Hardy County Wills

Will of Martin Shobe 1792
This document was transcribed by Margaret Lew from Leonard Hire's xeroxed copy of the original records. Folds in the will have obscured words and those which are illegible are indicated with [...] or transcriber's best reading of them is also enclosed in [].

(page one)

Name of God Amen, I Martin Shobe of Hardy
and Colony of Virginia Being Weak in Body But 
Memory thanks be to God for his Mercy do 
ordain this my last will and testament: 
of all my Body to be decently Buried at 
direction of My Executors hereafter Named

touching my Wordly Estate where with 
it pleased God to bless me with.  I give and 
of in the following Manner Viz I give 
Bequeath the one [third] of all my Estate 
Beloved Wife Elizabeth during her life

her decease the [share] to be Equally  
among my children and as to my lands 
Bequeath to my [...] Rudolph Shobe the 
[...] on he now [li...] also give and bequeath 
son Leonard Shobe all the reste of the 
I own.  Except A [...cts] Lying on [Cheat] 
Which I give and Bequeath to my Son 
Shobe the Above [Mentioned] lands to be [...] 
[..in] Hundred [pounds] the possessors of said 
[after] a division being made Shall be allow 
to pay of the their Legatees pay a fourth 
[...] Year till all is paid. [...] my Moveable Estate 
to be added to the [p...] of the Lands & Each 
children to receive [equal] share of the whole

Constitute and [Ordain] my two sons 
[Rudolph] Shobe and Leonard Shobe Executors 
my last will and testament

(page two)

and utterly disa ___cel any will [...] 
M Made. In Witness Whereof I have 
set my hand and Seal this Sixteen 
of May in the year of Our Lord [...]

Signd Sealed 
& delivered in           Martin Shobe
Presence of us

Jno Howard                         
Martin [...]
[... ....]

At a Court held for Hardy County the ___ day of July 1792 this
last will and Testament of Martin Shobes Decd was proved by the
oath of the witnesses thereto and ordered to Be Recorded and on
the motion of Rudolph Shobe & L Shobe one of the Executors herein
named who made oath thereto according to Law Certificate is
granted him for obtaining a probate there of in [...] from Giving
Security where upon they with Security entered into and
acknowledged Bond Conditioned [........] by the Court

Martin Shobes Last Will & Testament 1792 July Prov & O R Rudolph
Shobe one of the [...] hereby [...] will the Law [...] is [...]


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