December, 1999


submitted by Emmaline (Stump) Campbell
The information below is copied (including question marks at the bottom) as it appears on a typewritten paper I found in my father's research file. Two handwritten notations are enclosed in quotation marks and underlined. If I could not read a number, I left an underscored space (e.g., 18_7). A handwritten notation on the back states that it was sent from the Mineral County Library in 1978. The information is not intended to be used as primary source information, but as clues that need to be checked and verified...

Record from the Alkire Family Bible

George Stump, Sr.,b. 4/8, 1744
d. 4/22, 1805
 married -- 8/16, 1768 to 
 Elizabeth Wilson,b. 4/30, 1749 
 Cathrine Stump,b.10/21, 1769  
 Elizabeth Stump,b.11/6, 1771  
 Dorothy Stump,b.12/26, 1773  
 Mary Ann Stump,b.3/29, 1776  
 Sarah Stump,b.6/5, 1777(married PeterAlkire)
 Magdaline Stump,b.3/4, 1781  
 Charlotte Stump,b.5/1, 1783  
 George Stump, Jr.,b. 4/6, 1787"Our George Stump Sr. birthdate"
 Amelia Stump b. 3/11, 1791  
 John Stump b. 1/18, 1795  
Thomas S. Wheeler,b. 1/ 12, 18_1
 married 1_/8, 1840
 ??????? Alkire
 Sarah Wheeler,b. 7/_, 1842,married John Greenwade
 Samuel B. Wheeler,b. _/9, 1844 
 Susan B. Wheeler,b. 1/1849,married James Seymore
(Note: the record is not clear which Alkire girl married Wheeler but it must have been Mahaly. "Elmira (page )112)"

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