie, Sadie, David, Russell, John, Luke, Bill, Ed, Paul. My father was the last one, Paul Raymond STOVER born 3/13/1908 Thank you in advance for any information. Hallie Shelt, E-mail: hrshelt@webtv.net

Tom James Fri May 10 2002

Can you find anything on a John Randolph PENDLETON born Jan 22, 1882 in Hardy Co, his children, wife. Occupation attorney-at-law. Father David B. PENDLETON, mother Nancy Virginia WHITTAKER. Tom James, tjames@adcomworldwide.com

Nicholas Sturm Thu May 2 2002

A few weeks ago while extracting data from Steps of our Forefathers, commonly known as the "Tacy Book," I was once again reading the second which appears to be primarily extracted from John RYAN's application to the Court of Randolph for a Revolutionary Pension.

An item or two regarding places he claimed to have served caught my eye and I went perusing other references in the Philippi Public Library and found there seemed to be several matches to items give in Border Wars.

I wonder if anyone has noticed the parallel and wonder if anyone else as noted the likelihood that John RYAN of Randolph-Barbour may be the RYAN mentioned several times in that old and sometimes reliable report on early Colonial warfare? John is known to have resided in Hampshire (broad sense) prior to the Revolutionary period where his father apparently had settled and remained there until about 1795 when he relocated to Randolph. Some believe he spent some time in adjacent Allegany county, Maryland where at least some of his children may have been born. I have seen two different identifications of his wife Sarah. Does anyone know if he might have had two wives of the same name, or that perhaps one of the Sarahs was the wife of a different John RYAN?

John's father left a will which is quoted in Western Waters that makes reference to a sister who married a Thomas HANKS who eventually settled in Ohio. (Could it be land that John had seen during his Ohio service, and mentioned to his sister on his return? Perhaps even to Thomas HANKS?) Thomas seems to have had a sister Nancy, apparently one of the 18 or so persons with the name Nancy HANKS living at the time.

Thanks for any impressions or insights. E-mail:nicksturm@earthlink.net

Eda L. Bobo Mon Apr 29 2002

I am trying to find the parents and sibs of Jesse RUMER b. 5-31-1825 and Caroline Elizabeth JACOBS b. 3-14-1826. I know that Caroline's folks were Franklin JACOBS and Sally HARNESS. She had five brothers and two sisters. Caroline and Jesse married in Hardy Co. Va. in May 26, 1846. I would like to find a copy of their marriage record. (I got this from her obit). Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Eda L. Rumer Bobo E-mail:svpi@bright.net

Deb Robey Thu Apr 25 2002

Seeking information on Michael H. ROBEY/ROBY b.abt 1802 Moorfield West Virgina. Later moved to Ohio and married Matilda DENNISON. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you Deb

Cheryl Massey Thu Apr 25 2002

I have read that Margaret (JACKSON) TICHENOR relocated to Hardy County after the death of her husband, Moses TICHENOR, in Allegheny County, Maryland, after 1796. It is said that she married a RYAN and died in 1818. Looking for the first name of the RYAN she married, and any additional information OR perhaps some clues to where she might have been buried. Cheryl Massey, E-mail:CHERDO@aol.com

Tom James Tue Apr 23 2002

Looking for a Micajah PENDLETON born 1790 in Buckingham Co. Va. died Oct 11 1872 in Oakvale Mercer Co. Va. wife Susan; one of his children was David B. PENDLETON born July 9 1817 in Buckingham, wife Nancy Virginia WHITTAKER. They had a son John Randolph PENDLETON born Jan 22 1882 in Hardy died 1952 was an Attorney, wife Gertrude Douglas HALE. If I could find any of his family they might know about Micajah. Tom, E-mail:TJAMES@ADCOMWORLDWIDE.COM

