Hardy County Queries 2005

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Kevin Kelly Friday December 30, 2005

My great grandfather Alexander STEVEY, born 1840, Wardensville, Hardy Co. W.V. Trying to find his original surname. Daughter claimed in a 1908 article that his name was actually BOLLEY/BOLEY spelling uncertain. First wife was Hester A. WINEBRENNER of Maryland. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Some indication that he may have been of mixed race although he appears anglo in pictures. He is to my surprise listed as mulatto in the 1870 and 1880 census. Have found some BOLEYs in Hardy Co. listed on census some white, some black, and some mulatto. Wonder if this could be the link? We were always told that he was part American Indian and pictures we have appear anglo. Are there any BOLEYs doing research in that area that I could contact? Any ideas? Thanks Kevin

Otis Slusher Monday December 19, 2005

Seek help re circa 1835-1845 marriage prob in/near Hardy Co., WV
Seek any info re the marriage of Mary Jane BROOKS and ______ GILLIAM? (sp?) which is believed to have occured circa 1835-1845 (poss 1840-1844) in/near Hardy County, WV.

Seek help re circa 1844-1850 poss Hardy Co., WV, death
Seek info re death (burial?) of a ______ GILLIAM? (sp?), husband of Mary Jane (nee BROOKS) GILLIAM? (sp?) and father of Ann Rebbecca GILLIAM? (sp?) (b abt 1845). I believe his death occured prob circa 1844-1850 and poss in/near Hardy Co., WV.

Regards and thank you, Otis Slusher - email: ojfwb@webtv.net

Lucy Powell Lane Wednesday December 14, 2005

I am trying to find info on Thomas Warburton POWELL and his wife Neoma AYERS who were in Mineral County and possibly in Hardy Co., WV around 1785-1800. Neoma's father may have been Richard AYERS. Thomas W. POWELL was a school teacher.

The children of Thomas and Neoma were: Any help would really be appreciated....... Thanks......Lucy

Frank Spitzer Thursday December 8, 2005

I am looking for info on Nettie Henrietta SEE, daughter of Jackson (Oliver Jackson or Jackson Oliver?) SEE, and Virginia TEETS. Nettie (my grandmother) was born 30 July 1880 in Moorefield, Hardy County, WV and died 9 Dec 1914 in Mayland, VA. She married Aldine Franklin SPITZER 9 Mar 1899 at Harrisonburg, VA. I would appreciate any info on Nettie's parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, etc.

Info on Oliver Jackson SEE's family and Virginia TEETS's family would also be appreciated. Oliver was born 29 Oct 1851 in/at Lost River, Hardy County, and died 25 Jan 1935 in Rockingham County, VA. Virginia was born 27 Jul 1855 or 1858 in Virginia (I am presuming in Hardy County) and died 12 May 1941 in Rockingham County, VA

Frank Spitzer, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Ginny Martinez Monday December 5, 2005

Looking for info on these families, especially John DAVIS, who may have been involved with Claypool Rebellion. Had Fairfax lease ca 1789-91.

Ruth Bland Barch Monday December 5, 2005
Patterson Creek Mt.

Was Patterson Creek Mt. part of the German settlement in Hardy Co.? Do you have any info on Germany Valley?

Rodney Smith Thursday December 1, 2005

On the Hardy county census of 1860 are an Edward and Elizabeth A. HALL with 6 children listed of which one is a Moses Jefferson HALL. Moses was born in 1854 in Hardy County, and in Moses's obituary it states he came to Illinois at 12 years old and I am assuming the parents also went to Illinois then. I am searching for any information on this HALL family, and in particular Edward and Elizabeth HALL. I have his birth date as 1820, not known where. Thank you.

Mel Lett Sunday November 27, 2005

Tracking any and all LETT Families. Info needed.

Esther Sharpe Tuesday November 22, 2005

My name is Esther Sharpe from Norman, OK. I'm interested in someone who could do research on my ggg-grandfather, John COFFEL, who lived in Hardy Co. from 1787 thru 1833. Do you know of anyone who does research for hire of this kind for Hardy Co.? Thank you very much for any help you could give me!

Kevin M. Kelly Thursday November 17, 2005

I am trying to locate info on Alexander STEVEY and Hester A. WINEBRENNER. Married 1869 in Allegany Co. Maryland. Alexander born 1840 Wardensville, Hardy Co., W.Virginia. Hester born c.1848.

Alexander STEVEY seems to have changed his surname from "BOLLEY" (not sure of correct spelling) to STEVEY during Civil War period. Name change per interview of a daughter in newspaper in 1908. Alexander may have deserted during Civil War (Confederate) with a man named Pinckney WARD who lived in Allegany Co. Md in 1870 at the same time that Alexander and wife were there. Any help in determining his true surname would be appreciated.
Kevin M. Kelly

Rodney C. Smith Tuesday November 8, 2005

Moses Jefferson HALL was born in 1854 in Hardy, County, in the 1850 Hardy county census there is an Edward HALL I'm trying to conect these two HALLs.

