A Family History

By George Snider
September 2011

George Washington Snider, Sr. (GW) was born in Ohio about 1820.1 We only know that his father was from Virginia and his mother from Ohio. He married Elizabeth Catharine Anderson of the Back Creek/Gore area of Virginia in 1838. In 1844 he was on jury duty at a murder trial in Frederick County, Virginia. By 1850 GW and Elizabeth were living in Hampshire County, West Virginia.2 They had 5 children living with them Julia, Lydia, Edward, George W. and Semen.3 GW lists his occupation as shoemaker and has a John Amick residing in the house who also lists his occupation as shoemaker. The 1860 U.S. Census shows GW and Elizabeth in Hardy County, Wardensville area. In addition to the children previously noted in 1850, there are now Algemon or Sydney, Mary, Lily and Bell. GW continues to list his occupation as shoemaker and values his land holdings to be $600 and his personal property at $240. During the Civil War, he was the postmaster in Wardensville, operating the post office in a corner of his house and later his store. In 1870, GW and Elizabeth are in the Capon area of Hardy County. With them are children Sydney, Mary and Lilly along with George W. (GWJr.) and his wife Catherine or Kate. GW, Sidney and GW Jr. all list their occupation as shoemaker. GWJrs. wife Catherine is identified as a school teacher. Wife Elizabeth dies in 1859. About 1875, GW marries Fancelia Coots in Hardy, there are no children by this marriage. The 1880 census only has GW and his second wife Francelia in the home along with Francelias mother. Living next door are GWJr and his family. GW lists his occupation as merchant. In 1879, GW is a signatory for the founding charter for the town of Wardensville, WV and in 1881 was mayor of Wardensville. GW died in 1884, his will was recorded in the Hardy County Courthouse4 and he was buried in the Claggett Cemetery, Wardensville.5

George Washington Snider, Jr. (GWjr) was born in the Gainsboro area of Frederick County in 1847. He is the namesake and 2nd eldest son of GW. By 1850 his family was in Hampshire County, WV and by 1855 they were in Wardensville, Hardy County. In 1869 he marries Elizabeth C. Leggitt from Shenandoah County, Virginia. By 1870, he and wife Elizabeth, better known as Catherine or Kate, were living with his parents in Hardy and he listed his occupation as shoemaker like his father. The 1880 census has him in the Capon Valley of Hardy and along with Kate there are 5 children: William Benton or Willie, Olive or Ollie, Sarah or Sadie, Carl and Turice or Tintsy. He continued to list his occupation as shoemaker. In 1881 there was another daughter Mary and in 1884 Bessie who died in less than year. About 1885 Kate passes away and in 1888 GWjr marries Anna R. Branson from Hardy. There was one child from the union with Annie, a son, Wade B. Snider, born in 1890. Annie died in early 1900 and by 1904 GWjr leaves Wardensville and moves to Winchester to join his two sons William Benton and Arthur who left a few years earlier. Moving with him are sisters Sarah and Mary who reside with him in Winchester. Two other sisters, Turice and Olive also relocated to Winchester and died there. Carl also leaves Wardensville for Winchester and soon after settles in Berryville, Va. For whatever reasons, none of GWjrs 4 daughters who lived to age ever marry. GWjr works as a harness maker in Winchester, passing away in March 1927 and buried in Mt. Hebron cemetery.

Willam Benton Snider Sr. (WB) was born in Hardy County about 1870, the eldest child of GWjr and E.C. Liggett. About 1894 he moves from Wardensville, WV to Winchester and in 1895 marries Susan L. Dorsey whose lineage runs to long time Winchester families. Their first child, William B. Snider Jr. better known as Benton is born in 1896. He was followed by Edwin in 1897, Katherine in 1898, Elise in 1899, George Preston in 1903 who would die within a year, Charles in 1905, James in 1907 and the twins George and Upton in 1910. After working as a salesman for Baker Wholesale Grocery, in 1919 WB opens his own general merchandise and coal retail store, WB Snider & Sons, on the corner of N. Cameron and Baker St. Benton and Edwin would join him. Jim joins the store in 1928 and George in 1946. WB and all of his children would continue to work and live in Winchester until their passing. WB passes away in 1949 at age 79 and was buried next to his wife Susie who died in 1947, in Mt. Hebron cemetery. In time, all of his children would follow them there.

Children of WB Snider: Benton married Nell Armentrout in April 1941, there were no children. Edwin married Olga Beck circa 1926 and had one son, Edwin Jr. Katherine married Earl Robertson, circa 1930, and had one son Alfred better known as Buddy Robertson. They would later divorce and she would not remarry. Elise married Jacob (Big Jake) Yost circa 1945 and was stepmother to two children from Jakes previous marriage. George Preston died in childhood. Charles married Hazel Lodge in 1931 and they had a daughter Susan. Jim married Edna Lamb in 1935 and had two daughters, Betsy and Carolyn. Upton, better known as Uppy, married Rebecca Pifer in (date unknown), there were no children. His twin George married Elizabeth Thompson in 1937 and they had one son, George Jr.

1. Refer to individual profiles in the family tree for details.
2. Hampshire County was created in 1754 from Frederick County, Virginia. Hampshire would later be divided creating Hardy County in 1786. Both Hampshire and Hardy would become West Virginia counties in 1863. To reduce confusion, I have referred to each locale as being in with their current State affiliation regardless of date of event.
3. For details on the children, please refer to each childs individual profile in the tree.
4. See the story attached to George W. Srs profile page for full text of will.
5. Note: One of GWs children, Mary E. b. 1854, would eventually relocate to Winchester. Mary married John Simpson 1878 in Hardy Co. and Census shows her in 1910 in Winchester as a widow with 2 of her children, William Sydney and Rosa Francelia.