Mary Myhre-Pancake Fri Apr 19 2002

I am looking for information on the wife of David PANCAKE, son of Joseph and Catharine. David was born in 1777 after the family had moved from PA to Hardy County. He is listed as married to Sarah. I am looking for Sarah's maiden name and birth date. Thank you for any information. Mary-Myhre-Pancake, E-mail:mmyhre@quik.com

Kurt B Tostenson Fri Apr 19 2002

Researching the BEANs who lived at Bean Settlement Inkerman, Hardy Co., WV, and the TUCKERs who lived in Hardy and Hampshire Co., Va. The TUCKERs are descendants of Joseph TUCKER who died in Hampshire Co. Kurt, E-mail:kurttostenson@juno.com

Rita Wolf Pierce Fri Apr 12 2002

I am looking for the parents of Levi W. RICHNMAN. Levi W. RICHMAN (RICHMOND, RIGHMAN, RICHMON) b. June 12, 1824 VA d. 1908 Curtis, Frontier Co., NE. Levi married Anna NESTOR on Nov 18, 1847 in Barbour Co., WV (daughter of Daniel NESTOR and Marian "Anna" WILSON) b. April 20, 1831 d. May 31, 1893 Curtis, Frontier Co., NE.

The book: Descendants of Jacob Nester, 1761- 1844, Carl K Nestor, Morgantown Printing & Binding Co, Morgantown, 1983. pg. 155- Anna Nester, b. 4-2-1831, m. 1847, Levi W. Richman (Grandson of Abraham Richman.

I have two land deeds for Levi W. RICHMAN and Anna NESTOR RICHMAN:

  1. Sept. 2, 1867 Taylor Co., WV, Book 8, p. 171 Henry MILLER & wife Rebecca S. to Levi W. RICHMAN 2 & 1/2 acres near Knottsville (formerly called Nathan)
  2. Levi Richmond & wife (at this time living in Red Willow Co., NE) to HENRY M. WOLF Oct. 1, 1873 Taylor Co, Book 12, p. 62
Levi and Anna show up in the: 1870 Census of Taylor County, WV (Union Township) by Cochran
Page 91
Levi W Richmond 46 Va Farmer
Annie 39 Va Keep house
Daniel J 20 Va
William J 19 Va
Mary C 16 Va
George W 13 Va
John W 8 Va

I believe Levi W. RICHMAN's brothers were Jesse L. Righman, George Richman (wife Velma), & John Richman (wife Mary). This is not proven but based on the Frontier Co., NE school census. Other researchers have stated that brother Levi, Daniel and Jesse came from Hardy Co., WV before coming to Barbour Co., WV.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Rita Wolf Pierce E-mail:rtzephir@charter.net

Carol Thu Apr 4 2002

I am looking for any information regarding my ggrandmother Kathrine SINES. She married Asher MOUCHERON and they settled in Shamokin PA. Thank you. E-mail:carol@ohiosurplus.com

Jackie Thu Apr 4 2002

I'm looking for info. on my grandfather Lincon or Lincoln HALE, such as parents, siblings etc... my dad Raymond was his son. Lincon or Lincoln HALE had one leg amputated. He passed away during the 1960's. Not sure if he was in West Virginia or Illinois when he died. Thank you, Jackie, E-mail:jda@40webtv.net

Julie Wise Tue Mar 5 2002

Could someone please tell me where Luney's Creek is located? I believe my ggrandparents were married there in the 1830's. Thank you! E-mail: wisefamily@viafamily.com

Shirley Berg Fri Mar 1 2002

Alvin KEPLINGER married Minnie Susan BERG, no children, but where are they buried? E-mail: sberg1@mindspring.com

Bobbi Ryan Thu Feb 28 2002

My query is of William Henry SINE b Sept 9 1841 d. Jan 7 1928 and his second wife m.29 nov 1882 Zeria or Tamia CATLETT b. Frederick Va. My great grandfather is William Taylor SINE their son. Any information is greatly appreciated, but I'm interested in any children, a death date or burial for Zeria(Tamia), or any of their children.Thanks Bobbi Ryan. E-mail: bobbir@stratuswave.net