Seeking any information on a Moses Jefferson HALL b.15 AUG 1854 in Hardy County, WV. Married 1. Lillie ALLEN, 2. Mary Magdlene TUCKER. He was a son to Edward and Elizabeth HALL.

Looking for an Edward HALL, b. Abt 1820- 30 with wife Elizabeth in 1850 Census lists him and wife with children John R., Mary A., Margaret L., and Martin. I'm trying to connect a Moses Jefferson Hall but he wasn't born till 1854. Moses married a Lillie ALLEN in Hardy County and she died in 1896. It is believed he then moved to Illinois where he remarried.

Any information will be gratefully appreciated.

Gary C. Gray Monday October 31, 2005

I am looking for a death record for Martha KLINE (nee Martha Ellen HAHN) born about 1865, died 1933 (I think) buried Wardensville Cemetery, Wardensville, WV, married to William M. KLINE (born 1842 died 1924). I am interested in exact birth and death dates and any other information, especially the identity of her parents. Her mother was Anna HAHN [HAUN] daughter of George HAUN of Wardensville, Wva.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Carroll Clabaugh Sunday October 30, 2005

Looking for information on CLABAUGHs in Hardy county before 1800. I know several of my ancestors lived in Frederick, Hardy, and perhaps Hampshire prior to relocating to Ohio. One, Rebecca, married a Hardy county MILLER.

Kandy Baumgardner Sunday October 23, 2005

I am doing genealogy and have traced a family line back to John and Jane (MITCHELL) DAVIS from Ohio Co.

John's parents were James and Nancy DAVIS, who were in Hardy Co. around 1800 starting their family. At least, the obituary of John DAVIS states he was born in Hardy Co (or what became Hardy Co). James fought in the War of 1812 and was granted land; his widow was granted land, in 1887.

Is there a way I can find out anything about James and Nancy?
Many thanks

Phillip L. Buckley Thursday October 20, 2005

Joseph Buckley - b.1790 in MD/DC*, lived in Hardy County from 1820 Census through 1850 Census.
The 1820 U.S. Federal Census has my great-great-great-great grandfather, Joseph BUCKLEY in Hardy County in 1820 along with John, whom I believe to be his father.
I would like any and all information re: Joseph BUCKLEY b.1790. I would like to know if John was his father and any and all information re: same.
(note: Joseph had a son named John F. b.1819)
Finally, I would like the same info for John F. Buckley. John Frazier Buckley - b.5 May 1820 in Hardy County*, d.7 September 1902 Ross County, OH.
m. 25 August 1841 Nancy McGill,
m. 24 December 1863 Martha Simmons, d.9/7/1902 Ross County, OH.

I need every doc available re: the above persons.

If any of the information I am requesting is published, please provide me with the info and if I can purchase.
* = Not confirmed or either/or
Thank You, Phillip L. Buckley
(210) 568-7019, Fax 858-6034

Robert F. Thomas Wednesday October 19, 2005

I am working on REAGER family tree . . . Hardy Co. Anyone working on the same may email me at gator451@msn.com

My great grandfather was Alonzo Hardy REAGER born MO. and his parents were from Hardy Co WV. Alonzo was from Marion Co., MO. but he was born in Shelbeyville, MO. Later the family lived in Butte Co., CA.

I have tons more but as I write this this is all I can remember with out my notes. I live in Manistee, MI. 49660 but winter in AZ.
Robert F. Thomas

Reiley Kidd Tuesday October 18, 2005

Seeking information on the parents of Sarah EXLINE who married Valentine POWERS on 18 May 1827 in Hardy Co., VA.

Her 1871 death record lists her as the daughter of Rebecca EXLINE. Elsewhere she's listed as Sarah WATSON.

I believe that she's probably related to the George EXLINE that died in Hardy Co. in 1801, or his son, George Jr. Looking for proof and facts.

June Raymond Saturday October 15, 2005

The family lived in Wardensville, WVA in the 1800's and early 1900's. The last I know of were Joseph Hawkins and Marth who had a son Howard born early 1900's. Pictures show him growing up. Uncle John Hawkins (uncle to John Allen Hawkins born 1866-1947). John had 2 sons who had a farm nearby - Easton and Joe. Am not sure of John Allen Hawkins parents. I think Joseph Henry who married Annie Kessler. John was a teacher at some point in the little Wardensville one room schoolhouse (pictures). Any help is apreciated.

