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Irven Kuykendall Wed December 31 2003

I need help getting over a brickwall. Ms Kuyrkendall is buried in a cemetery in the Moorefield area. Possibly died in the 1950's. This is all I have, but feel that somebody knows. I live in Ft Smith, Arkansas and I do look-ups for people in our well-equipped library. Irven (kirk-kin-doll)

Jeffrey Baldwin Wed December 31 2003

I'm researching my G-G-G grandfather Seymour BALDWIN of Moorefield. I'm aware of a number of other BALDWINs in Hardy County in the 1820-1850's but I am not sure of their relationships to each other. Does anyone have any information on the family relationship between Wm., Harrison, Wesley, Seymour and Lewis BALDWIN in Hardy County during this period?

James Evans Sun December 28 2003

I am looking for any information about the family of Henry EVANS born 22 Nov 1810 in Hardy County. I have located a Caleb EVANS and a Caleb J. EVANS from the 1810 land records. Also a Peter and a John EVANS, son of Peter from the 1810 census, as well as a Thomas EVANS who married a Nancy MALONE 10/20/1807 but I don't know if any of them are related to Henry EVANS.

Jack Knee Wed December 17 2003

I have a late 19th century photo(tintype)in a family album kept in Wardensville by my great grandparents. One picture is marked "Rev. Samuel REGESTER (sp) D.D." My family in Wardensville was Methodist and Lutheran. If anyone knows of this minister let me know.

Becky Lucas Sat December 13 2003

Amanda PARSONS married Joseph NEVILLE GREEN in Hardy Co. She was pregnant when he left her to go to Missouri with his friend. He left her without any support and she had to bring a lawsuit against her brother James PARSONS for a share of her inheritance from her father. I am trying to find out the name of her child. I have been told that she remained in Hardy Co. the rest of her life. What happened to this child whose father left before he or she was born??

Miles May Wed December 3 2003

Searching for Daniel CURL [from Jeremiah CURLE line] married Christena EYMAN [daughter of Peter EYMAN and Hannah WHETSTONE EYMAN] born 1791 in Hardy County. Thank you, Miles

Stacy Kuykendall Reynolds Mon October 27 2003

I am looking for relatives of mine. My grandparents were Blanche C. KUYKENDALL of Old Fields, and Junior KOONTZ also of Hardy County. Their parents were Michael Jacob KUYKENDALL and Hattie WRATCHFORD; and James Edwards KOONTZ and Emma NESSELRODT. Any information on any of my grandparents will be helpful.

Joannie Erickson Sun October 26 2003

John RADCLIFF married Mary THORN in Hardy Co, abt 1812. In the 1800 list of renters in Hardy Co the names Peter THORN and Michael THORN appear. Michael is renting 405 acres if I read this correctly. Does anyone have any information on Michael/Peter THORN and their families. I'm trying to find out who Mary Ann belongs to.

June Hefley Fri October 24 2003

Please help me find the parents of:
William Henry TAYLOR b. December 30, 1811 - d. March 13, 1893
or his wife Delila CRITES TAYLOR b. September 22, 1816 and d. April 13, 1890.

Both are buried in King Cemetery, Irving Township, Montgomery County, Illinois.

I have been told that they were from Hardy County, WV.
Any help would be appreciated.

Mike Kennedy Tue October 14 2003

Looking for the death record of a Charles NORCROSS. He is said to have died in Hardy Co. on January 12th,1860 age about 45 yrs. He was the husband of Eliza. V. Holtzman Norcross.

J. Denis Glover Tue October 14 2003

Can anyone tell me exactly where Bedford, or Bedford City, WV, is? Mapquest doesn't list it, but I believe it is, or was, in Hardy.

This is the reason I ask. I have this email:
Individual Record FamilySearch? International Genealogical Index v4.02
Alfred GLOVER Sex: M
Birth: Abt. 1800 Hardy, Bedford, Virginia
Film Number: 1903949

But I can't find Bedford. Also, I suspect that he was not born in Hardy County, but that his parents moved there after 1815.