Stanley H. Self II Thu Feb 28 2002

Seekinig any info on a Stephen SELF born about 1811 and died ? and where ? E-mail: Self_Family@webtv.net

Ecjunt Fri Feb 22 2002

Looking for information on Isaac LEVINGSTON born 1836 or 1837 in Petersburg, Hardy County, West Virginia or Virginia. His parents were George LEVINGSTON Sr. and Sarah SIMPSON LEVINGSTON. Isaac died in Lewistown, Fulton County, Illinois. E-mail: Ecjunt@aol.com

Chet Benson Wed Feb 20 2002

My mother was born in Hardy Co, W Va. As a child she lived in Rockingham Co, Va. I am retired and do the genealogy as a hobby and would like to hear from other cousins. Chet, E-mail:maxben@chartertn.net

Sheldon Rabin Sun Feb 17 2002

"Greetings to Hardy County from Brussels, Belgium. We are looking for information on the parentage of Michael H. SEE, b. Dec. 1824; died circa 1906. Could the middle initial "H" have stood for HARNESS? Michael married my wife's gg-grandmother Amelia Ann SEE (b. Dec 1827) in 1848 in Hardy County. She was the daughter of John SEE (b. 1793) and Dorothy SHOOK. Amelia died in 1913 and is buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery. Will appreciate any/all info on Michael and his lineage." E-mail: sheldonrabin@yahoo.com

Judy Stickley Thu Feb 14 2002

I have seen a book on the Claypools in the library at Moorefield. It appears as if someone has added information on the Descendants of James CLAYPOOL. The particular entry is on page 162: Priscilla CLAYPOOL m. Eber CHILCOTT. The name (Hazel Kennedy) is typed in, as well as some additional names after the listing of children, which may be names of more children. The children listed in the book are Israel, Jesse, Susan, Eliza Ann and Priscilla. The added names are John, Elizabeth, Nancy, Jonathan, Aaron, Lydia, Leah and Amos.

I am wondering if anyone out there knows who Hazel Kennedy may be, is she a relative who added this information???

I am a descendant of Jonathan CHILCOTT and believe he is a son of Eber and Priscilla, but cannot find records of him until he is in Shenandoah County in the 1840's. He was born in 1816 in Hardy County. E-mail: jcstick@shentel.net

Julia Sterrett Thu Feb 14 2002

I'm looking for any information re Henry NEFF, b. abt 1752 Frederick, MD, d. abt 1815 in Hardy, Virginia. On May 23, 1792 in Hardy, Va he married Elizabeth SHOOK who was born abt 1755 in Hardy, Va. One son, Jacob, b. 1799 in Hampshire, Va and died in 1855 in Lawrence Co, Ohio.

I'm assuming 'Hardy, Va' is now Hardy County WV and that 'Hampshire' is now Hampshire County V/WV or is there a Hardy, Virginia?

Any help would be grateful received! Julia, E-mail: jnsterrett@cescomputers.net

Joan Sickles Sun Feb 10 2002

Would like to learn more about the family of Solomon YOCOM b 09 April 1771 Hampshire County, VA d 20 Aug 1855 Champaign County, OH He m. abt. 1791 Mary Magdaline "Polly" HIGGINS b 29 Mar 1771 Moorefield d 22 Oct 1838 Champaign County, OH. This Solomon YOCOM did not appear to marry twice and his family is well documented in Champaign County records.

Solomon YOCUM moved from Virginia to Kentucky in 1802. In Kentucky he lived near Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co. In 1820 the family moved to Ohio and located near Urbana in Champaign County. Their first home was two miles east of Granite Hill. His biography in the History of Champaign County, Ohio says that he was the first of that name (Solomon) in the U.S. Thus he is the oldest of the Solomon Yocum's presently being considered.

