Hardy County Queries 1998

Jim Reynolds Sun Dec 6 1998

My name is Jim Reynolds. My great-grandfather, John William REYNOLDS, was born in Hardy Co. in 1824. He moved to Missouri some time around 1860. A short while later, another brother, George Washington REYNOLDS, also moved his family to Missouri. I have a lot of information about the families of the two brothers and some on other REYNOLDS in Hardy Co. I believe, but have no documentation to prove it at this time, that their parents were Henry REYNOLDS and Elizabeth "Betsy" VIRGIN REYNOLDS. They lived in the Baker area. Thanks. E-mail:JReyno6299@aol.com

Dennis Strawderman Thu Dec 3 1998

My 4th great grandfather is John Anthony STRAWDERMAN. He died in Hardy County in 1814. He purchased land there in the 1790's. Family tradition is that he was a Hessian soldier.

In looking at the Hetrina, I came across two men by the name of STADERMANN. One was Johann STADERMANN born in the 1750's in Mittelsinn. The other is Anton STADERMANN born in 1754 in Frstenau. I also looked in the Philby Passenger and Immigration books and only found Anton listed. In the early period of up to the mid-1800's these are the only two people that came to this country with names similar to mine - at least based on those two resources.

There were not any STRAWDERMAN or other spellings of the name listed in either of those records. The closest is STADERMANN. I have checked the Germany telephone book on CD and had people in Germany do other looking and no one has come up with any STRAWDERMAN in Germany. The closest is STADERMANN.

From the Hessian list, I have learned that many many boys of that era were named Johann after John the Baptist. Because so many were named after this manner, it was common for them to go by their middle name. In light of this, Anton looks like a very good candidate to be my John Anthony STRAWDERMAN.

I have been told that there was an inscription on the tombstone of one of John Anthony's children that said he was the son of John Anthony from Hesse and that his wife's name was Catharine or Kate. I have not been able to verify that. Frstenau is extremely close to Hesse and it could well be that people from there considered themselves to be Hessians - that is what I was told by a Hessian genealogist. Mittelsinn is not in or near Hesse. This makes Anton a stronger candidate as well.

Anyway, another lady born abt 1762 by the name of Christine DISPONET was married to a STRAWDERMAN. The only STRAWDERMAN which I have found in that time frame is John Anthony STRAWDERMAN. Of course, Christine could have married a younger man. The next oldest STRAWDERMAN I am aware of is John Anthony's son - Adam - brn 1782.

I could sure use some assistance. In particular I am looking for marriage information pertaining to John Anthony STRAWDERMAN and information pertaining to what happened to Johann STADERMANN since I cannot find any trace of him after the revolutionary war. Both of these men left the British and fought for the colonial forces.

I am also looking for more information on Catherine (Kate) and Christine DISPONET - who was born in Shenandoah County - as far as I can tell. My address is P.O. Box 412, Eureka, Missouri 63025. My e-mail is ravenscove@aol.com, Dennis Strawderman

Mel Halterman Sun Nov 22 1998

Hello, My name is Mel Halterman, my fathers name is Albert HALTERMAN (married Della SEE), my grandfathers name was Joseph Washington HALTERMAN (married Amanda DELAWDER) and my great-grandfather was Washington HALTERMAN (married Hannah C. DOVE). I believe that Washingtons father may have been Jacob HALTERMAN Jr. (married Mary SHIREMAN), could you help me verify this. Do you have any knowledge of the rest of this ancestry an do you have any history of this family as to what they may have done for a living (I'm assuming that most were farmers), or if any members of this family participated in the Civil War, etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Mel & Trudy Halterman, 14606 Md. Ave., Cascade, Md. 21719. E-mail:halterm@mail.cvn.net

Andrew Currie Sun Nov 22 1998

Looking for names of parents of Barbara LINDAKER (or LANDAKER), who was m. to Daniel HARRIS (or HARRISS) on 7 March 1809 in Hardy Co. by Lionel Branscom, J of P. Also seeking names of parents of Sarah LINDAKER (or LANDAKER), who was m. to Samuel HARRIS (or HARRISS) on 22 Aug 1809 in Hardy Co. by Lionel Branscom, J of P. They probably relocated to OH as did other members of the family. I find no further record of the wives or husbands in Hardy County. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Andrew Currie, PO Box 287, Eden, UT 84310 or andrewcurrie@earthlink.com

Andrew Currie Sun Nov 22 1998

Seeking any information on first wife (b. France?) of Joseph LANDAKER jr (b. abt 1877 in PA(?); s. of Joseph LANDAKER sr & Catherine ?). Joseph jr's will did not list his children in birth order. I am not sure but have surmised that he and his first wife had:

Joseph jr's will lists his current wife as Lydia SAGER (m. abt 1824, Hardy Co) and his other children (which I surmise are hers):

The various surname spellings were taken from land indentures and other documents where other suspected relatives were found. Joseph sr seems to be the brother of a Daniel LANDACRE of Hardy County. I would appreciate any help or hints about this family line. I'm at a dead-end. Andrew Currie, PO Box 287,Eden, UT 84310 or andrewcurrie@earthlink.com

David Earl Bennett Fri Nov 20 1998

I am looking for any records of my mother, Ethel Lee BAILEY, b. Feb. 6, 1891. Also, any records on her parents Elmore Sampson BAILEY, b. May 30, 1860, and Emma Jane WISE, b. July 5, 1865. E-mail:david_ben@email.msn.com

Neil McDonald Fri Nov 20 1998

My earliest apparent ancestor was Joseph 'MCDONNELL' located in 'Old' Frederick Co. VA in the1750's. My earliest proved ancestor was Valentine MCDONALD - MCDANIEL, son of Joseph. Valentine was born 11 Jan 1760 on South Branch of the Potomac River, VA (early settlement area along the South Branch which runs through present Hampshire and Hardy Co.'s WV.) I am trying to learn more about Joseph MCDONNELL and whether my MCDONALD - MCDANIEL family was located in present Hampshire Co. WV (possibly the Ft. Piersall, present Romney) or in Hardy Co. WV, possibly in the Moorefield area. Neil McDonald, macbd1@arthur.k12.il.us

Gary Radcliffe Wed Nov 18 1998

RADCLIFF, Stephen. Seeking children of Stephen RADCLIFF who lived in Hardy County c1770s and 1780s before removing to KY and then to Ohio. Some names of children may include Charles, David, Felix, Sarah and Nancy. E-mail:glradcliffe@earthlink.net

Terris 'Terry' C. Howard Wed Nov 18 1998

I am looking for Winstead HAYES or HAYS that married Barbara HOUSE in Hardy County between 1795 and 1804. Barbara may have been married to Jacob HOUSE.

Winstead HAYES or HAYS is the son of Moses HAYES or HAYS who died in 1796 in Augusta County, VA.

Any help is appreciated. Terris 'Terry' C. Howard, email: tch6535@aol.com

Pam Sherrets Tue Nov 17 1998

I am looking for more information on my great, great, grandparents. Their names are George W. MONGOLD and Caroline Phoebe (SITES) MONGOLD.

Robert M. Hershman Mon Nov 16 1998

I would like information on the dates and family of Mary HEISHMAN (c. 1800) who married Isaac BAUGHMAN. Robert M. Hershman, E-mail:hershman@bmi.net

Rinkie Linthicum Sun Nov 15 1998

Looking for any information on Hezekiah LINTHICUM Born 1783 married Mary PEARSON lived near or in Hardy Co, Wva. would like information. on Mary PEARSON family also. Please email me at rinkie@worldnet.att.net

Dorothy Miller Sun Nov 15 1998

Hello. I am trying to research my husband's family. They are from Baker. Fathers name James (b. 1859), Mothers name Margaret Lydia or Lydia Margret (b.1889). Her maiden name was also MILLER. Thanks for any help you can give me. E-mail:salllym@webtv.net

G. C. Riffey Sun Nov 15 1998
Hardy Rangers

Does anyone know anything about a group named "Hardy Rangers"? It was formed in Winchester March 10 1862 by Capt. William H. HARNESS with men from Hardy Co. It was assigned to Ashby's Cavalry. Later, when the 17th Bat. was formed it was assigned to it as Co. B. Then, when the 17th Bat. was reorganized and became the 11th Virginia Cavalry, the Hardy Rangers became Co. B of the 11th.

Any info, like the original roster, number in the company, pictures, battles, etc., would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, G.C. Riffey w.w.J.d.

G. C. Riffey Sun Nov 15 1998

Looking for any info on Mary M. SMITH born June 7, 1811, died March 11, 1898, and a Sarah G. SMITH, most likely daughter of Mary M. SMITH born April 2, 1849, died February 21, 1922. Mary was also wife of a Jacob SMITH (dates and places unknown.)