Also, I found these two postings for Bedford WV, but don't know if they are correct:
Re: john henry fizer 1888 bedford city wv
Re: john henry fizer 1888 bedford city wv.
Posted by: Belinda Dunn Date: October 26, 1999 at 17:33:09...

Re: john henry fizer 1888 bedford city wv
Re: john henry fizer 1888 bedford city wv.
Posted by: albert fizer Date: November 01, 1999 at 17:51:33...

I suspect that the Glovers may have lived in the Lost River area or close to Wardensville, but have no proof. There is the possibility that the Glovers were somehow associated with a forge or furnace in the area.
Thanks, Denis

Jeff Hines Tue October 7 2003

Tring to find the father of a Daniel T. RITCHIE (wife Clara DOVE, son Silas S. RITCHIE b 1884). Daniel T RITCHIE was probably born between 1840-1865. All I know of this family is about the son Silas - he married Nancy Belle SHIPE in 1909 and they lived and died on South Branch Mountain. They are buried in Jenkins Chapel United Methodist Church cemetery. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Marlene DiGiovanni Sat October 4 2003

Looking for someone who would go to the Courthouse in Moorefield and look at the information on the Death Certificate for Catherine/Katherine (BASORE), wife of Joseph SOUDER. She died in 1922 and I would like to know if her parent's names are on the Certificate. She was the dau of Benjamin BASORE/BASHORE and his wife, Mary. I trying to determine if the mother's maiden name was Mary Sager or Mary Whetzel, the widow of Jacob Sonifrank. I will be happy to pay someone for looking for me.
Thanks so much! Marlene (Beaver) Di Giovanni San Carlos, CA

Mike Kennedy Mon September 1 2003

Looking to see if a Charles NORCROSS died 1-14-1860 age about 45 is buried in Hardy Co. Regards,Mike

Aaron Z. Sun August 31 2003

I am trying to research Phebe Jane WILSON, I believe her father was David WILSON and do not know her mother; she was born about 1835-40 in Hardy County, Va. (W.Va.). Can you provide father, mother, brothers, sisters, and birthdate? thanks for any and all assistance. Aaron Z. Note: Here is the entry for the household of David Wilson with a young Phebe Jane in the 1850 Census of Hardy County. David Wilson, 31, laborer; Cassanora, 26; Phebe Jane, 8; David, 6; Mary, 5; Joseph W.,1; Mary C. Cubbage, 17. All were born in Virginia. -- Margaret Lew

Susan King Thu August 28 2003

Looking for any info on Henry and/or Francis WAGGONER / WAGONER / WAGNER who resided possibly in Hardy Co., WV prior to crossing the border, prior to 1800, into modern day Garrett Co., MD. I believe Francis had a son, my gggg grandfather, named Elza, born circa 1800. Thanks!

Roger Smith Thu Aug 21 2003

Subject: book on Evan PAYNE in Hardy Co, WV

Does anyone know where to locate the book Descendants of Evan Payne and His Nephew Simeon Payne of Hardy Co. West Virginia and Licking Co, Ohio written by Leonard Lytle in 1949? Thanks, Roger Smith rms54549@tca.net

Eunice Mellott Wed Aug 6 2003

I am researching my GG Grandfather William FLETCHER. He was born in PA, 1825/1833. He married Sarah SMITH.

William FLETCHER was listed in the 1880 United States Census at Capon, Hardy, West Virginia. Family history library film 1255403. NA film number T9-1403. Page Number 80B. LDS - source.