Solomon cleared Sulphur Springs and built a log cabin. Because of the prevalence of malaria near Sulphur Springs, the family removed to Urbana (OH) and bought land near George's Chapel.

Solomon YOCUM died in 1855 while living with his son, John Wesley YOCUM. He was a harnessmaker and saddlemaker by trade and a local Methodist preacher. He often preached to the Indians with Sol HINKLE. E-mail: jsickles149178MI@comcast.net

Jim Fisher Wed Feb 13 2002

Hello, apparently the Fisher E-mail link to a Debbie Malec is a dead link. I've tried it several times, but the messages are always returned. Anybody else tracing the Fisher roots? Thanks... Jim Fisher E-mail: jlfisher@mindspring.com

Chester Davis Thu Feb 7 2002

John DAVIS born July 24, 1781 in Hardy Co, West Virginia. In his Bible he states that his father is James DAVIS and his mother is Nancy NORTON Dau of John NORTON and Mary Ann last name is unknown. John was an Administrator of John NORTON's Estate It is believed that John NORTON died at or about 1805/6 in Hardy Co.

John DAVIS had the following Bro's and Sisters that are known.

John DAVIS Died Aug 17 1857 in Jackson Twp Allen Co, Ohio. Came to Ohio in 1809 settling in Hilliar twp Knox Co, OH was one of the first settlers in that area His wife is Leah HARRIS. John and Leah were married in Hardy Co. Am interested in the parents of John DAVIS would like to hear from anyone on this family. E-mail: grandpa121@hotmail.com

Beverl Johnston Mon Feb 4 2002

I am a decendent of Leonard HIMES and his father Joseph HIMES. Would be grateful for any info you might have. Thank You, Beverl Johnston, E- mail: BEVJOHNS@aol.com

Mary Duedall Tue Jan 29 2002

The co-author, Alan Lee Williams of the book "The Barb-Barbe genealogy..." ...based on the records of Olive Amelia (Barbe) McLaughlin (1842-1928) must have changed his email address in 2001.

I have Court records I would like him to have for James BARB, 1818-1856 in Hardy, WV and Jemima (dau of Abraham BAKER, 1795-1830, and Mary Ann WISE). James and Jemima d. 1894; 1899 in Hancock Co., IL.

Would anyone have a more current email address than for Alan Lee Williams? Mary, E-mail: mduedall@cfl.rr.com

Rue Buss Sat Jan 26 2002
Nimrod See Plantation, Mathias WV

I am looking for any information on the See Plantation, located in Mathias, W.Va. Now owned by Benjamin and Elizabeth Mathias and formally known as the Garrett Home place. Also any information on the location of Nimrod See's blacksmith shop. Also locations of slave quarters. Any pictures of the gardens grounds in the back of the home would be appreciated. Any information on happenings or events or weddings being held there would be appreciated. E-mail: poodlelady1@adelphia.net

Mark Holt Fri Jan 25 2002
1810 Census Hardy County

Where are the 1810 census records for Hardy County? Were they destroyed, or included with another county... Hampshire? E-mail: mholt@cablespeed.com

C J Andes Mon Jan 21 2002

I am looking for any information on the surname KIDNER. All I know about the KIDNER family is as follows:
George KIDNER purchased land about 1782 in the Lost River area. George appears in tax records in Hardy and Hampshire Co until about 1805. It appears that two George Kidner's died about 1804 and 1808 (not confirmed) and I have found land transfers to sons of George about 1805 - 1830. I know the KIDNER'S were in the Hardy Co. area, maybe into Shenandoah Co. One of the George's married Nancy SAGER about 1808. I am trying to piece together any history of the KIDNER's I can find.