Mary and Sarah are both buried in Mt. View Cemetery on Lower Cove road at Lost City. Any info on any of these people would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, G. C. Riffey, E-mail:gc1@mindspring.com

Laurie Shawver Sun Nov 8 1998

Looking for information on the first wife of my great-great grandfather Philip HEISHMAN born in Hardy Co 1803 and died their in 1883. Have found from other sources that her name was Rebecca BOWERS, but have not found any proof or her parents names. Rebecca died before 1850 as Philip is listed on the census with his second wife Barbara. Philip and Rebecca had the following children:

Happy to share information. Laurie Shawver KTEH59A@prodigy.com

Ross Johnson Thu Nov 7 1998

Frank BRAFFORD and Alice PETERSON had a number of children in Hardy Co WV from about 1878 to 1890. I have found birth records for many of these children. Unfortunately I have never found any census, marriage or death records for this family. I suspect the children were orphaned as many of them are in the 1900 US census, listed as servants in various homes in the area. But Frank & Alice are nowhere to be found. Can anyone help fill in my info? Any ideas where I could find other leads of where to look for this family? Thanks in advance. Ross Johnson (rossjohns4@aol.com)

Joanne Gibbens Thu Nov 5 1998

Am looking for any information on Benjamin GIBBONS (GIBBENS) in Hardy County. I have limited information - he was of Irish descent and married a woman of English ancestry with the last name of DENT. They settled, before the end of the Indian wars on the South Branch of the Potomac in Hardy Co.

They had 2 known sons - James and John. John married Katherine HERBERT in Hardy Co. abt 1795.

I believe Benjamin died in Hardy Co. His widow married Benjamin RIGGS. Any possible leads on any of these families would be greatly appreciated! Joanne Gibbens. E-mail: jacoba@ptialaska.net

Robert May Tue Nov 3 1998

I have been told that my grandfather Clifford Harvey MAY (10/15/1917 - 12/15/93) was born in Hardy County. He was the son of George William MAY ( 4/6/1887 - 12/75) and Hattie DONOVAN MAY. This was George MAY's second wife. I have also been told that George William MAY was probably from Hardy County or one of the surrounding counties. I have been told that George MAY's father was named William MAY. His mother was Susan Virginia (MAY). There has been some speculation in my family as to whether William MAY was actually the blood father of George William MAY. I was told that George was born out of wedlock and that he took the name of "MAY" from William MAY who later married Susan Virginia. I am most interested in finding a birth record for George William MAY to see who was listed as his father. Any information that you can find would be greatly appreciated to help solve this family mystery. Richard T. May, Fairlawn, Oh. E-mail: RMay142986@aol.com

Teresa James Fri Oct 30 1998

I am researching the COSNER/WEASENFORTH/HAWK side of my family tree in Hardy/Grant County area. The COSNER side is fairly well documented. My grgrgrgrgandfather was Solomon H. COSNER (b. 1824.) His son was Daniel (born 1848) and his son was Howard Elworth COSNER (born 1882).

Howard married Bessie May WEASENFORTH (born 1893, died 1920, Grant County). Bessie's parents were Otto WEASENFORTH (born abt 1866) and Sarah Elizabeth HAWK (born abt 1870). Otto's father parents are believed to be Theodore WEASENFORTH and Katherine AMTOWER (born abt 1848.) Sarah's parents are unknown. Does anyone have any information on the WEASENFORTHs and HAWKs? Any information would be appreciated. Teresa James. E-mail:tjames @co.durham.nc.us.

Jeff Phillips Fri Oct 30 1998

I am researching the SEE family and found the WHITMER family married into the SEE family a couple of times. I am pretty confident that the WHITMER's are related to each other. If anyone can help connect them I would be greatful. Here is what I have:

Elizabeth Marie WHITMER b. 1833 d/o Sellensteen WHITMER and (WHETZEL) married Albert Jackson SEE.

Sarah Ann WHITMER b. 1868 d/o Sellensteen WHITMER and Sarah Ann BAYSE married Sellensteen Whitmer SEE s/o Albert Jackson SEE and Elizabeth Marie WHITMER. I have one source that places them as cousins.

If I were a betting man I would bet that the bottom Sellensteen WHITMER is the son of the top Sellensteen WHITMER. Can anyone support this or place these WHITMER families? Thank you for any help. Sincerely, Jeff Phillips. E-mail:jrphill@diac.com

Thomas Jarboe Thu Oct 22 1998

I am most interested in the "JARBOE's & COOMES" of Hardy Co. c. 1787. Thank you, Thomas Jarboe. E-mail:god@ccrtc.com

Bob Efaw Tue Oct 13 1998

Barkley EASAU
I believe to be corrupted spellings of EFAW found the above names in Vol. 2 of the 1787 census for VA. My ancestor David EFAU(W) / David EFAUGH served in the VA Cont. Line in an Artillery unit 1783 for 3 years, 1786. His wife and children show up in Monongalia County in 1810 but no trace of him. Any help or contact with others researching our name much appreciated. bob e. E-mail:refaw@hhs.net

Michael M. Foreman Thu Oct 8 1998

I have been researching the EVANS and KESSELL surname for Hardy County for almost 15 years with little success in finding the origins of the first settlers.

The first Kessell was Michael who appeared circa 1784. His name was spelled KEZOIL on the first census and he was probably German. Does anyone have any other families of German origin that came at the same time which might yield clues that several families migrated to Hardy County at the same time?

The same question for EVANS although they did not appear in Hardy until around 1810. A Peter Evans and a John Evans were on 1810 Hardy Census but then disappear. It wasn't until 1830 that Benjamin Evans appeared and remained. He was in Hampsire County before moving to Hardy. Was he related to Peter and John? Who were the parents of all these men? Michael M. Foreman, October 8, 1998, Winchester, VA. E-mail:vforeman@shentel.net

Carlisle Bowling Tue Oct 6 1998

I need information on Esther (SMITH) WILSON who died in Hardy County, VA/WVA on July 1, 1850 and her husband Charles WILSON, SR., born 1751 in PA and died August 9, 1815 in Hardy County, VA/WVA.

Could this Esther SMITH be the Esther SMITH who was one of the nine children of Joseph SMITH and his wife Isabel (Joseph died between May 22, 1760 and June 12, 1760. The nine children were Robert, John, Mary (born in 1734 and married in 1759 to Robert FULTON father of the inventor), Elizabeth, Isabel, Esther, Martha, Joseph, and Abraham.

Also need to know the parents of Charles WILSON, Sr. Charles WILSON, Sr. and Esther (SMITH) WILSON were the parents of Rebecca WILSON born in Pendleton County who Married William FOWLER also born in Pendleton County. (Would also like to know William FOWLER's parents.) Would appreciate any help anyone can give. Carlisle Bowling, P. O. Box 1177, Flagler Beach, FL 32136-1177. E-mail:Zarvon@aol.com

Frank Spitzer Tue Sep 29 1998

I am looking for info on Nettie Henrietta SEE, daughter of Jackson (Oliver Jackson or Jackson Oliver?) SEE and Virginia TEETS. Nettie (my grandmother) was born 30 July 1880 in Moorefield, Hardy County, WV and died 9 Dec 1914 in Mayland, VA. She married Aldine Franklin SPITZER 9 Mar 1989 at Harrisonburg, VA. I would appreciate any info on Nettie's parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, etc. My e-mail address is Franks@KKTV.COM. Thanks, Frank Spitzer, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

V Ingram Mon Sep 21 1998

BERRY, Henry, born in Hardy County 10 Dec 1795. Married Polly DAY in Hardy County. In War of 1812 (?for which State). Died in Ohio. Who were Henry's parents? E-mail:VIngram483@aol.com

Bill Fenimore Sat Sep 19 1998

I am trying to locate a COOPER (KIEFFER?) named Jacob (?) who came from Germany in 1732, then on to Frederick Co. VA in 1750 and supposedly on to Hampshire/Hardy Co. around 1759/60. One source says he had three sons, another says seven children. I am researching Balis (Bailes) COOPER, b. 1776 Greenbrier Co. VA, d. 1853 Boone Co., WV, and am trying to tie him to a John COOPER, again possibly a son of Jacob. I will appreciate any leads so that I may count Jacob in or out. Thanks a lot. Bill Fenimore, E-mail: bilfen@mesh.net

Jim and Pat Juon Tue Sep 15 1998

Looking for clues and exchange of information on Jonas WARD (Sr.) b. 5 Apr 1743 - location unknown, parents unknown but were immigrants from Great Britain. Jonas d. 17 Jun 1812, Licking Co. OH.

First listing of Jonas in the 1787 Hardy Co. WVa tax list Vol. 2, p. 824.

Jonas married Phebe (possibly WARD) b. 3 Oct. 1747, prior to 1788. Phebe's parents are unknown.

Known children of Jonas WARD and Phebe (WARD?): Phebe WARD - b. 1788 VA spouse - Barak (Baruch) DORR settlers of Athens Co. OH

Jonas WARD, Jr. - b. 10 Feb. 1790, Rockingham Co. VA d. 10 Dec. 1873, Winterset, Madison Co., IA spouse - Elizabeth DeWEESE, dau. of Thomas and Catherine SPENCER DeWEESE - m. 22 Sep 1817 - Licking Co. OH E-mail: jimpat@netins.net

Annette Howey Mon Sep 7 1998

Am interested in corresponding with anyone who has information on the GOINGS family that lived in Moorefield area from about 1800 to 1850. My GGGGrandfather was Jonas GOINGS (b. abt. 1789 ). He married Temperance Scott HOWEY in abt. 1817.

Jonas' parents were probably Henry GOINGS and Lucy BLACKWELL (These two may have come from Shenandoah Co.)

Siblings of Jonas may be Baldwin, Joseph, Thomas, Michael, Shadrack, Caroline, Amelia, Emiline. The last two daughters married BALDWIN brothers.

