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W.L. Snelson 10 December 2007

Seeking information on George Feathers and Susanna ? (maybe) Cullers. George may be the Col. George Feather who was in Pennsylvania Militia.

Sharon Pearce 21 November 2007

I received the following from another Hardy Co., WVA researcher in KY who has explained the family a bit to me:

For starters, Col. Robert Higgins was the son of Robert Higgins and Hannah VanZant who also lived in Hampshire (now Hardy Co. WV) Va. during the time of the American Revolutionary War (ARW). Col. Robert Higgins, after the end of the ARW remarried a Mary Jolliffe and removed to Mason Co. KY where he lived for about one year before moving across the Ohio River to live on his ARW Land Grand that is today known as Higginsport, in Brown Co., Ohio.

Col. Higgins' parents, Robert & Hannah moved from Hampshire Co., VA to Mercer Co., KY along with two of Col. Higgins' brothers, Henry and William and his sister Eleanor. Since Col. Higgins' first wife passed away while he was a Prisoner of War during the ARW his children, born to that union, moved with his parents and siblings to Mercer Co. Kentucky. My ancestor was Gideon W. Higgins, one of Col. Robert Higgins' sons

I am trying to identify my 3rd g grandfather Levi Higgins, b. before 1778, m. 1800 Fleming Co., KY to Hannah Craston/Crafton. (There were many Croxton in Hamshire Co., VA during the Revolution and before, and I am now attempting to determine if her father, Henry Crafton may have been from the Croxton family and rejoined neighbors from VA in 1794 who had moved to the Mason Co. area after the Revolution.)

As to Levi, I have thought he might be one of the 8 children of Robert and Sara Higgins; now I understand why the family was separated and the children raised by relatives in KY; the father was a prisoner of war in NY for 3 years. One of the sons of Robert Higgins and Hannah Van Zandt, the grandparents, was William Higgins whose migration is not well documented nor his children. He might have moved to Caroline Co., VA, married there, then turned west and joined the siblings in KY, or his children did.

I feel that my Levi may be connected to Col. Robert Higgins because Levi lived near Locust on the bank of the Main Licking River in KY and adjacent to him were families of Wills (maybe Wells). Some of the spouses in these families were Higgins, possibly his sisters or cousins. However, they are sometimes referenced as "Wiggins" females which is also an identified surname. A Benjamin Wells settled with Col. Robert Higgins in Higginsport. I feel that many of the family links in KY are the same as the community in Hardy Co., WVA as to correlated surnames.

Thank you for any assistance. Levi's daughter married her cousin on the Crafton side. They named sons, John Henry (possibly for grandfathers) Amos Graham, and Levi Frasier (my ancestor). I feel there were links to the Graham family in Fleming Co., also found in Hampshire Co. and in Botetourt Co., VA, and to the Frasier family also found in Hampshire Co., VA during the Rev. - these are probably female collateral lines to my families.

Thank you for any assistance.
Sharon Pearce

Denis Glover 28 October 2007

My new email address for the Hardy County genealogical page is here. My GLOVER family were in Hardy County from about 1815 or so until about 1831. (I have evidence of my gg-grandfather, however, being in the Brock's Gap region of Virginia in 1837, so he may have slipped back south over the line.) He alone remained in Rockingham.

Is there any chance that parts of an 1820 census, now listed as Hardy, might have included parts of the Brock's Gap region (now Rockingham)? (It was all Virginia then, of course.)

Two GLOVERS from the 1820's Hardy married two FINCH sisters from there, and one daughter married a George WILKIN from there. These all migrated to Licking County, OH, by about 1830, but I can't find FINCHES listed in Hardy anywhere.

My gg-grandfather, Benjamin GLOVER/GLOVIER, migrated back into the Shenandoah Valley.
Best wishes, Denis

Rebecca Wilson 21 October 2007

Looking for my relatives that lived in the Hampshire and Hardy Co, West Virginia area.

