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Mary Webb 12 December 2008

I am a direct descendant of Martin Thornbury. I have seen the name of Susan Jurban who is also a direct descendant of Martin and is willing to share her information. Do you have Susan's e-mail address or know how I can reach her?

I have enjoyed your web page and have taken advantage of your recommendations on the Colonial times. Keep up the good work, what you do is invaluable to people like me who are trying to dig for their roots.
Thank you again, Mary Webb

Cheryl 26 November 2008

I have a puzzle I'm trying to solve. I have a Charles BOWERS that is listed with David Bowers and family for both the 1870 & 1880 censuses. In 1880 - it identifies him as "grandson." In the Shenandoah register of marriages - it lists him as Charles Monroe Bowers, only identifying his Mother as "Mary Ann Bowers."

Well, David had a teenage daughter, Mary Ann, that was listed in the 1860 census (b. abt. 1844) - and not listed later (I couldn't find a marriage of a Mary Ann Bowers to anyone fitting her DOB in the time period bet. 1860-1870)...and I could not find a marriage record for a Mary Ann to any "Bowers" bet. 1860 & 1870 that would have "fit the bill" as Charles' parents. David Jr. could have been of age to father Charles - and he is found living next to his Father with wife Caroline and two young children at the time of the 1870 census.

This makes me think that Charles was fathered illegitimately, and that his Mother died in childbirth, leaving his grandparents to raise him...and giving him the Bowers name.

So...I'm wondering if you have a record of birth for a Charles Bowers in 1861/2 and/or a record of a death for Mary Ann Bowers....or anything else that would help illuminate this puzzle.
Thank you so much. Cheryl

Russell F Payne 22 November 2008

I have been researching the PAYNE and FORD Surnames. My greatgrandfather whose name was Edward Paine was married to Margaret Elizabeth Ford in 1867.

I see on their marriage record that Edward's parents were William and Lauara Paine. My question is have you found any records of Edward's siblings or of his father's sibliings.

Elena Cogdell 19 November 2008

I am looking for records of
McNeel, Strother   Hardy   1800   Not Stated
16   2   0   2   13
McNeel, John   Hardy   1800   Not Stated
16   2   1   2   7

The John McNeal I am following married in VA about 1800-1802 and died in TN army service 1814. That limits the Johns, and his son married in TN and went boating to MO..
Thanks for the help. Elena Conkle Cogdell in TX

Brenda LambetKuhl 17 November 2008

Looking for information on John HENRY who lived up South Fork for a good while. He had a wife named Margaret EYE. (Maggie) She was supposed to have been a midwife back in those days. They had 10 kids. Dora is buried at Old Fields. She was the oldest child. Some of the names were Robert, Austin, William, Mary, Elva, Suella, Janet and Mattie

Joyce Snell 13 November 2008

My great great grandparents: George SIMON (s) and Celia (REGER) Simon married in 1837, some years later left VA (now WVA) and moved to northern MO. By 1870 were listed on the federal census in Linn Co, MO, then "vanish". Due to their advanced age, I do not believe they returned to VA/WVA. Does anyone have any further info on these people??? Celia's mother was "a BRAKE".

Joyce Snell 13 November 2008

Do you have a current email address for CeeAnn Neuenschwander who now lives in KS??? I'm seeking info from her regarding her research on the Reger family of Hardy Co, WVA.
Thanks. Joyce Snell

Willard Ransom 8 November 2008

I am searching for the family of Mary Catherine SEYMOUR b 24 Feb 1833, d 17 Jun 1885. She married Isaac VanMeter INSKEEP b 1829, Romney, WV in abt 1849.
Their children were:
Annie Elizabeth,
Edgar Seymour,
David Gipson,
Isaac Lee,
Susan Yocomanche?, and
Joseph Renick.
Many of these names seem to be common in Hardy County.

Annie Elizabeth Inskeep married George W. Washington of Ridgedale, Hampshire Co. in 1870 and the entire family moved to Pottawatomie Co KS.