Temperance Scott HOWEY's father was James HOWEY. Her brothers were James Maxwell and William. Thanks, Annette Howey. E-mail: eminer@hiline.net

Nancy R. Taylor Mon Sep 7 1998

I am researching the TAYLOR family and am having trouble locating John Pike Taylor who was born in Hardy county on 21 Apr, 1821.

His parents were Anthony Wayne TAYLOR (b abt 1797 in Henry Co Virginia) and Malinda TRUMBO (b abt 1800 in Rockingham Co Virginia).

His family moved to Ohio shortly after his birth so I'm not sure if they were just "passing through" or if Anthony Wayne and Malinda settled for a brief time in Henry County. Nancy R. Taylor, Livermore, CA, E-mail: ohmmoose@home.com

Betty Jane Kimble Thu Sep 03 1998

Hi, I am looking for the wedding date of Searchman / Cinchman / Sitman / Sithman OUR/OURS to Mary SIMON (SIEMAN). Searchman was born Hardy County 1755. I do not know when Mary was born or when they married. They had 7 or so children. He had only this marriage as far as I know. Thank you, Betty Jane Kimble, E-mail: mountroyal@erols.com

Betty Jane Kimble Thu Sep 03 1998

Hi, I am looking for the birth date of Searchman OUR/OURS. He went by a few first names...... Cinchman / Sitman / Sithman / Seth. He was born 1755 Hardy County. His parents were John OUR and Catherine. John OUR was Johannes AWER when he arrived in Pa from Germany in 1753. I am looking for the name the last name of Catherine. Thanks, Betty Jane Kimble, E-mail: mountroyal@erols.com

Sue Dufour Tue Sep 01 1998

Searching for parents of Thomas LEWIS, b. Hardy Co WVA 5 Jan 1788, m. Anna (Nancy) FRANKLIN, 31 Mar 1814, in Ross Co Ohio, and died 10 Oct 1841, Tippecanoe Co IN. Sue Dufour, E-mail: sdufour@skyenet.net

Ransom Daly Sat Aug 29 1998

Hello, my name is Ransom Daly. Information I have places Samuel SANDUSKY / SODOWSKY being born in Hardy County approximately 1752. Any help with him or relatives would be greatly appreciated. E-mail: hspirit@mail.swbell.net

Virginia Grice Mon Aug 31 1998

I am descendant of Michael and Catherine SIMON married Oct. 3, 1822. I know they were cousins. I would like any information that you have on them and further back. I have some on SIMON, ROHRBAUGH and REAGER. My gggrandmother Catherine SIMON married Benjamin KESNER and they lived on Kesner Mt., Kline, WVA. Any information would be appreciated and I am willing to share any that I have. Virginia F. Grice HC 77, Box 400 Melbourne, AR 72556-9714 E-mail: vfg@centuryinter.net

Cherie Marek Sat Aug 29 1998

Looking for info on the BUZZARDs, John, Jacob and Frederick, Jr. whose father Frederick, bought farms for in then Hampshire Co. Would like to link my Daniel BUZZARD b. Apr. 10, 1810 in Chester Co. PA to John or Frederick, Jr. If anyone knows the names of either one of them, please contact me at bigmareks@cari.net. Cherie Marek

Lee W. Richard Sat Aug 29 1998

I am looking for information on Elizabeth HARNESS, b March 22, 1792 in Moorefield, Hardy County, VA/WV. Married William WOODS about November 5, 1815 in Moorefield, Hardy County. Any information about Elizabeth and her family would be appreciated. E-mail: rutlee@worldnet.att.net

Glenn Sat Aug 29 1998

Looking for info on my great-grandfather Harvey William RIFFEY of Lost City in Hardy Co. Especially who his parents were and any brother or sisters he may have had. He was born in 1840 and died in 1907. He was also a member of Co. B 11th Virginia Cavalry.

Would like to know where he or his parents came from and where he was born. Harvey was married to Elizabeth (MILLER). Elizabeth was born in 1844 and died in 1911.They had 10 children: Thomas, John, Angeline, Isobelle, Lucy, Mary, Robert, Benjamin, Sallie, Lifa.
Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Glenn, E-mail: gc1@mindspring.com

Linda Simpson Tue Aug 18 1998

Looking for information on Henry FUNK who died in Lost River, West Virginia on April 16, 1915. January 27, 1867 he married Rebecca (?), possibly Brown, Morrison or Valentine. Middle name may be Valentine. Henry FUNK believed born July 18, 1851. None of this information is confirmed. Believed to be a member of Church of the Brethren and buried in New Dale Cemetery. Any help greatly appreciated. Linda Simpson, E-mail: DnLSimpson@aol.com

Robyn A Sun Aug 16 1998

I am searching for any information on Josiah ROBY and Margaret ELSEY. Josiah and Margaret were married in Hardy Co. on May 4th, 1806. I believe they had two children prior to 1809. One child died in infancy and the other was named Hanson. I believe they moved to Ohio in 1809 and eventually settled in Hardin Co., Ohio. Any information on these two, their children or their families would be greatly appreciated. E-mail: RobynsResearch@hotmail.com

Roger Ratekin Fri Aug 14 1998

Looking for information on this marriage.

PATCH, Charles and BROWN, Rebecca 6/ 5/1809 by Josiah Hoskinson
E-mail: rratekin@ford.com

Deborah Mon Aug 10 1998

I am searching for the parents of George C. SMITH who married a Mary Amzella COOK. Several of their children were born in Hardy County. There is a George SMITH, age 19, listed in the 1880 county census living with a Eunice SMITH (his mother). Eunice is listed as being 51 years of age. Eunice would have married after 1845. Would love to have info of marriage for her. The children of George C. SMITH and Mary Amzella COOK are listed first and the names of their spouses. Many of them married SMITHS, and I have no idea if they are related. The family lived in Old Fields, Flats and that general area.

Can anyone help me sort out some of these SMITHS? Deborahrah@aol.com

Shirley L. Lantz Sun Jul 26 1998

I am looking for information on Noah LENTZ / LANTZ and Martha R NAZELRODT / NESSELRODT. Noah and Martha were married 27 Aug 1890 in Hardy Co. WV. I am especially interested in who Noah's parents and siblings were. Noah was born in Rockingham Co. VA. Martha was born in Pendleton Co. WV.

Martha's parents were Frederick NAZELRODT and Mary A SMITH. Noah and Martha had five children. I was told that one of Noah's brothers had a mule that liked hard candy and it would not do anything until it got that candy (if this would help to remember)(may not be important).

Noah and Martha resided in Hardy Co. WV. They are buried in Hardy Co. also. Would appreciate any information on Noah and Martha. Thanks. ...Shirley. E-mail:sllantz@access.mountain.net

Susan Brill Sat Jul 25 1998

James DYER captured by Shawnee March 1758 taken to Ohio with sister Hannah DYER HAAS(HAWS). returned with a wife - her name? was she Shawnee or perhaps the sister of Matthew PATTON of Chillicothe Ohio? Children of Lawrence and Lenora Miller Brill would be direct descendants. Lenora Miller Brill Mathias born in Wardensville, now living on Miller farm there. E-mail:LBrill620@aol.com

Richard Tibbetts Mon Jul 20 1998

I am looking for information on William and Mary (Molly) TIBBETTS HARPER. Both were born in the 1850's. William was the son of Sam HARPER. Molly was the daughter of Harrison TIBBETTS. I want to know about children and descendants, death info and burial place. Harrison died in 1867. Would like to find his grave. Trout Run and Lost River were the places of residence. E-mail:tibbet@access.mountain.net

Robert W. Moomau Mon Jul 20 1998

I am Robert W. Moomau. My family history starts in Pendleton Cty. WV. with Frederick MOOMAUGH, in 1796 when he was born. He married Catherine JOHNSON, of the Joseph and Martha Johnson family's of Pennsylvania. His son's John Bean, Jacob G., George Washington, Samuel J. and James Points Moomau, my great grandfather, were born between then and 1838. They are all of Pendelton Cty, WV.

James Points MOOMAU was married to Nancy Jane "Nannie" ARBOGAST, a very well known WV. Family. For some reason, not much has been done for this family, although, many of the family still live in WV.

The family goes by many names, MOOMAU, MOOMAUGH, MUMMA, and MOOMAW, to mention a few.

They lived in several Cty's, Pendleton, Pocahontas, and Hardy, that I know of.