(Other Surnames that married into this family): Dean, Piles, Baker, Jackson, Davy/Davey, Swisher, Pennington, Oates, Haines, Snapp and Lupton.
Thanks, Rebecca Wilson ~

Rebecca Wilson 21 October 2007

Looking for my relatives that lived in the Hampshire and Hardy Co, W.Va., area.

(Other Surnames ~ That married into this family): Saville, Boone, Liller, Hudson, Baylis, Snoeberger, Poland, and Bean.
Thanks, Rebecca Wilson ~ Becwilgenealogy@yahoo.com

Jonesb559 20 October 2007

Looking for family history for STRAWDERMAN-STULTZ-WHETZEL: Robert and Louise (STULTZ) STRAWDERMAN had a son named Theodore Benjamin STRAWDERMAN. his wife was Pammie, (my grandparents). Pammie's mother was Eliza (WHETZEL) Thomas. Eliza's parents were Morgan and Sarah (STULTZ) WHETZEL.

Kathryn Snodgrass Ross 11 October 2007

I am a Mathias descendant. I am looking for the most complete family tree or genealogy to date. Would really like for it to include recent years. And, I would like to get involved in updated and submitting to it. Any recommendations.

Jim Fisher 7 October 2007

I sent the following inquiry to Brenda Cleaves, but it was returned as Undeliverable:

Any reference to the marriage of Charlotte A. (maiden name unknown), date of birth about 1801, to an "Unknown" Fisher? I believe she may have been the mother, or aunt, of my gggrandfather, Wellington B., who was born in Hardy County in 1819. Wellington lived with a David S. Fisher in 1850, and married Annie Weatherholtz in Hardy County in 1858. Not much to go on, but thanks for your time...

Do you have a new email address for Brenda, or know of any other sources for this information? Thank you kindly...
Jim Fisher, Keyser, WV

Mary Rohrbaugh 3 October 2007
Brenda Cleaves

Trying to locate Brenda Cleaves who posted an inquiry in March 2005 with the following:

Brenda Cleaves Wednesday March 30, 2005
Books wanted I'd like to get copy of the "Rohrbaugh Genealogy" by Lewis Rohrbaugh. Does anyone know where I could get a copy?
Also saw where "Grant County Our Heritage" was for sale and e-mailed Dot Hughes but e-mail came back. Does anyone know anything about this book, or happen to know how I could contact Dot Hughes?
Thanks for any help you can give. It is appreciated. Brenda Cleaves Surnames: Caplinger/Keplinger; Stonestreeet; Swisher; Feaster; Rohrbaugh
I tried emailing her myself with the email address but it was returned, unable to send. Can you assist me in? I am also interested in finding the info she was searching. Thank you.
Mary H. Rohrbaugh

Tina Thomas 11 September 2007
Kelly Cemetery

I am looking for a Kelly Cemetery located in Moorefield, WV.

My Great Grandmother, Edith Gertrude Funkhouse was buried in this cemetery in June 22, 1926.

Any assistance would be most appreciated!

Richard Kendall 9 September 2007

Isaac W. KUYKENDALL is my 3ggf, born 21 Mar 1821 in Hardy County. Peter KUYKENDALL was his father, born 1795. Peter's wife was Elizabeth RATLIFF.

We believe that Peter's father was Nathaniel KUYKENDALL, no further information.

My query: Does anyone have additional information on Nathaniel or this Kuykendall line?

Bruce McNeill Hayman 7 September 2007

My great-great-greatgrandparents were Reese McNEILL and Ann RENICK, whose nephew was the famous Confederate leader of McNeill's Rangers -- John Hanson MCNEILL. I have four questions
  1. Did the McNeills come from Scotland or Northern Ireland? Where did the Renicks immigrate from?
  2. If Hardy County was generally pro-slavery, why did it become part of WestVirginia
  3. I read that when some of the Renicks moved to Ohio, their farm was part of the UndergroundRailroad. Was there a conflict over slavery among some McNeills and Renicks
  4. Any ideas on where I could find additional information about ReeseMcNeill, Ann Renick, their ancestors and their children
Thanks for your time.

