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Published in 1975 by McClain Printing Company, Parsons, West Virginia
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Thurman Stump
b. December 30, 1913, Grantsville, Calhoun County, WV
d. October 13, 1981, Burbank, CA

Please note:

  1. The index begins on page 225;

  2. Information is shared in three main sections (see page iii): 1) Colonial; 2) Overseas; and 3) Armorial;

  3. The bibliography begins on page 221. Other sources appear in footnotes and in the narrative;

  4. From his research, my father concluded there were two families of Michael Stumps Sr. and Jr. in the Colonial Period: one in Pennsylvania, and one in Hampshire County, VA (later Hardy County, WV). Michael Stump Sr. of VA married a Catherine/Katherine, but my father never found a source documenting her maiden name. Other researchers have concluded that the Michael Stump of Tulpehocken, Pennsylvania who married Catherine Neff in 1739 is Michael Stump Sr. of Hampshire County. (For one source supporting this conclusion, see "The Letters of Helen Yoakum Black," this website; my father's reasons for not reaching this conclusion are given on pages 12 - 13 of his book.);

  5. Michael Stump Jr. of Virginia served in the Virginia Militia, Hampshire County, during the Revolutionary War. A Michael Stump of Pennsylvania served in the Lancaster County Militia, PA (see pg. 116, and preceding pages in same section);

  6. My father concluded from his research that the Hans Michael Stump(f) who disembarked "the ship Phoenix from Rotterdam, last from Crowes," on September 30, 1743, in Philadelphia, PA, was Michael Stump(f) Jr. of Hampshire County. See pages 14 and 15 for his interpretation of the information he found, and how he tied this to the family legend passed down by his grandfather, Taylor Randolph Stump, in which the eldest son of a Stumpf family from Hessen Germany had been "bound out" (indentured) to pay for the family's passage to the colonies (see the Introduction, page ix). Further research led my father back to Hans Stumpff, Burgher, Eberbach am Neckar, b. circa 1600, the Germanies. Other Stump researchers dispute this lineage;

  7. My father includes several "sketch maps," as he referred to them, which offer possible models for: 1) where the Stumps settled and lived in Hampshire County (Page 112 and errata sheet 112.2; reference is William H. Rice letter of January 19, 1979: files of T. Stump) and the location of specific family lots (Regar, Shoker and Cellars, Liveron, Nave (Neff?), Stump, Simson, Moore, Wolf, Sheplar, Osborne); 2) the route of the Moravian Brethren in the 1700's (pages 34 and 35); and 3) maps of the Germanies showing the areas in which my father believed his Stump family to have originated (pgs 122 -123, 162 -163, and other);

  8. On page 61, my father presents his rationale for concluding that Michael Stump(f) of Hardy County had time to establish his woodworking skills, and was the Michael Stump(f) retained to "do the king of England's coat of arms for the Lancaster courthouse." I believe this was a family legend passed down by my great-grandfather, Taylor Randolph Stump, who was a woodworker and cabinet maker. Other Stump researchers do not agree with this conclusion, and believe a different Michael Stump(f) carved the coat of arms;

  9. My father concluded that "the religion of Virginia Michael Stump(f) Sr. family can be stated almost as a certainty to be that of Evangelical Lutheran." This conflicts with other publications, which state that the Michael Stumps were Baptist (one example is "Recollections of a Lifetime," by Daniel S. Dewees) and probably emigrated because they were persecuted for their faith in their country of origin. My recollections of my childhood lead me to believe that my father made this point because he and his sister, Ella Madge Stump, disagreed as to the religious origins of their ancestors. Possibly they were both right. The emigrating family from the Germanies may have been Lutheran, with many descendants later becoming Baptist. Daniel Dewees writes that Michael Stump, Jr. and his family belonged to the "Missionary Baptist Church in Steer Creek county." He is referring to Michael Stump 4th, son of Michael 3rd, and my father was referring to Michael Stump(f) Sr.;

  10. A "Supplement 1 -Corrections (Revised 6/2/79)" is attached. My father attempted to send a copy of these corrections to anyone who purchased a copy of his book, and to those to whom he donated a copy. It includes additions and corrections, which have been incorporated into the electronic text here;

  11. On page 210, my father gives the name of the wife of Leonard Stump (son of Michael Stump(f) Jr.) as Mary Morrow. Other researchers report this is incorrect, and that it was Leonard Stump 3rd who married Mary Morrow. On page 106, my father concludes that James Whitecotton was the son of Catherine Whitecotton (daughter of Michael and Sarah Stump, Jr.). He based this conclusion on the last will and testament of Sarah Stump, wife of Michael Stump, Jr. of Hardy County, Virginia (see pg. 98). While he found no record of a daughter named Elizabeth, he does state, "...during the 47 year interval of time between 1784 and 1821, the date of Sarah (Hughes) Stump's will, there is an unknown-name missing child of Michael Stump Junior's family. Emigration, marriage, or death may account for the discrepancy here." Other Stump genealogies show an Elizabeth Stump Whitecotton, daughter of Michael and Sarah Stump, Jr. They record that she married an Isaac Whitecotton, and they had a son, James Whitecotton. Also of note, three more children have been identified by Stump researchers as children of Michael and Sarah Stump Jr: George, Abraham, and Elias. In the Supplement 1 - Corrections (1979), my father noted the maiden name of the wife of George Stump I to be Wilson,and not Massy/Massey (reference is William H. Rice letters of November 18, 1977 and January 5, 1978: files of T. Stump);

  12. Many Stump family historians and descendants helped my father, and he acknowledges them on page "v." His sister, Ella Madge Stump, was an important resource, with her recollections of family history, her well worn family Bible and the scraps of paper with handwritten notes of family history, yellowed obituary and marriage notices tucked neatly away in the dog-eared scriptures, and her memories of Taylor Randolph and Samilda Stump. His cousin, Mae Stump Elliott, contributed WestVirginia/ Grantsville and family history. Paul Hardman recorded Stump family history early on, making available his manuscript, "The Stumps: Descent of the Four Michaels," published and shared in 1941, spurring on my father and others to keep digging;

  13. In my father's research papers, I found information on George Stump I, and a page from the Alkire family Bible. This was received after the publication of his book, and is shared in an addendum here on the chance it may be of interest.

  14. I have included a letter of commendation written in 1943 by Admiral William F. Halsey, because I believe it captures the spirit and character of my father.

  15. Finally, a reminder this material is protected by copyright. Share and correct as needed. Do not copy to sell.

My father wrote in the introduction to his book, "This is presented as an openend writing; that is, subject to further clarification, or additional valid documentary data." Past and present researchers have arrived at conclusions that differ with some of my father's, and have come across additional sources and information. My father did his best to piece together Stump family history, and to revise and correct his version as needed, but by the late 1970's was losing a battle of many years to cancer.

I'm glad for the opportunity to share my father's book on the Hardy County website, and hope it will be of interest to others. If I have erred in presenting information or sources of information in this introduction, please let me know so that corrections can be made. My father includes interesting information and ideas in his book, but he is just one of many Stump family historians, and his work needs to be considered in the context of the time in which it was written.

Thank you to the Stump researchers who are still at it. By sharing my father's book, I wish only to keep on record my father's work (and the work of other Stump researchers, not all of whom have been named here). I don't believe that the final chapter on the Stump family has been written, and look forward to new developments and discoveries.

I'd like to thank Margaret Lew for undertaking the task of copying my father's book, particularly for taking the time to incorporate the revisions and additions in the "Supplement of Corrections" into the text.

Emmaline (Stump) Campbell

Thurman Stump
Graduation Picture,
Parkersburg High School, WV

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