Please if you can lead me to any information about this family you may know about please contact at the following.... Robert (Bob) W. Moomau, E-mail: Rmoomau@aol.com

Lessa McQueen Alkire Sun Jul 19 1998

Looking for the parents and siblings of: ALKIRE, Michael Stump b.18-Dec-1818 in Hardy, VA d.14-Feb-1870 m.15-Oct-1840 in St. Charles, MO to Margaret Richey DARST b.9-Sep-1822 in Darst Bottom, St. Charles, MO d. 15-Nov-1866. Thanks, Lessa McQueen Alkire, E-mail: lalkire@brightok.net

Karen Judy Berg Fri Jul 17 1998

I am currently trying to trace my JUDY line. Henry JUDY b. 1803 & married in 1839 to Elizabeth A. KIMBLE was my great-great-great-grandad. I have not been able to trace the JUDY line back further. Could anyone please tell me who his father & mother was & back further if possible. I believe he died in 1852 & lived in Hardy County. Thank-you Karen Judy Berg, Franklin, WV. E-mail: sljudy@access.mountain.net

Cindy Heishman Bear Thu Jul 16 1998

I know that I have roots in West Virginia. I have been able to trace my great-great-great grandfather Philip HEISHMAN married to Susannah BAUGHMAN to Hardy county West Virginia. I would love to know where to go from here. I also know that my great grandfather on my grandmother's side was George W. GARRETT married to Mary BEAN who from the 1920 Census also resided in Hardy County. Can you tell me where to go from here. Thank you for your time, Cindy Heishman Bear, E-mail:CBear6@aol.com

June Gerber Wed Jul 15 1998

I'm researching my family tree and trying to locate the marriage date of my great grandparents. Name: James Caleb DAVIS married Emma Frances Davis (DIXON) I have searched Mineral County (Keyser) where they lived and died. All of their children, James C., David O., Mary M., Thomas J. and Margaret J. were born in Mineral Cnty, except the first born in 1881. I believe they had the first child in Hardy Cnty where they must have been married also. James Caleb was born August 14, 1854 in Hardy Cnty. Emma Frances was born in Elk Garden May 25, 1866.

James is listed in the 1880 census for either Hampshire or Hardy County, under his fathers name of Eli William , mother's name: Emily. Any information you may send me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, June Gerber Email: gercnty@rma.edu

Tom McDavitt Tue Jul 14 1998

I am looking for information about the McDAVITT family prior to 1836 when they moved to Edgar County, IL.

What I know is that Notley McDAVITT married Mary HAYES on September 12, 1818. The children who were born in Hardy County and moved to Illinois with them were:

Notley McDAVITT and James McDAVITT owned land on Patterson's Creek and Walker Ridge. Notley was born about 1799.

I would like to know who his parent were and if they were related to the VAN METER family. There has been a Jacob Van Meter McDavitt up to the present time. The most recent one I know of was called Van and he died in 1992 in Coles County, IL, and is buried on the family farm. Thomas B. McDavitt, E-mail: Tom.McDavitt@Wichita.BOEING.com

Duane Burham Mon Jul 13 1998

I am looking for the parents of Augustine BURHAM born in Hampshire County in 1800. Thanks Duane Burham, E-mail: db42324@navix.net

Nellie Prisby Sat Jul 11 1998

Any information on Noah LANTZ and his wife Martha R. NAZELRODT, married 27 August 1890. Noah was born in Rockingham County, VA (c. 1868)and Martha was born in Pendleton Co. West Virginia August 8, 1869. I am especially interested in who Noah's parents were. E-mail: prisby@access.mountain.net

Dan Webster Fri Jul 10 1998

My great great grandfather was Thomas REED who enlisted in the Union Army in Hardy Co. Virginia and mustered out in Xenia, Ohio. He remained in Ohio until his death. I know nothing of his family in Virginia/West Virginia although I have seen the name in old census lists. I would appreciate any information or sources for information to determine his birthdate and family/ancestors. Thank you, E-mail: Nina.Udy@gte.net

Judy Kimble Wed Jul 8 1998

I am looking for info on David C. MONGOLD born ca. 1850 and married Dec. 06, 1884 in Hardy Co. to Magdalene (Margaret) FITZWATER daughter of George FITZWATER and Madgalene/Modline SITES. David and Magdalene were the parents of Ashby David , John and Verda MONGOLD . Not sure if there were any other children or not. Does anyone have any information on David or his parents? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks! Judy Kimble, E-mail:jckim@access.mountain.net

Sally Jenkins Sat Jul 4 1998

Looking for information on Thomas TIGNER and Mary Ann (Polly) MOORE married in Hardy County March 22, 1827. Thomas born Petersburg, Feb. 22, 1790. emigrated to OH, abt. 1833. Need parents of both. E-mail: sally@erienet.net

Michael E. Link Sat Jul 4 1998

In the book The History of Hardy County 1786-1986 my family surname is mentioned, however I can not find it anywhere else, i.e. Hardy County Website. I would be greatful for any help you can give me in my search for the surname LINK. Thank-you, Michael Link, E-mail: MICKARENLINK@prodigy.net

Steve Smith Fri Jul 3 1998

Hi, I'm researching YOAKUM and SEE Families of West Virginia area in the period of mid 1700's. I would appreciate anything anyone may be able to tell me or give me concerning Valentine "Felty" YOAKUM, Matthias YOAKUM, George YOAKUM, George SEE and wife: Margaret TSCHUDI/SEE, Margaret SEE, wife of Valentine YOAKUM; Eleanor SEE, wife of Matthias YOAKUM. These families were in the HARDY and HAMPSHIRE County area in the mid 1700's period. Margaret SEE left a will there in 1757 naming her children. I Really would appreciate anyone that could find hard proof on her daughter, Margaret SEE, marrying Valentine, called "Felty", YOAKUM about 1750 to 1752. Thank you so very much. Valentine was a son of Matthias YOAKUM. Was Ellenor his mother? Steve Smith, Powell Valley, Claiborne County, TN. E-mail: bgood@centuryinter.net

Diana Granger Fri Jul 3 1998

Seeking information on Samuel SCOTT and his brothers Alexander and Benjamin who left Hardy County around 1784. Samuel's wife was Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM. Is this a name know in this county? I'm Diana Granger at dgranger@erols.com

Renee Briggs Thu Jul 2 1998

I am looking for a Mary CHAMBERS no dates who died in Green Co, GA who may have married a SORRELL. They would be the parents of my ancestor John W. SORRELL (c.1763 VA? - 1841 TX). Would also like more information on the following Mary Chambers family:

Richard HARDY, born 1700 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia; died December 06, 1755 in Hardy County, West Virginia. He was the son of Thomas HARDY and Mary PETER. He married (1) Mary CHAMBERS 1731 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Thanks in advance, Renee Briggs-Seattle, E-mail: LLamb87452@aol.com

Joseph B. Ruckman Thu Jul 2 1998

I am trying to find as much information on my branch of the RUCKMAN family as I can. I know my grandfather, Joseph William RUCKMAN, who moved to Springfield, Ohio was from Inkerman or Moorefield, and much of the family remained in that area. Thank you, Joseph Ruckman, E-mail: malruck@rma.edu

Lynne, Alice or Erin Sat Jun 27 1998

My great-great grandmother, Lizzie RUCKMAN was born in Hardy Co. in 1862 to Valentine and Nancy RUCKMAN. According to her obituary I recently found in Kansas. I would appreciate any information regarding the family. I can be reached at my email address. Thank-you! E-mail: alarme@jvlnet.com

Christine Smith Fri Jun 26 1998

Am always looking for more information concerning the BIDERT/PETERSON and HARPER families of Hardy Co, especially since some of the information I've found is confusing. Christine E-mail:csmith@in-motion.net

Madeline A. True Wed Jun 24 1998

Researching: KOHN, George b.1775/1776 Hardy Co WV. married Molly --- also Elihu and Lydia ( PAYNE) CHILCOTT Their daughter Rachel married Amos KOHN both b. Hardy Co. W.V. E-mail: jaguar@InfoAve.Net

Sarah Fri Jun 19 1998

I am looking for any information anyone has on the O'HAVERs and ARONHALT's from Hardy county. Specifically, I want information on the Martin VanBuren O'HAVER family and the Lydia ARONHALT family.

Martin Van Buren O'HAVER had a daughter Lucinda E. O'HAVER who married Hugh M. DELLINGER. Martin married Martha DELLINGER. Martin's brother was John William O'HAVER. John William O'HAVER married Lydia V. ARONHALT on 12/4/1855 in Hardy Co. Virginia. I need information on any of Lydia and John's children: Mary Louisa, John W. Gaver, Clara C., Alice Ellen, Rebecca Ella, Joseph Thomas Wright, Ida Jane, and Marquis Lafayette. Lydia was born on 12/5/1834.

Martin Van Buren O'HAVER is my great-great-great grandfather and our family has no information on him. It is all lost. I am desparate for any information anyone may have on him. Thanks, Sarah, E-mail: Pikeswife@aol.com

Arleen Craig Ellis Wed Jun 17 1998

John WOLLARD Sr. married Margaret (?), they bought land from James Claypool in 1797. The WOLLARD family lived in the Lost River area of Hardy Co., WV. They had the following Children which are listed in his probated will of January 1810;

The WOOLARD family shows up in several Shenandoah Valley counties, also in Bucks Co., PA.

Does anyone have marriages from county's that are surrounding Hardy Co., WV that might list WOOLARD families?

We would appreciate any help. Thank you very much. Arleen Craig Ellis 7060 Twin Fawn Trail, Vacaville, CA 95688, E-mail:Arlce@aol.com

Sandra Yelton Sun Jun 14 1998

According to a death certificate of one of her children, the maiden name of Christena DELLINGER of Shenandoah County was WILKINS, and she was born in WVA then Va about 1802. I am trying to locate a marriage certificate for Christena WILKINS and Philip C. DELLINGER of Swover Creek area of western Shenandoah County.

Also I have reason to believe Christena may have had a brother, Henry WILKINS, who went to Newark, Licking County, OH in the first quarter of 19th century.