Lori Highland 16 October 2008

In Hardy Co. WV there is a Will for a George LEE that was made out 1811, and never probated. Our George Lee died 1814 in the service of the War of 1812, and he lived in Frederick Co. VA, and we believe he had land in Hardy Co. WV., and we are wondering if this could be our George Lee, and how we could go about getting a copy of this Will that was in the index of Hardy Co. Will records. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Lori

Norma Stern 22 September 2008
The History of Grant and Hardy Counties

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of E. L. Judy's book, The History of Grant and Hardy Counties? The book is out of print and I would like to find a used copy.

W.Wirt Wolfe 9 September 2008

I am searching for a David WOLF who lived briefly in Hampshire/Hardy County about 1780s and may have married a widow, Mary Elizabeth PARKER, they moved on to Hacker's Creek, Harrison County, W.Va. About 1790 they settled near Clarksburg, Harrison County, W.Va.

Thank you for any information you may have. Please post my name on your website for surnames.
Thanks - W.Wirt Wolfe

Wanda Exline 4 September 2008

I am looking for burial information concerning George EXLINE (George OXLEIN , Sr.) who died abt 1801 in Hardy Co. Would love to have a picture of his grave stone.

Julia Giblin 2 September 2008

I am looking for any help or information regarding my 2 times great grandfather John Jay or James GREEN/E, born circa 1824, Hardy Co Petersberg Virginia. He was of African/American, not sure if he was a slave or freed person, haven't been able to find any information about him, other than the certificates i have for him here in Australia.

He came to Australia, circa 1849, and worked as a miner in Cresswick, Victoria, Australia. The ship he came out on, don't know if he came to another country first before he came to Australia?

He married Ellen Keilor (maiden name Shevlin) born circa 1830, Ireland. Married here to John, on the 26Th May 1861, Cresswick, Victoria, Australia, according to the rites of the church of England.

His parents may have been Thomas Green (farmer) and Lydia Foster or Hamilton? I have John's marriage and death certificates, any help appreciated... ( he had a son called Duff) I think that this name is African/American?
Regards Julia....

Margaret Beckwith 19 August 2008

I am researching my WHITE family that emigrated to Hardy Co., VA in the late 1790's. Thomas WHITE was my 1st g-grandfather in VA.

I am also trying to find out if my 1st American-born ELSEY g-grandfather, Edward, owned any land in Hardy Co. His brother, Thomas, owned land that was situated in what is the present-day Moorefield.

Thanks for any assistance you can give!
Margaret Beckwith, Elkins

Audra Miller 19 August 2008

I am looking for information on Corbin W. MILLER, born 11/12/1807 in Lost River, Hardy County, Virginia/West Virginia. He was married to Amanda FRAVEL 11/5/1829. Her DOB is 6/7/1807. I am trying to locate his parents and possibly their parents and so on and determine what country they immigrated from. I have been unable to locate anything further and wondered if you might be of help. I have some information on the Fravel family but nothing more on who Corbin Miller's parents were. Census records list him with other Millers, possibly Jacob or Anthony could be a relative.

He and Amanda had several children, Harrison Fravel, Ann Rebecca, Joseph Rebecca, William, Felix W., Branson S., Lionel, Crafton Clay, Corbin McNeill, John J., Victoria S.

The moved to Ohio between 1851-1860.

Any information you could supply me with would be appreciated.

Thank you, Audra Miller, Diamond, MO

Sandy Willis 1 August 2008

The family story goes: James Moore DAVIS (1736 - 1826) was born in Maryland. His mother was Jane MOORE. After the war, (wife unknown) he returned home to find that his wife had died and the 7 or 8 sons were living with their grandparents in Hardy County. I do not know the name of the grandparents. It was also said that James Moore DAVIS was asked to be part of the christening of the Moorefield Court house because of his mother's connection.