Robert L Bahnsen Saturday October 15, 2005

I am looking for information on the Borror family members who migrated to Franklin Co., Ohio, Jackson Twp. A written history mentioned Hardy Co., Virginia as an early location of this family.

Mark Siler Saturday October 15, 2005

I found this page "http://www.rootsweb.com/~wvhardy/nmillcrk.htm"http://www.rootsweb.com/~wv hardy/nmillcrk.htm) and wondered if you had any more information on the records? You said the Church WAS located near Petersburg. Is the church now gone?

I'm trying to research the STIEFEL or STIEFFEL family.
Mark A. Siler > Karen B. Siler > Martin L. Boots > Guy W. Boots > Martin Boots > William Boots > Martin A. Boots > Hans Adam Stieffel
Thank you, Mark

Russell Fairfield Payne Saturday October 15, 2005

I am researching my family of the PAYNEs and GRANDISONs whose roots are from Wardensville,WV around the Hardy County area, from the early 1800's into the late 1900's. The GRANDISONs were slaves own by the CLAGETTS of Wardensville, WV.

Roland Elliott Friday October 7, 2005

Contacting cousins.

Nicholas Hollis Monday September 26, 2005

Dear Friend of History/Genealogy:
I am researching some ancestors for a family history and am tracking Dr Jacob JENNINGS (1744-1813) who may have been a missionary/minister in Hardy county around 1784. JENNINGS was a surgeon and veteran of many battles/engagements in the Revolutionary War - including the Battle of Trenton. He hailed from Hunterdon county, New Jersey. Can you refer me -or check the index of any early Hardy county histories to see if his name appears? Thanks for your consideration. Nicholas Hollis, Jennings Heritage Project (JHP)

Chad Lucas Friday September 23, 2005

My gggg grandfather James David SMITH was born around 1849. He married a Sarah E. in 1866. I would like to know her maiden name and James's parents and any other information that is possible. I think his mother was Margaret Ann, with whom he lived according to the 1850 Census. Sarah and James's daughter was named Nora A. SMITH, which is my ggg grandmother. Thanks very much.

Richard Vinci Thursday September 22, 2005

My grgrgreat grandfather was from Hardy County WV (It is obvious when he was alive it was still part of Virginia)
Name: Leonard HARPER
Date of birth: about 1779
Place of birth: Hardy County
Wife: Delilah ?
Date of birth: About 1771
Place of birth: Va.

Does anyone have any information when Leonard or Delilah died?

Leonard's father was also named Leonard HARPER. Born about 1750, where ? Does any one have any information in regards to this Leonard HARPER?
Thanks, Dick Vinci

John C. Littler Thursday September 22, 2005

I am looking for the name of a cemetery and inscriptions of a cemetery I found on a US Geological Survey map. It is located north of Wardensville on highway 259 on the west side just off the highway on the Hampshire - Hardy County Line.

The Baker cemetery is on the same side just before you get to the county line and I believe the Fry cemetery is just after you cross the county line on the other side of the highway.

I am looking for the graves of Thomas, Magdaline, and Isaac Littler who died about 1818.

Would like to get information on the cemetery if you could help. John C Littler, JlittlerS@verizon.net

Charles Bynaker Wednesday September 21, 2005

I am looking for any and all information related to BINAKER family. Seen in 1850 Census, District 23, Hardy, Virginia, page 46, line 13.

Daniel BINACRE died at the age of 89 on 15 Februrary 1889. The Death was reported by the Supt/Poor J.R. McCullough.

I found Mr. McCullough in the 1870 Page Co. Census for Springfield Twp

A number of BYNAKER's were living in Shenandoah Co. in Shaffertown (near New Market) during and after the 1860's.

I suspect that this is the oldest patriarch in the U.S. for the BYNAKER clan.

I would like to locate the Alms house records and possible burial site.

Cathy S. Phillips Monday September 19, 2005

I am searching for information on Raymond K. MITCHELL born c.1891 in Barbour Co., WV. He would have been 20 years of age and living in Davis, WV in 1911. Cathy

Joyce Jefferson Chambers Wednesday September 7, 2005

I'm looking for any information on a Bryant JEFFERSON and Mary COFFEL who were married in Hardy County 21 Sept 1830. Thanks in advance!