Edward Richards 27 August 2007

I have come upon another item that may be of interest to the VanMeter family of Hardy County, WV.

It is a 35-page booklet entitled; Abel J. Vanmeter, His Park and His Diary. by Mrs. Jean Tyree Hamilton.

Actually it is a reprint from, The Bulletin of the Missouri Historical Society, October 1971.

It is available for $1 plus shipping from;

Van Meter State Park
Rt #1 Box 47
Miami, MO 65344

This is the story of Abel Vanmeter's trip to the mines of the Montana Territory in 1865-66.
Regards, Edward Richards

Anne Blocker 22 August 2007

I am still looking for the maternal ancestors of Mary McQUIRE, wife of Job WELTON. I have first name Rachel married to William McGUIRE, the spy. McGuire records say her surname was SPYLY which seems unlikely. I am listed on WELTON and McGUIRE, but on SHOBE. Thanks. Anne Blocker,

Janet Wheeless 1 August 2007

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to contact a Kim Clark, who is on the FOX and INSKEEP list to contact on this site. My mailings have never been successful. I know we are in the same FOX line, and I would like to contact her. Any suggestions on how to go about this. If we, indeed, are the same Gabriel Fox line, I have a picture of her g-g-g grandfather she might be interested in seeing. Thank you for your help--JWheeless

Jack Knee 28 July 2007

A brother-in-law of my ggf David Hartzell KNEE of Wardensville was killed in action in the Civil War and his name was Hezekiah MCKEEVER. The only information in family records is "Troop B, Regiment 11, Virginia Archives, Volume 10, Page 16." We would like to know which Division that regiment was in as well as what battle he was killed? Has anyone seen that particular Volume? Thanks, Jack Knee.

Lucile White 25 July 2007

I am looking for verification of the birth of John SLATER who was born May 20, 1791 in Hardy County Virginia/West Virginia. He is the son of William SLATER and Eleanor CLAYPOOLE.

I need the verification that John is the son of William for verification for the DAR.

Who would I contact for this information?

Andrew R. Evans 25 July 2007

Looking for a picture of Edward (Ned) EVANS, my great great grandfather, born in Hardy County in 1813. Also looking for a picture of my great grandfather, James B. EVANS, born in Hardy County in 1857. Genealogy records seem to indicate he was James Edward EVANS, but his gravestone near Moorefield is James B. EVANS. Upcoming EVANS reunion this weekend.

Darrell Groves 17 July 2007

Recent findings by some Groves researchers have found that Isaac Marian GROVES married Susan STINGLEY not Susan ROBY. The Ohio death certificate of Chenowith GROVES and Hardy County Birth records (which have the family listed as GROVER) are part of the documentation.

Lee Simons 16 July 2007

The following query was posted on genforum Simons message board on 10 November 2001 by Randy Simons in response to a question about Benjamin Simons, no followups posted:

Benjamin SIMONS was the son of John George SIMONS. who was the son of Jacob and Catherine SIMON(S) original name was SIMON. (I have been to his grave.) Born 1749 died 1804. My father put up a monument stone at the grave site.

Randy's e-mail bounced, and I tried to phone a number of Randy Simons from the nationwide phone index.

Does anyone know where the grave of George SIMONS is located in Hardy Co.? Please contact Lee Simons at leefh@byu.net.