Do you have any additional information? I am looking for year of death and any other data available. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you. Eunice Mellott

Betty Cronin Tue Aug 5 2003

I have just talked to the Sheriff Department in Hardy County who collect the taxes and they tell me no taxes before 1900 are available to the public. They are in storage. I wonder if you know of anyone who has copied early tax records. David EFAW bought land in Harding County in 1795 from Peter and Susannah HEINE (Teise), 79 acres on waters of Jordan Creek, a drain for the North Branch of the South Branch of Potomac. The Court House cannot find where the land was ever sold. I am looking for a death date for David EFAW. He is not on the list on your site. A tax list would show when the property was sold, but it is not available at the Court House. That surprises me very much, as I have found them in other court houses. Has a local Genealogy Society done any early work in the County? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Betty Cronin JHCBLC@Juno.com

Barbara Evans Sun August 3 2003

We would like to find information about Philip EVANS born on February 23, 1817 in Hardy County West Virginia. We believe he may have lived there as late as 1840 because we have December 10, 1840 as the date of his marriage in Columbus, Ohio. Thank you. Barbara Evans

Arlene Wilson Thu July 10 2003

I am looking for any information on John GODFREY or his daughter Rebecca b. about 1890 in Hardy County who married Henry Saylor ZINN in Harrison County. I need documentation that shows Rebecca as John's daughter. I have his 1833 pension application, but only his son-in-law, George DUVAL who was married to his daughter Mary (Peggy) is mentioned in the application. Any help would be appreciated. He may have died between 1833 and 1840 in either Hardy or Lewis County.

Patricia Moser Thu July 10 2003

I found Stacy M. WILSON, age 71, living in Hardy Co WV (Moorefield) in 1850. Wife, Esther (Hester).

I need to find any info for this Esther WILSON to see if this is the same Stacy M. WILSON who married Esther CLAIG/CLEGG in Shenandoah Co VA. Daughter of Thomas CLAIG and Elizabeth CANADA.

Tim Cooper Mon June 30 2003

If there is anyone with access to Olivet Cemetery in Moorefield or a transcription of it, I am looking for a Thomas MESSICK and his wife Rachel (CHESHIRE). He died 2 June 1930 and she died sometime before 1897.

There are several Olivet/Mt Olivet cemeteries and would like to locate their resting place so I can obtain pictures of the grave markers.

If "this" Olivet is the correct one, directions would be appreciated. Thanx, Tim Cooper

Rick Ries Mon June 30 2003

Can you help me please? I am looking for Hardy Co.WV census 1850-1900.My greatgrandfather is Frank MCCULTY, born 1850? He was from Hardy Co. I need parent information, please help. thank you, Rick Ries

Scott Lary Sun June 29 2003

Thanks for any leads on the ancestory of: Dennis LAIRY 1770.

He was married to Sara CUTRIGHT, daughter of Sam CUTRIGHT (born 1750 in what was then Frederick County Virginia, now Hardy County, West Virginia), Thanks, Scott Lary

Betty Cronin Thu June 26 2003

Does anyone do look ups at the Court house in Hardy County? David EFAW bought 79 acres on Jordan Creek from Peter and Susannah HINES on 8 Jan 1795 - (information from Bob Efaw) I have no further information about him. When did he sell the land - when and where did he die? His widow, Catherine CLIMAN EFAW bought 146 acres in 1810, in Monongalia County so assume he was dead by then. Any help appreciated Betty Cronin

Carole Haywood Wed June 25 2003

I am looking for infomation of Ann MALCOLM; she was born in Hardy Co. in 1843 daughter of Alexander & Amelia MALCOLM; she died in 1922 and is buried in Duling Cemetery in Mineral Co; I found her on the Mineral Co. web site but her date of death was wrong it shows 1933 but her tombstone shows 1922; I cannot find her death recorded in Mineral Co.; She is buried near her sister Caroline MALCOLM LYNCH; Would like to know the info on her death certificate? Ann had one son Levi MALCOLM;Appreciate any help!! THANKS

