Letter of Valentine Simmons
To: Mrs. Eliza C. Lindsey

Submitted by Joyce Reiss

Letter written by Valentine Simmons (1790-1867) Hardy County, VA to his daughter, Eliza C. (Simmons) Lindsey (1830-1905) living in Belmont County, OH.

Walnut Bottom Aug 8th 1859

Dear Daughter,
I take my seat to answer your letter which I received some time past dated 5th July. I was verry glad to receive it with the good news that you were all well. Your letter found me in good health altho my Shoulder verry painfull yet at times. Sandford & family and Sally and family are all in good health. Sandford has five children, all fine stout boys. The youngest can run about & begins to talk. Sally's youngest is a verry fine Stout Boy. he can sit alone, & is a verry quiet child. Weston is still trying to sell the Balance of his land which if he can do soon enough he will this fall go to Illinois. William Cornell's Father has sold his place sometime past. He will have a sale about the middle of next month & will leave immediately for Ill. Where he expects to Winter & look some through that State of Missouri to get a home. William's Sister Ann is in ill Health & has been so for more than a year. I was up at Old Mr. Cornells last Sunday week. I go there every few weeks and they always say I should come oftener. It is a good place to get well fed. I was at Henry Cornells not long since. He lives where James S. Miles formerly lived. Mary Jane has a verry fine Daughter (Ann Virginia) as fat as any child I have ever seen. She can begin to crawl. She looks verry much like Carolines Kate. I was glad to hear from Mary Reeder. If you see her or any of her family soon give my best love to them. I will not write to her now as I have two more letters to answer which I want to write today. I was at Town at a Big meeting of the Presbyterean's a few weeks past. I seen Mr. Vanmeter, his Lady, & all their children (I suppose). Mrs. Vanmeter said when I wrote I should give her best love to you & family. I was in Town yesterday with Weston & some of his Boys & Henry Suit at a quarterly meeting of Methodists. I seen Mary C. Sulser a few days past & she sends her best love to you & family. I received a letter from Jane McNemar last week. They live near Platte City Mo. Ben had not been in good health for some time past but is in tolerable good health now. Jane says she is in good health & the children is as fat as Pigs. They have had a good season & have everything to live on plenty & she says Caroline has a verry good garden & that Wm. & herself & children are in fine Health. Henry Cornell goes with his family when his Father goes. I received a letter from Tommy last week dated July 28th. He does not say what he is doing now, but says he expects to farm with Jos. Idleman next season. He says they have Twenty acres of Prairie broke. Tommy says they have had a verry dry season so far & thinks if they do not have rain soon the Corn Crops will be short. He says the Winter Wheat will be a tolerable good crop but the Spring wheat will not be such & that the Farmers are going to quit trying to raise Spring Wheat. You speak of the frost injuring the corn. (4th or 5th) in June we had a frost which killed corn & Potatoes & all kinds of Berrys & also injured the wheat & Rye. We have had a few weeks of verry dry weather, but we had a verry fine rain on Friday last which has stretched out the corn verry much. The corn will be short but seems to ear well & has a good colour & is not fined as I have seen. You talk you would like to visit us & I would be glad to see you, but I would rather hear from you often by Letter & have you save for other purpose what you would have to spend in Travelling _______. It will be worthwhile to see Moorefield some time hense if it Continues improveing there is considerable improvement going on now. Wm Everly has put up a good Brick Building close to the run on the South of _______Run at the upper end of Town. Jack Williams has put up a fine brick building has been put on the Back Street, North of the Old Church & a Brick Kitchen attached to it for Mr. Willson & family to reside in (he is a Presbyterian Preacher). Wm Robt Gilkeson has taken down the old log Building on the north corner of the lot on which the Stone House stands & has put up a large Brick building for a Store House. Alexander has put up a verry Handsome two Story plank building on the main Street South of his Store House. Jane writes to me to come out to stay a while with them when Mr. Cornell moves but I do not think I will leave here this winter. If I should take it in mind to leave at any time I will not pass you without calling. Give my best love to all who enquires about me, to Robt L Lindsey & Rebecca, to Valentine & the children, to Mr. Reeder and Mary & all their children & all my other relations, also Geo. Lindsey & his family.

Your affectionate Father
Valentine Simmons
To: Mrs. Eliza C. Lindsey

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