Any history about the Moore family that Moorefield was named after. Any records of a family of Davis children living with grandparents in Hardy County sometime in the between the years 1777-1795.

Thanks so much. I have no documentation of these family stories and would like to know is this is all true.

Sandy Willis

Jane Easley 6 June 2008

Does anyone know the descendants of Thomas Seymour of Hardy County, VA? He received a land grant on 10th April 1809, issued in 1809. I would like to have proof he is William Hart's father. William bought land in Rhea Tn in 1808 which was Va until 1779 or so. I am trying to make a connection.

Ron Thomas 29 May 2008

Would someone please help me find the father of George Peck of Hardy County Virginia. I have searched for forty years with no luck. Some believe his name when he arrived in this country was Jakob Von Beck, but I have not seen any evidence that this is true. Please help if you can.-------- Ron Thomas

Jean W. Moore 23 May 2008

Daughters of the American Revolution is now requiring that any one wanting to join thru the services of William WILSON,
prove his children. I have requested a copy of William's will, from Hardy Co. Court house, but it is very hard to copy from
the old books. (1801)I Would be glad to pay anyone for a certified copy.

Antoinette M. Shields 14 May 2008

My query regards John G. Powers and Dorcas Elizabeth Kirkendall. John was born in Hardy County, West Virginia on 16 Dec 1824 (according to info I have) and Dorcas Kirkendall was born in West Virginia on 11 Mar 1830 (according to info that I have). They were married (supposedly in West Virginia) and moved to Indiana. I have checked records in Indiana and can find no marriage date there. Their marriage date is: 19 Nov 1850.
If you do research for the inquiries, could you please check and see what records (if any) are available on these 2 ancestors of mine?
Thank you for your assistance in the above matter.
MCLew Note: I did not find John G. Powers in the Hardy County Census readings for 1850, 1860 or 1870. Dorcas E. Kuykendall age 20 is shown living in the household of Delilah Robinson age 36 in the 1850 Hardy County Census.

Ellie Swanger 3 May 2008

How many Michael Stumps were there and how do they connect?
I am trying to contact Mr. J. W. Neff for genealogy reasons. His posted email bounced!
Thanks, Ellie Swanger at: EllieSS@aol.com

Dana Shifflett 30 April 2008

I am looking for info on John W. Moreland, born 7 November 1830 in Virginia, the son of Samuel and Elizabeth Moreland. John W. had siblings: Charles H., George, Joseph, Sarah E., Adam L., Rebecca, Mary E., and Daniel K. The 1850 census shows John in Hardy County. I don't know where in Virginia John was born, and I know nothing at all of Samuel and Elizabeth.

I am Dana Shifflett, son of Paul Shifflett and Helen L. Moreland, daughter of Royal Moreland, son of Scyrus Moreland, son of John W. Moreland.

John W. died 25 December 1893 in Cromwell Iowa and is buried there. Cromwell is in Union County, a few miles west of Creston, which is on US34 and southwest of Des Moines.

If you have any info to share on John, Samuel and Elizabeth, or could point me in some direction, I'd sure like to know of it.

Sue Dufour 23 April 2008

I am researching Thomas Lewis, born Hardy County in 1788.
Sue Dufour

Darla Britt 28 March 2008

Looking for the parents of John SLATER born 2/4/1803. His family shows up in Kanawha Co around 1830, mother and children. Not sure what happend to the father of these chidren. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Margaret Watson 22 March 2008

I am researching my Overman and Lambert ancestry. William Overman m. Cynthia Lambert in Hardy Co., WV on 22 Dec 1823, and I have no information regarding their parentage.
Thanks, Margaret Watson

Mary Galyon 20 March 2008

Requesting any information on ancestry of Jeremiah OSBORNE and wife Mary NEWMAN who moved to NC in the mid 1780's. Mary's parents supposed to be Jonathan NEWMAN and Hannah POSEY. Who were they and where did they come from? Jeremiah may have died ca 1806 in Ohio. He had a brother named George (will dated 1783, wife Hannah unk., who lived on the South Branch), brother John d 1805, Greenbriar Co., (wife Mary Elizabeth Claypool), and sister Abigail (husb. Joseph Claypool 1790, Greenbriar Co.). May have had other siblings. This is probably the Jeremiah listed in the Claypool Rebellion.