Dennis L. Strawderman Tue June 17 2003

Do you have any information on Sally ROBERTS? She married John STRAWDERMAN in Hardy County about 1815. One person thought she might be a daughter of a Thomas ROBERTS. This person also said that Thomas's family was the only ROBERTS family in Hardy County at that time. Do you have any information that would support or discount that idea? Thanks. Dennis L. Strawderman

Jenny Baker Sun June 8 2003

I would like to know where I can find the Census records for the years 1900 and 1910. Please, I hope you can let me know.
Note: Microfilms of the Census can be found at many places, including: Regional branches of the National Archives, libraries, universities and colleges. A visit, or phone call to your local public library reference desk could help you find the closest collection of microfilms. Margaret Lew

Jean Peters Wed June 4 2003

My great great grandfather, James HALL, was born in Hardy County on June 6, 1820. I am trying to find information about him and his parents, Thomas HALL and Sarah STROSNIDER. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Jean Peters

Sara J. Greer Sat May 24 2003

I am interested in hearing from anybody researching the BLUE and WELTON families.

Don Burns Tue May 20 2003

Searching Alfred RISH son of Adam RISH. Alfred married Catherine DETRICK in Hardy County in 1845.

Timothy P. Young Sun May 4 2003

Am looking for any SAGER family information and connections to Matilda Comfort SAGER, who married John C. GLENN in 1848 in Warren Co, VA. Matilda Comfort SAGER died of complications of childbirth in 1849 having my GGF, William Wallace GLENN. John C. GLENN worked at the Capon Iron Works outside of Wardensville, WV.

Anne Ponder Sun April 27 2003

My great grandmother's brother John James CHIPLEY was once the mayor of Moorefield and was Captain in the VA 62nd Infantry during the War Between the States. I have a very old picture which was in my great grandmother's home and am still trying to find out just which house it was. It may have been a home in Moorefield which later became a Funeral Home.

He was first married to Sallie V. HARNESS, I believe. He died in 1920, and I can give you his birth date from the Family Bible. I think several of the Chipley men were captured, for their record states "paroled" for their military service.

I am still seeking the marriage date of his grandparents, John DIXON and Margaret Ann MOORE (dau/Cato and Margaret COOK MOORE). I know that John DIXON lived in Jefferson Co., VA (WV) in the CharlesTown area later and was an attorney. It is possible their marriage occurred before Hardy became a county though.

Do you know anything about a very old home in Moorefield which later became a funeral home? John J.CHIPLEY is buried in Olivet Cemetery in Moorefield. Thank you, Anne Ponder

Kim Durst Sun April 20 2003

Am searching for information relating to the EYEMAN, EYMAN, IMAN and TUEL lines; specifically information relating to the Christian IMAN line and the Levi TUEL line. If anyone out there can help, please e-mail me. Thanks so much! Kim

Mike Kennedy Thu April 17 2003

Looking for the death of one Charles NORCROSS died 1-12-1860 in Hardy Co. ? Regards, Mike

Carl Shiber Sun April 13 2003

I have been researching the CRAWFORD family in Hardy County, Capon Twp and would like to find out if it is possible to get transcriptions or copies of records that would probably be at the County Courthouse in Moorefield. My Great Grandfather and his Father owned farms around Wardensville. Their names are -- GGGrandfather was Martin CRAWFORD and his son was Leroy CRAWFORD. Any information would be appreciated. Carl.

Janet Brammer Fri March 28, 2003

Need names of parents of Peggy (Margaret) ENGLE who married James GEORGE on Dec. 19, 1817 in Hardy County.

Ad Crable Thu March 20, 2003

I own propery along the Lost River near Pine Ridge Road, between Wardensville and Baker. The former owner (now deceased) told me the property had been surveyed by George Washington and a corner tree still bore his mark. I viewed this with skepticism until coming across several research articles noting that much of Washington's surveying work 1749-1752 for Lord Fairfax was along the Lost River. I would like to try to document if he did survey this property and locate his plat description and/or map. I see from several sources that about 75-100 of the 199 surveys he did in this region exist and have been reproduced.