Esta Park Monday September 5, 2005

Need info on Benjamin Rubbish COFFMAN, my grandfather; William Wallace COFFMAN, my great grandfather; and George COFFMAN. my grgrgrandfather. These men were also located in Grant Co at times. Thanks, Esta Park

Mike Crites Sunday August 28, 2005

Looking for information on Wm.Charles McNEILL 1812 - 1854 who built the home, 'Fairview' in Fisher, WV. After his death, the farm passed to his son, Wilbur C. McNEILL. Wilbur left his wife, Susan in the 1890's for another woman and Susan McNEILL lost the farm. I am researching the history of 'Fairview' and the families who lived there. Any and all information on Wm. Charles and his son Wilbur McNEILL or the house would be greatly appreciated. Mike Crites

Esther Sharpe Monday August 22, 2005

John COFFEL was a longtime resident of Hardy Co., arriving there in 1786 and dying there c. 1833. He married an Elizabeth HAMILTON and they had 9 children per the 1830 census. Do you have any information available on this individual? I would very much appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you very much. Esther

Rev. Franklin D. Bishop Monday July 25, 2005

In what county would Landis, WV have been in prior to the establishment of Hardy County, VA in 1785? This is between Petersburg and Franklin, WV.I am attempting to find a birth date and parents of Michael LIKENS born December 18, 1785, in VA?

I believe he may have been the son of John LIKENS (1739-1829) and Dorothy (REAGER) LIKENS. I have located John's grave at Landis, WV on what is now the Stumpf property. Appreciate any suggestions as to sources of information for the above. Rev. Franklin D. Bishop fdb1935b@aol.com

Rex Todd Rogers Saturday July 16, 2005

Hi, I am trying to find more information on William McDONALD, father of Robinson (Robert) Garrett McDONALD. William born between 1792-1798. I found William McDONALD being in Ohio in 1870 and 1880. I am trying to find his wife Mary's maiden name. I just am not able to find anything on them yet. Where did they live - in what part of Hardy Co., VA?

I am descendant of William & Mary McDONALD through their son Robinson (Robert) Garrett McDONALD who married to Hannah Catherine WEESE, daughter of Solomon & Catherine (PORTER) WEESE, formerly of Hardy Co.

I found that there were two William McDONALDs in Hardy Co., Va. Robinson's sister Mary married to Esaw HINKLE/HENKLE. Also, had a brother named Jeremiah. Look forward to hear from you soon, Rex Todd Rogers

Christina Fowler - Jernigan Monday July 4, 2005


I also have a website www.genealogytime.com for the research that I am doing from the Pendleton & Hardy County areas. Can you please list my website on yours? Thank you, Christina Jernigan

Rebecca Taylor Lewis Tuesday June 28, 2005

My grandmother on my mother's side was Ruth Mae (HOWDERSHELL) LEWIS, and she used to live near the Tannery. My grandmother on my father's side was Rose Rebecca (HELMICK) TAYLOR, wife of Bayard Simon TAYLOR (son of Lemuel TAYLOR and Rebecca SIMON TAYLOR, from the South Fork). I believe that Rebecca SIMON's father is George SIMON, but I'm not sure which middle names go with it.

Karleen Phillips Monday June 27, 2005

I have found Christopher CANTRIL was listed on tax records in Hardy County in 1787, 1788, 1789, and 1791. I have not been able to find him in any other sources.

28 October 1794 Christopher signed a petition to sell one glebe and purchase another. He acquired 400 acres on the north bank of Buchanan River adjoining John Hagen and Charles Forinask in Randolph Co.

He was in Hampshire County in 1784. I have reason to believe his wife's name could be Sarah with children Zebulon, William, and Nancy.

I have been unable to find any other records regarding him in Hardy County. Would you have any references to him at your disposal?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you. Karleen Phillips

Charles A. Hammond Thursday June 20, 2005

I am trying to locate someone in Hardy County or Moorefield, WV that may be able to help me: My Great Great Grandfather Singleton LAKIN mustered out as a Sgt. Company B, (Hardy Blue's) 62 Virginia Mounted Infantry, he received his parole in Moorefield West Virginia on April 27, 1865. He stayed in MoorefieldWV until about 1870 when he took his family to Florida, he returned to Moorefield WV sometime after 1910 and died December 31, 1917. I have his Military records on file and am trying to find anything about him that I can, especially where he may be buried. Can you please provide me someone in the area that can help with research?
Charles A. Hammond
503 Lakeview Drive
Ahoskie NC 27910

Carol Wheeler Thursday June 16, 2005

I'm looking for info on John WHEELER b: 1810, bros. Benjamin Jr b.1803 & Thomas and their father Benjamin WHEELER Sr, who moved family to Licking Co. OH abt 1820's. Benjamin Sr other sibling/cousins in Hardy Co. where his father Thomas WHEELER and name of his wife lived. Tks

Tom Higgins Wednesday June 22, 2005

Am researching Robert Tom HIGGINS and wife Hannah, who lived in Hardy Co., WV from about 1750's to about 1784.

Am also researching Capt. Robert HIGGINS who owned a log cabin on Lot #33 in Morefield, Hardy Co., WV. after returning from the Revolutionary War. Capt. HIGGINS moved from Moorefield, WV. in about 1783 or 1784 to Augusta Kentucky and then to what is now Higginsport, Brown Co., Ohio.