Jeremiah & Mary's known children: Rebecca (md John Claypool), Josiah, Jonathan (md Margaret Claypool), Reuben (md 2X), Mary (md John Satterfield), John b 1770 d 1848 (md Jane Claypool), Jeremiah b 1772 d 1857 (md Polly Anne Blythe(1771-1837).

I am lost with the Claypools!

Mary Louise Gossum 16 March 2008

Does anyone know Ralph Wayne Wise of Baker, West Virginia who died 2 Dec 2007 and was buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, or any of his family? He was the son of Floyd Wesley Wise and Ada Belle Miller. I have Wise ancestors in Hardy County and I believe we would be related.
Mary Louise

Charlie Bess 14 March 2008

I am interested in any information to help me link the Smith family of Hardy county with the Renick/Rennick family of same.... specifically I think John S. Smith b. 1792 married to Sarah Ann Harris may be my key. Sarah's parents were Ignatius Harris (b 1778) and Nancy (b. 1780). I am wondering if anyone knows of Nancy Harris's maiden name and any more info on either family. Any help greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Charlie Bess

Link M. Davis 11 March 2008

I am searching an Anthony W (Wayne, I believe) DAVIS b. 1821-22, d. 13 Nov 1887. I have an obit from a Chester County PA newspaper dated 8 Dec 1887 that states:

"Anthony W. Davis died at Yankton, Rockingham county, West Virginia, November 13, 1887, of paralysis, aged about 65 years. He was born in Schuylkill township, Chester county, Pa., and spent the earlier part of his life in Phoenixville and vicinity."

Now before you say this idiot is in the wrong state, know that I have had people search the Rockingham County area of Virginia without success. I know that there was (or still is) a Yankeetown located close to your border and thought you might be my next avenue of exploration.
Hoping to hear from you, I am
Link M. Davis

JeanetteP 6 March 2008

Hello, I am inquiring about John Meade. I believe he lived in the mid-late 1800's in Hardy Co, and he was possibly a justice judge there. I would appreciate anything you could tell me about John Meade ...thanks! JP

George M. Williams 29 February 2008

From about 1772 to 1776 Peter Steenbergen operated an Ordinary on the South Fork, probably near Moorefield. Does any one know where or on which lot this enterprise was located?
George M. Williams

John Tevebaugh 27 February 2008
Joan Norton Mullen

I lost touch with "swanlady" a few years ago, and would like to exchange with her. Have you an email or info for her?

Lemuel Halterman 26 February 2008

Sarah Feathers Haldeman query
I'd like to know from where, possibly what tribe and where they might be buried. I understand they lived in the part of Shenandoah Co., Va. that became part of Hardy C., W.Va., probably near or south of Mathias. One of their siblings was Johnathan Halterman, who married Ameila Caldwell of Mathias. They raised their children on Halterman Mtn. up the South Fork. They are buried at Rig. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks,Lem

Angel Joseph-DeLawder 24 February 2008

My Great Great Grandparents were Turner and Emeline Grady Shipe, My Great Grandparents were Roy and Zella Dove Shipe and my Grandparents were Paul and Carmie Shipe Joseph.

I know little about this side of my family. If you are family or have information you wouldn't mind sharing, that would be great. You can email me at southern_angel@msn.com with SHIPE FAMILY in the subject. Thanks so much!

Ann Lorenze 23 February 2008

I am seeking a copy of the will for:
Morris Thomas born 1727 in Pa but he died in Hardy Co so I am not sure where the records are. The will is dated Feb 13 1787, he added a codicil Jan 19 1793 after the death of his wife. The will was probated Jan 13 1796. I am not sure if he actually died 1795 or 1796.