Where to start? How far back might a deed search in the Hardy County Courthouse take me? Any other guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Randy Stalnaker Mon March 17 2003

I am trying to verify information I found that stated that Judith WESTFALL, daughter of Jacob WESTFALL, married Andrew CROUCH, son of John CROUCH Sr, abt 1770, at Fort Pleasant near Romney, would anyone know where I might find this type of information? Thanks Randy

Anne Ponder Thu March 13 2003

My great grandmother's brother John James CHIPLEY was once the mayor of Moorefield and was Captain in the VA 62nd Infantry during the War Between the States. I have a very old picture which was in my great grandmother's home and am still trying to find out just which house it was. It may have been a home in Moorefield which later became a Funeral Home.

I am still seeking the marriage date of his grandparents, John DIXON and Margaret Ann MOORE (dau/Cato and Margaret Cook Moore). I know that John DIXON lived in Jefferson Co., VA (WV) in the CharlesTown area later and was an attorney. It is possible their marriage occurred before Hardy became a county though.

Would you check and see if you know anything about a very old home in Moorefield which later became a funeral home? John J.CHIPLEY is buried in Olivet Cemetery in Moorefield. Thank you, Anne Ponder

Jane Clark Stryker Tue March 4 2003

I am in need of help in researching the Abraham CLARK & Sarah Badgley CLARK family who lived in Hardy County, West Virginia, circa 1780's to 1790's. Their youngest son, Abraham (Abram) CLARK Jr. was born Sept. 20, 1761 in New Jersey. Abraham Jr. is of particular interest to me, as he, his family, and a large party of people went to the Illinois Territory in 1797 from Hardy Co., West Virginia. I have been unable to find the parents of my 3rd great grandfather, Isaac CLARK. He may be a child of Abraham CLARK Jr. and wife Susannah. My Isaac was residing four miles north of the Abraham Clark Jr. family in Illinois at O'Fallon Precinct in the early 1800's. Any assistance you could give me would be much appreciated. Jane Clark Stryker

Penny Stowe Sat Feb 15 2003

Looking for Adam NEFF and his wife Harriet BRAMBLE/BRAMELL who were supposed to have been married in 1823 in Hardy Co., VA. It is said that Adam was in Hardy Co. sometime between 1820 and 1844. I am now looking at Tax Lists to try and find him. If you know of this family I would really like to talk to you.

Fern Keller Weaver Mon Feb 10 2003

I am looking for information on Noah KELLER, born about Mar 1827, married Catharine ? about 1852. Their children were:

They lived in Lost River, Hardy County, I have them on the 1870 and 1880 Census. According to the census, Noah and Catherine were born in Virginia. Their son, George, was my ggrandfather.

Donna McCauley Thu Feb 6 2003

Looking for any information on Jessie Mortimer Cummings PRATT & Frances Elizabeth DAYTON.

Would like to know when they were married and any information on their children. Thanks so Much....

Betty Good Wed Jan 29 2003

Seeking info on my g-mother Nettie E. MILLER daughter of George MILLER and Eliza May born Jan 13, 1898 in Needmore WV; married Jesse BOWMAN. He had 2 children by Birdie COOMBS: Ralph, Jessie and his children by Nettie were: Hazel- Bessie- Opal[my mother]. Nettie later married Claude KELLER; their daughter was Mary Ellen. Would appreciate any help. My mother was placed in boarding home at the age of 9 in VA. Thanks to your for help, Betty

Beth Warner Perona Fri Jan 24 2003

I am looking for information on the TAYLOR and GULICK families of Hampshire Co., VA. around 1780-1810. Thank you, Beth Warner Perona

Yvonne Liser Wed Jan 22 2003

I am trying to gather information on Sarah GRANDISON of Wardensville. According to an article in the Moorefield Examiner on 4/11/1907, Sarah was owned by the SEE family. However, my family and I had taken for granted she was owned by Hezekiah CLAGETT. Does anyone have a record of the SEE or CLAGETT family's slave names?