Would like to exchange information with anyone researching HIGGINS in Hardy County WV.

AECogdell Sunday June 19, 2005

I'm looking for history of John McNEAL (NEILL) and all of family. John McNEILL and Elizabeth McNEAVANS, John McNEAL and Amy PARSONS, John Strother McNEAL and Anna GOOD(E?) John McNEAL and Margaret HARMON. thanks. Looking from TX

Clara W. Thompson Monday June 13, 2005

I'm interested in BIRCH/BURCH Genealogy. Gt. Gt. Grandfather James Wesley Burch was born in Hardy Co. VA in 1817. Other brothers are John Harrison BURCH, Ephraim BURCH, Louis Little BURCH, Godfrey BURCH & Oliver BURCH. We are trying to determine the name of Father & mother for this family.

There is also a Robert Norton BURCH born in 1796, Hardy Co. Va who married Rebecca SWISHER. He may be related to the family of BURCH men who came to MO in mid 1800's. James Wesley BURCH lived in Ohio until 1867 when he came to MO.

Need to compare/exchange records with other BURCH relatives.
Clara W. Thompson

Rebecca Wilson Monday June 6, 2005

I have recently joined my local genealogy club, and have been researching my BOONE heritage. Here is the following family information I have of my BOONE family:

GGGGrandpa was Jasper J. BOONE b. 1850/1852 W.VA d. around 1915 married Sarah Catherine (DEAN) b. 1850's d. after 1925 Their children were: GGGrandpa Joseph Mack BOONE b. 15 September 1876 maybe Capon, W.Va d. 17 or 18 September 1956 maybe the Opequon or Winchester, Va, area. Married Carrie Wade (PILES) on 9 November 1897 in Capon, Hardy Co, (Moorefield) W.Va. Carrie was b. 21 March 1880 Capon, Hardy Co, W.Va. d. 22 June 1966 Opequon or Winchester, Va, area. Their children were: GGrandma Bertha May BOONE b. 3 June 1906 probably in W.Va d. 3 January 1967 Maryland married Alonzo Hendricks (SNAPP) around Aug/Sept of 1922, in Hagerstown, Maryland. Alonzo was adopted by John Adam Rudolph and Helen Moore Snapp at the age of 5/6, in Richmond, Virginia. I was told that he was born in Bristol, Virginia. Bertha and Alonzo's children were: My grandma Lucille, told me that her mother Bertha May BOONE had told her that they were related to the great pioneer, Daniel BOONE. I'm trying to find out which Boone's of Daniel's family had migrated into the Virginia and West Virginia areas. I do believe Daniel himself, along with two of his sons Jesse Bryan and Nathan Boone at one time or another, lived in the Virginia and West Virginia areas, and I'm not sure if any of their descendants are linked to my BOONE family...

I am also trying to find more info on the following PILES,SAVILLE,RUCKMAN families:

Here is what I have on the PILES:
GGGgrandpa Rector PILES b. 8 December 1832 Hampshire, Va d. 6 May 1907 Va or W.Va. married Maria (Mariah) Ellen SAVILLE on 2 September 1851. She was b. 21 March 1836 in Hampshire, Va. d. 5 February 1907 maybe in Va.or W.Va. Their children were: I'm trying to find out more info on the PILES. I was told that Rector's father was named John H. PILES, and that supposedly his father was Zachariah PILES Sr. And that John H. b. abt. 1804 in Hampshire, Va, was married to Sarah Elizabeth RUCKMAN on 3/13/1824 in Hampshire, Va. She was b. abt. 1807 in Hampshire, Va. It is believed that John H.'s father was a Zachariah PILES, b. abt. 1780 probably in Maryland, and married either a Susannah, and or a Hannah MITCHELL. I found where a Zachariah PILES Sr. had married a Hannah MITCHELL on 29 August 1801 in Prince Georges, Maryland. Hannah was b. 1780's.

I was told that Rector's wife Maria "Mariah" Ellen SAVILLE's parents names were Isaac and Deliliah SAVILLE. I believe they too, lived in the Hampshire, Va, area. I'm trying to find out more info on the SAVILLE family, and know nothing of the RUCKMAN family of that same location. Thank you for your time, and may you have a nice day.
Rebecca Wilson

Fred D. Stone Friday May 27, 2005

I am looking for descendants of Peter THORN or his sons Henry, Michael, Tobias and Lazarus. Peter settled on the South Branch of the Potomac, and died intestate in 1758. He and his sons are listed in several places in Chalkley's Chronicles. Cary Anderson in "The Palatine Immigrant" Vol. XXIX, No. 2, Mar. 2004 gives good evidence that this family along with several other early settlers in the Moorefield area were descendants of the Palatine immigrants into New York State.