Does your library provide making copies? If so, I will be happy to forward the costs.
Thank you, Ann Lorenze
Note: I don't have a library of wills, but you can contact Hardy County for will records.

Antoinette Shields 21 February 2008

I am searching for a John G. Powers, born 16 Dec 1824 in Hardy County, West Virginia. Also searching for a Dorcas Elizabeth Kirkendall (Korkendall) who was born in West Virginia 11 Mar 1830.

If you can find that info, I am also searching for a marriage date for them. They moved to Indiana but I have checked records there and found nothing so am trying West Virginia. The marriage date is 19 Nov 1850. Thank you for assisting in this search.

Peggy Myers 19 February 2008

On November 21, 2007, a query from Sharon Pearce was issued. I'm interested in contacting her concerning this family. My 4 great grandmother is Marie Rachel Higgins Ray, daughter of Levi and Rachel Hannah Higgins. I'm most interest in finding out more on the children of this pair. If this is a liable source, I would welcome an e-mail from her. Thanks for your help.

Jayne Sligar 11 February 2008

I am looking for information on the Cretsinger family. John Cretsinger was born June 10, 1818. He later moved to Licking County, Ohio. Elizabeth Cretsinger married Joseph Wilkins 8/2/1820.

Jane Easley 3 February 2008

Does anyone know the descendants of Thomas Seymour of Hardy County, VA? He received a land grant on 10th April 1809, issued in 1809. I would like to have proof is he is William Hart's Father. William bought land in Rhea Tn in 1808 which was Va until 1779 or so. I am trying to make a connection.

Bonnie Bean Panattoni 31 January 2008

Looking for Info on following: Benjamin Bean b. Hardy County, VA(?) m. to Sarah Warrington; father = George Bean b. May 1790, m. to Susannah Carr Aug 1811; Geo's father = Benj. Bean m. to Rebecca Evans. Benjamin was born in MD but sister Elizabeth was b. Hardy County. Any information will be appreciated. ohqltr@yahoo.com

Loree Hawk Davis 31 January 2008

Nicholas Michael Hawk, born in Hardy County, 8 May 1819. Married Mary Elizabrth Cook 14 July 1853. Supposedly they settled in Hardy County before relocating to Kansas.

Father of Nicholas Michael Hawk was Michael Hawk, who immigrated from England and first settled in Maryland before relocating to Hardy County. Cannot find any records of this Michael Hawk, spouse unknown.

Cannot find records of Nicholas Michael in Hardy County but can find him on later census records in Kansas.

If anyone has any information about this Hawk family, please email me!
Thank you, Loree Hawk Davis

Linda Brenner 30 January 2008

I am trying to prove DAR lineage and am trying to find any documentation listing George Webb, child of James Webb and Jane Burch. George was born January 8, 1859 in Hardy County, married Jane Burch (1st) on February 4, 1845, and died in Cedar County Missouri on March 22, 1882.

Documentation is also needed for James Webb, his father, born May 29, 1784 in Hardy County and died on July 3, 1862 in Hardy County. Apparently there is a marriage record of Hardy County, VA 1795 page 40 that lists his marriage to Hester Robinson of Loudoun County occurring in Moorefield, Hardy County by Reverend Josiah Hopkinson. James Webb worked as a tanner in his father's tan yard. After 1862 the tannery was rented and operation supposedly continued until 1900. The tannery operation was located near Bean Settlement if that is any help.

I have census records that identify George Webb, but any other documentation would help my relational proof - wills, marriage certificates, land tax rolls, voting records, property deeds. I have the information listed above, but do not have the documentation to substantiate it.
Thank you, Linda Brenner, Bakersfield, California

Carolyn Levin 22 January 2008

Osee Bible's mother was Annie Armentrout, I am trying to find records about the family. Osee Bible was my grandfather, Annie would be my great grandmother.
Thank you, Carolyn Bible Levin

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