I would appreciate any information on Christena and Henry. Sandra Yelton, E-mail: yelton@northstate.net

Dan Huddleston Wed Jun 10 1998

I am looking for any signs of Nimrod Thorn (1812-1879) born in W.Va, possibly Hardy County. He and his relatives are strong in Grant County by the mid 1800's. I'm trying to take them back from Grant County.

I already have Hardy County 1850 census information for Nimrod, but I don't have anything prior to that, either from the census or any other source. (the 1812) comes from both the census information and his tombstone in Grant County / former Hardy County. So, my next steps are to find his wife Elizabeth's maiden name and her and Nimrod's Parents. Thanks, Dan Huddleston, E-mail: Clay_Artist@Juno.com

Pam Gow Tue Jun 9 1998

GOW, William Purvis. Was reported to have been killed in the skirmish between McCausland's cavalry and Union cavalry soldiers that took place at or near Moorefield Va. Hampshire County, now Hardy Co [W.Va.] on August 7, 1864. Looking for information on where William might have been buried, as well as what regiment he might have been in. Also interested in any information about the battle in general. In the 1860 Ohio census, William was living in Scioto County and his age was listed as 24, his wife Mary Ann was listed as age 30, and a son David, age 11 months. Was reported to have been with a regiment from Pennsylvania, although I have no information to support this. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Pam Gow pgow@snowcrest.net P.O. Box 89 Wilton Ca. 95693

Michael Summers Sun Jun 7 1998

I am searching for any documentation of the SUMMERS family. Stanley Joseph SUMMERS, born March 1911 in Mathias, West Virginia. Parents Isaac SUMMERS and Esther COSGROVE. Stanley had a brother named Ward, and a sister named Lilly. Primarily interested in Isaac SUMMERS birth date, place of birth, and the same for Esther COSGROVE. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated, Isaac was my great grandfather. Michael Summers, E-mail: summers@san.rr.com

Pamela A. Rooney Fri Jun 5 1998

Adam COIL (1799 - 1864) married Dorcus MORROW (1807 - 1871) in 1827, Hardy Co. I am looking for any information regarding Dorcus MORROW. Adam and Dorcus had eight children, first born son DAVID MORROW COIL born 11 Jan 1828, the family migrated to KY in 1847. Would like to share any information re: MORROWS. Pam Rooney, 202 Anita Drive, Paducah, KY 42003, 502-898-5786, E-mail: PAMROONEY@prodigy.net

Larry Thu Jun 4 1998

Does anyone have any information on Rachel, Elzey and Polly OGDEN listed in the Hardy Co., marriage records? Also looking for any information on an OGDAN listed in the early tax records. Larry, E-mail: LeoSearch@aol.com

Joan Propst Tue May 26 1998

I am searching for information about the SMITH family that lived in Hardy County, West Virginia. Fathers name: Augustus (Gustavius) SMITH married to Phebe Jane WESTFALL; children of this marriage Austin (believed to have been born at Old Fields); Myrtle; Lottie; Ernest; and Robert. Phebe Jane died in 1901 and the family was separated. Would appreciate any information you have. Joan Propst Descendant of this line, E-mail: propst@northnap.citynet.net

Tracy Keller Tue May 19 1998

Received information in pension application documents that my Ann Jemima LEWIS and John KELLER were married in 1851, Hardy County - also noting that the ceremony was performed by a Rev. Phelps.

I didn't see mention of his name on the lists provided on the Hardy Co. GenWeb page. Have you ever heard of a Rev. Phelps at about this time, could he have been a circuit rider? Just wondering. Thanks! Tracy, E-mail: keller@alpha.hanover.edu

Connie Cooper Lasley Tue May 19 1998

Job COOPER was born 1820-1823 in Hardy Co. Va, now WVa. On March 5, 1846, he married Catherine SIMONS in Morgan Co. Ohio. Catherine was also from Hardy Co. Looking for parents and siblings. Connie Cooper Lasley, E-mail: elasley@comsource.net

Martha Richards Sat May 16 1998

I am researching: Isaac KELLER b 1822 or 1824 in VA/WVA;
Married Elizabeth Ellet SEARS in 1846 (Keller family bible);
1850 Census, 23rd district, Hardy Co Virginia, living between John Sears and Josiah Sears;
1860 Census, 2nd District, Hardy Co Virginia, living between Mary Rady and Henry Four;
married Maria COZINS abt 1864;
moved to Missouri just after the Civil War and died in Missouri in 1921.

He is said to be the son of Isaac Keller, born in KY (not documented) Thank you, Martha Richards near Seattle, WA, E-mail: marich@ix.netcom.com

Larry Phalin Sat May 16 1998

Resarching all WOOD, SHROUT, BRADFORD, DIXON, GEORGE of what is now Patterson Creek, Grant County, previously Hardy Co.

Especially interested in Peter WOOD married to Ann. He died in 1804 at Hardy Co , she probably remarried to Jeremiah GEORGE in 1811 at Hardy Co. Was Peter WOOD the son of Ebenezer WOOD of Hardy Co. Are Peter WOOD b 1791 married to Hannah BRADFORD at Ohio and Joshua WOOD married to Matilda DIXON also at Ohio the children of Peter WOOD who died in 1804 and Ann. Larry Phalin, E-mail: Phalintl@aol.com

Bill McNeese Fri May 8 1998

I am researching the MCNEESE surname and have found a JOHN MCNEESE was given a land-grant of 43 acres in Hardy Co, VA. The date of the Patent was Jan 18, 1791 and recorded in "Liber" Y "Page" 85.

Does anyone have any data on this MCNEESE, or can direct me on how to get a copy of this grant.Bill McNeese E-mail:bill@mcneese.com http://www.mcneese.com

Harry Ley Fri May 8 1998

I am attempting to find out something about my great, great, great grandfather's parents. My great, great, grandfather, Henry BARBER, and his brother James, lived with their parents six miles north of Romney during the years 1780 - 1805. My great,great, great grandfather was born in Winchester, VA in 1772. His brother was born in Winchester as well. I have employed three different researchers to comb the records of Winchester and Frederick County with no success. Both a James BARBER and James BARBER, Jr. appear in the 1782 Hampshire census. An estate administration was file for James BARBER (senior) in 1805. Two years ago, I hired a researcher in Arlington, VA. After he started his research, he informed me that he had found nothing in Hampshire County, but he had found a BARBER deed in Hardy County. I never heard from him again. Since I believe that he was quite elderly, I think that something may have happened to him thus preventing him from sending me a photo copy of the document. Is anyone else researching the BARBER line, who can help me learn more about this family in Hardy County? E-mail: HPLey@aol.com

Jeff Carr Thu May 7 1998

Henry CARR was born in 1721 in Schwaigern, Wuerttemburg, Germany and migrated with some of his family to PA in 1731. We feel he spent some time in Berks Co, PA, and probably came to Petersburg, now Grant Co, in about 1749. He met and married Sara PETERSON and raised a family of 9 boys. The boys are Jacob, Joseph, Conrad, Michael, Henry, John, Solomon, Leonard and Martin. His descendants are in IL, IN, OH, WV, and beyond. He and Sara died about the turn of the century in Hardy Co. It is unknown where they are buried.

I have a large data base on his descendants and have traced the family back 4 generations in Germany. I would like to hear from anyone who has a like interst in him. Jeff Carr in Lawton, OK, E-mail: ffejlny@juno.com

Robert M. Hershman Thu May 7 1998

I have John YOAK b. 1770 - d. Feb 1843 married Margaret Catherine CARPENTER b.1775. They lived in Hardy county in 1800 and had four children. Moved to Randolph county by 1810. Do you have any Hardy county info on this family. Bob Hershman, College Place, WA, E-mail: hershman@bmi.net

Mike Foreman Wed May 6 1998

Seeking location of OGDEN'S HOLE and any information on OGDEN family for whom it was named. Mike Foreman, Winchester, VA E-mail:vforeman@shentel.net

Mike Foreman Wed May 6 1998

Seeking information on the wife of a James Parsons OGDEN. Her maiden name was MOORE. They had 4 children: Linn, Lee, Pearl and Georgia. She died at young age and 4 children were scattered and raised by others. Guess is she died around 1890. Michael M. Foreman, Winchester, VA E-mail:vforeman@shentel.net

Randy Sue McKeever Wed May 6 1998

I would like to find out more about the following two people and their families for my husband, these are his maternal grandparents, and great grandparents.

James Adison REED(1882-1927)and his parents George Washington REED and Nancy Ellen BRANNON. I do not know any dates for them. George and Nancy had 10 children.

Julia MILLER and her parents Hamilton Goss MILLER and Amanda WHETZEL. I have even less information regarding this family. This couple had 8 children of which Julia was one.

James Adison REED and Julia MILLER left Hardy County West Virginia and went to Akron Ohio at some point to be married. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Sincerely Randy Sue McKeever 607 South 12th Street, Coshocton, Ohio 43812 or E-mail: emagic@clover.net

Joe Lewis Tue Apr 21 1998

From the Hardy County Marrage Records there was a Nancy COOMES that married Henry FRAVELL in 1820, Return by Benedict Reynolds. Also from the W.V. Estate Settlements for Hardy Co. there was an Inventory for Henry FRAVELL dated 12 Jun 1826 and an Inventory for Ann FRAVELL dated 13 Dec 1841.