Peter THORN and my ancestor Johannes DORN were both possibly descended from the Palatine immigrant Lazarus DORN. If anyone knows of descendants of Peter, I would like to contact them.

Bobbie Asche Sunday May 22, 2005

Hello everyone, Looking for any and all HEDGERs between the years of 1750-1830. The old hand writing made it look like Hedges.

I've been researching the HEDGER family for some time now and my brickwall is Zachariah HEDGER. He was born 1799 in either Hardy or Hampshire Co. VA (which is now WVa) and died in KY 1842.

I don't know who his parents are or the name of his 1st wife!! She died between 1833 - 1835 because thier last son (George W. HEDGER) was b.1833 OH. The family lived in Clermont Co and Hamilton Co., OH for some time and had a total of 6 kids in Ohio. After wife # 1 died Ol' Zack marries Mrs. Nancy (BEALL) LINDSEY in 1835 and goes on to have 2 other children in Campbell Co., KY.

The name Zachariah is through out his children and grandchildren, but of all the research I've done on the HEDGER line from NY & NJ and so forth not one Zachariah name is carried down.

So he is my BRICK WALL that is driving me nuts. I know with his being born in 1799 VA someone might have come across a HEDGER somewhere, that might give me a clue as to who his parents and lineage is from.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated!!
Regards, Bobbie

Julia Ryan Friday May 20, 2005

I am interested in the HAWK and REEL families of this county. Julia Ryan

Richard Baldwin Friday May 20, 2005

Looking for family lineage, my name is Richard BALDWIN, father John BALDWIN, grandfather Dorsey BALDWIN, great grandfather Charles SMITH, great grandmother Tutie SMITH. My great grandparents lived in Moorefield. I think a great deal of them are buried in Old Fields or Mt Olive.

Helen Smith Friday May 20, 2005

Hello, would you look-up a birth of Benjamin W EVANS b.1855, later became a traveling Clergyman.Traveling all over West Virginia.He Married 1884 Marion county to Martha MATHENY and resided in Worthington for some years.This is all I know about my GreatgrandFather. Thank you for your help in advance. Helen Smith clown91250@yahoo.com

LeRoy (Roy) Stout Sunday May 15, 2005

My gfather Joseph Anthony FERER (b:1849, d: 22 Jun 1925) married my gmother Mary Emma Ferer - nee: SELF (b:6 Feb 1859, d: 9 May 1943) in Piedmont, WV on 17 Jun 1880. I think my Piedmont is on the MD/WV border in Mineral County. I need any information I can get about them, especially, their parents. LeRoy (Roy) Stout, President LDS & Associates, Inc. ldstout@datasync.com

Linda Smith Sunday May 15, 2005

I'm trying to find information about Michael SEE, husband of Amelia Ann, born 1824. Am looking for any information about him, esp. his parents. Michael had several children, one of them my GGF, Otto. Spelling of Otto differs (Ottawa, Ottowa, Ottaway, Atouway). Would like to know correct spelling. Any help on completing this part of the family tree would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Linda (See) Smith, Delray Beach, FL

Brenda Kuhl Tuesday April 12, 2005

I am looking for any information on the LAMBERT family of Hardy County

Paul I. Bowman Monday April 11, 2005

I am trying to follow up on the work of Evelyn Williams Bowman and to verify some of the records we do have. Looking for Bible records, burial/cemetery records, church records and old maps.

Debra Iseli Thursday April 7, 2005

My g-g-grandmother is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery. The name on her tombstone reads Martha C. MOYERS COMBS. She was born 10/8/1868, died 10/31/1926. She married Henry S. MOYERS in 1884, but they must have divorced sometime between 1900 and 1910. She then married a COMBS sometime between 1910 and 1920. I would like to find out who he was and when they married. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Debra Iseli

Barbara Crain Friday April 1, 2005

I am looking for any information relating to the MACE line before 1830 who resided in this area. I am particularly interested in finding the parents of Thomas MACE, who was born about 1820 and was in Saline County, IL before 1840.

Mike Kennedy Friday April 1, 2005

Hello -- Looking for the death record for a Charles NORCROSS died 1-12-1860 in Hardy Co. His age would have been abt. 45. His parents were William and Mary NORCROSS who are buried in Rockbridge Co. Va. Regards, Mike

Ramonia Evans Kessinger Thursday March 31, 2005

Looking for information concerning CC camp that was located in Hardy County. Have a picture of my uncle Donald Evans who worked at the camp.

Brenda Cleaves Wednesday March 30, 2005
Books wanted

I'd like to get copy of the "Rohrbaugh Genealogy" by Lewis Rohrbaugh. Does anyone know where I could get a copy?