Vincent M. Van Matre 3 July 2007

I would like to know the names of those people mentioned in the will of Colonel Isaac VAN METER - will dated Jan 1, 1838 - Hardy Co.
Vincent M. Van Matre

Debi Vaeth 27 June 2007

My name is Debi and I am a direct descendant of the following families: I would love to be able to swap information with some of researchers of these families. Please add my email to the list of contacts for these families

Thanks so much!! Debi Vaeth

Carolyn Robertson 19 June 2007

Just checking to see if you have any information about my great great grandfather, David W. BRADLEY born 19 June 1814 and was from Hardy County. Some of my relatives thought he was from Hardy County Virginia, but I haven't located a Hardy County, Virginia so I'm thinking it was Hardy County, WV. He married Eunice HAWK who was born 13 August 1819. They had eight children, two were infants when they died; the others were William Riley BRADLEY born 1839, Cyrus Newton BRADLEY (my great grandfather) born 9-11-1841, Lewis Martin BRADLEY born 9-19-1843, Sara Jane BRADLEY born 9-8-1845, Annba Eliza BRADLEY born 12-11-1848, and Mary Elizabeth BRADLEY born 3-9-1851.

I haven't been able to find out who David's mother or father were, or any brothers or sisters. I'm at a dead-end.

Any help you can give would be greatly greatly appreciated. Or, if you have any suggestions as to who I should/could contact.
Thanks much. Carolyn Robertson

Melody Noble 3 June 2007

I am looking for information on Lewis (Louis) RODERICK born about 1794.

Cherryll Tallman 8 June 2007

Looking for ancestry on Benjamin Furman VANNOY married to Angeline LOUGH [born abt 1850] who were parents of Noah Jay VANNOY married to Icie Belle HARPER. I am great granddaughter of Jay and Icie.

I have more info on our family if needed. Thank you for any assistance you can offer. Cherryll Tallman

Joyce Snell 4 May 2007

I'm seeking MORE information on George SIMON who married Celia REGER in 1837. Celia was the daughter of Abram REGER and Leah Ann BRAKE. George and Celia moved on to MO, living in Linn Co during the 1870 census. I am certain they are buried in MO and NOT VA/WVA. This couple is my great great grandparents. Joyce Snell

Carolyn Bradley Robertson 4 May 2007

I'm looking for the parents and siblings of David W. BRADLEY birth 19 June 1811/1814 in Hardy, WV. He married 7 Sept 1837 in Delaware, Ohio and his death was 15 Jan 1862 in Springfield, Iowa. Spouse Eunice HAWK birth 13 Aug 1818/1820 in Hardy, WV and death 18 Oct 1910 Amoret, Bates, Missouri. Some relatives believe David W. BRADLEY was born in Hardy, Virginia, but I am unable to locate a county of Hardy in Virginia.
David and Eunice BRADLEY's children are: Thanks for any information you can give me. Carolyn

John Ragosta 26 April 2007
Petersburg Presbyterian Church

I am trying to locate a Petersburg Presbyterian Church (or meeting house) which was in existence in 1776 in Virginia. For various reasons, I am more inclined to think that this meeting house was in what is now Petersburg WVA (formerly part of Hardy County) than Petersburg VA (that area was heavily Anglican/Methodist in the relevant period). Is anyone familiar with an 18th century Presbyterian meeting house in the area of Petersburg?
Thank you, John Ragosta

Bob Peck 26 April 2007

I am researching George PECK, 1762-1850, who married Mary LANCISCO and later on moved to Ohio. Was George in the American Revolution? Who were his parents? Was he of German descent? I have a lot of info on the LANCISCO family, would be glad to share info.
Thank you, Bob Peck, Ohio.

Lorna Schwebs 23 April 2007

Can you supply me with in formation on Priscilla CHILCOTT/CLAYPOOLE, she married Charles COMBS. Her mother was Margaret CHILCOTT, father Philip CLAYPOOLE.