Could this be the Nancy that was the wife of Francis Ignatius COOMES Sr. (d.1817) in Hardy County? Are there any 1820, 30, or 40 census records for Henry or Nancy or Ann FRAVELL? Are there any census records for Nancy COOMES, (widow of F.I. COOMES)? Thanks, Joe Lewis E-mail: lewisjl@occ-uky.campus.mci.net

Joe Lewis Tue Apr 21 1998

Who was Henry M. DAVIS, that was a witness to the will of Francis Ignatius COOMES, Sr. (d.1817) Hardy Co. Va. Thanks, Joe Lewis

Lucy Weaver Sun Apr 19 1998

John SMITH married Rebecca DAVIS in Hardy Co. Nov. 12, 1810. Need parents of John and Rebecca. Lucy Weaver north@defnet.com

Gerry Tunstall Sat Apr 18 1998

I am presently researching the NIPPER and ORAHOOD (sometimes spelled ARRANHOOD) families that lived in Hardy County in the late 1700's and early 1800's. I am attempting to find out if George NIPPER and Rebecca TAYLOR (married in 1796) were the parents of Robert NIPPER (born 10 September 1803, Hardy Co.). Robert NIPPER and Nancy ORAHOOD were married in Hardy Co. in 1824. The entire Robert NIPPER family moved to the Ohio/Indiana area in about 1833, but Robert's siblings may have remained in the area. The siblings would include:

Do you have information on any of the above individuals or families (birth, death, marriage, land, will, probate, or burial records) particularly any NIPPERS or ARRANHOODS prior to 1825? We will share any research info. Thanks very much! Gerry Tunstall/ 17400 SW Cheyenne Way/ Tualatin, OR 97062/ e-mail: famtunstall@imagina.com

Bill Nylin Fri Apr 17 1998

Trying to locate Samuel GOOD, b. in Hardy Co. (then VA) in late 1700s. Also Adam RICE m. Margaret SUFFOLK 9/14/1815. E-mail: bnylin@internetMCI.com

Ray Cooper Thu Apr 16 1998

I am looking for more information on Valentine and Mary COOPER who lived in the South Mill Creek area, near Rough Run, south of Petersburg in the current Grant County, West Virginia. I have a copy of Valentine COOPER's will which was registered in Hardy County in 1835. I believe he was born around 1780-1790. I found the cemetry stones of Valentine COOPER and his wife Mary near the home of Conrad OURS in Rough Run, Grant County, WV. Information on the parents of Valentine and Mary COOPER would be helpful (I want to go back another generation!). I have some information on their children and am willing to share it. I currently have 8 children from their marriage:
1. John COOPER m. Eva SITES 22 Jul 1819 Hardy Co., WV
2. Samuel COOPER m. Jane SIMON 18 Oct 1821 Hardy Co., WV
3. Jonas COOPER m. Mary ROHRBAUGH 9 Feb 1826 Hardy Co., WV; moved to near Harman, Randolph Co., WV
4. Ely COOPER - no information
5. Elizabeth COOPER m. John STRADER 24 Jul 1817 Hardy Co., WV
6. Catherine COOPER - no information
7. Clara COOPER m. ? McCONKEY 25 Dec 1799
8. Barbara COOPER m. William BARGERHOFF 25 Nov 1817 Hardy Co., WV
Raymond Cooper, 3369 Larkspur Drive, Longmont, CO 80503, (303) 702-1777 E-mail: rcooper@ball.com

Glenn Smith Thu Apr 9 1998

William TIMBROOK and David TUCKER received two land grants from the State of Virginia on January 1, 1852. One tract contained 79 1/2 acres and was located on the "drains of North River in the county of Hardy." The other tract contained 5 acres and was located in the same area of Hardy County. William TIMBROOK and his wife Susan, along with David TUCKER and his wife Mary Ann, sold the 79 1/2 acre tract to John EVANS of Peter on Oct. 22, 1855. The 5 acre tract was sold to Alexander EVANS on the same day. Is there any known relationship between William TIMBROOK and David TUCKER or were they just business partners in this land? I will exchange information on these families. gsmith@azalea.net

Lenore Radcliffe Yeager Wed Apr 8 1998

I am searching for my Great-Great and Great-Great-Great Grandparents who may have been amongst the very first pioneers to settle in W.Va. John RADCLIFF and Mary Ann THORN lived in Hardy Co in the early 1800's. Would have been born late 1700's. They had one son - James William RADCLIFF - Born abt. 1821 in Hardy Co.

Is it possible that John RADCLIFF was the son of either John or William RADCLIFF who settled downstream on Hacker's Creek? The RADCLIFF brother's are mentioned in Chapters 4 and 5 in the book by Alexander Scott Withers on the settling of WV.

Any help deeply appreciated. Records are very scarce for that time. Lenore Radcliffe Yeager - LYe@4252299@aol.com

Jeff Polly Sun Apr 5 1998

I need help! There is very little documentation I can find on the BRADIGUM surname. My ggg grandmother was Orpha BRADIGUM b. 1812 Hardy Co Wva, married Edmund SEE1832, moved to Mo and d. 1892. In the 1830 Hardy co census, there is a Benjamin BRADIGUM age 40-50. In a book called Hardy/Hampshire Co. wills/deeds/abstracts there is a Benjamin BRADIGUM listed as a buyer at a couple of sales and during the will of John CLAYPOOL 10 apr 1814.....daughter Elizabeth BRADIGUM, granddaughter Mehala BRADIGUM. So the wife of Benjamin would have been Elizabeth CLAYPOOL...are these Orpha's parents?? Also looking for Margaret STUMP's parents (b. 1770 Hardy Co, married George SEE, Jr.). Someone has to know........... E-mail pollyj@pendleton.usmc.mil

Lorette McNeill-Enochs Sat Apr 4 1998

My name is Lorette McNeill-Enochs. I am a descendant of Daniel McNEILL, born 1745. Married Elizabeth Reader MOORE. My progenitor is their only son, Corbin McNEILL. E-mail:enochs@rt66.com

Patsy S. Becker Fri Mar 27 1998

I am in need of any information on the following lines. John CLAYPOOL b September 1733, in Cedar Branch, Rockingham, VA d Aug 6, 1823 in Lost River, Hardy, WV. His father was James CLAYPOOL, (no other info at this time) mother was Jane (no maiden name as yet). John married Nancy (?) who was born abt 1733 in Cedar Branch, Rockingham, VA.

The children of John and Nancy are as follows:
Nancy b Sep 13, 1788,
Priscilla b Sep15, 1788,
Phillip b abt 1789, (married a Ann Lucretia BONNELL no 30 Jul 1803),
Aaron b 27 Dec, 1803,

Children may have been born in Hardy, WV. John also had 2 other wives, one being Rachel Eleanor SCOTT (no other info) and no name on the other spouse. Can someone out there help with this line of CLAYPOOLS. Any help would be most appreciated. My e-mail is beckep@som-uky.campus.mci.net Thanks, everyone does such a great job of helping each other, it makes for a much better world. Happy searching and have a grand day. Pat Becker

Jim Wiley Mon Mar 23 1998

On a fishing expedition here, to see if there might be any connection with a possible ancestor, Tobias MOORE, who was said to have been born and/or raised along the south branch of the Potomac River, 1761. James Wiley, AKA jrwiley@raex.com

Bill Adams Mon Mar 23 1998

Searching for a possible Alton R. ADAMS, A.R. ADAMS or any ADAMS that may have originated in Hardy County and moved to Knox County, Indiana circa 1806. Bill Adams Owensboro, KY, E-mail:bigtruck13@webtv.net

Reba Humbert Sat Mar 21 1998

Jacob ( b.1788) & Henry ( b 1796) COSNER were brothers (from Johann Jacob COSNER) who married into the HAWK family. I am seeking more info on the HAWK's side. I have seen the Hardy Co. web page but it doesn't list who they were related to. Do you know of anyone researching the HAWK surname in VA? Let me know and thanks for your help! E-mail:RHumbert@worldnet.att.net

DeborahMon Mar 9 1998

I am searching for the family of Mary Amzella COOK. Mary wed George SMITH, unknown date. They had the following children: Lola Virginia b. 1886, Barry, Bessie Elizabeth, Ethel, Amma, Virgie, Lewis McClellan, and Beatrice Flossie b. 1892.