Also saw where "Grant County Our Heritage" was for sale and e-mailed Dot Hughes but e-mail came back. Does anyone know anything about this book, or happen to know how I could contact Dot Hughes?

Thanks for any help you can give. It is appreciated. Brenda Cleaves Surnames: Caplinger/Keplinger; Stonestreeet; Swisher; Feaster; Rohrbaugh

Dan Lang Tuesday March 29, 2005

Hi, I am trying to get info on my great grandfather's parents' names and places of birth. His name was Thomas LANG. According to his marriage certificate he was born in Hardy around 1878. Here's his marriage info:

Ritchie Co., WV Marriages
Thomas LANG, 27, Hardy; Gilmer
-md- 23 Jul 1905
Emma V. WEINRICH, 28, Ritchie
Parents not listed.

Note: When one county is shown after a name, the person was born in that county and still lived there at the time of marriage. If two counties are shown after a name, the first is the place of birth and the second is the place of residence at time of marriage.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Thank You!!!
Dan Lang

Florence Denning Saturday March 26, 2005

Greetings, I am researching the James BROOKS family of Moorefield, Hardy Co., W. VA. I know that he was there in 1792 until he died in 1869. He was born in Virginia.

is wife was Matilda, surname unknown. They had 6 daughters, 5 of whom married.
Elizabeth C. BROOKS married Benjamin EDDINGTON,
Sarah A. BROOKS married Robert M. STICKLEY,
Caroline V. BROOKS married Levi BUSH and
Martha Welton BROOKS married John Jacob STEEN and had 11 children;
Mary Jane BROOKS married 1st a Mr. GILLAM and 2nd Alfred SLUSHER. She had a daughter by her first husband Ann Rebecca "Robin" Gillam, born about 1844.

I would be thrilled if there is anyone with any connection.
Many thanks, Florence Denning

Sheryl Davidson Monday March 14, 2005

I am trying to locate some MILLERs who were born in Baltimore, Maryland and having a lot of relatives in Baker, West Virginia. Their father was Ford Miller and mother was Mary Miller. The kids' names are as follows: Dennis, Arther, James, George, Barbara and Lydia... please email me if you know any info...

Patricia Haber Sunday March 13, 2005

I am researching our CLAYPOOLE/VINEY roots in Lost City, Hardy County. From Hardy County the tree continues to Monroe County, in a marriage to the PERRY family.

Someone was kind enough to send me an account of Hardy County History by MacMaster which gives some early dates of the VINEY and CLAYPOOLE families. They bought land in Hardy County and raised their families there. This would be James CLAYPOOLE and Andrew VINEY. Their children, Sarah CLAYPOOLE and John VINEY, born about 1738 in Lost River, were married and had a daughter Mary. Mary VINEY married Adam PERRY who was born in 1780.

From Morton's History of Monroe County, I have the greater part of my grandmother Perry's lines in the Pattons, Nelsons, Perrys, Charltons, Hawkins, Boyds and McDowells. I have definite dates and locations in censuses for most of the Monroe County lines.

Would greatly appreciate any help to find others researching these lines.
Thanking you in advance ...... Patricia Haber ( rptjr3@aol.com)

Woodrow G. Simmons Tuesday March 8, 2005

Am seeking info on Bettie Seymour HUTTON. Born ca 1863 in Hampshire Co. Daughter of Jonathan & Scotia HUTTON. Married George FOX in Hardy County, Dec. 12, 1883. He died Mar. 27, 1887. I have found 2 children mentioned, son Edwin and ??. No record of remarriage or her death in Hardy Co. Were there two children and what happened to her?

Scott Bean Tuesday February 22, 2005

I am looking for any information about Abraham MILLER (b 1827?) father of James William MILLER (b1858 d1947) of Hardy County.

I am also looking for any information about Jacob FUNKHOUSER father of Christian FUNKHOUSER (b1742 d1793).

I would also like to find out any information about Anthony FUNKHOUSER's (1838-1927) service during the Civil War. He served with the 14th Regiment Virginia Militia Company D. Any information will help. Thanks Again, Scott A. Bean

Rebecca Ellis Monday February 21, 2005

I'm looking for information about John LIGHT, b. 1774, married Elizabeth POWERS 1796 in Hardy County.

Mary Jo Hanon Sunday February 20, 2005

My ancestors Jeremiah COKELEY and Sallie WOOD were married in Hardy County 21 January 1805. I have been searching for their parents for years without success. Can anyone help me with this with any information at all. Thank you.

