"Michael Stump Sr. of Virginia, 1709-1768"
Supplement l-Corrections
(Revised 6/2/79)

The attached is enclosed with each copy of the subject book to correct and update the writing with additional data obtained subsequent to publication. The non-desirability of the perpetuation of a few written and cited source-referenced errors is contained in the footnoted (*) writing below.

* Page 8: "Genealogical Research, A Jurisdictional Approach" by Jones, Eakleand Christensen, 1972 Rev. Ed. Publishers Press, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Page 17: Line 5 from bottom: Change "clanging" to "dancing".

Page 21: line 9 from top: Delete obsolete Note number 4.

Page 22: last paragraph on page above * footnote: Delete paragraph, insert the following: "The remaining foundation stones of a probable dwelling and an adjoining burial ground with unmarked headstones are pictured on the next pages. First four pictures are of the foundation stones and the others are of the old burial site about 100 yards to the north. These are on Lot 4 of Washington's survey map subsequently acquired by and adjacent to Lot 3 the inherited and homestead land of Leonard Stump, son of Michael Sr."

Page 38: line 3 from top: Delete obsolete Note number 22.

Page 53: lines 13-16 from top (2nd paragraph): Delete paragraph, insert following: "Michael Stump Sr's homestead acreage, Lot No. 12, is located about 7 miles down (north) the South Fork stream toward Moorefield from the son Leonard Stump's home."30

See pages 112.2-112.3 33

Page 71: line 17 from bottom: Delete Kiowas?, insert Cuyahogas. 29

Page 74: line 15 from top: Change Chesapeake to Delaware.

Page 80: line 9 from top: correct to read: Leonard Stump m. 1773 Catherine See 29

Page 80: 10th line from top: Correct to read: Mary Magdalena m. 1782 Jacob Yoakum 29

Page 82: line 11 from top: Change Note number 9 to 11.

Page 86: 6th line from bottom: Change Martin Chol to Martin Chob 29

Page 94: Insert the attached page 94 (Rev.) over the book's page number 94.29 32

Note: Page 94 (Rev.) is a reproduction copy of the original will. Page 94 in the book shows a handwritten copy in the County Clerk's will book by an unknown person.

Page 103: Insert the attached page number 103 (Rev.) over the book's page 103. The revision shows the County Clerk's will entry for the Superior Court's probate dated May 8, 1805 on the will of George Stump Sr., Deceased. 31 32

Page 105: add the following at the bottom of the page: "See page 103 (Rev.) for Superior Court's will probate dated May 8, 1805."

Page 106: add following at bottom of page: "Perhaps the mother Catherine came to live with the son Michael Jr.'s family." 29

Page 110: 12th line from top: Correct to read as follows: "November 14, 1829: Appraisement of the estate of Elizabeth Stump deceased." (The wife of George Stump, son of Michael Sr.) Note: The George Stump deceased estate was appraised on June 3, 1805. 31 32

Page 110: 10th line from bottom: Change (Messy) to (Wilson) and add note number. 30

Page 110: 9th line from bottom: Delete "no record of marriage or death" after the name George and insert "married Catherine Neff." 31

Page 110: 8th line from bottom: Correct to read: "John, Sarah Neff." 30 31

Page 110: 6th line from bottom: Delete Elizabeth. Insert Catherine. 29

Page 111: line 19 from top: Delete obsolete Note number 47.

Page 111: line 21 from top: Correct to read: George died 1805. 31

Page 111: line 13 from bottom: Change sentence to read: "All of the above are most likely to have been buried on the various Stump homestead sites with the exception of the daughter Catherine who married Jacob Brake."

Page 111: line 7 from bottom: Change sentence to read: "The larger burial site noted beforehand on Lot 4 of Washington's survey map contains quite a few tombstones with the engraved names of Welton and Yoakum on them along with the dates of death."

Page 112-113: Insert attached pages 112.2 and 112.3.

Page 113: middle of page after number location 2.: Delete Homestead, insert Foundation Stones.

Page 146: line 9 from top: Delete obsolete Note number 68.

Page 200: 6th line from bottom: Correct to read: Frances L. Rossman

Page 211: 2nd line from top: change Massey to Wilson 30

Page 211: 4th line from top: Delete Elizabeth, Insert Catherine.

Page 215: 23rd line from top: Delete "2.----Belcher*"

Page 204: 9th line from bottom: Correct to read: Melville married 1. Mary Jane Westfall 34 2. Raquel Shock

Page 216: delete 3rd sentence from top in lines 6, 7 and 8.

Page 216: lines 12-15 (last sentence in first paragraph): Correct to read: "Picture taken in 1965 of Ramona and Adam, children of James A. and Raymona K. Stump III of Romney, WV. The occasion was a picnic outing at the lake some distance behind the old homestead " 28

Page 219: add following Notes at bottom of page:

28. Raymona Stump letter of April 20, 1975: files of T. Stump.
29. Martin L. Yokum letter of September 29,1977: files of T. Stump.
30. William H. Rice letters of November 18, 1977 and January 5, 1978: files of T. Stump.
31. Mabel L. Hill letters of December 29, 1977 and January 23, 1978: files of T. Stump.
32. County Clerk, Hardy County, Moorefield, West Virginia.
33. William H. Rice letter of January 19, 1979: files of T. Stump.
34. Marjorie Dodd Barnes letter of September 17, 1979: files of T. Stump.

Page 224: add the following: Los Angeles Public Library, Genealogy Department, Los Angeles, California. Raymona K. Stump, Romney, WV. Martin L. Yokum, Huttonsville, WV. William H. Rice, Elins, WV. Mabel L. Hill, Paxton, IL. County Clerk, Hardy County, Moorefield, WV. Marjorie Dodd Barnes, Schenectady, NY

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