I also would like to connect with George SMITH's family. Can't seem to find these folks anywhere, even though several, if not all, of their children were born in Hardy County. Please e-mail Deborahrah@aol.com

Gene Bradfield Sat Mar 7 1998

I am trying to connect James BRADFIELD, who is listed in the 1820 Census for Hardy County, as the father of Kimbal BRADFIELD, who was born in Hardy County in 1822. James is also listed in the 1840 Census for Hardy County, but not the 1830 census Any help would be greatly appreciated. E-mailto:GeneBrad13@aol.com

Laura ClarkeFri Mar 6 1998

Searching for information and ancestors of James H. MOORE, who was a railroad contractor in the mid 1800, and left for Illinois after the Civil War. E-mail:lecgbe@atlcom.net

Tom and Yvonne HamiltonTue Mar 3 1998

Seeking information on the PANCAKE family. Andrew PANCAKE's will 10-23-1786 and probated 9-11-1793. In 1786 his wife, Elizabeth (pregnant with Betsey), and 8 children: John, Joseph, Hannah, Agnes, Issac, Mary, Abraham, and George are listed. E-mail:thamiltons@classic.msn.com

Howard King Wed 25 Feb 1998

Barbara SIMON b ca 1793 Va married Charles CAMPBELL 1818 in Hardy Co., VA. Need proof they were parents of Lucinda CAMPBELL b 1825 VA married (her 1st cousin?) Jacob SIMON son of Adam SIMON and Margaret DOVE. Adam and Barbara SIMON children of Christian SIMON and Barbara ROHRBACH. Will exchange info on any above mentioned surnames. Howard King, e-mail: DozerD50@aol.com

Kenny BolyardMon 23 Feb 1998

Looking for any family of Joseph KITZMILLER, b 11/29/1808 in Hardy Co.VA (WV) 1st wife ?? SOLLORS m 1830, 2nd wife Elizabeth BOGLE, b 1818 Hardy Co. VA (WV) m 10/12/1842 both died in Grafton, Taylor Co. WV around 1900. Any information would be appreciated. Kenny Bolyard, e-mail:kenny@sbccom.com

Donald Matson Mon 23 Feb 1998

Would like to know if my Edward P.(Parker?) WILLIAMS , wife Mary (Polly) maiden name unk., who later lived in Shelby Co.,Ky. could be related to the Edward WILLIAMS who left a will in Hampshire Co.,Va. 9/17/1754 naming wife Mary & children Vincent, James, Edward, Sarah, Phillip, Mary, & William? Think they lived in that part of Hampshire County that later became Hardy Co.
My reason for thinking they might be related is that the names Vincent, Edward, Phillip, James & Sarah run in the family of my Edward P. WILLIAMS. Edward P. was in Shelby Co.,Ky. as early as 1797. I know this isn't much to go on, but am grasping at anything I can get. Any help or clues would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.Donald Matson, e-mail: donmatson@hotmail.com

Robert M. Hershman Fri Feb 20 1998

Do you have any leads as to the early HEISHMANS and SAGERS in Hardy county? John HYSHMAN is my fifth great grandfather. His grandson was Dr. Abraham HERSHMAN who lived in Tacy (Barbour County WV) changed his name to Hershman. To this point I find no other siblings who did change to Hershman they continued to use Heishman. I have three volumes of Hershmans as researched by Mavoureen Harshman (pub 1995), her late husband Col. Clarence Cory Harshman and his father before him who published the first work in 1932. The book is entitled The Harshman, Hashman, Hershman, Hersman, Hirshman, Hurshman, Hursman Family. Some of the Hershman's in this group did live in counties adjoining Barbour. If anyone wants me to see if there family is in these books I will be glad to look it up. Bob Hershman, College Place, WA, e-mail: hershman@bmi.net

Betty Jane CarlTue 10 Feb 1998

BISHOP, COOPER, RILEY - MD>WV: John BISHOP (b 14/01/1760) and wife Hannah (COOPER) (b 11/02/1766) of Frederick County, Maryland who married in its German Reformed Church on 17/2/1789, had 13 children born in Frederick County. Among them was an Adam BISHOP (b 19/11/1791).

Was this Adam BISHOP the Adam/Daniel BISHOP who married Rebecca Carr RILEY? They first applied to marry in Allegany County Maryland on 29/4/1815, then married on 31/10/1815 in Hardy County, Virginia (now West Virginia) where they then began to raise their family. In 1843 they moved to Preston County, WV, where Adam ran the Union Hotel. He was also a saddler and harnessmaker. The couple are both buried in Preston County, WV. Adam's tombstone says he was born in June, 1790 and died 15 June 1868. Rebecca's says she was born in 1800 and died 05 or 15/04/1865. I am also looking for information on her RILEY family. Thank you. Betty Jane Carl e-mail:bcarl@cardina.net

Lisa McBride Tue 10 Feb 1998

I am researching HARDY's in FREDERICK CO but verbal history mentions that HARDY's settled in HARDY County. Has anyone run across any HARDY references. ejh495@juno.com

John May Mon 9 Feb 1998

There is a strong possibility that Daniel MAY b. ca 1778 came from this part of Virginia. Daniel moved to Fairfield County Ohio in and around 1803 with his wife Tacy b. ca 1776 maiden name unknown. It could have been before that but his first daughter was born that year. It is my understanding that several MAY's have history in this area and many people from this area migrated to Fairfield County Ohio. Any help that anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated. John May http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/m/a/y/John-May/

Glenys J. Rasmussen Sat 31 Jan 1998

Well, I'm game. Still looking (and it seems will be forever) for William DARLING and his wife Sophia Sadowsky Johnson DARLING of Hardy Co. WVA. William is supposed to have been born ca 1715-1730 and died in Hardy Co. 1786. Sophia's birth is a haze, probably same time period. Don't know when she died - would really like to know when she died. They are probably buried at the Union Church in Moorefield. Only know of two children, although we know from House of Burgess Journals they had three: William, Jr. bn ca 1751-1756 Hampshire Co., Robert bn 1753 Hampshire Co. (Hardy Co. was formed from part of Hampshire Co). Both William, Jr. and Robert removed themselves and families to Ohio, William to Knox Co. Robert to Coshocton Co. REALLY NEED HELP LOCATING WILLIAM AND SOPHIA - any ideas gratefully accepted. Thank you. Glenys

J Weese Sat 31 Jan 1998

Hello! I am tracing back on the WEESE family of Hardy County Wva. My dads name was Paige William or Willam Paige. He was born around 1904 his brothers, Clealand, Charles, Marvin; sisters Bessie, Bertha.
His fathers name Was Aurther. His father was Asher. Asher had a brother named George. Auther married Minnie WISE from Baker area. Asher Probaly Came from Grant Co? Will write more when I do some more research THANKS jweese@intrepid.net

Jennifer Wix Tue 27 Jan 1998

I am looking for a death record of William OLDHAM died in Hardy County 1828. He was married to Eliza HOOVER in 1825. She is listed as being born in Pocahontas County. I am sorry I don't have any more information on this OLDHAM. If you could help I would appreciate it. It would at least maybe give me a clue to his father's or mother's name. thank you, Jennifer e-mail:zippit@citynet.net

Joe Lewis Sun 25 Jan 1998

Is there any documentation that proves that Nancy CLAYPOOL b.Sept. 15, 1788 married a Francis Ignatius COOMBS Hardy Co. WV? Francis Ignatius COOMES was born about 1735 in Charles Co., Maryland. He was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Wharton COOMES.

Francis married Cassandra CULVER and they had five children, Francis Ignatius Jr., Henry, Joshua, Drusilla JARBOE, and Elizabeth BEAN. They left Md. sometime after 1767 and are found in Hardy Co. as early as 1779.

In his will dated 1817, Francis Sr. named his children as above plus his present wife Nancy and their children, Tracy, Cassa, Lilly, Pyos (Pius), Christene, Charles, Peter and "the one unborn". Francis also mentions his home place as land he got from his friend Thomas McGILL on "Hunting Ridge". From the land surveys this is bounded by Scaggs Run. I have found this to be in the "Bean Settlement" area somewhat northwest of Baker W. Va.

From the Descendants of Richard Claypool Nancy CLAYPOOL was Born Sept. 15, 1788. Daughter of John CLAYPOOL 1733-1823 and his second wife Nancy. The Hardy Co. W. Va. marriage records show that she married Jacob SINNATE on 4/13/1807. John CLAYPOOL's will dated 1823 lists her as Nancy SINNATE.

The Claypool and Combs researchers that I have contacted, claim that Nancy Claypool married second to Francis "Ignatius" Combs son of Thomas and Martha Combs of Hampshire Co. W. Va.. They name four children, all male, as Pius, Charles, Peter and John William. This matches with the children in the will of Francis Sr. and his wife Nancy, above, and provides a name (John William) for the "one unborn".

Census records provide dates of birth for these children. Pius Combs b. c1809 Peter Combs, b. c1811 Charles Combs, b. c1812 John William Combs, b. c1817.

Now if Nancy Claypool was married to Jacob Sinnate in 1807 and was still married to him in 1823 the date of her fathers will then these cannot be her children. So, if Nancy Claypool married second to Francis Combs, when was it and to which of the two Francis Combs' did she marry?

If she married Francis Combs, son of Thomas and Martha, then who was the Nancy --- in Francis Ignatius Combs' will dated 1817?

Any information on this subject would be helpful. Thanks, Joseph L. Lewis, 3602 Placid Pl. E., Owensboro, KY 42303 lewisjl@occ-uky.campus.mci.net

Richard Shell Mon 19 Jan 1998

I am looking for information about the SHELL family from Lost City / Mathias WVa. Most concerned with information about Bruce and Annie SHELL, their siblings, and parents. I am trying to get a family tree started and need to know how to do it as well as information about the SEEs and SHELL from the 1800' and early 1900's. Thank You Richard Shell Please email me at RShell@snowhill.com if you can help.