Eugene Newhouse Thu Jan 16 2003

Can anyone help me find the parents of Hatti NEWHOUSE? She had a son Ray S. NEWHOUSE, he was born about 1887. She lived in or around Moorefield or Purgittsville WV. I've been told there is a Newhouse family graveyard near Moorefield.

Ronald Price Tue Jan 14 2003

I am looking for anyone who can furnish me with information on the following family members: Amon Jr. PRICE, born about 1795, died about 1843. His wife's name was Elizabeth COLGATE, born about 1792, died ?

Asaph Moore COLGATE, born about 19 Jan 1738, His wife's name was, Rosanna PRICE, born about 1759.

If you are related to this PRICE family or this COLGATE family please e-mail me at: Dlanor759@cs.com. Thank You Very Much. Ronald Wayne Price P.O. Box 1571 Oceana Wv 24870

Nancy Garrelts Sun Jan 12 2003

I am trying to determine if Robert CLARK (1748-1801) was the Robert CLARK who was the father of William CLARK (1769-1855).

Information on Robert CLARK: Robert CLARK was born 1748 in Augusta County. He died Jan. 1801 in Monroe County. He married Elizabeth GAY. Their children were:

William CLARK was born Oct. 1769 in Hardy County and died 30 March 1855 in Upshur County. He married Eve POWERS who was born 1773 in Hardy County and died after 1853. Their children were: William CLARK/ Eve POWERS are my ancestors but I have been unable to confirm his parents other than a Robert CLARK who was married to an Elizabeth. Do you have records of wills for Monroe County that might show the will of Robert CLARK who died Jan. 1801 in Monroe County?
Thank you for any help you can give me. Nancy Garrelts ndg@mindspring.com

Mary L. Quigley Sun Jan 12 2003

I am researching these names in Hardy County. Thank you. Mary Lenore Quigley

Daniel Haynes Sat Jan 11 2003

Hi, I am looking for researchers of the SINES surname in Hardy County from 1790 to 1825. I am especially interested in the Adam SINES/SIGN and his family that appears in Hardy County as early as 1800. However, I am also interested in all SINES surname families in Hardy and adjacent counties. danny haynes

Steve Harris Tue Jan 7 2003

My interest is in Harrison GREEN and his father, William. Harrison is listed in the 1850 census from Hardy Co., although subsequent censuses show him in Shenandoah Co.
Thanks. -Steve Harris (steveh@diligentdata.com)

Suzanne Glenn Sat Jan 4 2003

I am trying to find information on a WILLIAMS family that resided in Hardy County in 1830 and 1840. The father's name was James and the mother was Mary. I believe this family may be related to one or more of the following: William, David or Vincent WILLIAMS.

Am also searching for the names of the children of a David WILLIAMS who lived in Augusta or Hampshire counties in the mid to late 1700s. He was the son of Vincent, married Sarah DENTON and later moved to Kentucky. I believe some of his children may have lived in Hardy County. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Suzanne

Pamela McKinsey Mon Dec 16 2002

I am trying to locate the inventory list compiled on the death of my ancestor James SEARS on the South Fork in 1782. Richard MacMaster The History of Hardy County, 1986 mentions material from this inventory list on p.131, with a general footnote, p.138, no.6, to Will Books 1 and 4.

In my attempts to locate Will Books 1 and 4, I have contacted the genealogy librarian at the Moorefield Public Library, and Ms. Sharon Link, County Clerk, Romney Court House. Neither has these two will books, and neither knows their present location. (Ms. Link sent me a xerox of my ancestor's will).

I am writing to ask you if you can give me any suggestions as to the present location of these two will books.
Thank you. Sincerely, Pamela Sears McKinsey

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