December, 1999


submitted by Emmaline (Stump) Campbell
The information below is copied from a family group sheet I found in my father's research files. A notation on an accompanying sheet indicates that the information in this group of papers came from the Harrison County Courthouse, Clarksburg, West Virginia. There is no date to indicate when my father received the papers. I believe it was probably sometime between 1975, when his book was published, and 1981, when he died. I have not verified this information, and request that it not be used as primary source information. Rather, I hope it may provide clues that will help someone track down primary source documents. Included with the papers is a very poor copy of a will dated August 25, 1813, executrix Elizabeth Stump, and executor James (Mathis?), said to be "the last will and testament of George Stump of the County of Hardy...of the one part and Adam See of the same County and Peter Alkire of (Hamshire)." A side note: George Stump I Exec to Adam See and Peter Alkire. A handwritten note: "mistake I would say should be Magdaline" next to "...Emelia Stump William Crook and Catherine his wife George Neff and Magdalane his wife and Silas Philips and Charlotte his wife(??? can't read) Catharine Margarett and Charlotte..." notation that Catharine Margarett should be Catherine Magdaline.

When BornApr 8, 1744 
When DiedApr 22, 1805
When MarriedAug 16, 1768
His Father Michael Stump IHis Mother's Maiden Name Catherine
WIFE'S MAIDEN NAMEElizabeth Wilson
When BornApr 30, 1749
When Died1829
1. Catherine StumpOct 21, 1769 William Crook
2. Elizabeth StumpNov 6, 1771 Henry Nicholas
3. Dorothy StumpDec 26, 1773  
4. Mary Ann StumpMar 29, 1776  
5. Sarah StumpJune 5, 17771853Apr 27, 1796
Peter Alkire
6. Magdaline StumpMar 4, 1781 George Neff
7. Charlotte StumpJune 1, 1783 Silas Philips
8. George Stump II Sr.Apr 5, 1787Mar 11, 1860Catherine Neff
2nd wife, Sophia Owens
9. Amelia StumpMar 11, 1791 Jacob Neff
10. John StumpJan 18, 1795 June 4, 1814
Sarah Neff

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