The following is the information I have about this line:
Margaret CHILCOTT dob 2 Apr.1797 Mathis,Hardy Co. WVA. Mother of Priscilla CHILCOTT/CLAYPOOLE dob 5 Jun 1813/15 Married Charles COMBS dob 12 May 1812. According to the information I found in my mothers books, is Margaret is Priscilla's mother, Priscilla's father was Philip CLAYPOOLE dob 1789. Here is the problem , my mother has Elizabeth CHILCOTT dob 27 Sept 1791., marriage to Philip CLAYPOOLE 26 Feb 1815, I do not find a marriage date for Philip and Margaret...Although my mother has marked Philip as Margaret's first husband. Margaret and Elizabeth were sisters. Their parents were Elihu CHILCOTT and Lydia Payne.

I have a lot of problems with this line. My father's family wasn't willing to share information. My mother had Thomas COMBS dob abt 1745 and his son Francis Ignatius COMBS dob abt 1780 being born in Hampshire Co. Va. I am learning now they were from Maryland.

Thank you for you help. Lorna Schwebs

Lisa Hopp 15 April 2007

Could you tell me if there is a marriage entry for Albert WEAVER or his son Robert WEAVER in the book Hardy County, WV Marriages 1795 - 1899? I have in my notes from another researcher that Robert WEAVER was born abt. 1839 in Hardy Co.

I do have the census information for Robert WEAVER...haven't looked for his parents yet, though, on the census. I believe Robert WEAVER was married three times, but I have no proof yet of the third marriage other than family lore. It was his first marriage that I can't find anything about, not even census data as of yet. I'm still hunting. Family tells me that his wife's maiden name was TUNING. I found where he had a wife named Elizabeth, but I think he was married before her. And his third wife is the one connected to my husband's family...Nancy Jane STOWERS BELCHER (Nancy was a widow when they married...Belcher is my mother-in-law's maiden name). Anyway, thus my interest in the Hardy Co. marriage book. I tried searching the Virginia marriages databases on Ancestry.com for him, but I didn't find anything.

Thank you! Lisa Hopp, Seattle, WA

Ed Jenkins 1 April 2007

We show William CLARK (who married Eve POWERS) (born 1769) as the son of Robert CLARK (born 1749) and Elizabeth GAY.

We would like to trace the family back, and wondered whether anyone had a genealogy web site that traces this CLARK family.

Thank you for any, and all, information. Ed Jenkins (RuthJenk@aol.com)

SusanWyckoff 28 March 2007

This is in response to Bert Frederick query posted Saturday April 1, 2006 EARHART - FREDERICK - MAYS - SHELL ". . . Also Rachel Earhart FREDERICK wife of John FREDERICK ... b Mar 25 1785 m. Sept 9 1834 d Aug 1840 and buried at Medley WV. Any further info will be appreciated."

I, too, am searching for information on Rachel EARHART. However, she married John FREDERICK, 21 Sep 1802, not 1834. Rachel is the daughter of Philip EARHART b 1746, Reading Twp York Co PA and Mary FUNK b 1750, Funkstown Md. Their dau, Hannah FREDERICK b 24 Apr 1803, is my ggggrandmother. Hannah married Israel EWAN, sometimes spelled EWEN and also known as Israel EWING in 1829. This marriage is recorded in both Shenandoah (Feb 19) and Frederick (Feb 9) Counties VA. Family lore has it that Hannah FREDERICK had an Indian heritage, something I have been unable to confirm, but based on appearance could be true.

KAnder9455@aol.com 27 March 2007

I am looking for information on Naomi KELLER, born in 1884, daughter of Asa KELLER and Edith PHILLIPS. Looking for information on her death and where she is buried. She was married to Thomas ISNER. Also any information on James Thomas ANDERSON who was married to Ivy Myrtle KELLER and the first wife of Asa KELLER who is Sarah KELLER. They were married on 23 Dec 1875, two daughters were born, Martha and Flora, can find no info on Flora. Sarah died shortly after the last daughter was born.