Dorinda Burrell Friday February 18, 2005

I found the marriage of William CORNELL and Sarah GEORGE (6 Dec 1814) in Hardy Co., WV. Do you know how I can find the names and birth dates of their children. I believe that all of them were born there except their youngest, Sarah my gg grandmother, who was born in Ohio. Dorinda Burrell hburrell@netusa1.net

Cliford E. Simon Sat February 5, 2005

William Seymour SIMON b. 18 Feb 1847 at Milam, Hardy County, WV; migrated starting about 1883 through Ohio and Indiana heading for Williston, North Dakota. His older children were born in West Virginia from 1867 - 1883 and the remainder were born in Allen County, Ohio. The family then moved through Indiana and a few of them were married in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana. The family as a whole then moved to North Dakota where a number of them homesteaded starting in 1897. William homesteaded near Oberon, Benson County, North Dakota and a few of his children also homesteaded near them. He died of a foot infection on 25 Jan 1914 at his daughter's home in Benson County and is buried at Esmond, Benson County, ND. Towns which the Simon Family conducted their business were: Leeds, Devils Lake, Sheyenne, New Rockford, Maddock, Esmond, Flora, Warwick, York, Knox and Minnewaukan.

J. Wheeless Mon January 24, 2005

Wishing more family information on my great-grandparents, Isaac KUYKENDALL, b:1820, s/o Nathaniel and Sally; and Isaac's wife, Hannah VAN METER FOX, b: 1836, d/o Gabriel FOX (b:1796) and his wife Mary Miller INSKEEP (b:1803).

Tracy Martin-Suits Tue January 18, 2005

I am a descendant of Aaron BAKER / Rachel CLAYPOOL both of Lost River, Hardy Co., Virginia. I have been trying to locate a marriage record, census, land docs, anything at all that shows them in Virginia. I did find them on a census in Licking Ohio, but I am trying to find Aaron's parents. I have a good connection on the Claypool side. Anything at all would be a great help.

Also I am a descendant of Mahlon C. COOMBS and I know the COOMBS were also from Virginia, anything on them would be helpful as well.

Thank you again, if you need more info, please let me know. Sincerely, Tracy Martin-Suits

Carole Chilcott Hare Mon January 17, 2005

I hope you can lead me in the right direction. I am been working on my family genealogy for many many years. However, I have never found an important link that I am looking for.

I have been searching for real proof that Jonathan (b. Feb 2, 1816 d. Nov. 2, 1881) is the son of Eber CHILCOTT (SILKET, CHILCOT, BILKET, etc.) (b. Dec. 7, 1789 d. May 4, 1850) for many many years. Jonathan is my great great grandfather. He is listed in the 1850 Shenandoah County Census as Jonathan SILKET. In 1840 he was not married yet and is probably indicated on that census as one of Eber's son as well as in the earlier censuses.

I have gotten copies of deed with Jonathan's name, in hopes that Eber might be mentioned there with no luck. I have also tried to check the microfilm for Hardy County, WV records of birth dates to1885, marriages 1795 to 1800, wills & inventories 1786 to 1899. If you have checked this, you probably know that the microfilm is practically unreadable. Do you know if there is any bettr copy of the records on this microfilm?

Do you know of any other way I can find some kind of record of birth, marriage, will, etc. linking Jonathan with his father, Eber?

I would appreciate anything kind of advice that you can give me. Thanks in advance. Carole (Chilcott) Hare

Deloris Bringardner Girard Sun January 16, 2005

Looking for decendants of Manlove PRATT and Dorothy RUMER. I would love to share genealogy. Thanks, Deloris

Ray Baker Sat January 15, 2005

Any and all information about Aaron BAKER and Rachel CLAYPOOL will be appreciated. Thanks, Ray

Shelley Murphy Wed January 5, 2005

I am searching for information on the GOENS / GOINGS / GOINS and ROPER families, it is said that they left Jefferson county and relocated to Hardy. There are some references of these families being mulatto, or white. If anyone has any information on this please share.

Ian Honey January 2005

My relation, Jennie HONEY, emigrated to America in 1911, arriving at Ellis Island in February of that year. I understand that she was 17 and pregnant. My next record of her, I think, is in Hardy on the 1920 census. Have you any record of her, or more important any marriage information. Her child was called Montague HONEY, again I think so. I wondered if it is possible to trace her travels. It is possible that Kansas and California may come into the equation. She did return to Cornwall in England where she died, but I don't know when. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ian.

Richard Mongold Thurs December 2 2004

My Great-Great Grandfather was Hiram MONGOLD born April 23, 1812; married Catherine Anne FINK born April 30, 1820; both born in Hardy Co. WV. They moved to KS in fall of 1868. Anyone knowing of a connection please contact me. Thanks, Rich Mongold

Sheryl Davidson Sun December 5 2004

I am trying to locate some MILLERs who were born in Baltimore, Maryland and having a lot of relatives in Baker, West Virginia. Their father was Ford Miller and mother was Mary Miller. The kids' names are as follows: Dennis, Arther, James, George, Barbara and Lydia... please email me if you know any info...

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