Carol Robinson Sun 18 Jan 1998

ARONHALT, Adam (b. ca1792 in VA, d. 1847 in OH) married Sarah McCAULEY (b. 1800) and moved to Coshocton Cty, OH about 1819/20 from Hampshire/Hardy Cty. WVA. Searching for any ARONHALT family members in this area. Carolyn Robinson

James A. Green Sun 18 Jan 1998

I am looking for information about ancestors of mine. John ROBERTS, born in Hardy Co.,Va, 7 Nov 1811. His mother was Dorcas, born in Va. 1780. John, with a brother, came to Indiana about 1830. Information indicates that John's grandfather was a Revolutionary War veteran. I would appreciate any additional information you might have. James Green. E-mail: jgreen@seidata.com

Thu 15 Jan 1998 Larry

I am searching for an Eanas (Enos) OGDEN listed on page 094 of the 1820 Hardy, CO, VA census. Does anyone have information to share. Larry. E-mail: LeoSearch@aol.com

Christine Westfall Wed 14 Jan 1998

I am trying to find out who the parents / friends / relatives were of two women who appear in your Hardy co. marriage list. They are:
Hannah ARNOLD, m. Soloman LEATHERMAN 12/20/1840
Rachel ARNOLD, m. Samual KLINE 9/16/1842
Any information you can send will be very much appreciated. Thank You. Christine Westfall e-mail: CWestf4897@aol.com

James Gregg Mon 12 Jan 1998

Hello, My name is James Gregg and I am tracing my family tree. I have traced back to my Grandfather, Victor W. FITZWATER, born on Aug. 15, 1897, in Hardy Co. WV. He Died in 1967 in Prince Georges Co. Md. He Married Ina RHOADES and had several children: The oldest girl was my Mother, Catherine Elizabeth FITZWATER. If you would be able to help me in any way, please E- mail me at JGregg 97 @ AOL. Thank you, James

Elaine M. Carr Mon 12 Jan 1998

Laban V SMITH was born 12 Feb 1821 to Katie SMITH. His father was supposed to be a Seneca Indian who lived with a VANMETER family and took their surname. Katie's father would not permit the marriage between his daughter and her fella. Katie SMITH was born ca 1799. Her parents are unknown to me and I would like to find them, also.

Laban married ca 1840 to Elizabeth SITES born ca 1812 to Abraham SITES/Hannah LOUGH. Any help on my dilemma would be greatly appreciated. Elaine, e-mail: HDSN46A@prodigy.com

Tracy KellerThu 8 Jan 1998

I am interested in any information pre-1860 regarding Ann Jemima LEWIS b. Feb. 23, 1829 in Petersburg (now GRANT Co.) and John Wm. KELLER b. May 21, 1829 in HARDY Co. -- m. Dec. 18,1851, probably Petersburg, but not sure. Have located Ann Jemima in the 1850 Hardy County census in the household of Isaac and Maria BARGER HILL and have found her mother and some of her siblings in the same census in the household of Peter and Mary (LEWIS - believed to be Ann Jemima's sister) ARMATROUT (ARMENTROUT). It has been suggested to me that, in looking at the census, they were near the North Branch of the Potomac area of what is now Grant County.
LEWIS names -
Margaret (mother), Minerva, Malinda, Perry & Decatur.
KELLER names -
John, Sarah SISLA/SISLER? (John's parents), James, Isaac, George, Samuel.

Any info would be greatly appreciated and I'm more than willing to share info I have and can look up info in *Jefferson, Scott, Switzerland Counties in Indiana. E-mail: keller@alpha.hanover.edu

Mike Foreman Sun 4 Jan 1998

In 1777, a Mary EVANS received a land grant for 424 acres on Tear Coat Creek. Who was she? For a woman to have received a grant at this time, was she a widow? Who was spouse? Did she have children? Who? Thanks..Mike Foreman, Winchester, VA vforeman@shentel.net

Marti Frye Fri 2 Jan 1998

Henry CARR born Hardy County, married first unknown, married second Elizabeth MARKLEY in Coshocton County, Ohio. Would like to know the name of his first wife and their children. I believe his first wife was a FRY but have no proof. Will share information. Marti Frye frye@showme.net

Carla A. Gruber Thu 1 Jan 1998

Does anyone have information on: Isaac WHETSEL b. 1790, Hardy Co., VA (WV After 1863), m. 13-Dec-1822, in Hardy Co., VA (WV After 1863), Mary M. WHITEHEAD, b. Hardy Co., VA Their children:

I am willing to share info with anyone researching the same lines. Carla Gruber PO box 8672 Ketchikan, Alaska 99901 at: horse@ptialaska.net

Carla A. Gruber Thu 1 Jan 1998

I am looking for information on the family of John WHETSEL/WHETZEL b. 1784, Hampshire Co., VA, m. 1800, in Hardy Co.VA., Mary A. (Molly)? Their children were:

I am willing to share info with anyone researching the same family line. Thanks! Carla Gruber PO Box 8672 Ketchikan, Alaska 99901 horse@ptialaska.net

Carla A. Gruber Thu 1 Jan 1998

I am looking for information on Mordocia WHETSEL/WHETZEL [son of John Whetsel and Mary A[?]b. 1837, m. 1865, Susan C. HALTERMAN, b. 1825, (daughter of Christian HALTERMAN and Sarah FETHERS) d. 6-Mar-1901, Moorefield, Hardy Co, WV. Mordocia died 10-Jul-1900, Moorefield, Hardy Co, WV. Two of the children that I know of are Susan Jane WHETSEL b. 1866, m. Abt 1880, in Hardy Co., WV, Jesse Hanson Lee GRADY, b. 1864, d. 8-Mar-1839, Lee Jackson WHETSEL b. 1868, m. Abt1886, Sarah L. BEAN, b. 1869. Lee died 5-Nov-1919, Mineral Co., WV. I am willing to share info with anyone researching the same lines. Carla Gruber PO box 8672 Ketchikan, Alaska 99901 at: horse@ptialaska.net

Carla A. Gruber Thu 1 Jan 1998

Does anyone have any information on the parents of: David WHETSEL b. 1802, Hardy Co., VA (WV After 1863), m. 31-Jul-1822, in Shenandoah Township, VA, Feah PENCE, (daughter of George PENCE).Their children were:

I am willing to share info with anyone researching the same lines. Carla Gruber PO box 8672 Ketchikan, Alaska 99901 at: horse@ptialaska.net

Carla A. Gruber Thu 1 Jan 1998

Does anybody know the father of Jacob WHETSEL b. 1805, Hardy Cp., VA (WV After 1863), m. (1) Mary Ann ?, b. 1806, m. (2) 15-Jun-1831, in Hardy Co, Anna TEETS. Their children were:

Thanks! Carla, horse@ptialaska.net

Lynn Alan McGriff Wed 31 Dec 1997

I have a copy of the 1850 Hardy Co. Census listing BOSLEY and I am looking for some earlier Census records for BOSLEY from Hardy County. Can you help me? Do these records exist? I am trying to find the parents of my ancestors James and Elizabeth BOSLEY. I live in Ohio and this fall I went to the courthouse at Romney. There I found a land deed showing that James BOSLEY purchased some land on Patterson Creek in 1805. That's the earliest record I have on him. LDS records list a lot of BOSLEY's from Hardy Co. Thanks for any help you can give, Lynn Alan McGriff, e-mail: MCGRILA@aol.com

Dan Berry Fri 26 Dec 1997

MAXWELL, I am trying to tie the MAXWELLS of Lancaster County.PA 1. Isabella, 2. Margaret, 3. Hannah, 4. Elizabeth to the MAXWELLS of Hardy County, WV. Would like to hear from any one working this family. Dan Berry, dann@lcc.net

Charles H. Sprague, Jr. Thu 18 Dec 1997

I am involved in extensive research regarding the surnames of WETSEL / WETZEL / WHETSEL / WHETZEL, particularly regarding the ancestry of John WHETZEL, born about 1784 in Hardy County. Thanks, Charles H. Sprague, Jr. kyril@swbell.net

Billy Wilson Fri 12 Dec 1997

Looking for information on Peter WILSON (1828-1898) or Peter's son Joseph J. WILSON (1856-1917) married Priscilla Kathryn SEE (1852-1907) It is believed that Peter WILSON may have came from Ireland. All are resting in the Pine Grove Cemetary near Moorefield. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Billy Wilson, bwilson@shentel.net

Carole Hare Sun 7 Dec 1997

Occasionally recorded as CHILCOTE, SILKET or SILKETT in Hardy County. . I am looking for evidence of the parents of Elihu CHILCOTT. He was born on April 8, 1757 in Maryland (He was also known as Eli or Elijah). I believe his parents were John CHILCOTE (born about 1706) and Margaret ENSOR. Have you seen any proof of his parentage? Thanks for your help. Carole (Chilcott) Hare Send e-mail to: hare@jersey.net or http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/5503

Glenn Smith Sat 6 Dec 1997

Washington OATS, age 21, appears on the 1850 Fed. census of Hardy Co., WV, in the home of Christian and Nancy (SIMPSON?) OATS. Was he the son of Christian/Christopher OATS and his first wife? Any additional info on these family names will be appreciated. Glenn Smith gsmith@ok.azalea.net

Glenn Smith Mon 1 Dec 1997

Need more info on Isaac SAVILLE, b. ca. 1804, wife Delila, b.ca. 1813, who appear in Hardy Co., WV on the 1870 Federal census with several children and grandchildren. One daughter Emily Elizabeth SAVILLE marr. Jefferson HINES on 7 Mar. 1872, Hardy Co. The 1880 Fed. census shows Isaac SAVILLE, age 76, living with Jefferson and Emily E. HINES. Isaac was shown as "father-in-law." gsmith@ok.azalea.com

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