Linda Wall 17 March 2007

Hello, do you have any info on Theodocius ARMSTRONG and his first wife, Molly McCORMICK? They were in Hardy Co., Va (later WV) in the early 1800's. I am hoping for a connection with them and a Margaret ARMSTRONG, born 1 March 1796 in Hardy Co. She later married (6 March 1821) to Jeremiah VAN FLEET. She died 14 Dec 1882 in Warren Co., Iowa. Thanks, Linda

Judith Webb Greenan 17 March 2007

Looking for information regarding the family of John WEBB who had a tanyard outside of Moorefield, VA, now WV. Would like more information regarding the tanyard. John WEBB died in approximately 1807/1808. His son William WEBB, born 1778 in ?? but lived in Hardy Co., married Catherine EVANS in 1799 in Frederick County, VA.

I have some information on John's son James, born in PA in 1784 then lived in Hardy County.

Another son of John WEBB is John WEBB, born in 1776 in PA?

All information is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Judy

Karon Dyer 10 March 2007

Seeking information on Daniel HARRIS family, John DYER family, and/or Hannah OLDAKER. The all lived during the 1700s in what is now Hardy County.

John Myer 10 March 2007
potteries in Moorefield & Capon mountain area

Hello, my name is John Myer and for the last several years I have been working on a survey of stoneware and redware potteries in West Virginia.  A 1906 geological survey refers to a stoneware pottery at Moorefield, and I have just acquired an copy of the 1876, Resources Of West Virginia, which states "...potter's clay is wrought ... on the outskirts of Moorefield and in Capon mountain ridge;".  While I have yet to do extensive research in Hardy county, I have not found to date where these potteries were or by whom they were operated.  Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, John, historyrediscovered@yahoo.com

Ruth Bland Barch 6 March 2007

Could someone tell me the approximate miles between Knobley Mt. and Patterson Creek Mt? Also, is Tear Coat Creek in this area? Thank you. Any assistance is appreciated. Ruth Bland Barch

Kevin Mulford 25 February 2007

I am looking for information on James MULFORD (Sr.) I already have much evidence to show that James MULFORD (Jr) moved from an area called "Thorn Bottom" in Hardy County, VA (now WV) to Coshocton County, Ohio, but I have little information about James MULFORD (Sr.) I do have a copy of the Will of James MULFORD (Sr.), but am unable to trace this line any further back. I am unable to find out where James MULFORD (Sr.) came from or who his parents were. I have been searching for about 6 years, but I have yet to be able to get to WV to do the physical search. Whatever information you may have on this individual would be greatly appreciated. Both James MULFORD Sr and James MULFORD Jr are listed on the Abstract of the 1800 Hardy County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List on the http://www.rootsweb.com/~wvhardy/ website and I have a copy of that as well.

Carol Wheeler 15 February 2007

Looking for info for Benjamin WHEELER b abt 1767 VA lived in Hardy VA and m abt 1797 Rachel HARRIS b abt 1775 VA, she died abt 1813.

Benj Sr's father was Thomas WHEELER b abt 1740 MD d 1800 Hardy VA m in ? abt 1762 Jane CONDELL b abt 1740 in ? Thomas & Jane as per Will children: Benjamin, Thomas, William, Jinny, Ruth, Dolly, Eleanor, Sarah, Rachel, Elizabeth and Amy/Anny.

Benjamin Sr & Rachel (HARRIS) WHEELER named one of their sons Nehemiah which there was a Nehemiah HARRIS (father ?) in 1800 Tx Lst. Benjamin Sr & children moved to Licking OH abt 1816.

Tom Hackman 10 February 2007

Hello, I am looking information on the family of a Benjamin THIXTON (He appears to have taken the name Benjamin THIXTON SCOTT as an adult in Randolph County). He was born abt 1789 in Hardy County to a Sarah THIXTON. I cannot seem to find any information on her or her family except that they may have lived on Lunice Creek just outside Petersburg (Grant Co, now). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tom

Joe Williams 1 February 2007

My g3 granddfather John DAVIS [1800-1880] was probably b. in Taylor Co.,WV and had relatives in Hardy Co. He may have met Mary Elizabeth "Isabella" NEWLAND while in Hardy Co. They were m. in 1817/18 and moved to Salem Twp., Champaign Co., OH where their first child was b in 1819. I cannot find a marriage record. Mary NEWLAND, however was related to the NEWLAND, WEIR & MASON families of Timber Ridge in Frederick Co., VA. Their son Joseph Ware DAVIS is my g2 grandfather and Isaac Mason DAVIS is a brother of Joseph.