My line is Lorenzo KIDNER who says he was born in VA in 1825 and married in 1847 in Shenandoah Co. VA. I am trying to find his parents. Any help would be appreciated. E-mail: cjandes@netzero.net

Brenda Wimmer Fri Jan 18 2002

I am doing research on my husband's family. I am looking for any information on a James HUFFMAN born ?1844-1855. I am unsure of any information other than I know for a fact that he was married to Polly COOPER. He was raised by a WIMMER and later took the WIMMER name, but was definitely a HUFFMAN. Any help? Thanks, Brenda, E-mail: brwimer@hotmail.com

Becky Lucas Sun Jan 13 2002

GRANTEE Kimbel, Lambert. grantee.
DATE 20 September 1800.
NOTE Location: Hardy County.
NOTE Description: 43 acres adjoining the lands of Bazil Day on Little New Creek. NOTE Source: Northern Neck Grants Y, 1798-1800, p. 440 (Reel 304).

The above was from a land grant that mentioned a Bazil DAY. I have an ancestor Bazil DAY who was born 1771 in Frederick Co. MD and later moved to Pendleton Co. VA. He was not listed on the Pendleton Co. census 1810 and I have wondered what happened to him. I thought perhaps he moved to Ohio, but perhaps he moved to Hardy Co. and lived on the Little New Creek. Any ideas where that is?

Does anyone know if this is the same Bazil DAY that married Susannah LAMB in 1794 in Pendleton Co.? Thanks. E-mail: rlucas@neo.rr.com

W. David Simmons Fri Jan 11 2002

Can anyone help me? My SIMMONS Family may have migrated to Hardy Co. sometime after 1880 from Pendleton. In 1900 I located them in Cumberland, Md. My GGrandfather was John W. SIMMONS, my Grandfather was Wm.Dewey SIMMONS was bn. in 1899. His death record provides the name of his Mom as Julia SMITH bn.WV. John would have mar. Julia circa 1889/90 . They had a daughter Anna C. SIMMONS, bn.1890,WV. John's bro. Floyd was known to visit Moorefield in the 1930's and called Moorefield his birthplace. This leads me to believe that the family may have lived there for a while. I know it is only a hunch, but any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, W.D. Simmons, E-mail:archivist252@earthlink.net

Fay Raiter Fri Jan 11 2002

Looking for Alexander PAGE ... son Finn, daughter Mariah ...
E-mail: Fraiter@gci.net

Jim Clayton Tue Jan 8 2002

I am looking for any info on the parents of Jamima Mitchell dob 1841/1843 in VA. She married Jonathon Clayton dob 1841/1843 in Ohio. The 1880 census placed them in Grant County WV. which should have been in VA at that time, all help needed, thanks Jim. E-mail: JAMESNCLAYTON@aol.com

Marilyn B. Rabakukk Sat Jan 5 2002

I am seeking information regarding: William MACKAY, born Arichliney, Sutherland County, Scotland 1763, who came to the Colonies late 1788, settling in "Petersburg, Virginia", where he had a "commercial house" and died "many years" before 1821.

Since W. Virginia did not exist as such in those years, I don't know if he lived in Petersburg, VA. or Petersburg, W. VA.

Can you help me? I understand that an influenza epidemic affected 5 counties in Virginia in 1793, which killed 500 people and lasted 4 weeks.

  1. Do you know anything about a William MACKAY during this time period?
  2. Do you know which counties were affected by the epidemic?
Many thanks for your help. Sincerely, Marilyn B. Rabakukk, Arlington, TX E-mail: Mbrabakukk@aol.com

Leona Chapman Thu Jan 3 2002

My GG Grandfather is Jacob A. BAKER (b. Aug 22, 1838 d. May 25, 1915) married Susan KOFFMAN (COFFMAN etc.)(b. Aug 12, 1840 d. Oct 2, 1914). They were married in Hardy Co. VA. They moved to Henry Co. IN. My Great Grandmother is Cora Alice Baker Craig. I would be happy to hear anything about this family. My cousin and I have have been working on this line for fourteen years with no success. These are real people . They had to come from somewhere. Thank you so much for your support. Leona, E-mail: l.m.chapman@worldnet.att.net

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