Perhaps you can help me sort out the Davis/Huffman relationships. Thank you for your consideration. Joe Williams, Helena, MT

Joe Williams 1 February 2007

My g4 grandfather, Abel Davis, was b. in MD about 1768 and died in White Co., IN in 1847. He m. Mary____? Several researchers believe her surname was Huffman. The 1818 census of White Co., IN notes that John Davis s/o Abel advised his father was b. in MD & mother in PA.

Abel & Mary arrived in Monongalia Co., about 1789 (present day Taylor Co., near Grafton). He was a cooper, farmer, road worker, Justice of the Peace and personal surety. In one of his surety undertakings he provided a bail bond on behalf of Phillip Huffman who after defaulting on a similar bond by a different surety was sent back to jail for failure to pay a debt. Abel provided a bond that released Phillip disappeared leaving Abel holding the sack. The matter was finally resolved but it cost Abel about $38.

In 1835 John Davis s/o Abel purchased land from Joseph H. Thompson in White Co., IN (Joseph was from Harrison Co., VA) and had been an early settler in White Co. It the Deed John Davis is introduced as. "John Davis of the County of Hardy in Virginia". These facts lead me to believe 1. Mary was a member of the Huffman family and 2. Phillip may have been her brother. 3. Abel wrote the bond under pressure from Mary as Phillip was an obvious poor risk. I suspect John Dave in Hardy Co. working there and perhaps residing with a relative - but that is simply guess work. John M. Mary Elizabeth "Isabella" Newland in VA or PA or OH. depending on which story you accept. I suspect they m. after Abel announced the pending move to Salem Twp., Champaign Co., OH. John & Mary's first child, Josiah was b. in Champaign Co. in 1819.

The source of the bonding information comes from court records that have been preserved. I Think Phillip Huffman settled in OH as there is a record of presence of a Phillip. A George Huffman m. into the family of Jacob Davis (s/o Abel & Mary) & Sarah Wolf. He m. Elizabeth Jane Davis 27 Oct 1860. See message 209 on the Taylor Co. GenForum.

If you know of a Phillip Huffman down Hardy Co. way please let me know. Thanks, Joe Williams

Sue Lupton 1 February 2007
Elijah High Cemetery

Is there a listing of the Elijah High Cemetery at Rada? I don't know if this is in Hampshire or Hardy County, but I've not been able to find a catalog listing of the cemetery. Thanks for your help. Sue

Sherre Marsh 27 January 2007

HURN - Henry Philip b 1795 PERU, until recently thought to be in VA, but I see now there's a Peru in WV. He had a brother David H. b abt 1793. Parents unknown. Henry (m1819 Mary Ann Jacobs, dau of Richard JACOBS/Eleanor HILLERY), moved to Harrison County, IN early 1800's, most family died there or in Louisville, KY. His son Levi Hillery b1823 IN, had son William 1862 IN, had daughter Nellie 1888 KY...my grandmother. Any info on Henry HURN or Richard JACOBS would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sherre

Mark Grantz 23 January 2007

I am trying to ask a question to anyone who might help me with information about George STUMP / Catherine NEFF. I am trying to find out if there is any proof of American Indian bloodline. I tried to click onto a link on this website but it doesn't work.
I appreciate any help you might give. Thank you, Mark Grantz

Don Young 9 January 2007

Does anyone have any information on a Hermanous SHOOK or Catherine SHOOK (SEARS). Thank you, Don

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